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Kanye West's SNL Performances -- Watch Now!

Kanye West's SNL Performances -- Watch Now!

In all 35 years Saturday Night Live has been on the air, have you ever seen the stage like that before? Amazing!!!

Talk about bring SNL to another level — Kanye is a true artist!

In between sketches by the host, Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston, Kanye performed “Power” and “Runaway” with Pusha T. Check out the videos below!!!

FYI: Kanye showed up to the SNL after-party at DGBG & Kitchen Bar with his 20+ back-up dancers. They were turned away because that’s too big of an entourage! Instead, Kanye and his dancers recreated his SNL routine for a small group of friends in the lobby of the Mercer Hotel.

Kanye West – “Runaway” ft Pusha T

Kanye West – “Power”
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  • kanyeisnotdaman

    I am sorry…but this is mad satanic. The whole performance is like they are paying homage to Kanye and he looks like Satan reincarnate in red. Please homie…drop the crap and start making tracks that were in the vein of College Dropout.

  • Lisa

    WOW COOL! He’s one of the best artistss ever. No doubt about it.

  • rukidding

    Really? Artist? Musician? I don’t think he’s either. ‘Performance’ was ridiculous and obviously lip synch’d. Runaway.. him touching that stupid device making it look like he’s actually doing something was totally laughable. I think I laughed harder during his performances than the rest of SNL.

    New level? Ya, lowest level yet.

  • tmf
  • tmf

    @tmf: This the problem: He is not the same person he was when he made Drop Out. Great artists do not remake old stuff. They move on. You are just a lazy music consumer and need to think about your comments. While MTV may hate him, he is talented and artistic credibility. Good job. SNL just got an upgrade. Set and performance was better this time around.

  • Anonymous

    from 245 to before pusha starts, the sounds are perfectly synchronized to the keys he presses, so if he really wasn’t doing those then he must have tried crazy hard to memorize the order of noises.. doubtful

  • SB

    Thought it was great!
    Then again I was not surprised, this is Kanye we’re talking about.
    Always changing it up, you gotta switch it up to stay fresh!
    Great songs.

  • Mr. Abstract

    the president of NAACP, Dead prez, Dennis Kucinich star in ObamaNation. As well as Dead press concert on the state capitol starting a clash with police and protestors during 2008 DNC

  • julie

    amazing job kanye, haters are going to hate, let your music speak for you, much respect, love everything about you. even your boldness to call and spade a spade, just try to be more tactful next time. most people feel the same, move on people. go kanye!

  • John

    At first I thought it was a SNL skit mocking how talentless he is but then I realized it was really him! I can’t believe how bad his performances were. I especially liked when he was pretending to play the keyboard (is that called “keyboard syncing”?) and his 80′s Zapp and Roger mic technique to cover for the fact that he can’t rap nor sing. Oh yeah, he can’t write a song either.

    Hang it up “Red”. Lol!

  • Mike

    Runaway was soooooo bad I had to turn the sound off. I can not imagine how horrible it sounded to the studio audience His music goes nowhere. Just tired rapping over even worse electronic sounds. Juvenile at best.

  • http://Youheardright J Thomson

    He’s a genius. Those who don’t see it, don’t get it – they don’t recognize greatness because they’re not enlightened enough to understand it. He has something to say and always tells it like it is. If you’re happy with a mindless listening experience and something you can dance to, you should roll past Kanye. If you believe hip hop is a lifestyle, a movement, a mentality – you know KW is on top of his game!

  • LoveLockdown

    KANYE’s music is so much better than that homophobe & woman-hater Eminem’s. I’m surprised everyone jumped on 50 Cent’s **** about his homophobia but continue to suck Eminem’s d*** when he’s just as bad.

    This is why I love Snoop & Kanye, they’re not mental and insecure in their own skins, they accept EVERYONE.

  • Aoede

    The guy is freakin’ brilliant. Period.

  • Amelle

    Love his music.

  • Dubya Bush

    Yes Kanye Yes! You can be as much of a tool as you want. As long as you keep bringing it like this!!!

  • http://www. TT

    I would strongly recommend heading to for free download of new Kanye songs. Well worth it.

    Kanye is OK live but his genius shines in the studio and in his videos imho.

  • What is it?

    So what’s the message we’re supposed to derive from this performance? The ballerinas are the metaphorical turmoil he feels in his life? At the end of the day he’s still King?
    This wasn’t a Kan-yea this was a Kan-nay.

  • T Pain


  • Beck

    That was awesome! Kanye is a genius. Of course the bitter Bush people will never go away.

