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Brad Pitt Rides With Robin Wright

Brad Pitt Rides With Robin Wright

Brad Pitt and Robin Wright film a driving scene for the movie Moneyball on Thursday night (September 30) in Van Nuys, Calif.

On Wednesday, the 46-year-old actor was spotted on location wearing a ring on his wedding finger. He plays the married baseball supremo Billy Beane in the film.

Moneyball is based on the true story of Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland Athletics, and his attempt to create a competitive team despite Oakland’s unfavorable financial situation.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt and Robin Wright moneyballin’…

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Credit: Scott A/Keola; Photos: Famepictures, Bauergriffinonline
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379 Responses to “Brad Pitt Rides With Robin Wright”

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  1. 126
    anustin Says:

    brendead,everyone wants to sleep with brad…..the line is over der for u.

  2. 127
    anustin Says:

    lmao…Maniston a douch magnet!

  3. 128
    brenda Says:

    ha..ha…who wants to sleep with a old bottoxed face??? only you because you are insane and live in the past.Everybody wants to sleep with Robert pattinson..he is young and popular..but brad…

  4. 129
    NHT(now hear this) Says:

    @Neleh: Greetings to you all. Neleh, don’t let anyone run you off. You are always so positive here,
    but I do understand your feelings.
    First of all, none of us know who the other is. Anyone could be posting here and many other places on the net. We don’t know the gender, race, religion, marital status, physical capacity, education or honesty of anyone. We can only assume. But if someone says they are a fan, that should suffice. No one needs to investigate further and call each other liars.
    I think that Jared is the only one who makes money here so, why all the fuss? There is nothing to gain. This is all for fun so have FUN already!

  5. 130
    PSA Says:

    Enjoying this Bradley picture marathon. Nice assault on the senses.

  6. 131
    Brad The Dad Says:

    .I love Brad and it’s never been a secret. I have always been happy that him and Angie got together. They as a couple don’t care what anyone thinks and are fortunate enough to have millions of fans.
    I can’t wait to see MoneyBall and Angie’s movies too.
    It’s going to be a wonderful yr.

  7. 132
    LYNN Says:

    Thats funny . Robin wright must be friends with Angie and Brad or know them very well, or is it just her luck to get a chance to work with Angie in Beowolf and Brad worked with her husband in the movie tree of Life and she gets the chance to play Brad wife in this movie moneyball. Damn, she gets to kiss Brad. Lucky B**** LOL. So she must feel something special to be able to get a chance to work with Brad and Angie. She is a damn good actress also. But you know Hollywood, still back in the Roaring 20′s can’t have too many women stars at once, but they spit out a new guy every week if he looks ok. I wonder if they ask if they can act first. I like Robin and Sean Penn also. I love all of them and can not wait for these movies and the DVD. A shout out to all JP fans, Nice friday nite off and just lurking. will be around for a while. Has to catch up on the latest .

  8. 133
    Brangelina Philippines Says:


    Hi, I think it was Plan B Productions of Clay Walker, not Plan B Entertainment of Brad?

  9. 134
    PSA Says:

    Hey Neleh, this too shall pass. We have these moments from time to time.

  10. 135
    lylian Says:

    Thank you for your intelligent comments. There is a lot of hysteria around vaccinations. When my daughter was a baby and I was living in an expat community, there were many well educated mothers (we are talking women with Masters and Ph.d’s as I was in a University community) with children of the same age as mine who were dead set against any sort of immunisation. Most were from well developed countries like Australia, North America and Europe.
    There was for a start, a fear about whether vaccination might trigger autism. And I guess, to be fair to these otherwise perfectly rational, intelligent, well educated women, there’s been plenty of medical scares in the last 4 decades for people to be sceptical about claims that vaccinations did not trigger the tendency to autism.
    I also think that for these women, they didn’t fully appreciate the dangers of some of these childhood illnesses. It never failed to amaze me when some of these perfectly wonderful mums would self medicate their 3 year old child through 3 days of diarrhoea and vomitting. I grew up in a family where my father has talked about sibling after sibling who grew weaker and weaker and simply died, of fever or vomitting in the days before modern medical care was available in a small village in a third world country.
    In the end, I confess that I was sufficiently worried to defer some of my daughter’s vaccinations till she was older – especially MMR which at the time was being fingered for triggering autism. My rationale being, why take the risk. I could rely on herd immunity until she was older. She got full immunisation around 3, when the risk of autism happening to her seemed unlikely.
    Looking at the internet, for this post, I see that there is now much more debate on alternative schedules of vaccinations. I think that is a very good thing. It would be good to see some scientific medical studies on which vaccinations we parents should NECESSARILY give our children under the age of 1, of 2 and then complete by 3 or 4? Depending on the environment the baby is raised in and whether or not she has been breast fed, I don’t believe it is truly necessary to start vaccinating a child under the age of 1 with 6 to 8 different vaccines (polio, rotavirus, heb B, Hib, petussis, tetanus, diphtheria, pneumococal. But I have no scientific studies to back me up on my belief.
    As a mother, it’s difficult to make the mind over emotional decision when each shot of vaccination involves 3 to 5 combined vaccines. We are constantly told that our babies immune system is still developing. So, always, there is this nagging fear that our babies may not be able to tolerated this assault on their immune system. After all, vaccines are SUPPOSED to trigger the immune system. Our babies feel ill, get fevers, do not feed well for a few days after vaccinations. Nor are all vaccinations safe. Cases of vaccination triggered the very disease it was supposed to protect against. Studies show that vaccinations itself can trigger complications.
    It is good to see this debate about the vaccination schedule starting to go main stream.

