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LeAnn Rimes: Eddie Cibrian's Divorce is Final!

LeAnn Rimes: Eddie Cibrian's Divorce is Final!

LeAnn Rimes works out with boyfriend Eddie Cibrian at Equinox on Thursday (September 30) in Los Angeles.

The singer, 28, kept it cool in an Adidas by Stella McCartney tank and hydrated with a bottle of water, while Eddie, 37, grabbed a healthy snack to-go.

Looks like LeAnn found the perfect fitness center. “There are some of the nicest people at the gym we go to. It’s like seeing family every day. Love going!” she tweeted.

Later in the day, the couple went out for a night on the town – and for a good cause! “Headed out w/ my love @eddiecibrian to raise money for Haven Hills abused women’s and children’s shelter. I’m doing a little acoustic set,” she wrote on her Twitter page.

FYI: Eddie‘s divorce from Brandi Glanville has just become official. Party at LeAnn‘s house tonight!

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  • blair

    Looking at Leann is the real abuse…..ouch, my eyes!!!

  • anoano

    Man she is hard on the eyes. Those ugly squinty eyes and piggy nose must be so hard to look at each day. Good job she has a healthy bank account to keep EC interested.

  • Sandra

    Sorry, but her constant, annoying twittering totally smacks of desperation. If two people are happy they don’t have to try to convince everyone else of it.

  • hillary

    oooo look!!! it’s the worst most moral, beautiful, sincere, real hollywood couple!!! yay!!! more posts!!! yayyyyyy!!! thank goodness JJ posts about them a a billion times per month, nobody else gives a crap about these 2! yayyyyyy!!!


  • Jake

    US Mag says judge approved Brandi’s and Eddie’s petition for Divorce Thursday 9/29/10. You’d think LeAnn would be all bubbly and smirking, Eddie looks more cheerful than LeAnn – a first. Maybe reality is over coming LeAnn that she might actually be stuck with this douche-bag! I believe that means LeAnn& Eddie could be legally married about April Fools of next year!

  • Kagan

    LeAnn Rimes is stunningly beautiful. This incredibly gorgeous young woman is pure American perfection.

  • James Goldman

    Don’t waste your time complimenting her or sucking up to her. Only her boyfriend gets to taste the goods.

  • LeAnn Rimes


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  • blair

    @leann rimes……no, they don’t.

  • RodC

    For whatever intention that is she should know that “Charity begins at home.” Oh wait, she wrecks home so she wouldn’t really get it! Charity is not for homewreckers.

  • Rovena

    @ LeAnn Rimes: LeAnn is that really you? Is this song your new single?

  • betty

    Does this woman do anything without self promotion. The more they put themselves out there the less the public responds except negatively. She is hungry for attention Eddie must not be doing his job. Speaking of Eddie does he ever clean up he always look like a bum. Whatever happened to that the sexy hunk looks more like a cheesy chump.Leann must be paying JJ plenty for these weekly updates.

  • G

    @anoano: they both have squinty eyes. can u imagine if they have kids? Is brandy g going loco now that it’s official? You know she still wants him.

  • slambang

    Nasty-@ss homewrecker.

  • blair

    JJ….if the party’s at Leann’s house, it’ll be with Eddie & his other women, Leann’s on her unsuccessful tour.

  • hatecheaters23

    JJ I guess we see who pays you with that FYI comment. Don’t think for a second Brandi’s not having her own party at her house as well. She doesn’t want Eddie at all, she’s actually happy to be rid of him. He’s Leann’s problem now.

  • G

    Is Leann still married? I wonder if she has to pay her ex husband. He didn’t seem too happy about their breakup.

  • hatecheaters23

    @G no they were divorced a year ago I believe. He has a new girlfriend who he is in love with. He just doesn’t like Leann’s lies.

  • Jake

    @G: Dean & LeAnn’s divorce became official 6/19/10. They had a prenup with a confidentiality agreement, so Dean was limited as to what he could say during the course of their marriage, has to chose his words carefully. A sane person wouldn’t be “happy” about what he’d endured!

  • Judy

    Why is LeAnn carrying roles of toilet paper and how much did she pay Brandi to settle the divorce?

  • Patty

    I will never listen to or watch anything they do in music or acting.

  • Marcus

    I understand there was a big payoff to Eddie’s ex but she had to sign a strict confidentiality agreement. Rimes completed her purchase.

