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Courteney Cox: Malibu Meal with Coco Arquette

Courteney Cox: Malibu Meal with Coco Arquette

Courteney Cox takes her adorable daughter Coco for a bite to eat at Japanese restaurant Nobu on Thursday (September 30) in Malibu, Calif.

The 46-year-old actress, who is currently working on her ABC sitcom Cougar Town, is gearing up for the release of Scream 4 next year. EW has a sneak peek at the first still from the film!

Cougar Town, which featured Courteney’s BFF Jennifer Aniston on the season premiere, has been pulling in healthy ratings, with around 7 million viewers this week.

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  • Tyannah

    Why the hell are all these celebrities letting their children wear high heels? Are they that stupid to ignore the consequences on a child’s body? Aren’t they children already growing up too quickly? I am not surprised at all that as teens or adults celebrities’ children do stupid things and turn out bad… They do not have nothing else to do, they have experienced and discovered everything before the age of ten……

  • busted

    Coco.. looks more like the Arquette side of the family..

    I have always thought that she looks so much like Holly Hunter.

    She is not really cute, but she seems to have a funny personality like her dad.. That translates to cute also.

  • Kaz


  • Karen

    I disagree. They are not high heels, let’s start there.
    They are very tiny but this woman has been a great mom to this kid.
    Also, you can tell they have a very close bond by the body language.
    A little dress up is healthy once in a while. I am sure this kid is on the beach in Malibu most days bare foot.
    My guess.

  • Diane

    Why is this child dressed so weird. Heels, a grown-up dress, without a belt in the belt loops, and her hair all stringy. An adult handbag.

    What the hell is wrong with Courteney. This child looks like an ad for a refuge child.

  • Jen

    Courteney is backwards, She is dressed all casual, while her little girl is dressed like a grown woman.

  • Diane

    I’m surprised Aniston is not hanging like a drape on Courteney.

  • what!

    Courteney always acted like this child is an adult. I remember when she was a baby, how Courteney kept her on a diet, so she would not be a fat baby.

  • James

    Totally inappropriately dressed for a child.

  • http://VerySexy!!!! sharyllee

    bad but she is so cute

  • liz

    how sweet!!! coco is so cute!!!
    lovely images of an adorable family!!! thanks JJ!!

  • zzzz

    I love Courtney and her daughter looks very happy, but I do think that heels on a little girl are inappropriate and unhealthy. Besides, it’s so much fun and a special moment when you reach the right age and can wear them for the first time, why take away from that?

  • missy

    @ What! What the ** are you talking about? You’re talking crap so just get lost. Put her baby on a diet, you’re sick. I will tell you this, i’ve been a fan of this woman for ages and have never missed one interview or article on her, and that has never ever been said by Courteney or by anybody else. Coco is very tiny, just like CC was as a kid, not just now she is a Hollywood star or because she is anorexic or doesn’t eat, she can eat all she wants and still stay very skinny, if you did some research about her or actually took some time to watch her interviews and look at youth pictures you would know this. Thats why Coco is also a tiny girl. Stop bashing a woman who has done nothing wrong at all, and is definitely one of the very few normal and caring mothers in Hollywood.

    Oh and for the blind people on here, those aren’t heels, those are called flats! Look it up i would say, dang!

  • Queenkimba

    ^ In the 5th picture you can see small heels, but yeah those are flats with just a small heel, not high ones. People can make such a big deal when it comes to celebs and their children, take care of your own in stead of wasting your time taking others down. I’ve always heard heels are actually very good for your posture, so stop the drama on here, good god. Also Courtney Cox is a very lovely lady, i’ve met her a few years ago in NYC when she was promoting a skincare line she was a spokersperson for, and she was nothing but incredibly friendly. She seems like a very fun and caring mother, not all parents agree on certain things like letting your child wear heels and nailpolish and things like that, that doesn’t mean Courtney is a bad mother just because she doesn’t see any danger in it.

  • Dawsonfan

    Coco may look most like her dad, but there are definitely similarities between her and Courteney too. Maybe not so much now but see this pic of Courteney as a child:

    They have the same kind of smile. And nose. ;)

  • What!

    @missy: ]

    You are the sick one. That baby was as skinny as a rail. A sign of restricted diet.

  • Grow-up First

    Growing legs and feet should NOT be in heels, not even low heels. It is damaging to their ligaments and arches.

