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Lea Michele Covers Marie Claire UK November 2010

Lea Michele Covers Marie Claire UK November 2010

Lea Michele graces the cover of Marie Claire UK‘s November 2010 issue.

Here is what the 24-year-old Glee actress had to share:

On partying: “I can honestly sit down in front of you and say I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs. I never have and that’s who I am. These days I have one glass of wine and I’m completely gone… I much prefer a glass of wine and a bath at home at night to relax.”

On how Glee changed her self-image: “Glee has made me feel beautiful. Now when people say that I don’t feel like they’re lying. Glee has shown me that I am beautiful, that I can be beautiful no matter what I look like, what my weight is.”

On her high school experience: “My school was bit like Gossip Girl in that there was a lot of money and we didn’t have as much. I was different to those people and I didn’t like the things that they liked. I would go to parties and the best part of going would be the leaving. I would go to a party because I felt that’s what I should be doing. I’m such a loser!”

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  • Kel

    Why do they always have to take off their tops like trampss. It is possible to pose for pictures clothed (and look great doing it) but of course someone who isn’t attractive gets the offer to be sexy (sleazy) they jump at it.

  • Kel

    Why do they always have to take off their tops like trampss. It is possible to pose for pictures clothed (and look great doing it) but of course someone who isn’t attractive gets the offer to be sexy (sleazy) they jump at it.

  • Kagan

    Why didn’t they ask her about those rumours that she is a diva on the set of Glee?
    Nonetheless, Dianna Agron is the undisputed star of the series.

  • Kaz

    India actaress

  • Kragen

    I wish that she would do mainstream movies.

  • Sean

    Wow. She’s as boring as she looks. Probably just lays there during sex

  • Brooke

    I agree with Kagan. I much prefer Dianna over Lea! Dianna is the star of Glee, IMO. She’s brilliant. Lea gets all the attention and I don’t get it. She’s just as good as the rest of them.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]

    …she’s butt fugly. that big bulbous nose, w/ that bubble bottom lip. groupies will say she’s drop-dead-gorgeous just because she’s on tv. ahahahahaha..

  • sillyme

    “Glee has made me feel beautiful. Now when people say that I don’t feel like they’re lying.”

    That’s a…strange statement. Although, I agree, I find Lea to be quite striking. She doesn’t have that cookie cutter look. Hopefully, she won’t be pressured to get her nose done.

  • http://Tja Slig

    Me to i have magazin i post here not today

  • Kaz

    Passer konur ljót ogleliôinleg, eins og indíána

  • Adam

    I agree with Kragen. Lea should do mainstream movies, not just voiceover movies like Dorothy of Oz. She definitely looks good enough to do one. It doesn’t have to be a remake of a famous musical though. As long as it’s really her in theaters, I’ll be happy. As for the pictures, I think they were tastefully done. It’s not like they were intended to be done in a really trampy way.

  • Daria

    This obnoxious idiot can get off of my television, thanks. I love Dianna, though! I’m glad she’s doing movies.

  • http://Tja Slig

    You from scotland or ireland?????

  • http://Tja Slig

    Hey???????? I wait answer???

  • M

    she is UGLY. I am surprised no one told her that yet.

  • Alaia

    She was pictured smoking here:

    …and those who doubt it’s her:

    The same outfit. So in essence, she’s a liar.

  • mailey

    ahaha. yah, she IS a loser.

  • lia

    @ alaia LMAFOOOOOOO .. what a liar jeez does she think people will think less of her is she smokes.. idiot

  • Adam

    @mailey: Uh no, you are a loser as are all the haters here who happen to waste precious time writing a comment on someone they hate when they don’t even know that person. You guys are really pathetic. Are you really that jealous of Lea? Besides you really need your eyes examined. She’s beautiful, and I’d do her in a second.

  • Adam

    @Kel: You have a double post.

  • CKNola

    Lea is beautiful and immensely talented.
    Her and the character of Rachel are the main reasons I watch Glee.

    Anyone who calls her ugly needs their eyes checked, or atleast to stop buying into the whole ‘cookie cutter cutie’ ideal.

    And as to reports of her being a ‘diva’, let’s not forget most of the places saying that are the same ones that have said they have ‘inside sources’ that Brad and Angelina are on the verge of breaking up for atleast 3 years now.

    It’s also funny how people want to make it Dianna vs Lea when last I heard they are friends and even lived together.

