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Gisele Bundchen & Benjamin Brady Make It To Miami

Gisele Bundchen & Benjamin Brady Make It To Miami

Gisele Bundchen carries her son Benjamin Brady as they make their way through the airport on Sunday (October 3) in Miami, Florida.

The 30-year-old Brazilian beauty will be supporting her husband Tom Brady, who will be playing against the Miami Dolphins on Monday (October 4). Last month, he signed a four-year, $72 million contract extension that will pay him $48 million guaranteed through 2014, making him the highest paid NFL player.

Last week, Gisele wore a black masquerade mask at French Vogue’s 90th Anniversary Party.

FYI: Gisele is wearing Calvin Klein X Jeans. Gisele is using her Ergo baby carrier and Maclaren stroller!

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  • Paula

    Is she going to explain how she was kissing on another man to her husband?

  • http:/com Kaz

    So adroble baby benjamin

  • OMG

    So sweet! Benjamin is very cute! Gisele looks gorgeous as always!

  • mim

    Gisele is beauty

  • http://Pam Linda

    Maybe she will quit flying the kid all over the world for a photo op and let his father actually spend time with his son. Selfish witch.

  • Yea, right

    Her PR people have already explained the angle of the camera made it appear they were close to kissing, but they were really standing 3 ft apart. It’ the angle of the camera’s fault.

  • cth

    Tom is a professor now, he will find out if Gisele is cheating or not.

  • the truth

    It was wrong for her to get abay whe he said that he already had one. Andhe said he idn’t want another one.Do she have ant brains up in her head.?Don’t like him for leaving his girlfriend for her and marrying her.What was iffrent between marriy her and the other ldy that had his child too?

  • http://Pam Linda

    What about the othe guy? And the fact she has spent less than two days with Brady the last three weeks. Bet they are divorced by the end of the year.Worse, she drags Ben with her selfish ass so Brady can not see him either.

  • uglyinside

    She doesnt deserve all this attention. Not fair

  • juscuz

    tom is playing in Miami today, so sweet for his WIFE and beautiful baby to come see him. wonderful happy family.

  • jessie

    The other guy looks greasy, but he is very, very rich. She looked greasy also. They want you to believe he was gay, but he is not.

  • lily


    then quit giving it to her, lol.

  • lisali

    Gisele looks gorgeous,as always!
    Shut up “linda” don’t know the dynamics of their relationship. They both have jobs they must attend to,and they seem to always make sure they spend time together. You’re just a Brady groupie.

  • Justine

    4…3….2…1….Haters come enjoy your favorite girl! your favorite past time. (stalking her)

  • uglyinside

    @lily: why? I have my rights too

  • S09

    Hey Pammy/sbigwheeler/Linda/Tom Brady groupie….dont you love this happy family so much?

  • lily

    um bc you claim one thing and do another. if you get offline or go look up someone you actually like you wouldnt feel this way…so shoo fly

  • S09


    yes its the same girl who insists on joining and stalking all of giseles fansites yet doesnt like her. SO WEIRDDDDDDD. oh lemme go join rosie o donnell’s fansites bc I just love her so much. yeah makes alot of sense…bored little stalkers/tom brady groupies. Lemme guess if the Patriots lose tonight, its all Gisele’s fault right???!!! yeah real good fans you are!

  • Chris

    lovely little family they are.

  • yuck


  • Lindz

    I love the Brady’s. never bad talk anyone, never do cheap OK magazine photoshoots,etc

  • Benjamin

    Not that I am inviting LOL but where’s Mrs Fat Jolie Gaga at? I thought she was a roach like thing that lurks here 24/7? wow maybe she finally got off her huge a**!

  • what?

    I believe she bad talked all the mothers who give their babies “chemical food”.

  • http://Pam Linda

    Gisele= predictable , in the next few days you will get to see photos of her all over Brady to prove how happy they are

  • anonymous

    Benjamin really is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. He’s sooo adorable! Gisele, of course, always looks great.

