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Heidi Klum: Getting Ready for Lou's First Birthday!

Heidi Klum: Getting Ready for Lou's First Birthday!

Heidi Klum takes her kids for a shopping trip at The Grove in Los Angeles on Sunday (October 3).

The 37-year-old model, who recently announced she was retiring as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, picked up a few items from the stores and also treated daughter Leni, 6, and sons Henry, 5, and Johan, 3, to some balloons.

When Heidi wasn’t pushing her younger daughter Lou in a stroller, she cradled the tot in her arms. Cute!

Lou turns 1 this Saturday (October 9). Happy early birthday, Lou!!!

FYI: Heidi is wearing a cream/floral jacket by Tibi.

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# 1
jimmycarter @ 10/04/2010 at 8:41 pm

Gosh her kids are ugly with Seal.

# 2

Lou is such a beautiful little girl!

# 3

Heidi is a hot mess. She needs some help with her kids hair.

# 4

What a beautiful family & children …

# 5

@jimmycarter: WTF?! I’m not some politically correct person that says all babies are beautiful cause some just aren’t but those kids are so freakin cute! Lou is a beautiful little girl! :)

# 6

Cute kids, but if white women want to have babies with black men, then they should take the time to learn how to comb their kids hair. The oldest little boy needs something done with his hair. She did a great job on the middle child’s hair.

I know she has money and can pay someone to take care of their hair if she doesnt want to deal with it.

Is just so irritating to see white women with mixed kids and their hair look a terrible mess

# 7
James Goldman @ 10/05/2010 at 12:58 am

Heidi Klum is incredibly gorgeous. German perfection doesn’t get much purer than her. Now she has to drop that ugly horse’s ass husband of hers, Seal. It is unfortunate that she is as attractive as she is misguided with her poor taste in men. She should be with someone around her age not a guy who obviously can’t handle women around his age.

# 8

Heidi’s children are gorgeous. My favorite is Johan, He is such a cutie. I wish I has a man that loved me so much that he would take care of another man’s child. Just like Seal did for Heidi. The love that they have for each other is incredible.

# 9

Aw! People say that Heidi’s kids dont look like her, except Leni, but Lou looks like a black version of Leni! SO CUTE!

OMG her kids don’t look like anything like her. not the colout ofc, but the features ar all different. Lou looks just like retared Henry!!!!!! They are so ugly omfg. Johan is okay, and leni is cute.

How can you say that?? Are you really sure? O_o
To me Leni doesn’t look like anybody and I hope she will never look like Briatore!
4 little children are a lot!
Sara # 6 yours is a very silly comment.

Are people serious? First of all, why is it that the babies having their hair nice and free is seen as uncombed? With their hair type, this is what it looks like when you let you their hair. Why is it only straight hair is allowed to go free? Why should she do anything else with it? It is beautiful as it is. The kids DO look like her. They are from her womb. I actually think Leni is average. So what if Henry is not cute. Maybe he will be a great scientist or humanitarian one day! Yohan and Lou are really cute. Leni and Henry: well they will accomplish other things in life. Leave it alone folks. Are you not used to seeing racially blended families before? Geesh.

Genetics is interesting. Often you will find two dark skin black people give birth to a light skin, blue eyed black person like Vanessa Williams from Ugly Betty but yet a white woman and a dark black man will have kids that are much darker then the average black person. Very interesting. It has to do with recessive genes popping up after generations. So that is why Heidi’s kids look darker than her, her genes are not dominant in this relationship but you look like Garcelle Beauvais and her white husband and her kids look white. Same with the Quincy Jones girsl Rashida Jones etc – they look more white than black . Quincy’s genes were not as dominant as their white mother’s. You never know how kids are going to look. I agree Henry is not cute and looks like a little old man so does Leni. But Yohan and Lou are adorable!

Maya Rudolph is another example of a woman who looks Latina but her mom was black and her dad white. Alicia Keyes is another example. You just never know. Anyway, Lou and Yoha are gorgeous. Leni and Henry are odd lil ones but maybe they will be great at other things. Who says they have to be fashion models?

Wait I don’t get it… how many kids are not from seal? Only Leni or others too?

British Latin American @ 10/05/2010 at 10:59 am

Those last three statements were just so dumb.

Leni and the older boy, Henry, are cute but the baby not so much.. I hope she grows and starts looking more like heidi than seal..she looks like a boy..and the middle kid looks like a girl! the one with long hair, is it a boy or a girl?

nettiesmith @ 10/05/2010 at 12:27 pm


YOU ARE STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saul Goldman @ 10/05/2010 at 7:26 pm

Actually JLO and her crackhead husband are both Puertoricans and their twins are darker than both of them and they have kinky hair. Poor JLO know wonder she wanted the children of a white guy like Ben because she knew how ugly her children with a Puertorican would be.

@Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: How about this Maya Rudolph, and Heidi’s kids look American xP let’s leave it at that

@Saul Goldman: I agree my abuelita was saying the same thing xD

American isn’t a race you r e t a r d s.

Anen: Seal is African born and raised in England and Heidi is German. So genetically the kids are not American. They are American nationals but their genetics trace to other lands so I don’t see how this constitutes looking “American”. Also what is an “American” look? They look like children. Maybe that is the better answer. Like God’s creations as all children are. Innocent and pure. Therefore beautiful. That Lou is like a little doll. Very pretty. Love Yohan’s long curls!

Lou is average. Leni is cute ,mini me Heidi’s

Heidi Klum – amazing woman; smart, beautiful, talented, loved and loving, like цени на puutarha в софия.

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