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Leonardo DiCaprio: Le Stresa Lunch with Bar Refaeli!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Le Stresa Lunch with Bar Refaeli!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, model Bar Refaeli, have a romantic lunch at Italian restaurant Le Stresa on Thursday (September 30) in Paris, France.

Bar was later seen shopping at the Colette boutique.

Last night, Leo suited up for a private party in celebration of Tag Heuer’s 150th anniversary. He rubbed shoulders with Tag CEO Jean-Christophe Babin.

10+ pictures inside of Paris pair Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli

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leonardo dicaprio stresa bar refaeli 01
leonardo dicaprio stresa bar refaeli 02
leonardo dicaprio stresa bar refaeli 03
leonardo dicaprio stresa bar refaeli 04
leonardo dicaprio stresa bar refaeli 05
leonardo dicaprio stresa bar refaeli 06
leonardo dicaprio stresa bar refaeli 07
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leonardo dicaprio stresa bar refaeli 09
leonardo dicaprio stresa bar refaeli 10
leonardo dicaprio stresa bar refaeli 11
leonardo dicaprio stresa bar refaeli 12

Credit: KCSPresse ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • AnonymousDiva

    There’s not one picture of these two together, JJ.

    Coincidence? I don’t think so, lol.

  • James Kragen

    Bar Refaeli is stunningly beautiful. This incredibly gorgeous young woman is pure Israeli perfection.


    Well, @1, you know what I’m thinking? He knows she is the new Yoko Ono for his fan. I bet he would let some pics out, like he did when he was with Gisele if he just expected a positive reaction by his fans, who are those that can guarantee him a long and successful career by crowding the theatres.
    Since, far from it, she just receive bad reviews, his PR are suggesting him not to share the spotlight with that loser.
    I think this is true also for her career. Too many negative reviews, silly interviews and legal /taxes / country issues in which she is involved
    to have big brands taking srious risks by hiring her.
    This is saying alot about him, anyway.

  • MM

    omg! Leo head is toooo Big!


    hi Tzipi. all that posts you write and still not familiar with english grammar?
    If you want your daughter to land a rich international personality, you should improve your language skills, first.
    Someone wrote in JJ that maybe Bar sounds stupid because she is not a native speaker. Well, I think you simply forced her to work when she was a child. And you never let her stop to have a decent school curriculum. Now she pretends she can share discussions with prime ministers, ambassadors, company executives, producers, directors, like his BF does, but she should go back to the high school, instead.

  • J

    they could be brother and sister, they look alike…yuck.

  • wey

    Bar attended the LVMH’s Tag Heuer’s party with Leo

  • wey

    Leo looks really so attractive! in good shape! and i love his armani suit.

  • beautiful

    beautiful couple,

  • awww

    nice that they can enjoy themselves in Paris

  • lol

    This is nothing new i’m sure we’ve all read about this one. But always love hearing news about this gorgeous couple

  • RKsgrl

    Misleading headline much? That’s ok, I like all the pics of solo Leo looking hot. Two of her is two too many, and she looks exceptionally rough here. He took care of his business in Paris, including putting in some time with his part time gf while he was there. Should keep her off his back for awhile. Business as usual with these two.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Where are the haters’ theory that he doesn dine with her???? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this couple. This is the best woman he has ever had in his life. Look how hot she is unlike the manly tranny my little pony!!!!!!!!!! He can’t keep his hands off Bar. They are gonna make the most beautiful babies!! Team BARLEO!!

  • RKsgrl

    Ms BJ Gaggy, I don’t know who is more delusional, the Leo fans who think he is never ever with her, or the Bar fans who think this is true love.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Like Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, for example, Bar and Leo are smart enough to know being seen entering a restaurant together would cause MAYHEM. They would have to shut down the entire street because so many would be following them. So, they are smart about how they enter and exit places together. Good for them, this way PAPS can’t ruin their beautiful relationship. Team Barleo!

  • RKsgrl

    If you have a really beautiful relationship, nothing can ruin it, not even intrusive paparazzi.They have an arrangement, and Leo just hates paparazzi, that is all. He doesn’t like them when he’s alone, when he’s paying respects to his part time gf, or when he’s taking home girls from the clubs he frequents without her.

  • hmmm


  • Jasmine

    why does she look like a miserable old hag all the time?