    As for those “kissing” pictures- there was no kiss! First of all, if there was a kiss I’m sure the camera man would’ve caught it. Also, if Gisele were to cheat, she’s not going to do it at a high profile party with hundreds of people around her and the paps a few feet away from her.
    The guy in the pic and Gisele have been friends for a long time (I remember seeing pics of them together back in 2003). It looked like he was whispering something to her and she turned her head. It was a bad angle, that’s all. No kiss.

  • ?

    gisele eeeeeaaattttt! her legs are a trade mark and she is losing them

  • opinion

    flawless! she’s truly blessed. For sure she’s just like any other decent human being who worked hard, used her God given talent and beauty on her career and at the same time giving back. She knows where she’s come from. She keeps her feet on the ground with her success. She’s a supermodel and role model. Good for her. Wish her well & her family.

  • Lindz


    yes the 1% offended moms who couldn’t/didnt but alot of moms like her more now. not all, but I dont consider that bad talking, more like an opinion aka we all got em. I am meaning people that were once in her life and are not anymore,etc…really we dont know one thing about Gisele, only the good things EVERYONE in the fashion world say and people on twitter/facebook who meet her; and the other side; the biased media. its 50/50 you can believe people who actually know her or have met her, or you can believe people who sit on their a** all day looking,searching for things they can make into a negative.

  • drama

    I feel like she’s the new Kate Moss/Naomi Campbell (in terms of bad media coverage) yet she isn’t a druggy or beats her assistants!!! Its’ insane.

  • LOL

    its funny because I see pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio out clubbing almost everynight,stumbling drunk outta clubs all the time,pictures of her sitting on guys laps,etc…but not one “bad coverage” of her. Just goes to show you Gisele IS THE model. (kate/naomi legend status)

  • mel2011

    babies are cute. All babies are cute come on. She’s famous because of her height and gay men in the fashion industry.

  • Don’t worry about them

    If anyone understands who sneaky she can be it’s Tom.

  • JJ


    and youre not famous bc of your height,weight and face. LOL

  • lol

    Gisele and greasy masked man look like twins. I think they’re a good match

  • Queen

    She is a natural beauty I just love her! Great role model in my opinion.

  • Tanya

    wow more comments than anyone on the first page so far!!!! Go Gisele!
    people love her/love to hate her. Superstar.

  • weirdpatsfans

    I swear dont blame her if pats lose tonight. you pats fans are too obsessed. does she really have the power to make whole football teams lose now? I guess she is pretty powerful then.

  • n

    some bostonherald wackos are here again

  • http://Pam Linda

    Be prepared to see not so flattering signs about Gisele during the game. I am sure the dolphin players will also trash talk about Gisele on the field also. They dl says all kinds of crap between snaps.How Brady handles the comments about his slut of a wife will be the key.

  • lol

    She can’ t be a great role model. she’s cheater

  • tanya

    she cheated leonardo too!!

  • lauren

    This is sham: Now she is afraid of showing the baby’s face, because the baby isn’t cuter than his ex’s and his eyes aren’t blue like his dad & mom

  • http://Pam Linda

    Hopefully Ben does not get mom’s big nose.

  • carrie

    Bunch of jealous haters here cause her infant is potty trained and theirs are not.

  • Taylor

    I don’t think she is a natural beauty she looks like your average tall, willowy, athletic, out-doorsy type German woman. The type that enjoys hiking through the woods for miles at a time. Her body frame..tall and skinny and boyish is what appeals to the designers who refer women to have the bodies of pre-pubescent boys.

  • clasic


    aka a supermodel vs. unpaid unwanted average figures LMAO.

  • gffsd


    mmmokay, average is short,stumpy and pudgy with mouse brown hair,fat face and 2 double chins. maybe she isn’t your type, but average she is not. hence her paycheck vs. the AVERAGE woman’s paycheck Lol.

  • Solange09


    no pam/swheeeler/psycho boston speech impediment chick, Gisele’s haters = predictable

  • sabrina

    gisele is skinny but not too much as angelina jolie. gisele still looks lovely and hot. angie is creepy! besides, gisele is a model! thinness is beautiful but has a limit or might be disgusting (and unhealthy)!!