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Katie Holmes: Scan My Shirt and Buy Life!

Katie Holmes: Scan My Shirt and Buy Life!

Katie Holmes is lending her support to a powerful, star-studded campaign for Keep A Child Alive.

The organization, which held its annual Black Ball on Thursday (September 30), provides care and support for families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.

To join in on the cause, download the StickyBits or WiMO app and scan Katie‘s shirt. You can also text “KATIE” (or the names of the other celebs participating) to 90999 to make a $5 donation.

Keep A Child Alive co-founder and global ambassador Alicia Keys and hubby Swizz Beatz are also teaming up with the actress, along with Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Usher, and Jay Sean.

Said Alicia, “With the launch of our BUY LIFE campaign, I am confident less people will needlessly have to die because of lack of proper care which means more children will still have parents to raise them and guide them. I’m never more inspired, then when I’m doing this!”

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  • Sebastian Shaw

    Katie Holmes is incredibly gorgeous. Now she has to drop that ugly horse’s ass husband of hers, Tom Cruise It is unfortunate that she is as attractive as she is misguided with her poor taste in men. She should be with someone around her age not a guy who obviously can’t handle women around his age.

  • JoshFan

    Katie we would take you back if you are serious about really finding your old self. Get Suri and get out of that crazy house. Then really focus on giving Suri a chilhood…friends, fun… all of it! Life is rough. Why are you letting Tom’s cult force Suri to be a little adult and dictate your life?
    We do miss you.
    If tomorrow’s posts have you fake smiling with Tom or carrying an unkempt Suri down the street, we will all be greatly disappointed.

  • http://Tjda Slig

    She want dance dance

  • http://Tjda Slig

    Slig best

  • AEP


  • scoopaddict

    even for a good cause, kim kardashian can’t wear a shirt that doesn’t flaunt her boobs in your face.

  • melani

    i love you katie and tom…………ur the best !!!!!!!

  • ii

    What a wonderful cause for every one taking part in it should be proud Hope everyone gets behind it

  • kizbit

    Why isn’t Tom a part of this campaign??????

  • poo

    kate has had such good work done . don’t you remember how crooked her face use to be?

  • Serena Champness

    Isn’t it about time she had another child?

  • buggie

    yeah…another attempt to get on the A-list.


  • swan

    # 11…are u an idiot?

    It’s not up to anyone telling them it’s about time to have another baby.

    How irresponsible and idiotic of you!

    Katie and Tom of all people should not even breed!

  • smh

    The only person that sticks out because they don’t belong is that kardashian person. WTF is she doing there with her trashy self?

  • Whitney Maguire

    I always thought that Katie wanted to have a son as well but she doesn’t seem interested anymore.

  • Pinkrose

    Wasn’t Katie Holmes once an actress?! She is involved in every litle nonsense but real acting.

  • Gobble

    @Whitney Maguire: she pretty much took Nicole kidmans place so she already has a son

  • winterwilde

    Tom’s people are spending millions buying magazine covers, films roles, charity positions, daily blog mentions to push KATIE into the A-list.

    Unfortunately, she is missing one major item, TALENT.

    Katie is jealous of all of Tom’s previous beards and she wants to be in the same top tier category as Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz not counting the fact that her former co-worker, Michelle Williams gets major kudos for acting talents.

  • Heads/Tails

    What the hell is Kim Kardashian doing to be considered a celebrity? Is it for having that “AMAZING” reality show? BRILLIANT and classy banter? I just see long hair, big ass, lotsa make-up, shagging semi-famous sports players and buying tons of designer clothes. Whenever I see her on TV, I change the channel….what could she possibly truly say (that her PR hasn’t written) that is of value…….blechhhhh

  • boston61

    What about all the suffering caused by your husbands CULT Katie? Do you have a brain?

  • Star Fox

    And who are you to her, #2? Get a life!

    She’s too busy right now, #15.

    She starred in two movies this year alone, #16.

    Holmes was already on the A lost the minute she hooked up with Cruise, #18. Nothing had to be bought.

    They have nothing to with how the extremist members of their religion have done, #20.

  • Cynthia S

    I’ve never seen Katie look so adult ish. She’s very beautiful and possibly insane for getting hooked up w/ Cruise, but to each his/her own.

    Kim’s really putting it out there eh?