  • Sian

    I don’t think she looks rough at all, she’s just not model material. I read her father is quite influential in Israel and then she hooked up with Leo and that obviously boosted her career and got her all those underwear campaigns. And I do like that she’s refreshingly not skinny, I just find her face so bland — semi-cute and not interesting either. But so is his.

  • http://Tjd Slig

    Wow thanks jared for posting

  • http://Tjd Slig

    Leo is my faves actor .

  • http://Tjd Slig

    Leonardo the best and beautiful boy in the world

  • Kaz

    Wow !! Leo sooo gorgoeaous he’s best in all hollywood

  • Kaz

    Leodicaprio my favs acatar

  • Kaz

    he like young 27 year old =)

  • Tinkerbell

    Sorry for the book. But he has gotten even stricter over the photos lately- even not allowing them at the un function. I think he knows this opens the door to being called a creep and worse- and he is only human and doesn’t like it. he has to control his image because there are a lot of haters out there for him as well such as on ecorazzi when they call him on his private jets and such. it’s not like he is gengjis khan or anything but people do call him out his name.

    Its like iheart says- at public events you get handed a lengthy non-disclosure handed to you by his people. They and he want to control his image. Just like barf mommie does the laughable diy version here.
    ultimately damaged rep can mean $ and cents too. Less money for the people who feed on him.

  • Sad in the Eyes

    Is it just me but Leo looks a little sad in the eyes to me?!?! Or bored! or something…but he doesnt look like he’s having a good time…

  • THANK YOU!!!

    They look so cute togther!!! Thank you jared for showing so many pictures of them walking and holding hands in paris and looking into each others eyes like no one else exist!!!! I especially like the 10th pictured where Leo hugged Barf good bye!!! Thanks again Jared!!!! I guess Leo is off again! We will be seeing them the beginning of November if they make it!!

  • Tinkerbell

    With that one pix of him outside the ritz, it was just like doing the perp walk in NYC- they throw their jackets over their heads on the way tonthe courthouse.

    What are you sooooooo embarrased about Leo? What are you trying to hide and why aren’t you doing something about it if deep down inside you don’t like it either. I’m not talking about Barfie either… Must be other stuff…self esteem issues buried under years of hubris? Why not be the man you really want to be instead of just on s part time basis?

    I worked for the agencies that became Getty and Corvus in NYC. They still sell the picture, it still gets out and they still make their money anyway- so it ain’t that.

    No for gripes sake, they would not have to close the street down when they are having lunch. People ate generally calm when they meet Leo. And no one likes them enough together for there to be a big goings. You entirely over estimate your daughters popularity. Especially in France! The French are too snooty to give a siht! And they are really snotty about clothes so what Barfie wears on a day to day basis would be looked down on by the average French man or woman.

    Please, they ain’t u2, and the only place that dies happen is Israel and you can stop asking because he is never coming back there again. You can count on it.

  • Suck it Barf fans

    This is a GREAT day…For ALL those BARF fans who think they got some kinda victory, you’re crazy just like your leader, which is quite understandable. Our main point, and I know this is hard for you all to comprehend having low IQs and all…but our main point was never that you wouldn’t here about hearsay gossip about them being together.

    OUR MAIN POINT IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE, she’s a sexxx partner for Leo, nothing more, she will NEVER get a ring, Leo will NEVER have her alien b@stard child, and he’s GOING to leave her THIS year!! Barf fans dont even bother me anymore!! I can’t be offended by the mentally unstable!!!

  • trouble in paradise

    I think there is trouble in paradise with this twoo…Team Leo we have to watch this one. Something tells me this “reunion” didnt go down well as they would hoped! Both of them look “out of it” …now Leo doesnt even want to walk the streets with her….something is definitely up…in a good way for the Team Leo fans!!!

  • Tinkerbell

    @THANK YOU!!!: Now you are really tripping! Look up there- strolling hand in hand and looking in each others eyes? WHERE?

    wow this must be inception and you must be in limbo making your own reality. I went through all of them and they are not even in the same picture! or are you being ironic? there has never been any pix like that of them EVER- a few mire affectionate early on or arm in arm, but gazing into each others eyes and such? Show me one from this year where they are doing that-puhleeze!

  • Tinkerbell

    I think so too trouble in Paradise- with addictive relationships, they get worse not better. that is what I am thinking too- they thought they would make up and it would be sorta fun again- maybe he did, but someone got pissed off and they fought again.

