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ABC Family Cancels 'Huge'

ABC Family Cancels 'Huge'

Huge is the latest show to get the axe.

The ABC Family series starred Nikki Blonsky and Hayley Hasselhoff as teens at a weight loss camp. Huge launched over the summer with Pretty Little Liars and Melissa & Joey.

Deadline reports that PLL and Melissa & Joey will receive orders for new episodes to replace Huge.

DID YOU WATCH Huge when it was on ABC Family?

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  • Marquita

    Yes i watched huge and i loved it and im so mad that is going away. it was the only show on ABC that had big people. IT was the onl show around on tv a that had a big cast this is stupid. it showed that you dont have to be skinnny to be an actor.

  • Dubya Bush

    Guess ABC Family got sick of spending 87 percent of their budget for this show on Kraft Services!

  • http://dlwater donna

    ABC u suck m—-rf—-rs!!!!!!! Huge was the best show u had! WTF!!!!!!

  • TMG

    Awww, I really liked it.

  • Jenn

    Really now? Who really wants to watch a show with a ton of fat people? It’s nothing but beautiful people these days.

  • J

    Of course it got canceled! fat or obese white women on television? Where people can see that not all white women are a size 2 to 4!? God forbid! What would happen to white privilege then? Secret revealed, not all white women are slim but having a show like “Huge” where someone might deem fat as acceptable is dangerous for status quo aka white privilege. Dangerous i tell ya!
    See, obesity is reserved for the likes of Black women, yup, see who represents black women better than gabby sidibe…uh, i don’t know? zoe saldana? but she won’t get a vogue cover OR marie claire cover anytime soon now will she :(
    i’ll let you figure it out. adjö.

  • Alison

    I just thought it was boring, and where was the show gonna go after summer camp? btw Pretty Little Liars is awesome

  • ashley

    ughhh, i LOVED this show. the acting was incredible, better then PLL, and i love PLL, the storylines were so real. im actually really shocked by this.

  • NavajoTaco

    Good i am happy i dont like the fat Nikki Blonsky she is a b**** That show is dumb too. :)

  • lovelydee

    I actually liked this show
    it was real and shows how
    plus sized people face things.
    I’m sad. =[

  • J. Ryan

    This isn’t about network television being opressive to plus sized women. They made the first step, the show got put on the air, and frankly not enough people watched. It’s as simple as that.

  • Sloane

    No matter what you think of the subject matter it was a well crafted and written show on a television landscape that rewards stupidity and poor quality.

  • lily

    it was actually pretty good, i saw the first 2 episodes

  • Ksanculi

    Yes I watched it, and really enjoyed it. It was a unique show, that showed Obesity in a different light. I really hope that this is a decision that ABC Family regrets. It was a good show.. :( Poor public.

  • laverdadduele

    GREAT. We have to stop glamorizing and glorifying unhealthy lifestyles. Being obese is not healthy or cool. Good riddance.

  • http://@darthgault darthgault

    obesity is not healthy … neither is starving yourself to look like a heroin addict …

    but it’s TV … you need pretty people to suceed

  • Maggie

    It was a really good show.

  • http://kaitlynnsulka converselover

    I agree completely

  • Pit

    Happy Face !!!

  • Sian

    Agree with ashley, the acting was pretty good and those people (except Nikki Blonsky) were mostly first-timers at acting.
    Also, to all these concerned commenters: the show WAS NOT promoting obesity, it was about some teens trying to get rid of the lard who also happened to have some other problems. It was a good drama.

  • caxposed

    Nope, I didn’t get the chance to watch “Huge”. I usually watch ABC Family shows once they’re available on DVD. The ONLY three… well, now it’s only two, exceptions (“10 Things I Hate About You” used to be the third) are “Greek” and “Melissa & Joey.” What can I say? I grew up watching Melissa Joan Hart in “Clarissa…”, “Sabrina…” (including the animated series) and even “Dancing With The Stars”, so watching this new sitcom was a must on my list… and it’s actually pretty good. Although I didn’t watch this show, I heard good things about it so I was excited to watch it once it made it to DVD. Guess now it won’t be happening, since I’ve been waiting for “10 Things… Volume 2″ to be released since forever now.

  • Nicole

    never watched it.

  • kgg

    I never watched the show so I won’t comment on what I think about it, but the fact that it went so far as to make it to TV is a coup. Sounds like not enough people were interested in it. Sometimes that’s what you get when you use the name of another celebrity you made a movie with years ago, to promote yourself and your show.

