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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Finished With Fashion Week?

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Finished With Fashion Week?

Orlando Bloom and his pregnant wife Miranda Kerr arrive at Gare du Nord station to catch a train out of town on Saturday (October 2) in Paris, France.

The couple arrived in the French capital a few days earlier for Paris Fashion Week. They jetted in from Italy where they attended a cocktail party as part of Milan Fashion Week.

The 27-year-old model hid her growing baby bump as she walked the runway at the Balenciaga‘s Spring/Summer 2011 show on Thursday (September 30).

The happy couple also did a bit of maternity shopping at Neuf Lune boutique.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom at Gare du Nord train station…

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kerr bloom train 01
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Photos: INFdaily, Fame Pictures
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  • Yes!

    They both look great!
    His hair has gotten so long and sexy!

  • pushten

    cute couple.
    they are in germany now. he is a guest in a live tv show in a couple of minutes.

  • Kaz

    Like s*h*i*t cuople,,
    i don’t care perants i love just baby

  • barf


    you are so weird do you live here too?

  • sara

    I love that they are spending so much time together while he is on break!
    They are such an amazing couple!
    And so gorgeous!

  • Kaz

    I’m so breety face
    With my body sexy ,,

    not like orlando too thin body and so thick hair on his body

  • Kaz

    #4 @parf idoit
    I mean only this perants like crap ,

  • Kaz

    U r idiot stubid haha

  • Lucy

    Miranda looks SHXT. Her face is all weird, she looks like a bloody freak.

  • LOL!

    I see that the Kaz/Slig troll has made it.
    You make the delphidiots looks sane.
    And that’s saying a lot.

  • wow

    slig/kaz comments on every person here and one can never understand the poor thing…lol aww weirdo. you actually make me LOL more than anything, thanks! maybe he/she is commenting here to practice on his language?lol

  • elliepk

    I don’t find either of them especially interesting or even that attractive, but the fact that they’ve always spent so much time together, working or not, and you don’t hear stories of him stepping out on her all the time tells you they have something special. Good luck to them!

  • Pixie Girl

    I agree with you #1:
    They both look great!
    His hair has gotten so long and sexy!


  • Pixie Girl


    I agree! It’s pretty bad to be a troll that’s worse than the delphidiots but this Kaz/Sliq thing is so strange it’s funny. I mean, O & M are old? Orlando has a hairy body? lmao

    I still wish it would go away though. Boo hiss at the crazy troll!

  • LOL!

    Oh, Slig.
    I think that you have topped yourself with that last one.

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    JJ hope you can keep putting Miranda and Orlando on a lot. They are a great couple.

  • http://j ivanka

    i love that orlando is so caressive with her

  • callmewhatever

    That man is so damn beautiful! I just shake my head in disbelief!!!

  • sea

    To me slig/kaz is from Kazakhstan, like Borat


    ENJOY IT WHILE it lasts. theyll divorce anyway



  • http://VerySexy!!!! sharyllee

    Very Boring

  • LOL!

    If they are so “boring”, why did you take the time to post?
    Guess that tells us how exciting YOUR life is.

  • No style

    I like him but the man has absolutely no fashion sense or idea of what looks good on him and what doesn’t. Case in point: those horrid ‘baggy’ jeans he’s wearing on the escalator. I realize he doesn’t have much of a rear-end but the way those fit (or rather don’t fit) is ridiculous. He looks terrible there. His pregnant wife still manages to look somewhat chic even when dressed casual – but I’m sorry, Orlando looks a mess.

  • @30

    Perhaps Miranda is trying to surreptitiously hitch his trousers up in those photos?

    He seems to dress for comfort a lot of the time and to be fond of awful baggy trousers. And he can’t get any sort of trousers to stay up; don’t understand why not. But those are the worst I’ve ever seen.

  • Gin

    Who is this Kaz/Slig person??

