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Kate Bosworth Launches Jewelry Shopping Site

Kate Bosworth Launches Jewelry Shopping Site

Kate Bosworth wants to help YOU shop for jewelry!

The 27-year-old actress has launched, a new venture with her super stylist/designer Cher Coulter, which lets users share potential purchases with friends via Facebook and Twitter to get feedback.

WATCH: The Warrior’s Way Trailer

“It’s a natural extension of our friendship, our creative relationship and our love of fashion,” says Kate. “We couldn’t be more excited.”

For a monthly subscription fee of $29.99, members will get access to one piece of exclusive jewelry per month from a collection designed by Kate and Cher.

See how the jewelry club works at!

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Photos: Sasha Eisenman
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  • Iffy Miffy

    This site should be renamed to – milk the idiots for as much as you for as long as you can while giving them nothing of any value. Man, does anyone fall for this bs?

  • LisaM

    How lame!!!! I can definitely see that Ms. Coulter has (and will) do all the work for this and Kate taking all the credit. Stupid!!

  • Franck

    ” Kate Bosworth wants to help YOU shop for jewelry! ”

    WE don’t need HER to shop for jewelry !

  • Bunnyk

    Kate Bosworth wants you to help her by shopping her jewelry!

    The 27-but-looking-47-year-old failed actress has launched, a new venture with one of her paid friends/stylist/designer Cher Coulter, which lets users share potential purchases with friends via Facebook and Twitter to get feedback and make free publicity, because she’s almost broke.

    WATCH: The Shaolin Ninjas’ Way Trailer – F*** funny

    “It’s the result of my sad acting career, our paid relationship and our shallow personalities” says Kate. “We couldn’t be more ashamed”

    For a monthly subscription fee of $29.99, members will get access to one piece of jewelry per month from a collection designed by Kate and Cher, even though they haven’t seen it yet.

    Visit their site, because they paid us for clicks,!!

  • evathediva

    Wow !! I did not know that she was that popular of a fashionista for ANYONE to spend 29.99 for her every month. She does not impress me at all.

    Thats quite all right I will pass. I wish her luck though, or a sandwich, or a bone..whatever.

  • Sweet Pea

    They both look really tired in the video on their website.

  • Mel

    A bit OT but by watching the Jimmy Kimmel youtube video that appears on this page I just realised her boobs were much smaller than today…well at least she went for normal size breasts…

  • i heart that

    Their selection doesn’t look very good.

  • haha!

    Another example of FAIL!
    Miranda creates a successful organic skincare line, while Kate thinks that people will want to come to her for advice on jewelry???
    Miranda = smart business woman who created quality products
    Kate = pathetic grab for money and attention based upon an over sized ego

  • evathediva

    all 3 of her fans will be here to post about how mean and jealous we are that KB has a jewerly line that even AVON can beat.
    Its her freaking fug/smug smile that irks me, she thinks she is really the ish, like we are going to actually buy that crap. . Please JJ
    I beg of you, do not barrage us with a post every day about her jewelry. I will quit your site if you do. I’m sure GP< Stella and Liv are prob laughing . their arses off about this one, along with the rest of Hollyweird. go figure

  • Lawton

    Bunch of cheap-looking shit.

  • QVC

    Will she be selling this on QVC?
    A lot of people make big money on there but will mature women flock to buy a jewelry line “designed” by Kate Bosworth? They don’t seem like her fan base and they make up a huge portion of QVC’s jewelry buyers.

  • Leo

    Forget the jewelry site. It’s evident Bosworth is going bald. Her forehead currently eats half her face.

  • Leo

    She should find a hair loss solution that works and sell that. She could model the before and after photos.

  • Who??


  • Aries

    KB looks like a praying mantis.

  • good news today

    Wasn’t this announced months ago? Old news.

  • toonces

    Maybe Kate will have some success with this. Her acting career isn’t going very well — her movies either aren’t released for years or she lands light weight roles in direct-to-DVD rom coms. At least she sees the writing on the wall and is trying to branch out.

  • [marie]

    If this trick really had any talent she wouldn’t be trying to hock craft project to stupid people…

  • blue crush

    Is Ryan Kavanaugh financing this?

  • Weird

    Ummm…why would I pay 29.99 for this crap when I can go to the chinese table at the flea market and get the EXACT same crap for $2.00? What a joke!! This is mass made crap!!!

  • kdots

    She needs to shop for new shoes not jewelry. She wears the same pair of boots everywhere.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early onset, female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • N.

    The subscription fee gets you “access to one piece of exclusive jewelry per month.” Does that mean you get one piece of jewelry per month or that you are “in the club” and having that membership makes it where you can buy the jewelry for an added fee? The way you worded it makes it sound like the latter….and if that is the case that is all kinds of ridiculous. Not that I would pay $29.99 a month for it either way, but I think that wording needs clarifying in case someone were actually interested.

  • mickey

    ugly chicks

  • llalallalllala

    @Iffy Miffy:

    Hahah do us all a favor and try it out first. If you don’t like it seems you aint got what it takes to be a fashionista. Welcome to the new age baby

  • nanny825

    She’s so pathetic it’s laughable. I know 12-year-olds with better taste.

  • R&M

    This looks cheap and desperate, even for her. And that’s sayin’ something. Is that one bracelet SQUARE on the inside? Wow. That’s some seriously bad design.