  • Sophie Strand

    Gross Gross Gross. They are my least favorite Hollywood couple of all time.

  • betty

    @Marcus I figured the same I posted earlier if no details were given it was a payoff. ThT

  • Robin

    This whole adulterous affair has to be one of the most disgusting events in minor celebrity history.

  • betty

    @Marcus I figured the same I posted earlier if no details were given it was a payoff. The custody agreement and spousal support was what she probably relented to because the community property she was entitled too. Now Eddie has been bought and paid for.LOL

  • Debra

    Leann tweeted that everyone found out from the press about the divorce being final before she did…..another lie to add to a long list

  • @Betty

    Even if details do come out about the settlement, the payoff will be confidential. Even shameless LeAnn doesn’t want the public to know she paid cold hard cash for her man-meat.

  • butterflier

    Tweet this, ya homewrecker. These two need to both remember that what goes around, comes around.

  • Debra

    BG just tweeted that the rumor she got paid off by LR to go away is not true (but she wished it was)

  • @Debra

    I think LeAnn paid up and the agreement requires Brandi to make a public statement like she did.

  • Carol

    Everything about this divorce has been public, including details in the filing. Where are the settlement docs? If they’re confidential then LeAnn’s money was involved somehow. Remember, LeAnn demanded a confidential settlement with Deane and settled the day after he filed so he wouldn’t make their married life public. Deane made out big time!!

  • Rocker

    If Brandi doesn’t write a tell all book in 2 months, she was paid not to by the country singer.

  • Go Ask Alice

    To start, I don’t think Brandi signed a prenup or had an LeAnn paid for agreement.
    Brandi and Ed were married a long time ago and he was not well known and IS STILL not well known. Really.
    Any big screen roles? He is hardly a Tom Cruise something and Eddie is old. 38. Even guys can be old for acting.
    Brandi has said things and LeAnn filed a lawsuit againnst Brandi which LeAnn had dropped.
    Bad pr move on her part to file a lawsuit against Brandi.

    As for Eddie, good luck LeAnn because she is going to need it.Brandi got the better deal here because Eddie had already cheated on her before.
    Dean Sheremet really did the best of Brandi, LeAnn, and Eddie. HE has money. Privacy. A good reputation. A good career.NYC as home. A new girlfriend.

    Pro LeAnn fans, LeAnn really has nothing to brag about.
    WTF does she have? Career hit by this hotmess. Eddie C is nothing to see.
    Anti LeAnn fans/pro Brandi fans, Brandi got a better deal.
    Losers-the boys. BRANDI’s boys. Their dad goofed up. Broke up their happy home.
    Winner-Dean Sheremet.

  • betty

    @Debra I read that tweet but I bet differently the details of the settlement were disclosed when Leann and Deann divorced details were disclosed only the amount was not disclosed.Brand and Eddie had no pre nup and no details are being disclosed so we know money was involved. I noticed Brandi has not tweeted Eddie still owes her money.for support. By law she was entitled to community property and half of his assets. He had to give her something to get something we just don’t know the details.

  • Jake

    @Carol #32: Read my post #19, LeAnn’s prenup with Dean kept him quiet since the day they were married, he never could talk about private affairs. Allowed her to do whatever she wanted with whoever she wanted. Dean COULDN’T say anything without facing breach of contract litigation, forfeiture of any prenup monies and financial ruin. Dean got next to nothing, he’s working a demanding job to pay his bills like a normal person (You see KFed working?). LeAnn had ALL the money, control, power, and mandated code of silence in their relationship, that’s why she never concerned herself with retaliation from Dean or financial consequences that were negotiated up front in the honeymoon stage, when Dean never thought LeAnn could be sooooo cruel, which were trivial to her, and friends that would arrange and cover for her affairs.

  • @Jake

    You sound like you know inside stuff but LeAnn wanted out of that marriage for almost a year before Dean filed. So why did Deane file instead of LeAnn if he were shut out? Also Deane has his name on children’s books, songs, videos, and managed much of her career. It would be a simple thing for Deane to write a “novel” with a disclaimer and ficticious characters. I think Deane is a nice guy and pursuing his interest in cooking. My belief is that Deane had had enough and put an ultimatum to LeAnn and to hell with the legal consequences. LeAnn’s plan was always to get married as soon as possible. She never thought Eddie’s divorce would go this long. Also Deane’s name was/is on the Nashville mansion, half of that is his. Does anyone know if that monstrasity has sold yet?