    Miranda and Orlando are so cute together. He is so caring to her. It looks like hes trying to hide her bump on the escalator.
    Kaz/Slig I dont really understand you and you’re really annoying so I don’t know if you’re a bot or you don’t know whats appropriate to say, BUT her face looks all wierd cause she’s pregnant and thats basically the only place she has gained weight. Soo FO. ;)

  • cathy

    This sort of worries me. He was scheduled to do a TV show in Munich today but instead he is taking Miranda home to London and probably their estate in northern England outside of London. What bothers me is why didn’t they fly and why didn’t he do the show? I hope nothing is wrong with Miranda which is usually why a pregnant woman dosen’t fly or else they are worried about the escalating terror alerts in Europe and he wants to get her home and in the country to be safe. I just hope all is fine and that she didn’t do too much while she was in Paris. Oh well only time will tell.
    But god they are a beautiful couple.

  • @33

    He pulled out of the show yesterday, so I think that if something was wrong they would have gone back then, and not waited another day.
    I think that her pregnancy is going well, so it may have been the terror alerts that made them want to get home. Neither one of them looks stressed like they would if there was something going on with the baby.
    He is obviously very protective of her, and since he has to think of her and his unborn baby, he may be more cautious about travelling than he used to be.
    They both look great!
    *psst Miranda….next time he leaves the house….please burn those pants…..thanks

  • lovely

    psst Miranda….next time he leaves the house….please burn those pants…..thanks

    LMAO!! love this couple :)

  • crystal

    Very nice looking couple, their baby will be beautiful!

  • Mon

    cant wait for january

  • Flag boy

    Holy Smoken Moly! Will Turner has returned from the dead! Orlando looks so freaken hot, hot, hot!!!

    and to the idiot trolls return back under your bridge wher you belong.

    If you don’t love Orlando and Miranda the terrorists win. =)

    Who Dat!

  • secret

    Dear Ted:
If Orlando Bloom is a Vice, surely you must also have some dirt on Miranda Kerr, seeing as all her sweetness and light has to be an act. Also why do you think Orlando doesn’t seem happy about the baby?
    Dear Who Kerrs?
Unless wanting to get a bit more famous is a crime, then Miranda is pretty Viced-out, as far as I’m concerned. Don’t understand why you say Bloom is being a daddy downer though—did you want a People magazine spread about how excited he is?
    soo funny….and they will say he’s a fame whore if he will do an interview tell how excited he is about having a baby, and everything hahaha …just accept it pathetic fan girls hahahaha i bet they’re slamming ted now on their hate site, because they didnt hear what they wanted to hear ohhh such a double standard bitches

  • velcrodots

    @ 39
    So in reality, they are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Despite the fact I don’t care much for Ted, I’ve got to feel sorry for the dude having to handle all of the crazy letters from the tin-hatters that get sent his way.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    Did you see the Delphi loons in action at Orlando love when he pulled out of that stupid show? Damn you would think he run over somebody hilarious stuff .
    LOLZ keep them coming morons don’t stop .Why would they think a stupid show is more important than his new wife and his first unborn baby is beyond me the desperados at Delphi are rally getting crazier by the day I feel sorry for them NOT .

  • Courtney

    just because the pregnancy seems to be going well now doesn’t mean something can’t happen later. not saying that it will but that comes with pregnancy. of course now a days everything ends up fodder for the press where back in the day pregnancy loss was kept secret and alot of times a star didn’t admit to it having happened to them until decades later in their autobiography as for example Joanne Woodward has never openly talked about hers but will in her autobio due out sometime next spring. of course a model is different than an academy award nominated actress which she was when she miscarried her and Paul Newman’s first child together at about 4 1/2 months during their honeymoon in London in February 1958 and she won the best actress oscar about 6 weeks later in a hand made forest green taffeta dress that cost $100 to make then even with the matching jacket that went over it because it was strapless. granted Miranda is also almost 6ft tall and Ms Woodward was only 5ft 4in so obviously their going to carry pregnancy differently.

  • LOL

    She looks like shyte as usual.

  • @43…lol

    Yes I agree, she does look like perfection as usual……beautiful, stunning, sweet and lovely as well……lol.