  • zzzz

    Star, she is not too busy to have a baby, that’s ridiculous. Look at all the truly busy people who are still making babies, people whose careers are truly influenced and jobs are lost, like the models-Gisele, Miranda, Allessandra, Adriana. The true A-Listers-Cate Blanchett, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, etc. Need I go on? And what about all the “ordinary ” women who are enormously busy but can still manage making a baby even though they don’t have millions to spend on nannies, personal assistants, housekeepers, chauffeurs, private jets, etc. And how do you know she’s too busy, anyway? AS IF you know her personally. She wouldn’t be caught dead with a raving lunatic stalker.

  • zzzz

    thanks for finishing my thoughts, #24!

  • Angeline

    What about all the millions of children dying in the silent holocaust called abortion every year??

  • Go away, Angeline

    The article above is about helping kids with AIDS.

  • WHY, JJ?

    Why did you remove the commentary that was #24? There was nothing obscene or inappropriate in it. Suddenly, it’s gone.

  • Bad Mamma Jamma

    @WHY, JJ?:
    I’m shocked, too!!!
    Star Fox is a dumb ass. We all know it, and we all know the following:
    1)Suri is not Tom’s kid.
    2)Scientology is a cult.
    3)Tom buys roles, magazine covers, and awards for Katie.
    4)Katie has chosen to be a horrendous parent.
    5)Star Fox is obsessed with Tom and Katie, and doesn’t seem to understand that this is an entertainment blog where people post their opinions.
    6)Despite what Star Fox thinks, how we feel about Tom shoving his beliefs down our throats does affect our opinions of Tom and Katie results in domestic box office failure for both of them.
    7)They are only famous for being huge jokes at this point in time.

  • annie

    @Bad Mamma Jama
    I don’t see them as bad jokes. I see a family who live their life in a very public arena.
    Their work takes them to different locations all over the world, it’s their work, so they walk down the street in those locations, they go to eat in those locations, they go to the parks and the zoos and the aquariums,for their child…….and every step of the way are the paps., recording every little thing along the way. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would hate it so badly day in day out. He is very gracious about it…..Katie seems to feel it more.
    If as you say , domestic boxoffice results are failing, it’s the media , who never lets up on any aspect of their lives.
    Have you ever seen Tom Cruise drunk
    Have you ever seen Tom Cruise throw a phone at somebody, out of anger like Russel Crowe did
    Have you ever seen Tom Cruise get accused of abusing a woman or being rude about someones religion… Mel Gibson.
    Why is the above ok for most of you, but in his case whatever he said 5yrs ago gets hashed over and over like some broken record.
    Why does everybody conviently forget about some of the disgusting things Angelina Jolie has done…….because now she has become a paragon of virtue……again the media, for the moment they are flavour of the month, however we’ll see down the line what happens.
    According to Nicole Kidman Tom was always lovely to her, and for crying out loud she didn’t stop talking about him up until the very minute she married Urban.
    Don’t try to say she was being polite either, because polite is once or twice, not every mag article…….and wait …..on how much in love they were. So I gather , that since nobody knows what really happens behind closed doors, Tom was really nice to her, and the reasons for their breakup is really only known between the key players.
    As for Katie, she’s raisng her daughter like her mother raised her, and she says so. Her mother let her dress herself, wear whatever she wanted , and that’s what she’s doing. There is a pic of Katie and her mother planting things in the garden, that’s what Katie says she does with Suri.
    So what if her marriage to him opened a few doors for her, it did for Nicole. It did for Penelope Cruz as well in the US, big time.
    Why don’t you all say that she dated every American co star she worked with , so she could get her name firmly planted in America.
    Maybe , just maybe , he tried to shove beliefs down peoples throats, because they worked for him. I agree that he went the wrong way about it, but I still believe he meant well.
    The same thing gets hashed over and over. Next time how about you take some time and look at what other stars have done, and FORGOTTEN .
    Also a lot of people say nasty things about Suri…..but these very people go on another thread , because that’s where their love lies, and say the most beautiful things about the other kids there.
    I don’t agree, I’m not a fan, so I prefer , to read out of curiousity only.However I’ve seen a lot of the other kids to know that if it was Suri everyone would be up in arms.
    You also make it sound that Tom found Katie on a sidewalk and desperate….no she wasn’t, she was going up, another something you all conviently overlook.
    So really, I don’t see a joke anywhere.

  • Jolly Folly

    First to address Nicole. Yes, she has publicly tried to be nice about Tom while skating the thin line against Scientology. Did it ever occur to you that maybe she was trying to protect her children and keep them in her life since she knew that the kids would be taken away due to the Scientology tenants about suppressive persons? And if you are talking hatred towards Katie–how about hatred towards Nicole. For whatever reason, the US has never warmed up to her in a big way unlike Europe and Asia. Comments on here and in other blogs are much worse than those about TomKat.

