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John Mayer Quit Twitter To Focus on Lasting Art

John Mayer Quit Twitter To Focus on Lasting Art

John Mayer is finally explaining why he quit Twitter last month and said goodbye to his 3.7 million followers.

Why? In short, the 32-year-old musician writes, “No artwork created by someone with a healthy grasp of social media thus far has proven to be anything other than disposable.”

Curious. Click inside to read John Mayer‘s full explanation…

John Mayer Quit Twitter To Focus on Lasting Art

Greetings from the land of complete thoughts and a strong sense of self worth!

A lot of you are wondering why I decided to quit Twitter. And I’m ready to explain it to you now that I’m off Twitter and can explain anything in a salient manner. It occurred to me that since the invocation of Twitter, nobody who has participated in it has created any lasting art. And yes! Yours truly is included in that roundup as well. Let me make sure that statement is as absolute and irrevocable as possible by buzzing your tower one more time: no artwork created by someone with a healthy grasp of social media thus far has proven to be anything other than disposable.

By now you’ve called up the fail whale and his birdie friends and told them to get their brass knuckles ready cause a fight is fixin’ to go down. But hear me out.

Has any artist, since they’ve begun to give you daily insights into their life created their best work yet? Are the best writers of our time on Twitter? You rip Tina Fey for s–tting on the construct but she’s busy penning the best show on television. [Screenwriter] Aaron Sorkin says he’s never used Facebook, a statement that the guardians of the internet are up at arms over, yet he makes an artistic contribution that the media sites are talking about so much that they’ve developed that gross white stuff at the corners of their mouths. (What is that stuff?)

Those who decide to remain offline will make better work than those online. Why? Because great ideas have to gather. They have to pass the test of withstanding thirteen different moods, four different months and sixty different edits. Anything less is day trading. You can either get a bunch of mentions now or change someone’s life next year.

Hey, I didn’t make the rules. I’m just telling you what I’m pretty sure they are.

I’m not knocking Twitter for those who are trying to make a name for themselves. Some people need all the RTs they can get today. But for those who have already established themselves it’s a slow erosion of the artistic notion.

Great art has survived the changes in technology, from wax cylinder to tape to Pro Tools and beyond, but this is different. This affects the writing, the conception. You want to know the best way a musician can start making s–t music? If they start referring to themselves as a “brand.” I’d rather hear an artist refer to themselves in the third person than as a “brand.” Jif peanut butter is a brand. A singer is a soul. People who think of themselves as a “brand” subsequently refer to themselves as “marketing” their “brand”. And when you convert your art into the art of real-time brand management, I suddenly have no more interest in it. I don’t respect marketing alone. Anybody can market something now. And that’s cool. When it’s time to market something.

I’m not a brand, and I don’t refer to myself in the third person. I’m a dude who plays guitar and writes songs. When I’m done writing and recording them I will market them. Luckily for those who are cracking their knuckles ready to knock my point of view, that won’t be for a long while. Because good s–t takes a long time.

And this is going to take a very long time.

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23 Responses to “John Mayer Quit Twitter To Focus on Lasting Art”

  1. 1
    Serena Champness Says:

    I wish everyone would quit twitter.

  2. 2
    me Says:

    Cute, at least he says what he means.

  3. 3
    me Says:

    BTW, I completely agree with him. Tweeting is for those who desperately are seeking attention and are not true artists. I am glad JM is back to creating.

  4. 4
    chili peppers Says:

    Go away John you announce this before so just be quiet about it and stop being a media ***** for the wrong reasons.

  5. 5
    Vanning Says:

    There is no point in people ‘tweeting’ for other people to follow. There is no point in anyone wasting time following people’s ‘tweets’ and living through someone else’s life. Another problem is internet forum addiction which is being addicted to submitting comments on websites such as this one and breaking the addiction and withdrawing takes an enormous amount of strength to come back to reality.

  6. 6
    Dianna Knows Best Says:

    Its about time twitter goes away completely

  7. 7
    Really? Says:

    oh man, im starting to fall for you again John!

  8. 8
    Jack Easton Says:

    In regards to Facebook, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with it. It can be used in a beneficial way as a tool to network, keep in touch with certain people and find out about social events that you can attend that you otherwise wouldn’t find out about. The problem is that many people misuse it and instead write their entire life story, upload thousands of photos of themselves, try to get as many friends as possible and generally mess around as they get lost inside that virtual world. I only log in for a few minutes once a week to check if there are any social events that I can go to.

  9. 9
    alej Says:

    Translation: A loud and nasty mouthed singer should get out of
    Twitter and spend more time with his art.

  10. 10
    mari Says:

    I get what he wants to say, but I don’t believe these are his true reasons. Because I think John Mayor is one big attention ***** himself.

  11. 11
    anoano Says:

    I agree about Twitter being a waste of time. But I see his words to be more of a damage control on the John Mayer “brand” than being sincere. He would still be tweeting like the annoying guy is if the tide had not turned against him in past year. He knows people think he’s a jerk now. His handlers likely told him to do this. He spoke poopoo in the past year not only onTwitter, but in every interview and just about everywhere, basically everytime he opened his mouth. So maybe taping his mouth completely would be more beneficial to him overall. Because I can’t see this douche staying quiet in every medium forever, he can leave twitter, but the doucheness in him likely remains. Tweeting was only one of the many things that contributed to him being known as an an idiot.

  12. 12
    zoz Says:

    Mari why do you think he quit?

  13. 13
    mari Says:

    I guess it has something to do with his pr people telling him it would be a good move or something like that.

  14. 14
    BrightSpark Says:

    I agree with what he says, he’ll come back with his innovative music and be twitter released.

  15. 15
    zoz Says:


    Oh okay. Well he talked about it on fuse too saying he wanted to place his focus on friends and family.

  16. 16
    zoz Says:

    He talks about it here

    anoano hush. Stop giving people thumbs down. Twitter is a personal preference.

    AND a good way to get instant attention. I don’t like it.

  17. 17
    Rhiana Says:

    He quit, primarily because he wants to create works that have depth and stand the test of time. He is not a celebrity. He is not a product. He IS an artist. Let the dude BE.

  18. 18
    laverdadduele Says:

    He should quit talking and just go away forever.

  19. 19
    longchamp Says:

    he finally explained – b/c the world was waiting w/baited breath and can now exhale…

  20. 20
    YesThat Says:

    “You rip Tina Fey for s–tting on the construct but she’s busy penning the best show on television.”

    My respect for Mayer has just gone up a notch.

  21. 21
    andy Says:

    Its about time twitter goes away completely

  22. 22
    Internet Marketing Says:

    It is really big disappointment for us, His decision is heartbreaking news for millions of fans. I think, he must look again to his decision.

  23. 23
    Ben Says:

    John, I dislike your breathy voice, and boring style. Your guitar playing inhabits an area of the side of Stevie that does not include wailing B and high E bends. If this were the 70′s you would not rank with the other greats. Why isn’t Mother Hips, Grant lee Phillips have the success you do and infinitely better and original. I did like your MJ tribute–so you have a soul and guitar talent–just alot of stuff that does not move m e. Keep your hands off Dylan’s work.
    Alot of ***** jingles. Why not make a real rock n roll album and give up singing like Stevie. You were inspired by Michael J Fox whereas we were inspired by Woodstock, Stones, Kiss, Black Sabbath, CSNY, Sly and the Family Stone. LEarn something from the Black Crowes won’t ya.

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