  11. 136
    jaye Says:

    A major concern for me is the negative stories and links that fans of the Jolie-Pitt family bring into the blog, especially in recent days. With those articles comes a feeding frenzy of rabid comments from the fans and so called haters alike. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference; in fact, there’s really very little difference.
    For the most part, you’re chasing old stories, old allegations or lies. When I first started posting here, there was this desire to get the facts out there and I do at times, but I’ve learned, that for the most part, no one is interested in the truth, except the fans and they already know it; so, in a way, it’s like preaching to the choir. The anti-Jolie-Pitt people are only here to taunt the fans who happily oblige them by taking the bait every time.
    It’s not the constant defending or setting the record straight that bothers me as much as the way in which it is done. It gets nasty in here; really, really nasty. Directing nasty comments to people who hate the Jolie-Pitts might bring satisfaction on a personal level to ‘get it off your chest’, but in the end it ruins the site, it doesn’t elevate us as Jolie-Pitt fans, it just makes us as bad as they are.
    The Jolie-Pitts need no defense; they are immune to what is being said about them and so are their kids. On the other hand, I know the importance as fans of being loyal to them; but in doing that, we need to be loyal to who we are and not let anonymity or anger be an excuse for letting people who do not respect the Jolie-Pitts make us what they are. You may draw your own conclusions as to what that is.
    There are times when the record needs to be set straight and I do that in a way that is appropriate for me; that may not be the way for some of you. You don’t know who I am, but I think you can tell from my comments what I am about. I know me and frankly I would be ashamed of myself if I made comments in the way some are made here. I’m not saying this to hinder anyone’s freedom to say what they feel, but because I’ve been around long enough to see many good sites ruined. You know those sites; the ones that were awesome in the beginning, but slowly people started staying away; they don’t comment anymore or they rarely do so; the sites that are taken over by a few, whether they be fans or so called haters, they set the tone for the discussion and it’s not always good.
    The Jolie-Pitt fans by and large are intelligent people who have admiration and respect for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. These two have proven themselves to be wonderful citizens of the world. We often say that Aniston’s fan don’t listen to her as they continue to make her a victim when she said that it made her skin crawl. But ask yourselves, would you really want Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to read some of the things that fans have written in defense of them? I know they don’t personally read blogs, but I can bet that someone reads them on their behalf; some days that person is probably laughing his head off at the lunacy.
    If you would be ashamed for them to see it, then maybe there’s a better way to express yourselves without the vitriol. I’m all for righting a wrong, but is sinking to their level
    really the only way to do it? I know others have written about this recently; I don’t expect any change; I’ve been there, done that on other sites.
    To tell the truth, I didn’t sign up for a club when I came here; I thought this was a friendly JP site where everyone could share their admiration for this giving couple without the fanaticism of idol worship and vulgar language; in the beginning it was like that. I am proud to be a fan, but I will never be a fanatic.
    I have said in the past that i don’t agree with everything Pitt and Jolie have done, but then again, I don’t have too; they are responsible for their own lives. If that makes me less than a fan ( according to whomever is in charge of fan certification) so be it. It seems that all it takes is an opinion different than certain ones to start a witch hunt. If some of you don’t think you’re fanatics, look up the definition and then get back with me. it’s an eye opener. Peace to you all.

  12. 137
    Anne Tagonyze Says:

    Twasn’t long ago that Brad was looking like a bearded smelly vagrant..but then Ang made him stick his head in the way back machine and oops, a little too far back, & now his face looks like it did in junior high. Strange look for a man in his late 40′s.

  13. 138
    LYNN Says:

    Not only is Angie a beauty but she has brains to go with her beauty. Why do you think Billy Bob woke up one day and did not know the woman he was married. O ver night he thought he could not measure up to her any more. What Billy Bob did not know is that, Angie decided to become a woman and not do all those little girl things that older men like out of dumb little 20 something girls. Even her daddy thought something was wrong. He was suprise that his little girl had become a woman even at Twenty three, he thought she had lost her mind too because he wasnt around to see his little girl changing. Her mother saw all her changes and was very pleased because Angie’s mother knew once she became a mother all the things she use to do would change and she watched Angie do a complete turnaround from that little shy girl to a woman. The rest is history. I wonder if that physical education teacher remember when angie and her class protested to keep him at their school because they thought her was good and did his job well and the students liked him a lot. Angie, I Love you girl and hope young women should use you as an example of what women are all about and look at great women as role models. Women should always use their common sense as to what is right regardless of what others are doing and saying. Please, please ladies stop being followers and become leaders.

