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Rachel Bilson at Christian Dior -- Front Row Fashion!

Rachel Bilson at Christian Dior -- Front Row Fashion!

Rachel Bilson sits front row near British supermodel Kate Moss at the Christian Dior Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show during France’s Paris Fashion Week held at Espace Ephemere Tuileries on Friday (October 1).

Later this month, the 29-year-old actress will start shooting an independent comedy called BFF & Baby with on-screen roommates Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter.

Rachel will also start work on her new supernatural romantic comedy Ghost Angeles for NBC.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson at Christian Dior

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain, Tony Barson; Photos: Getty, Wireimage
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  • Jessie

    She’s so pretty :)

  • lexy hates bilson

    I think she actually looks nice. Now if only she’d go take some acting lessons! She’s got her movie and a possible TV show coming up. Why not work on her acting skills so perhaps she’ll get some good reviews or be able to memorize her lines!!

  • lurker

    She really looks pretty here. Pretty dress.

  • lurker

    Kate Moss looks older than she is but looks great.

  • me

    she has a facial expression of a learning disabled and why is her neck so thick?

  • me

    Kate Moss is sexy and has great legs.

  • Kaz

    2 girl pastard

  • Shy

    Our favorite Worthless Trash is here again.

  • Daria

    Her dress is BEAUTIFUL. Great color.

  • Brooke

    I actually like her dress. Very cute. :)

  • mary

    If this is a post about Rachel Bilson, why are most of the pics of Kate Moss?

  • jazz

    AMAZING DRESS. she is just so cute!

  • Butter_Fly

    I really like this dress too but don’t really care for the bottom part though. I like the color!

  • amy

    Love her!! love her old show!! THE OC was great.. summer developed a lot I guess, she first started off as a cliche, snobby promiscuous rich girl and developed into a caring, lovable Ivy League student and I just LOVE ”Jumper”!! can’t wait for her CBS show!:):):):) GO RACHEL!

  • mailey

    @lexy hates bilson: Lexy, don’t compliment her please. I like when you’re just straight-up bashing.

    I’m really so sick of seeing Bilson on this site, it’s just really oversaturation. But it’s not going to change so I just have to accept it.

  • M

    that dress is actually a hit, but yeah, lots of Bilson here these days… no one actually cares…

  • hillary

    hey look! it’s rachel bilson!!! i’m so glad this post came up cuz i never hear any news about her anymore on JJ!
    (for idiots: SARCASM)

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Mailey – it’s one of my fave colors so I have to be nice…
    @ Amy- I can tell you’re a big fan and very familiar with Rachel’s work. What’s this show she has on CBS?

  • ???

    Does Rachel miss Hayden??
    Does Hayden miss Rachel?

  • amy

    @lexy hates bilson: I meant her new NBC show. I get these two networks mixed up often!

  • MissAnthropica

    This is clearly the dress she got loaned from Dior before she left for Milan last week after she got papped going to the Dior boutique in LA.
    Certainly a much better dress here than the animal print nightmare that was three sizes too long for her yesturday.
    Not loving her hair it looks like its half done still and didnt really work on her, her hair the other night with the bad animal print curtain dress was alot better.
    Seems like her people are trying to make sure all posts about her now on here are connected to her new “work” much like what is being donw with Kate Bosworth at the moment. Trying to make them both look like they are working for once instead of just walking around calling the paps and shopping.
    Rachel still has not been added to the BFF & BABY IMDB page as of yet and she isnt believed to be playing a room mate of the main character but a supporting character to Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter’s main characters.
    So it is probably just a small part for Rachel only. Playing second fiddel to Kate Bosworth even? That really isnt a good sign for an actress and their career lol
    JJ is going to plug BFF & Baby till people get truly sick of hearing about it. Not the best idea lol
    Same with Ghost Angeles it is just a pilot developement deal not an actual series yet so JJ needs to stop over hypeing it or when it doesn get picked up or gets canceled it will look like even more of another career failure for Rachel.

    Interesting that only Kate Moss who is more or less a has been model now and is beyond the glory days of her career and Rachel were the only ones to attend the Dior fashion show….. guess Dior isnt doing so well these days that they couldnt get someone else like Charlize Theron to attend iteven.
    Of course it is just their ready to wear fashion show so basically their off the rack line not their couture fashion show so maybe that show will have a better turn out.