  • Wow

    How much is Kate Bosworthless is paying you to push her agenda?????????????? Pathetic

  • Just Saying


    Hey ….Kate may be able to sell this on QVC for the fact that she looks 40.. not 27 …so maybe the mature folks would be interested lol……

  • Sunkitz

    @ Mel

    Nah Kate is just known for stuffing her bra those chicken looking cutlets…..She’s flat as a pancake..both ways lol. I would respect her more if she would be confident in herself instead of pathetically stuffing her bra….dudes hate that women do that it’s like lying …I wonder why she doesn’t just get a boob job if she is soo uncomfortable with her chest that she pads them.

  • cathy

    Cher Coulture is the friend of Orlando Bloom who was injured in that car accident he had a while ago. I knew that she knew Kate Bosworthless but why would anyone join in business with this woman? Jewelry looks cheap can get better at Forever 21 and lots cheaper but you know that some idiot is going to pay that much for it. Wow what a racket this girl comes up with anything to make a buck.

  • cathy

    One more thing I have to say is poor Skarsgaard or however you spell his name.

  • Oopsila

    Anyone who pays money to buy anything endorsed/designed/worn or shat by KB should be shot on sight and put out of their misery

  • Lisa

    I like the earrings Kate has on in that pic. The rest doesn’t look too good.

  • Kate

    The website homepage says:
    Introducing a new concept in jewelry
    by actress and style icon Kate Bosworth with celebrity stylist Cher Coulter
    SO SHE REFERS TO HERSELF AS “ACTRESS AND STYLE ICON”. I think “actress and shallow, rich, spoiled brat:” would have been more appropriate.

  • Ana Banana

    “For just $29.99 a month, you’ll receive a new piece of jewelry, along with style tips, a weekly trend report, and behind the scenes peeks…. Each month you’ll receive personalized selections to choose from. But if you don’t find that perfect piece you can skip the month with no charge. Shipping is free and returns are easy. We’ll also show you how to wear and pair pieces and let you in on our style secrets.”

  • Jerry

    I have never seen a more IRRELEVANT post on JJ before. Please go away Kate. No one cares.

  • Depends on how it’s made

    I think if you can pay $29.99 for something that’s going to last and won’t tarnish it’s not a bad deal. I always buy cheap jewelry and it’s a waste of money because I have to throw it out anyways when it turns dark and rusty looking. I’ve wasted SOOOOO much money on crap from Forever21 and Claire’s. So the price ain’t too bad for something that will last. Now the question is: Are these pieces going to be good quality and will they last OR are they going to tarnish soon after?


    Hmmmm… I don’t know. I gotta check it out more. I don’t like KB but I think stylist Cher Coulter has pretty good taste and fashion sense. So I might actually look into it. The website says Cher designs the jewelry herself and that she gets inspiration from the latest and most chic jewelery designs of the season. But instead of using platinum and diamonds she uses materials we can all afford while still enjoying the chic trends.

  • burnt bacon

    My disdain for Bones aside, but what I’ve seen so far is hardly worth paying thirty bucks a month to join a necklace-of-the-month club. I can get something much nicer at Target for half the price. I predict this little venture will nab her about sixty bucks a month after her parents and Jared sign up.

  • burnt bacon

    @N.: “The subscription fee gets you “access to one piece of exclusive jewelry per month.” Does that mean you get one piece of jewelry per month or that you are “in the club” and having that membership makes it where you can buy the jewelry for an added fee?”
    According to the site, the thirty dollar subscription fee is *in addition* to whatever you would pay for the jewelry, which will probably be ridiculously expensive even at 70% off retail. I don’t see this going over very well with the “little people” they’re trying to appeal to here. There’s nothing I’ve seen so far that’s any different from what you can get off the sale rack at JCPenney, and I doubt if anyone in Middle America is going to pay extra in addition to the cost of the jewelry so they can wear something with the name Kate Bosworth slapped on it. And if they’re going for the types of hipster fashionistas Kate so desperately wants to be, well, they’ve already got their connections for jewelry and probably don’t have to pay thirty bucks a month just for the privilege of looking at the catalog.

  • ethan

    I love blondies!!!

  • A passersby

    So, after she’s started dating Skarsgard, she has got some jobs (some movies I don’t remember the names of them) and a jewelry selling site, it’s obvious she has been using her BF, right? Just saying…

  • Jen Roberts

    I just went through the site with my girlfriend to actually see what the deal was….i recommend that others do too. This is a great concept and amazing value for what you are getting. Thanks Kate- keep up the great work!!!

  • cindy c

    please this ho girl would have to pay me to buy anything from her. she is a frigging hot mess. hope alexander is done with her and moves on to someone who is worthy of him. she is not good enough even for qvc. go back to where you came from you stupid cow.

  • @cathy

    Cher Coulter was originally Orlando’s friend, from quite a way back, from college or even before, and may have become a stylist on the back of her friendship with him. I think she still styles him, anyway she styled the Me & City ads that Terry Richardson shot (in which he looked awful, I thought, but maybe that’s the Chinese market). But after his split from Kate and the car accident she seems to be more Kate’s friend. I suppose this is really her venture and Kate is the celebrity name who gets the publicity.

  • ness

    “Introducing a new concept on jewelry – by actress and style icon Kate Bosworth”

    style icon?????!!!

    She has no shame!

  • renee

    Have to say, I love the look of this jewelry!