  • Adam

    @Alaia: You never got a clear look at her face. For all you know, that could be Naya Rivera.

  • love


  • Shy

    Hey Lea did you heard? While you are trying too much and are going to Hayden Pannetierre direction Dianna Agron is rumored to be in new Spiderman movie. Take that. She doesn’t go every event to stay relevant, she is not poses at every magazine… Instead she gets movie roles and working.

  • hanni

    Is she a Pakistani? she looks more Indian-Pakistani mixed. She’s def Indian.

  • Adam

    @hanni: She’s of Spanish heritage. She’s also a Sephardic Jew.

  • laverdadduele

    Her nose is distracting. Perfect candidate for rhinoplasty.

  • nylon-addict

    She is extremely talented no matter what anyone says.Dianna Agron and the guy that plays Finn are the least talented.They can’t sing or dance,and that’s that,also Dianna is not a avery good actress anyway.

  • Karen

    I think sh’es a good actress and great singer. She’s not a great beauty but I think she’s charming.

  • Asya

    Dianna is beautiful, but so is Lea, I know some people think Dianna is prettier because she’s blonde. I love Dianna, but she can’t sing. That’s why I love Lea more.

  • lmao.

    She has the most punchable face…

  • Heilige Bimbam

    She is ugly, and she does not have the best voice in Glee.

  • Lindz

    Good lord, you guys are vicious. There is nothing wrong with her. Obviously you guys don’t understand the message behind the show Glee. The point is not to stick a bunch of models on television and talk about inner beauty. The point is to take a bunch of normal people that are incredibly talented and show thier thier characters dynamically. Ryan Murphy wants you to see all sides of the characters, imperfection and all. I think the show has a wonderful message to the melting pot of american kids. So many kids limit themselves, because they don’t look perfect or don’t come from the right family. This show really plays with all of you emotions. Its invigorating and witty! She is very talented and has a beautiful voice that honestly isn’t done justice on tv. She’s amazing LIVE ! As far as beauty, God created each of us in his perfection. She is very prettyl! The photographer had a very artistic eye when shooting these! I really like his point of view! Back off guys. Stop scrutinizing the girl. How would you like people pulling you apart and talking about you like this? Seriously.

  • Adam

    @lmao.: You probably have the most punchable face and you definitely have the most kickable ass.

  • Directx 10 Download

    I wish that she would do mainstream movies.

  • Luis Santamaria Ortega

    Shakira use the same drees in the PREMIOS LO NUESTRO
    jejejejejeje xD (Y)

  • Adam

    @Directx 10 Download: Give her time. She’ll move on from voiceover movies to mainstream once she’s not so busy with Glee.

  • Mindy McReady

    Lea Michele is a beautiful and talented woman, she’s got a great voice! I think its great that she’s getting opportunities to have interviews and do a little modeling. She really looks like a natural with the way she poses- like a trained model would.
    I can’t wait to hear her voice in the new Dorothy of Oz sequel, it will truly be a treat! ;)

  • Lillypadluck

    I really don’t understand what inspires people to be so cruel on these websites or set up these false dramas between costars? Perhaps it’s the anonymity of the internet…anyway Lea is a fabulous performer and works to the bone to give solid performances. I can’t wait to see the remaining episodes of Glee, but I am especially excited for Dorothy of Oz…what a role! I have been listening to Judy Garland since I was a child and can’t wait to revisit the Oz experience with my daughter…she loves Lea and Glee!

  • Hollygo

    I cannot wait for Dorothy of Oz, her talent is amazing and exceptional…animated movies these days are my favorite, and I know she’ll blow me away as Dorothy!!

  • Stew

    Wow you people are vicious, I’d like to see you get in front of a camera, sing and dance and post it on youtube and see what people write. I wonder how many people would focus on your talent rather than the way you look? Probably very few…She is set to play Dorothy in an animated feature and I know she won’t disappoint, her singing is off the charts!

  • Cale

    This women is an amazing talent and is so beautiful…! Such a classy lady…..

  • Maddie


    lol you mean shitty movies that no one ever sees. yeah…

    And Shy, Dianna didn’t get the part. Emma Stone did. For obvious reasons.

  • Alice

    She’s such a talented girl. I remember seeing her in Spring Awakening years ago and just being completely blown away. I can’t wait to see what she does next.