  • @40

    “they are damned if they do, damned if they don’t”
    That’s engraved on the delphi letterhead.
    I saw the idiots complaining on OLove. They were mad at HIM for the idiot shows producers not telling fans that he wouldn’t be there, and even still advertising him on their website.
    But if he HAD gone, and if he had mentioned Miranda even in passing, they would claim that he was “pimping” out their relationship.
    As for their thoughts on Ted, one minute he is an oracle of truth, the next, he is a paid PR hack. LOL!
    Hypocrisy is the delphi lifeblood. They can’t exist without it.

  • Kaz

    I swear im not from kazakhstan, and this name kaz not true my name ,this name just in this site

  • weirdo


    uh yeah no one cares lol

  • @46

    I don’t understand a thing. Even if he hadn’t gone to that show because he just didn’t feel like going, why would anyone but the people who run that show be mad at him? It’s as if he had promised them personally that he’d go. The truth is that he’s free to go or not go wherever he wants for the reasons HE finds convenient. Period.
    That just comes to prove that some people believe they own him or something.

  • @49

    Oh, they just wanted something to complain about.
    They aren’t happy unless they are being irrationally judgemental about something that the man has done.
    He is happier than he has ever been, and they CAN’T STAND IT!
    He evidently wanted to get Miranda home, and like any protective husband or father to be, he wanted to escort her home safely.
    That’s all that matters. Or shall I say, that’s all that SHOULD matter.
    And as someone on OLove said, he has always been very caring of his fans, even to the point of neglecting his own rest. But he someone else to think about now. Care and comfort of Miranda and the baby SHOULD come before any of his ungrateful “fans”.
    With “fans” like that, who needs enemies?

  • yes

    To quote Mila on the show…”baby and wife is all important”. She said this several times. And she said that her husband was backstage.
    At least someone has their priorities straight.

  • but wait

    Oh, I think that spending five minutes on a cheesy talk show sitting beside a guy in drag to promote a movie that doesn’t come out for a year is much more important than getting your wife and unborn child safely home amid terrorist threats going on NOW all over Europe.
    He should put his whiney ungrateful “fans” ahead of the two (1-1/2?) most important people in his life. Who does he think he is?

  • @51

    Well, I’m glad Milla seemed to be sympathetic, because I was afraid he might have annoyed her and Paul by giving the programme makers such a lame, obviously untrue excuse which puts the blame on the director.

    If he’s going to drop out of things, he needs to know how to do it gracefully. If Lyn Barber’s account is right, he made SUCH a hash of dropping out of An Education.

  • @53

    What is lame about choosing to be with your wife, and getting her home safely while she is pregnant with their first child?
    You have heard about the terrorist threats all over Europe, have you not?
    The show knew well in advance that he wouldn’t be there, yet advertised him anyway. THAT was lame. And they are the ones that said that he was filming. That obviously didn’t come from Orlando, since he wasn’t on set. The show probably just made that up to cover their blatant use of his name.
    They were in the wrong, yet you are still blaming Orlando and are ready to burn him at the stake.

  • @53

    Of course it didn’t annoy them. They know the truth.
    It only annoyed some of his “fans” who love to jump to conclusions to insult him.
    Got that? People who would benefit the MOST from his appearance were NOT annoyed?
    What should that tell you?

  • What nonsense

    LOL – the haters are now trying to imply that Milla was “pissed” because he failed to join her on the show. I don’t know what video clip they watched, but I saw it too and she sure didn’t look (or act) “pissed” to me. On the contrary, she was smiling and laughing and EMPHASIZED (several different times) how FAMILY comes first. Just shows how these people are so desperate to make him ‘look bad’ that they’ll read all sorts of phony nonsense into anything that’s said, no matter how well-intended it actually is, just to make it ‘fit’ their own crazy agenda.

  • hmmm

    The next time I’m on set and see Orlando coming over to sign autographs after being at work for 12 hours straight, instead of sitting in his trailer like other big name celebs, i will order him to stop.
    Since some “fans” are raking him over the coals because he took care of his wife instead of making an appearance on some ridiculous talk show, why should he ever lift a finger again?
    Those “fans” don’t deserve a moment of his time.