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Wonder Woman TV Show In The Works

Wonder Woman TV Show In The Works

Wonder Woman is flying back to the small screen!

A modern-day version of the classic DC comic book superhero will be featured in an upcoming TV show, according to reports.

Showrunner David E. Kelley, who most notably worked on Ally McBeal, The Practice, and Boston Legal has been tapped to write and produce the new series, reports Deadline.

WHO DO YOU THINK would play a good Wonder Woman? Would you cast an unknown or hire an established actress?

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  • Samantha

    they should cast unknown,for fresh slate

  • Ashlie

    You mean to tell me that Hollywood is doing something OTHER than Tom Cruise rescuing some poor feeble weak young woman who is crying her eyes out?! LOL. This is a welcome relief from all the weak girls we see so often in movies and on TV! I hope it turns out good.

  • Gay Mike

    I bet you Hollywood will make Wonder Woman’s character wear the skimpiest clothes ever, so she’ll be a combination of a street walker and a hero! Hahaha. Even when women are strong role models the directors and producers always find a way to pimp her out and sell her sexually. Until the actresses stop letting themselves get used that way, the arseholes that control Hollywood won’t stop objectifying them.

  • Nancy S.

    Glad to see a change but I hope they don’t mess it up. I’ve had enough of this all-girls-are-weak crap that we’ve seen in all of the Twilight movies. The weak Bella Swan getting rescued by the mighty Edward Cullen gets boring really fast.

  • Bella’s bad example for girls

    @Nancy S.: I know, right?! In the 2nd movie, Bella went into a serious depression because of Edward! Just because they broke up and she missed him she turned into one of those crazy people that never leave their house and she looked pale and malnourished. Talk about being a sad, obsessed, pathetic loser! And this is the message that is being sent to all pre-teen and teen girls.

  • Kaz

    Im good than ****

  • Kaz

    To bad

  • Deborah

    I’ve always imagined Wonder Woman to be a brown haired woman in her late 30s to early 40s. She definitely looks more like a woman than a girl, so any actress in her 20s would probably look too young for the part. But then again, Hollywood is known for being pretty sexist and extremely unfair to women. So they might just put a very young actress and have the evil enemy get played by an older woman. :(

  • Franck

    worst idea ever !!!

  • kim

    laura vandervoort. she was really good in smallville (:

  • P.Sawyer

    I think Jaimie Alexander is the best choice to play wonder woman.

  • ace11

    megan fox would be my choice….

    if this were a few years age i would say J-Lo or Charlize Theron

    but they are to old

    Jennifer Love Hewitt would be good also

  • salma

    megan fox

  • Jason

    Nooooo she deserves a movie!

  • the truth

    @kim: @ace11: @salma: Agree with you all about these lovely ladies. Especiallly about the one from Smallville.

  • rock n roll queen

    @Gay Mike: wonder womans costume is very sexy and makes a statement the sexy woman that everyone lusts after yet the dynamic hero who can beat any evil guys ass the opinion that women r degraded when dressed sexy is ridiculous to me whats degrating about a human body?maybe the only bad thing about her is that shes too perfect but whatevs shes a cartoon

  • WhatWillTheNeigborsSay?

    snooki for sure haha

  • michele

    i would love to see sophia bush as wonder woman

  • Ginger

    I want someone that is close to Linda Carter. But there’s no one this day and age that comes close to her. A big NO to Megan Fox!! She can’t act and her injected lips will get on my nerves too dayem much that I will not watch the show.
    And I do agree with one of the comment that Wonder Woman should be in her 30s… NO to 20s!!

    If no one else, I would like Natalie Imbruglia…

  • Lance Costa

    They will probably cast one of the below rising young actresses as Wonder Woman:

    Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Sophia Bush, Miley Cyrus, Kat Dennings, Hilary Duff, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen, Ellen Page, Emma Roberts, Jessica Szohr, Evan Rachel Wood

  • Dasha

    @Michele : totally agree with you, i think Sophia Bush would be a great choice.

  • britani

    the singer lights

  • Amy

    Kate Magowan. Sophia Bush is too tiny.

  • layfee

    Lauren Graham!

  • MissAnthropica

    @Lance Costa: lol
    You must be joking right? Everytime there is a post about upcoming cast you always put the same names out there under a different screen name . lol
    Wth do you work for these girls people lol or something.
    So let me tell you why none of those names will work….

    Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson are not rising young actresses they are former tv stars that have had their careers hit an all time low Mischa is too thin Rachel too short but too old .,
    Sophia Bush, hasnt ever done much except One Tree Hill Miley Cyrus is generally not like my the male audience they will want to bring in to watch the shoe , Kat Dennings, Hilary Duff too short and hasnt worked in years , Blake Lively is on Gossip Girl so she couldnt and wouldnt another Tv show, Leighton Meester same goes from Leighton she couldnt and wouldnt when she has much better offers right now, Taylor Momsen too short too big mouthed and attention seeking for the role and would most likely get arrested during the right reason, Ellen Page is a in demand film actress she wont go to tv, Emma Roberts would probably get it only because of her aunties connections but she is too short and too small, Jessica Szohr stuck on Gossip girl as well, Evan Rachel Wood she might do it but tv would be a step back for her.

  • MissAnthropica

    They should go with an unknown easy to control, cheaper to pay, and it worked better than trying to hire a name actress. Look at Mischa Bartons series it was canceled overnight The Beautful life or whatever it was.
    But with shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer they cast an unknown Sarah Michelle Gellar and it worked out great for the show
    Go with a unknown cheaper and less drama.

  • http://Mattysydney Matt

    @Samantha: Aussie model Megan Gale should get it. She was cast as WW for the Justice League movie that was unbelievably shelved.

  • lol

    Sophia bush? shes short and thick and is talentless. Snookiw would do a better job.. seriously though

  • http://--- Paulina


  • Julie

    I vote for Eliza Dushku.

  • Rob

    Sofia Vergara.
    Not botoxed and talentless Megan Fox for sure.I can’t stand her “I’m so hot attitude” anymore and big fake lips she can’t even move properly lately.
    I’m not watching the show with MF in it or any of her future movies!

  • Mrshowscan

    What happen to the Wonder Woman movie? It was suppose to be produced by Joel Silver. Did he give up the ghost and now they’re going back to doing tv? Frankly, they’ll need a tall actress like Linda Carter was…I’ll stick my neck out and go for Ali Lohan. She’s tall at 5’8″ and with Lindsay in rehab, the kid sister needs to bring home the bacon. Besides, she’s half Italian and her looks make her passible as the Greek Goddess. It’ll be interesting to see what Kelly does with this.

  • Sarah

    Rumer Willis,she is not that pretty but she is tall.

  • Lex

    Angelina Jolie.She is a Wonder Woman

  • Warren

    Miley would make a great Wonder Woman. She is beautiful, sexy and has the body to handle the rigors of being a superhero. With Miley the show would be an instant hit!

  • Kevin

    Someone said they pictured her in her late 30′s/40′s? That won’t happen ever. Wonder Woman is immortal. She is set the age of 24/25 in the comics. They will probably cast a unknown actress as they did in Smallville by casting Tom Welling. Wonder Woman will be sexy regardless of what she wears. But she won’t ever use that sexuality because Wonder Woman is not aware of it. It maybe how the world views her but it is not how she views herself. That is one of the reasons “Man’s world” disgusted her and the Amazons.

  • Inaru

    Roselyn Sanchez would be a good choice for that role.

  • Jose

    The only person I can see playing this is:

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

  • well

    Singer/actress Katharine McPhee…Her name was the”unknown” thrown around for the movie. Is the movie still happening?

  • Hilda

    I AM WONDER WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • goldfish

    Kardashian with the boobs (not the brother). She has all the potential of being the manaquein that Linda Carter was

  • selfish

    Me me me!!

  • bill

    Summer Glaus

  • LeAnn

    Lynda Carter

  • Sonia

    Eliza Dushku or Michelle Trachtenberg

  • the african darkside

    It should be someone who looks good tanned. The person should look like a young kim kardashian(20-26)years old. Or at least appear to be a blend of different racial groups. Not pure white.

  • yay


  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Someone exotic. Lynda Carter’s mother was Mexican and father White – this is why she was so exotic. Anyway, here is hte best list I think:

    Jessica Alba
    Salma Hayek
    Halle Berry
    Lucy Liu
    Kerry Washington
    Gabrielle Union
    Thandie Newton
    Gong Li (Chinese actress)
    Rihanna (but doubt she can act)
    Freida Pinto
    Sofia Vergara
    Adriana Lima (if she loses the accent)

    Megan Fox is too trashy for this. You need a bigger than life woman.

  • arielle

    Jessica Stroup!! Or Jessica Lowndes

  • KWJ

    Katy Perry for sure