  • betty

    @Jake Dean made out fine in his divorce from Leann and is not hurting for money he even went to Paris to study as reported in a news article Dean pursued his career as a chef. KFed is only getting obese living off his settlement.and help raising his kids.

  • AJP

    Dean actually went to the French Culinary Institute in New York and is working as a Chef in the Big Apple. He is happy with his new gf, a successful fashion photographer.

  • @Betty

    All in all I’m sure Deane walked away with 6-8 mil after the house sells. In the end, I think he’d had enough of LeAnn and put a gun to her head about the divorce. One of her inside people once posted very bitterly that “Deane will get his money next week”. That was the week the divorce was final. I think the poster was LeAnn’s mother.

  • betty

    Leann just tweeted she has a big head ache before going on stage.She always seems to be having some kind of ache or pain. She just doesn’t know you get back what you give.

  • gwen

    Okay, now who didn’t see the “EC and WEWE at the gym photo-op coming?

    Didn’t we say that WEWE would show up at the gym with EC because everyone was saying that he didn’t allow her to go the gym with him because that was where he was hooking up with other women? So WEWE just confirmed what we all have been saying. EC is cheating on WEWE and it’s most likely happening at the gym.

    Of course the people treat you and EC like a family, the women there are sleeping with EC, right?

    Now JJ, I thought EC said that he couldn’t afford to pay his wife child support and alimony and here he is with a gym membership. So that must mean what? That EC lied to court systems about his finances?

    JJ you should have done your homework, if WEWE and her sweets cared so much for abused women why did both EC and WEWE support Darrel Brown as he VERBALLY ABUSED Brandi? So it looks very bad on WEWE part, I mean how exactly does she care about abused women and children when she is tweeting about another woman’s kids AFTER BG asked to stop?

    What are you talking about JJ, according to WEWE tweets she has been partying with EC for quite some time.

    Oh JJ, WEWE isn’t partying at all, she is desperately trying to get pregnant, you know so that her sweets doesn’t run off with another woman. So how long after this will WEWE annouce her pregnancy or proposal/marriage?

    Headed out with her love? Really JJ, if WEWE and her sweets were in love, then WEWE wouldn’t have to spend so much time on twitter validating it. She made EC go with her because once again she can’t trust him. She is so afraid that he will cheat on her that she makes him go everywhere with her. That isn’t love.

  • gwen

    Oh JJ, now how can WEWE be partying when she is here posting on your site(aka G, james goldman, kagan)

    WEWE now why would BG want EC? Look at EC, he looks depressed.

    Why wouldn’t DS be upset? WEWE was his wife, she was cheating on him, and instead of showing remorse for her actions WEWE keeps making excuse after excuse for her actions.

    How interesting, the divorce was final on Thursday and what do you know? WEWE and her sweets tip off the paps to make it look like they are the perfect couple.

  • Kathy

    It’s about time this divorce is over. These 2 have been going at it for way too long. Maybe now the 2 of them will go on with their own lives and only deal with each other when if has to be with Mason and Jake. On twitter I have been reading alll the people who like LRA. Why don’t you just find another hobby other then bashing people and let EC & LR live their lives now? They have a chance at happiness so they should go for it. Nobody needs to stand in their way. As I always say…GOOD LUCK EC & LR GOOD LUCK

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE, JJ said that you were off celebrating EC divorce. So that was a lie because as we can clearly see, you are here posting to make it look like you have support.

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE, how come you are not celebrating EC divorce like JJ said?

    1)”It’s about time this divorce is over. ”

    That is what bothers you doesn’t it. That it took this long. You weren’t expecting that were you? You thought that EC would jump out of his marriage with the quickness and he didn’t do that did he? He kept dragging things out.

    2)”These 2 have been going at it for way too long. ”

    And you don’t wonder why? Now why did it take your sweets so long to part from his wife if he so desperately wanted to spend his life with you?

    3)”Maybe now the 2 of them will go on with their own lives and only deal with each other when if has to be with Mason and Jake. ”

    Oh WEWE, we all know that you won’t let that happen. Just look at how you keep tweeting about those kids even though BG asked you to stop it. So how long before you annouce your pregnancy because you have to do something to keep EC tied to you.