  14. 139
    JP Red Carpet Fun Says:

    Awww, I loved Beowulf- we saw it in IMAX. Angie, Ray W, Robin, John M, Anthony H, Crispin & all the others did such great work…Brad & Angie were so cute at both premieres…here is a short video from the LA red carpet:

    the lady say they stopped & talked to all the fans and signed lots of stuff- of course, that could be any JP premiere. Brad & Angie are always so good to the fans!

  15. 140
    Bradley Pitt Says:

    ppl go insane over this man . Trying to think of his name but it’s a well known guy/actor who said he never met Brad but loved him.. I just read it the other day when i d/l Bing.
    As a female i am thinking how does Brad feel when he reads this ? Or look at that Jenny Mc Carthy what she wrote in her book that is posted here.. I might feel the same way but would not write it in my book..
    And what’s even funnier is Angie makes it a point to let the world know how much she adores her man.. Last , Some Fans who adore her are adament that she not be with Brad.. giggle. I think they as a couple would laugh over this.
    Afterall it is their life and they will do as they please. Many people just refuse to accept what the Jolie Pitt’s want for themselves
    Pinheads ? Yes absolutely .

  16. 141
    What Says:

    @busted: how the heck is this a distraction from angie and her babies when angie is nowhere near Los angeles? Dummy. This is brad being an attention ho because he knows people think he looks better with his new face. Brad is lucky Angie doesn’t play the pr media game. She didn’t announce a breakup from bbt when they split either. And he cheated on her jus like brad did but Angie won’t tell on him unless she’s asked. Took a whole year before she allowed bb back in her life. Anuston, I fear for fans like u, guli, and pt…. Don’t harm yourself over a celebrity split. U can blame brad for Angie dumping his orange Botoxed cheating self. Btw, the type of women who want to sleep with brad are women like Chelsea handler. No evolved woman wants that used up hasbeen unless you’re duped like angie was. He wanted tons of kids and angie fell for it. Now he’s a once a Month dad. And trust me , once he realises that he’s lost angie for good he’ll try to get her back just like bbt did ;)

  17. 142
    Brad Fan Says:

    Love it. I’m actually looking forwad to this as well as Tree of Life. Two very different types of movies

  18. 143
    Pregnant w/ Shi Says:

    I remember when they were making Beowulf and those pictures came out of Angie in that funky suit (for the motion capture)….little did we know that TWO girls were in that funky suit- little Shiloh starred in Beowulf, too!

  19. 144
    LYNN Says:

    Media wh@re MANiston @12:34pm 10/01/2010

    I am so glad someone asked the question. I have been wondering about that for some time. Her picture is on jj everyday. Its like her father is promoting her for something. How can she be going out every day. I think she must be going with someone at jj and they are trying to help her career. I did not want to say anything, thought my comment would go into moderation, so I kept my mouth shut. I notice no one else has said a word about it. I do think she is kind of cute though.

  20. 145
    Bradley Pitt Says:

    ROTFLMFAO How pathetic to read from another i only love Angie fruitcake how badly you want these two lovely ppl who are so in love
    to b/u. How many times does Angie tell you and the rest of the world how much she ;loves Brad.. Admit it every time she does an article.
    If other stars meet her they talk to journalists that’s the first thing they say is how much she loves her man. Must be hard on your heart or ears.

    Where are you getting that Brad cheated on Angie? Oh please do you ever get how ppl tire of tabloids.? Trust if Brad cheated on Angie the info with the mag would be over here being discussed.. Just not a tabNEVER b/c Angie and Brad are breaking up for the past 5 plus yrs in tabs so enough..

    i know i am wasteing my time as i normally would not give you morons a sec of my precious time.

    Tell ya what . Why don’t you come back here when it really is true next time okay lol

    buh bye

  21. 146
    Passing Through Says:

    # 50 reiko @ 10/01/2010 at 12:42 pm
    X behavior with the tampon isn’t really shocking — what is shocking is that she is still fertile.
    Pfffft. X wasn’t wearing the tampon because she has periods. She was wearing it to deafen the echoing sound made by the screaming, trapped Chilean miners eminating from her cavernous vag. Or did you think it was merely a coincidence earlier in the week when a story was released saying the miners had been watching Brad Pitt movies? NOT.

  22. 147
    gracie Says:

    A New thread and a whole bunch of freaks posting trash. Anuston crazies are out in full force and trying very hard to divert attention from their idol being labelled the serial dumpee and any loser’s free fcuk butt fingering one night stand she is. Everyone is laughing at her. Lol. It kills her fans as they watch Brad and Angie’s love continue to blossom and their respective careers expand, Anuston on the other hand continues to make one flop after another and get s c r e w e d dumped and mocked after they’ve had their way with her.

  23. 148
    omg Says:

    Brad Pitt and Robin Wright in the same film. I will be seeing it on opening day.

  24. 149


  25. 150
    the X Says:

    OMG! Anuston has her tampons yanked out while she is on her period and leaves the dirty tampon behind for whoever to discard it.
    Josh Hopkins You dirty You and her both. Gross.

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