    These celebrities are in such a rush to make their girls grow-up. They have plenty of time to grow-up, why rush it. They are only children for a short time.

  • FLATS? I see heels.

    Those are not flats. They’re heels, there is a vamp to the shoes. You would have to be a Courtney-obsessed fanatic to be in denial about that. She’s a good woman and probably a great mom, but let’s not be delusional about the shoes.

  • What!

    Let me rephrase that. The child LOOKED like a child on a restricted diet, as a baby. Even her face always stayed skinny like a little grown person.

    I bet the worse thing that could happen to Courteney is if her daughter were to grow-up and be chunky.

  • denise

    I don’t understand who would be making heels for little girls. It goes against everything podiatrists recommend.

    Even when little girls take dance lesson they are supposed to be in flats. My daughter took every dance lesson there is, and she always had on flats.

    When these celeb-children grow -up, and have foot , ankle and Achilles heel problems, they can credit it to their silly parents.

  • S*8hallo

    Um, These are NOT high heels. They’re called dress shoes and I had them when I was little. My sister danced she also had dance shoes that had heels and that was in 70′s.

    Coco is adorable! I LOVE Coutrtney and pretty much everything she’s in ..but I’m not a fan of new show. I only like her and the kid hwo plays her son..the other characters and the way the show moves is stupid. DIRT was MUCH BETTER!.

    DIRT on FX was the bomb! It was edgy and timely. It really gave people a glimpse inside sick hollywood and the papps.
    It shouldn’t have been canx. I don’t get FX sometimes. This network can be edgy but they have a hard time sticking with shows. Network held on to Nip/Tuck too long ..that show got diluted and whacked out towards end.

    Perhaps FX should have held on to DIRT well as Damages .

  • Jessica

    #22.. Are you serious?

    Little girl dress shoes are NOT heels. I raised 3 girl, and all their dress shoes are flats.

  • sam

    I find it strange that some on this glog would suggest that, little girl dress shoes are heels. THAT IS RIDICULOUS!

  • sam

    That word should be “blog”, not glog.

  • chocolatecookie

    cute little girl..

  • twpumpkin

    Does she ever brush this kids hair?

  • kylie

    Awww, that’s a sweet mother/daughter pair, tho I’m kinda surprised with the shoes choice, I think little ballet flats would be healthier than dress heels on a little girl, never seen Coco wearing heels so maybe it’s just for special occasions.

  • sianna

    100% ok with @missy

    Even a child will not leave it alone! People are crazy!

    The haters have awakened. Stars or not, several little girls sometimes wear small heels and this is the first time I see Coco with them, usually it is often in basketball or ballet

    And stop the rumors!! Courteney never make a plan for his daughter and is an excellent mother!
    Courteney has always been thin and her daughter is too. Coco is too tall for her age!

    For clothes of Coco, Courteney has said Ellen at her daughter had a funny look but it was her daughter who loved wearing those clothes. She took the original style of his father

    Courteney is georgous and Coco is cute. Happy family

  • someone

    Im sure Coco is comfortable! She looks cute! Courteney is a great mother, actress and person! Shes amazing for 46! Cant wait to see Scream 4! Love Jennifer on her show!

  • JP fans are kidding!

    Unreal!! Here you have another parent dressing her girl like a boy , and her 2 ,3 yrs old, I mean it’s more the mother then the “toddler” , down to wearing BOYS TRUNKS in a pool! And you all are screaming about this little girls attire? Are you KIDDING me?????? At least she won’t have any issues later, like gender confusion! Whats so funny is if the kid wasn’t the kid of your superheros, boy you’d all be screaming! But they get a PASS! Give me a break.

  • huh?

    JP, Coco is not being dressed like a by, I don’t know how you can think a dress and heels and a purse are boyish. Coco is not a toddler, either, she is at least 5. You are really trippin on something, maybe you should lie down and take a rest.

  • Lisa

    EEEuuuuw that kid is really ugly. Her face is pure ugnliness.

  • Z3

    Really adorable!!!

  • anna

    how is she dressed like a grown woman??? I agree some kids go crazy, like my 10 year old cousin that wears heals and mini tight skirts, it’s ridiculous, but coco is totally appropriate and her dress is cute! how old is she? ps: I love courtney, friends and cougar town!