    You say you are not a fan, yet you consistently support behavior that many of us do not in children. Fine. Personally I think it is irresponsible parenting to allow a child outside in very very cold weather without a jacket and in ballet-type shoes as we have consistently seen KH do. I think it is poor manners in the extreme to allow your child to be lifted up and be able to put her head over a sneeze guard at an ice cream parlor. I think it is very poor judgment to allow your child to run around in heels when most podiatrists will tell you that childrens feet are not formed yet and heels are detrimental to their long term health. I think it is poor judgment to allow your child to attend plays meant for much older children since most of the time they disrupt the audience and on other blogs some of the folks have mentioned she did cause disruptions by just being a child. I think it is horribly lazy parenting to have a four and a half year old in day time diapers and on a bottle (picture of that from the other day).

    Do I care that this child picks her nose in public, throws tantrums, and wears nail polish? No. These are things toddlers and babies do. But I do think it is stupid to see this child out and about jacketless in cold weather, spreading her germs on ice cream, wearing heels etc.

    If the comments bother you so much, then why don’t you (and star fox) go to a TomKat friendly site. This site happens to be both AJ/BP and NK friendly–believe me it is one of the few aside from the fan sites that has strong supporters for these folks.

    And you said KH was “going up” and we all conveniently overlook this. Just where was she going? She was not going up. Her performance in Batman was panned. She had a string of loser movies, although a few were positive with the critics, most of them did not make the money they were expected to make. I would say she was going down.

    Since marrying Tom, she looks awful most of the time. Doesn’t bother with hair (I could stand messy, but a lot of the time it is dirty), make up (again I could stand make upless, but a lot of the time her skin looks plain dirty like she hasn’t bathed), and her fashion sense is awful. Yet this person, this A-Lister, who can’t be bothered to take pride in her personal appearance, can ra*pe the public with a fashion line of very uninspired clothing–by stating they are classic pieces–and she charges hundreds to thousands of dollars for each garment. Hey if you want classic buy Town and Country or Austin Reed! Cheaper and better quality and more inspired. This woman who can’t dance worth a darn, is considered expert enough to tell us all about dancing ala Dizzy Feet? This woman that you defend, gives interview after interview where she comes off like one of the most unintelligent woman out there? Everything is awesome, magical, wonderful etc. Even Vanity Fair when she was interviewed said they were shocked at how vapid and empty-headed she sounded.

    So do forgive most of us if we cannot understand your passion for her.

    And if people do go on to another thread and love that couple and their kids–do you realize this is one of the few sites out there that are friendly to this couple? Do you realize that there are several sites (IUC, Melvin whatever and FF come to mind) that are much worse and more cruel than anything said about TomKat and spawn? And believe me they rehash everything AJ has said even if it was when she was ten years old acting like everything is now. The things that are said about this other couple are so awful, cruel and over-the-top that it is a shame that they are not as litigious as Cruise.

    In reading blogs it seems that Mel and Russell get just as much flack as TomKat or worse. And Crowe seems to always have had his detractors.

  • roachn
  • Sheila

    @smh: she is there because she has close to 5 million followers on twitter and she can sell and it is for a good cause. Period>

  • annie

    @ jolly folly
    Your whole post was one of extreme hatred. I knew you were going to bring Kidman and scientology into it. She’s got more money than she knows what to do with, and she’s scared of scientology?
    Anyway whatever you think is fine by me. I don’t have to agree with what you say, and you don’t have to agree with what I say!

  • Why

    Why did they decide to use the bar code as a symbol??? That is a highly demonic symbol to use.

  • Angeline

    I know what it is. Of course I believe in helping children with AIDS. I just felt that it was a valid point. It just strikes me as funny- Here you have all these liberal celebrities supporting “Keep a Child Alive” who in the same breath support the slaughter of babies.

    PS- Don’t be rude. “Go Away Angeline”… Seriously?

  • MentalHealth Advisor toStarFox

    Star Fox: (Repeat)

    And who are you to her, #2? Get a life!
    She’s too busy right now, #15.
    She starred in two movies this year alone, #16.
    Holmes was already on the A lost the minute she hooked up with Cruise, #18. Nothing had to be bought.
    They have nothing to with how the extremist members of their religion have done, #20.