  • Pit

    kgg – you are right on point !! And she was hateful in the press more than once about said former co star’s long term romantic relationship with another actress whom he obviously is head over heals in love with.

    What do they say about Karma?

  • Ashlee

    Karma is a bitch?

  • Shy

    I hated it after promos but i watched first 6 episodes and i liked it. I always thought that it will be one season. Where would they go after summer? It was canceled because not enough people watched it.

    Now the most funny thing is that fat people always whine that everyone judge them by their looks. Now… It’s like 40-60 % in America are overweight right? So why none of them watched show about obese people like them? Why obese teenagers didn’t watch the show? Because they all watched other shows with skinny pretty people.

    Basically they judge other people by their looks :) They are the biggest hypocrites. There were plenty of good looking obese teens on Huge. But fat and obese girls and boys don’t dream about fat boyfriends/girlfriends like them… No… They dream about skinny Pattinson and Efron. And then they complain that people judge them by their looks when they are one ones that judge :)

  • Mag


    I think that they complain about judging like bullying, hating etc. They judge people by their look, but it doesn’t mean they are laughing, hating, beeing mean to them. Everyone has dreams, so they dream about Pattinson and Efron. Do you dream about someone ugly? Of course not. But reality sometimes shows that we can find love in our friend, no matter he is fat, ugly or someting.

  • amanda

    Not surprised at all…..

  • Nicky

    Nooooooo! I can’t believe they canceled this show!
    I Love it!
    this totally sucks :(

  • VC

    Nikki did a poor job of promoting it. She made herself look desperate and hateful on the Wendy Williams Show.
    Seriously, who wants to be a fan of desperate woman still crushing over a guy who doesn’t want her.

    I think if they had another actress in the lead it would had done better. Nikki Blonsky just alienates people with her personality not her weight

  • Alan

    Whenever I start watching a series I usually never give up on it! As somebody that works in the field of body image awareness and eating disorders awareness, I was excited to see ABC Family pursue a show where Nikki Blonsky’s character was proud of her curves. Even if some weight loss might have been necessary for health reasons, there’s never a reason to FEEL BAD about yourself as a person because of your weight!
    The problem with this show was it was just plain boring! The storylines were poor and there was very little real drama. With just three episodes left on my DVR I decided to delete them as I could not be bothered to watch any more poor production. ABC Family – great concept, terrible execution of the concept!

    October 18th – 22nd is Fat Talk Free Week! Visit for more info!

  • Abby

    @kgg: LOL couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Abby

    @VC: I agree. I don’t care if she was crushing on said former co-star, that would have been fine to talk about when she was promoting THAT movie with said co-star. NOT years later. ITs been made pretty clear said co-star doesn’t want her. I kinda feel bad for her, it makes her look like nothing more then a super fangirl/stalker who happen to get her foot in Hollywood and now that co-star is ALL she can talk about.

    She really needs to find a guy of her own IMO.

  • Desoreee

    Best news ever!

  • Brittany

    they just lost a viewer here. though I have to say I’m not surprised. The only show I can somewhat relate to and the only show that I follow, gets the axe. well i guess other people are gonna have to make a way for bigger people. if hollywood and you other close minded m_____F_______ers would give them a chance

  • Brittany

    they cancelled ugly betty too. I just remembered. they just don’t like people who aren’t STICKS and OVERLY UNREALISTICALLY pretty.

  • http://@ElleSixx888 ES

    Disgusting! Move to NBC!! I hate how we teach girls to die for beauty!!

  • nond

    never watched it.

  • kate

    I never watched it as i live in the UK, saying that i HATE Nikki so there is no way i would watch it anyway.

    @ KGG

    I totally agree with all your comments She needs to get a life and stop living in fantasy land when it comes to her former Co Star

  • Brittany

    seriously i liked this show and i like PLL and Secret life and make it or break it plus i like melissa and joey but it was refreshing to see something totally different on the air i mean come on high school scandals been done pregnant teens done but got to admit as an ex gymnast make it or break it was refreshing to and huge was great for those of us who have gone threw those weight embarrassments or trying to fit plus i think since the large population of the u.s. is obese wouldnt this be just as important as Secret life because they taught everyone about gossip and teen pregancy so why not teach about obesity look at ruby thats a great show and she is obese.
    this sucks i thought they were all great

  • Brittany

    @Alison: well where does pll or secret life go after school is out they have summer hug would have school and they would see each other or call or see what it is like to live in their lifes at schools away from the comfort of camp if mtv can pull a reality fat camp off abc family can pull off a scripted one