  • Lex

    Obviously the events from last years VMA’s gas def hurt his rep, everyone seems to be hating on him. The truth us, he has talent, he is always changing it up, and while these two performances were not amazing, i am excited to see the new stuff he puts out on his new album.


    Loved it. Great art work + great music.

  • betty

    I strongly recommend ______ Black white flirts* c0m ______ to you where I just found my interracial boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet black men and beautiful women. What’s kind of relationship do you want?

  • shinsccr8


    i just realized the the caliber of people who are commenting about Kanye’s performance when people did’t recognize what he was playing on stage….nor did they recognize what auto tune is….

    a key board? a stupid machine? Do you know anything about hip hop? At least pretend to know what an 808 is. puh-leeese. amateurs.

  • [marie]

    Really MTV performance again..?

  • honestly,

    Listen, I lovelovelove Kanye but this wasn’t good, kinda lame tbh…I hate that song Runaway btw. Not his best performance.

  • Londoner

    Loved Runaway actually, the instrumental is creepily mesmerizing. All the recordings on his site are amazing…

  • sara Z

    “Kayne is a true artist.”

    Are you for real? Why? Because he had a white cloth background and paid some ballerina’s to pose around him? Why, because he wore fake gold chains, a fake gold ring, a fake gold laurel crown and his red pleather outfit? Really? That’s what makes an artist these days?


  • bmdx

    Really, It’s horrible!!! It’s not music! I didn’t even see this on VMA. Here again?!

  • Shado17

    @rukidding: He actually wasnt lip synching, and its “laughable” that u think he was…attempting to find some reason to talk trash about Kanye…try again

  • LucieHo

    Wow this is amazing, stunning, wonderful!! I always loved Kanye and always knew he was apart but THIS is awesome… The whole perfomance is just… wow, no other words ^^
    The dancers are so great, they made a great job and are really great great dancers !! I can’t wait for the Runaway video ! I don’t understand people who say he makes crap and is ridiculous, guys, this is pure art, no matter what you can say, this is esthetic, beautiful, there is a soul in his perfomance!! If i was not french and if i was able to speak english like a native i could explain my sight of this, but i can’t. Anyway, haters have no eyes and no ears apparently. And this is much different than College dropout, you cannot compare…

  • zozo


    I couldn’t agree more! Terrible performance, he’s waaay more in love with himself than any fan could ever be. Bad lipsync, and autotune, REALLY? He, more than anyone, should know how out of fashion autotune is… Dancers looked confused. He had an opportunity to make a big splash, instead, he came off like more of a douche.

  • STFD

    Taylor Swift fans, please do everyone a favor and F off. Y’all wouldn’t know dope music if it fell on your stunted little heads.

  • Kashman

    Overall a lot of people’s with “hate” for Kanye’s personality are blocking themselves out of some great music in an age where truly good popular music is few and far between.

  • http://@erikkaJay ErikkaJay

    Well, I guess we’re toasting to you Kanye…
    he’s such a joke.

  • Nomad

    Man I really dont care for Kanye, but even I must admit. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE’s I’ve ever seen. The set, props, choreography, everything was beautiful. To say less would just be hating.
    Even if I dont like him, he made me respect his showman ship!

    Also, I dont really think it matters weather he was lips syncing or not, this show was good, and I think he was really playing the samples on the MPC.

  • stfu haters

    Guys, guys, guys. No need to be hating! I know you’re jealous of him. Yeah, he’s done some stupid stuff, haven’t we all? He is an amazing artist, js :) x

  • Hehe

    If you think he lip synced this…you have hearing problems..Power was so natural!!!!

    Amazing :)

  • laverdadduele

    Music has died.

  • mickey


  • Jokergurl

    I thought they were both interesting performances, oh and whoever said Eminem is a homophobe he’s not he’s buddies with Elton John, or did you forget? He’s not don’t even compare EMINEM to Kanye, EM’s a poet, Kanye’s just a talented rapper.

  • Sean

    @sara Z: You’re right. He should’ve just had a DJ and a band in the back like 99% of the people who perform on that show. Get a clue. Quit hating and come up with something more creative then.

  • Sonya

    You know great artists are always going to have haters because they don’t understand what the artist is delivering! Can’t wait for the new Album to come out. Kanye West is at the top of his game!

  • zoz

    He was brilliant. He performed without any background music at facebook headquarters. Everyone knows he can rap . Please……..

    Love Kanye…

  • zoz

    Eminem is trash.

  • Ron

    I was at the Mercer Hotel and I have video of the performance..

  • zhuye

    Love his music too.