    Cause it sure ain’t what Jolie gaga brains up there said. Thats just malarkey. I’ve been in this kind of relaysh myself. It’s not going to be better this time

  • THANK YOU!!!(not a barfie fan)

    @Tinkerbell: SARCASM!!! You’re right I’m being sarcastic!!!!! There is NONE,…Im laughing @ the ridiculousness of JJ and the barf vomits of the “so in love couple” LOL

  • Team Leo

    Can you imagine when they’ve finished eating, Leo tells her to get up and leave now and that he can’t walk her out the restaraunt LIKE A REAL MAN. FUUK a paparazzi! Real men don’t care about that sh**t and their lady love….it is an honorless thing to do just to avoid getting your picture taken!! You’re going to live your life like that with the one you “love” Ahhhh there it is! He doesnt love her so yes he will “fuukk a paparazzi!!

  • leo hands out the dollar bills

    @Team Leo: I think she’s getting paid now…thats why they used separate exits. He doesnt need to be seen with his madam, she just came to the restaurant to collect her cash and go. From the look on her face,…I dont think Leo paid her to well…no…no…

  • @wey

    you can’t understand french, right? Because they say they attended the mentioned events, not that they were TOGETHER at both. In fact he wasn’t at Cavalli’s and she wasn’t at Tag’s.


    They are not stopping traffic. Leo alone is. With her or without makes no difference. Pople don’t care a about her. Nice try, however.

  • french

    No pics of them together, the pics are taken at different places so who know if they really had a lunch together? and Barfy looks so awful.

    Barf’s fans and “Leo’s fans” on yuku are so pathetic

  • Pipo

    Well, according to the news, ALL the others are working in Paris. A – listers, but also B, C, D listers. Even the pregnant ones. She is the only unemployed.
    Cavalli event was a party, he even invited the retired models. Anyway, he is not at the Paris fashion week, since he held his runway in Milan. So basically Paris designers didn’t find her any kind of opportunity. She was not in Milan, either. And In NY Fashion Week she just was paid by Armani for a waitress job. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the dreadful mise she wore for FNO.
    Still considering her a model?
    If I were in her (and her agent) shoes I would be really, really concerned.

  • french

    I can’t believe some people still thinks they are a couple, sorry but if they were really a couple, Leo would not be ashamed to be seen with Barf. She is just a sex toy nothing else and he doesn’t care about her. And don’t tell that it’s because there were paps that they took a different exit because Leo never did that with his ex girlfriends.

    Please stop saying they are a gorgeous couple because they are not and how can you say this while there are almost no pics of them together and when there are pics, they look like 2 strangers

  • @wey

    How interesting – again that none of the posts mentioned bar being at the Tag Hauer event, even though Leo and bar together always brings attention, except for this new one. And of course Leo was at this Cavalli party as well but only a `source`, a very confidential one mentions him being there incognito. Leo incognito at an over-hyped party like Cavalli`s 40th anniversary. That`s new!
    She looks ugly on these photos. Her face looks puffy and completely BLOATED not to mention that nasty expression on her face.

  • the truth

    @RKsgrl: you right parttime girlfriend he’s never with her all the time. i guess he like it that way. He don’t even mention her in interviews at all. Just somebody he can be with when he get ready to br with.

  • freeLEO

    too bad there’s not a photo of both of them ahah…. barf’s losers are mad

    “He can’t keep his hands off Bar” WHAAAATTT???????????? I don’t see a picture of them together what are you talking about?

    bar has an old face



  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    She is not a model sweetie !! just cause she shows her underwear in various unknown brands in countries like turkey span and israel no one in europe knows who she is other than dicaprios gf….paris fashion week and JJ doesnt have photos of her catwalkin because she didnt get ANY job there except being invited to the parties ONLY because f Leo…Why doesnt she just go away !!!!

  • Tinkerbell

    Ok where is he today? I think on his way home to lax. Barfie to follow? Home to party? Back to London for that model he was seem with?

    We don’t think they are really love so it doesn’t bother us.

  • sick

    Its weird. If he isnt in love with Bar… what the hell is he doing with her?? I dont get it

  • omg

    omg she looks so old and worn out! looks like the crying from leo’s cheating and partying ways is catching up to her! no 25 yr old should have under eye bags the size of a 45 yr old and the jowls from frowning, yuck. saggy droopy sad down syndrome bar face. no wonder she dont get no modeling jobs.

  • Tinkerbell2

    omg! Leo looks pale!!! whats up to him?? dont worry Leo there are a lot of people who love you and support you