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The Miley Cyrus Show -- SNL Spoof!

The Miley Cyrus Show -- SNL Spoof!

Reigning teen queen Miley Cyrus was hilariously parodied on last night’s Saturday Night Live. It’s a must-see!!!

SNL newcomer Vanessa Bayer got her first lead in a sketch and she did a super job of portraying Miley.

On the first episode of The Miley Cyrus Show, who dropped by? Of course her dad Billy Ray Cyrus, played by host Bryan Cranston.

Another guest on the show was Johnny Depp, played by another newcomer Paul Brittain.

Great job, everyone! You just might have a new regular sketch on your hands. High five!

The Miley Cyrus Show — SNL Spoof!
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  • http://!! MEMEME

    I saw this last night.. hysterical especially when she shows her “movie clip” she sounds just like her! “PRETTY COOOL” lol

  • MBart

    That was actually really lame…SNL has really gotten pretty boring lately…yawn!!!!

  • ria


  • Ashlee

    OMG, she sounded and acted exactly like Miley. Great job.

  • marisa

    that was really stupid, Miley has a lot more character than that, she’s a good person with a brain.

  • Tom

    That was really horrible. Thanks for wasting my time


    that was hilarious. and bryan cranston as billy ray, just wonderful. i think the new ‘kids’ on SNL are really talented and i hope they give us a good year. it has it’s flaws but there are still some good laughs and that was definitely some of them… there anything bryan cranston can’t do

  • Ashley

    That new girl is super annoying.

  • betty

    That was HILARIOUS. It could have been Miley. LOLOLOL Even the pictures at the beginning with her all humped over. Miley has to have the worst posture in show business. lol

  • sam

    The movie clip was hilarious! She sounded just like Miley. Probably the funniest skit of the night.

  • Cole

    The guy who did the Johnny Depp part was awesome!

  • Lei

    Wooooow! OMG she sounded exactly like her. Spot on.

  • kls

    lol I loved this! so funny.

  • brenda

    That woman did it great!,she talks just like miley and is so funny,good job.And the guy who did the johnny part was good too..but johnny is more pretty

  • Mel

    When she smiles she looks just like her. Gummy.

  • jayz

    LOL that movie clip was hilarious. she really sounded like miley and that guy sounded a lot like johnny! but ugh, at least parody them separately, johnnys wayyyyy better than that dipsh-t miley

  • cyclo

    She doesn’t sound or look like her.

  • Music 101

    I gotta admit, that clip was pretty funny.

  • itstrueagain

    The best! Couldn’t stop laughing. It was spot on!

  • laverdadduele

    Everyone can imitate Miley, you just have to show your gums, dress like a w.h.o.r.e and be as annoying as you can.

  • KCC

    LMAO~~~she sounds exactly like her! I love the “movie” clip bahaha

  • Ann_Howard

    I’m no huge Miley fan, but in the few interview clips I HAVE seen, Miley doesn’t sound like a total obnoxious idiot. She can be annoying, but this was a little too much.

  • Sean

    LOL@ the Miley fans getting negative ratings on here.

  • steve

    It’s pretty rare that I laugh at anything on SNL anymore but this was definitely pretty damn funny. Also pretty funny is the couple of Miley fans that commented saying that it she has “way more depth and character than that” and similar things.

  • kia

    Everyone can imitate Miley, just dress like a w.h.o.r.e

  • ka-blamo

    That was a terrible episode of SNL. The host, Brian Cranston, got jipped by the writers. With much better writing his skits could have been 1000 times better. But no, they had him up there singing about sparkling apple juice. My gawd, that was vomit inducing.

    The digital short with Andy Samberg was cute, but not enough to save the rest of a crappy episode.

  • dcstarinthemaking

    haha that was so funny, i hate miley cyrus and this girl acted just like her lol i hope miley sees her and realizes that’s what people really think of her so maybe she’ll stop existing.

  • Jonathan Somic

    Hey NBC, I’m not a huge fan of being told that the clip isn’t able to be played in my country (Australia) AFTER I had to sit through an ad (An Australian ad,mind you). Not good NBC. Not good.

  • zhuye

    he best! Couldn’t stop laughing. It was spot on!