    4)”On twitter I have been reading alll the people who like LRA.”

    Oh WEWE, stop lying. If all of these people like you, then how come you are not even included in the top celeb lists on any of these sites? HAHAHAHAHA. I get it, you have to convince the record execs that you have fans because they are worried about your album. Well WEWE, you are still tweeting about those kids, so no one likes you. And to top it all off you just used an abused women and children to benefit you and EC. That doesn’t look good for you since you have not shown any regard to BG as you tweet about her kids and constantly use two innocent kids to promote yourself.

    5)” Why does’t WEWE just find another hobby other then tweeting about another woman’s kids and trying to make us believe that EC loves her just because she calls him her sweets and love.

    6)”people and let EC & LR live their lives now? ”

    Oh please, people will let you live your life when you stop tweeting about the kids that don’t belong to you. That was pretty low using those abused women when you and EC stood by Darrel Brown as he VERBALLY ABUSED Brandi.

    7)”They have a chance at happiness so they should go for it. ”

    Oh WEWE, if that was true, you wouldn’t be here posting on JJ.

    8)”Nobody needs to stand in their way.

    WEWE, you are standing in your own way. Why do you continue to tweet about those kids when their mother asked you to stop?

    9)”As I always say…GOOD LUCK EC & LR GOOD LUCK”

    What good luck? You mean the luck that comes from stepping on the backs of others. You are just plain sloppy. Using those abused women and children like that when your sweets retweeted Darrel Browns abusive words to Brandi.

    And how stupid of you to tip off the paps so that they can see you at the gym with EC, and all because you don’t care that people think that he is hooking up with women there.

  • gwen


    I also think that Leann is lying about when she found out about the divorce. Leann had to have known that it was going to final that day. Which is why we are seeing photos of her and EC at the gym on Thursday and why she went out of her way to call him her love and not sweets as if their “romance” had hit another level. Gossip Celeb site had the workout photos first, and that is odd because it’s usually JJ or DailyMail who posts the photos first. So WEWE went with a different media outlet for the workout photos because she knew that the divorce was going to be final. The fact that both to JJ and DailyMail wrote fluff about their workout is proof enough that WEWE was aware.

  • gwen


    It looks like WEWE is trying to use the “Is she or is she not pregnant” card to hype up her album. Poor girl. It is sad to say that I feel sorry for the baby in all of this. We all know that if EC shows that baby more attention than WEWE that she will hurt the kid or worse purposely make the kid sick just to make people feel sorry for her. I believe that WEWE is pregnant, she is desperate to keep EC. Sure she has the money, but she has to ensure that he will NEVER run off. People think that he is a douche now, but what would think if he left his pregnant girlfriend.

    So how will WEWE do the pregnancy and marriage/proposal rumors? Leak stories to In Touch, have EC ***** on his twitter phone that about how it’s all lies, and then confirm it via People mag?

    I am so disappointed that JJ is supporting the WEWE and her love care about abused women thing when we have seen them do things that contradict this. So JJ if WEWE and her love care about abused women, why then does WEWE tweet about BG kids knowing full well that BG asked her to stop and why did Mr WEWE RIMES retweet Darrel’s Brown’s abusive words to his wife? Makes one wonder. WEWE is just plain sloppy. And it is disgusting that she would step on these women’s backs when her own “fans”/WEWE or Darrel Brown (allisonj who has now re-invented herself as juvenileex) harass and stalk BG and go so far as to call her ****** and ********.

  • gwen

    A day in the life of WEWE Rimes:

    My sweets is such a ham. He calls himself Mr Leann Rimes. Well he should, I take care of all his expenses. But that isn’t what we told the court systems.

    My love cares so much for abused women, and he showed his concern when he retweeted my BFF abusive words to his wife and stood by as I opened up twitter account after twitter account just to stalk and harass his wife. Did you see my new name, Juvenile ex, no one will ever know that it’s me. Just like no one knows that I am the ” you are bad mothers because you comment in a LR thread/you so obsessed with Leann that you spend all your time posting on her/you hate on Leann because you were cheated on” poster on Celebrity Bitchy.

  • gwen

    @James Goldman:

    What boyfriend? You mean the man who calls himself Mr Leann Rimes?