  • Lida

    She looks incredibly prety i really like her PINK DRESS

  • MissAnthropica

    Does anyone give a flying fu@ck? Either way.
    Um no lol

  • duh

    “Rachel Bilson sits front row near British supermodel Kate Moss ”

    They arent sitting anywhere near eachother LOLZ

  • duh
  • amy

    noooooooo I’m sick of seing that girl every freaking day !!!! Every time i click on this site I see a rachel bilson post !! I’m gonna take a justjared break!!

  • sea

    “Rachel Bilson sits front row near British supermodel Kate Moss”
    In terms of popularity and charisma it’s Kate Moss who sits near RB!!

  • Bonnie

    Enough already of this desperate faker JJ!

  • Brightside

    I don’t like the dress. I think it’s horrible. I HATE pink and there’s too much lace. It looks like a child’s play outfit from a kindergarten and it makes her legs look way too short. Why pink? In God’s name, why? It’s so nine years old and Barbie!

  • Lovely

    Rachel’s dress is quite lovely. The colour is flattering and the fluidity of the dress is a great detail.

  • sue

    May be the dress is nice but on her nothing works. Rachel, go away.

  • eva

    What a beautiful dress, Rachel looks gorgeous! That is my favorite color, and her eye makeup is great too. She has two jobs now, and instead of complaining about what she has gotten, why not be satisfied you do not have to complain she has no acting jobs. She has a pilot for TV, and a movie, it is work, no matter how small. Taking acting lessons would be a good idea before she does these two jobs, too.

  • homeless rachel

    i hope her show gets cancelled :D!!!!

  • the truth

    @eva: That if it make it to air. She could have done better. Should let people give you anything,All this been boost by her people.Should have done this last year,Her relationship wasn’t going well anyway. Why start working now?Don’t she suppose to trying to meet with the people now about the movie now?Ansd the who asked do she miss Hayden, Do you see her missing him?She doing what she love.

  • raena

    kate looks like she has cocaine up her nose…or maybe i’m just speculating because she ALWAYS used to have cocaine up her nose

  • Shy

    Who’s that idiot who types with CAPS all the time? I have a news for her and other people like her. Most of the people don’t read CAPS comments. Why? Because it’s hard to read them. So most of the time people just scroll past those CAPS and read normal comments.

    I always wonder what is wrong with those CAPS people. They are so unsure about themselves that they have to SCREAM like crazy. Desperately wanting to be noticed….

  • lily

    Aww she looks so pretty! Why do you guys hate her? Jealous much? She’s a nice person, stop hatin. She looks great. Hayden’s a loser for leaving her

  • C3


    Who is the troll? You Miss Anthropology. You complain about all the damn trolls on Hayden’s thread. Just caught you doing the same $hit on Rachel’s. All of your rambling on people who disagree with you at the Hayden threads can say the same about you. Ms Anthropology lol you are a lame brain. LOL Troll

    @Rachel Bilson

    Girl, you are gorgeous!!!! Good luck with your future prospects. There are people out there decent enough to wish you well. You’re a good girl. ;-)

  • sue

    So sick of this Rachel Bilson, she was never as good as Mischa Barton and MB is no were to be found, Rachel has connections and is trying hard but nothing will come of it. Ugly legs-short and no calfs, saddle bags and drooping breasts. Stupid and can’t act. Go away already.

  • Directx 10 Download

    She looks incredibly prety i really like her PINK DRESS

  • C3


    Yeah sweetheart. Why don’t you do that? I don’t get you people who hate her so much. Why do you feel so compelled to click on her pics and post under them? You hate her. That’s fine. But what makes the wheels in your head go round to post day after day under the pics. Don’t get your thinking. More power to you though. I hope it satisfies you in some way.

    I think Rachel’s a doll baby. When she dresses ugly I say so. But this time she picked something solid and pretty on her. She’s got a wonderful figure and man does she do well in that dress. It reminds me of a dancing dress. I’d love to twirl her round in it.

    Good fortunes Rachel with what your planning. Hope it works out.

  • me

    I don’t suggest that you twirl her around because she will trip over her feet, which she is intoeing (pigeon foot) and she will fall and you will see her short legs and saddle bags and lack of calfs. Sorry to ruin your dream.

  • covered in pee

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