    My response to Star Fox:

    1. And WHO are YOU to her? Get a life yourself Star Fox!
    (a normal one)
    2. And you know this how, Star Fox? Do you ride up in you know what?
    3. Who cares how many movies she was in. ONLY 2 ? LOL
    ( its because she can’t act to save her life) !
    4. Katie was on the A-List? LOL….I almost peed in my pants.
    (In YOUR dreams only Star Fox)
    5. Of course Tommy boy “buys” those types of things. Don’t be silly
    6. Duh? They belong to the same cult.

    Now, go back into your hole!

  • Teddie Bear

    What do the photos of Josh Jacksons’s kid have to do with this post?

  • Torino

    @Jolly Folly
    I don’t like double standards, so if you are going to be so judgmental about everything, do it always, not just for certain targets. You obviously do not know much about Katie, besides checking some pics and watching some short and very much repeated interviews.
    That girl is smart, lets´call it witty. I do agree at a certain timing all her interviews where the same, bothe QUESTIONS and answers. She sound pretty shallow, I admit that. Now, lets’ recap, have you seen her last interviews, magazines and TV? Did you see Dave Letterman? Look, in your critical approach you forgot to mention the media torture she suffered while and after pregnancy, would you find it easy? Would you have a natural perception of interviews? Or would you rather try to be discret, try to avoid interviews and think 30 times before you speak. That’s what she did, she was not confortable, she did not want to give any information away, she scared and she was also probably wondering what the hell was going on with all the bullshit out there. So now, things are much better and she is starting to open up a little bit. She was an A student and got accepted to Columbia University, that is a fact, period. That is something more important that your own personal perception. This woman has everybody that meets her (meet means more than 10 mins conversation) PRAISE her, like her, she’s discribed as sweet, funny, goofy, smart and very down to earth. It will take you a lot of time to find somebody as natural and humble as she is in Hollywood, and I mean it. Whether you like it or not, she is hot right now and she was finding her own place in Hollywood before TC come along. Her BB performance got panned, I really think it would not have been so harsh if she hadn’t just recently started dating him. She had some very good movies on her, Pieces of April and Go were very good performances and the DC show, whether you like it or not, was hers. She wasn’t exactly a nobody, she had a career, she had money, she had a future, she was/is gorgous, young and like or not talented. She would probably also still be around without him, maybe not at such a front row but defenetly not with such an scrutinity.
    As for being so judgmental on her as a mother, she probably makes mistakes, but she´s one of the few people in HOllywood that spends SO much time with her daughter, she’s a fully committed mom. As by now, all people who have met that kid say how smart, well behaved she is, so I am sure they are not such bad parents. We have seen many pics of her, have you ever seen her sick? How can you judge with such lil’ information? No matter how much you put her down, at the end of the day she is professionally relevant, she is rich (with and without her husband) she is beautiful and seems to adore her family, she is content and satisfied with her life and that what matters. Do not think she cares about fustrated people who achieved little in life putting her down, success sometimes has drawback and in this case, you guys and stuid media lies is the price she has to pay, big deal, I think it pretty much works for her.

  • Directx 10 Download

    She want dance dance

  • LJ

    @Why: How is a bar code a demonic symbol?

  • LJ

    @Angeline: “It just strikes me as funny- Here you have all these liberal celebrities supporting “Keep a Child Alive” who in the same breath support the slaughter of babies.”

    This seems like a bit of a unfounded attack. How do you know these celebs support abortion? Do you just go around accusing random people of being baby killers?

  • Star Fox

    Nine months of pregnancy and nursing is very straining on a woman and Holmes leads a hectic lifestyle, #23. Don’t judge her when she claims that she’s too busy right now for a second child.

    Suri Cruise is obviously his kid, #28. How do you know Cruise buys all those things for his wife? I don’t care if you dislike TomKat but don’t lie and leave their kids alone. Cruise hasn’t shoved his beliefs down anyone’s throats for years now. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

  • someguy

    “Cruise hasn’t shoved his beliefs down anyone’s throats for years now.”

    Complete BS, all of Tom’s Scientology charities, which aren’t really charities at all since Scientology does nothing for free, are trying to indoctrinate children as I sit here writing this. Teaching children that L Ron is in anyway a respectable figure is sick. There are literacy volunteers all across the country that do nothing of the kind.

    Tom’s “help” has strings attached, all Scientology “help” has strings attached. You might have been able to pull the wool over your own eyes but don’t ask us to do the same.