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Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Jay Gatsby?

Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Jay Gatsby?

Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be up for the lead in the big screen adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

The 35-year-old Inception star would play Jay Gatsby from the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel about life during the roaring 20s, Production Weekly reports on its Twitter page.

Amanda Seyfried has reportedly been considered for the role of Daisy Buchanan, while Tobey Maguire would play Nick Carraway.

Australian director Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet) is deciding whether to work on the period piece or direct a different project.

“I’ve got the script for both of them and I’m making that decision in four to six weeks, no longer than six weeks,” he recently told MTV News.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby?

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  • CanadaGirl

    Darn, and I was having so much fun on the other thread.
    This info was posted a few days ago. :)
    Do we need another Gatsby? Redford will be hard to beat.

  • CanadaGirl

    That being said, if anyone can outdo Robert Redford’ Gatsby it would be Leo.

  • mia

    I think that DiCaprio is a very talented actor, but don’t see him as Gatsby

  • 11th Hour

    Leo is really keeping himself busy these days. Red Riding Hood is wrapping up in Vancouver and he supposedly has another producer credit it the works. I wonder when Hoover will start?
    Supposedly Baz wants or wanted to make this Gatsby a musical. Or so I read on the weekend. Haha. That would be interesting. I wonder if Leo can sing?

  • N

    @CanadaGirl: I absolutely agree. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book ever so I would love to see another version of it, especially if it has Leo in it. He’s a fantastic actor.

  • 11th Hour

    @N: Have you seen this version?

  • rhonda

    it should be a crime for the Hollywood of today to re-do anything

  • ck_always

    He does not look like a Jay Gatsby to me. No thanks.

  • CG

    I guess the movie the Titanic will be re-released in 3D to correspond with the 100 year anniversary of the ship’s sinking. I would like to see Titanic again in the the theatres because I haven’t seen it since it came out!

  • Crush
  • Twitter haha

    the007way‎: Just became a Prius owner like Leonardo DiCaprio. Now I can date super models. Wait– are male models of the “super” variety?

  • Tinkerbell

    Canada- you are so right! I know Fitzgerald and that era of American lit well- he should totally do it and based on performance in inception -he will totally overtake Redford as the best gatsby- that might finally get him his overdue Oscar. And there’s my boy tobe! Perfectamundo on all points. See things are turning up for him movie wise. Like we really had to worry.

    This is not the best picture of him- he looks like an insuance executive. Also like he forgot his contacts. like a dilf! seyfried totally lucked out to get with this crew. They must like her.

    I love you leo! I am sorry for all the rotten things I say about bar fatelli-
    It’s just I love you for what you are- American icon!

    you perfect except for one area- women. Oh well but I looovvve the gatsby idea!

  • Leo Fan

    Nice casting choice! Hope this project will turn out to be a GO!

  • cathy

    seriously can the people have a vote. this is absurd and very disrespectful for Hollywood to re do great movies. just like that. whats next breakfast at Tiffany’s with Megan fox.

  • Cute

    Leo is still a hottie. He has the nicest blue eyes. Interesting that he’s attached to Amanda Seyfried on another project. She’s in the Red Riding Hood with Lukas Haas, right? Hmmm…..

  • Tinkerbell

    Wow thread filling up fast. If all caps shows up I am throwing my iPod out the window however.


    But not in the obsessed stalker way. In the bored over educated horny
    bibliophile way. I’ll take care of the horny part with bf in the next room playing games on the net with his boys, but the other parts you can do for me. Really.



    I have since cider house and seabiscuit. real pollard’s daughter is friend of my moms. Adorable in spidey too!

  • Wondering

    Have Leo and Tobey been in a picture together? Leo must be an amazing person to have had his friends for such a long time. He seems to do a lot of good things with and for his friends, and I’m sure they reciprocate also.

  • Wondering

    @Tinkerbell: I think his buddy Tobey is hot. He’s got the bedroom eyes and a long lean physique. NICE!

  • Girlfriends?

    @Tinkerbell: Do you not like Bar? A lot of people seem to dislike her. What’s so unpleasant about her that causes such dislike?

  • Malia

    I can’t see anyone portraying Gatsby better than Robert Redford did in the 1974 movie. That was a great cast with Sam Waterson as Nick, Mia Farrow as Daisy, and Bruce Dern as Tom Buchanan. However, the newer generation of movie goers would probably not have seen the one with Redford, and wouldn’t be making comparisons.

  • RKsgrl

    I love Redford, but I didn’t think he or any of the leads were all that great, and the movie itself was weak. It could have been so much better considering the source material and the actors involved. I think it deserves a remake, and Luhrman always has interesting ideas and great visuals.

    He doesn’t want to do it as a musical, btw. That’s another movie he’s thinking of working on next. Apparently he hasn’t decided yet on which one he wants to do next.

    I like the idea of Leo and Tobey working together, and I think they could pull it off. Not sure who should play Daisy. I don’t think Amanda Seyfried is up to it, based on what I’ve seen her in already.

  • RKsgrl


    This post is about Leo. Thanks.

  • Sian

    For some reason I think Leo would be perfect as Gatsby. And Seyfried is ditzy enough to play the very oblivious Daisy.

  • Horoscope

    “Don’t believe everything you hear, especially from the people you are closest to…..Make changes that help you eliminate the stressful situations you are facing.” (Canoe)

  • Pit

    I also loved the Redford/Farrow version of “The Great Gatsby” – when my daughter had to read it in High School a couple years back I promised to let her see the movie afterwards. She loved this version. I think because it is set in a different decade that it is ageless.

  • Crittle

    The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books. You know, I could see Leo playing Gatsby. Although I can tolerate lit remakes better than straight film remakes.

  • Tinkerbell


    I know they use this site to test the waters- marketing wise- and so far so awesome.

    Now just get another a fricking girlfriend who is not a social disgrace. grrrr, arghhh. Yucky! We call her barf because her in that yellow cavalli dress made me nauseous.

  • LeoGirl

    I dunno… I think he’d be good as Gatsby. It’s been like awhile since I’ve read the book but I remember that the main character was sort of sophisticated so Leo fits that… If he’s in it then they’ll make a good movie.

  • um

    YES YES YES. He is the Actor right now. That movie needs to be remade (but still kept in the same era) because of Mia Farrow. Dam she was miscast in that movie. She ruined it..

  • RKsgrl
  • Tinkerbell

    @11th Hour: @Girlfriends?: in deference to other posters- just read any thread on bar – the last one on the cavalli party will do. Otherwise agreed this is a PURE Leo thread


    Rule-out-ugly- nonetity threads

    More like this less like that please!


  • Carol

    Leo will be fine, it’s the director I don’t like.

  • Love Leo

    Leo has a lot of fans here. I think many people would like to see him make this movie. I don’t know who I’d put in the lead if it wasn’t him – Michael Pitt… maybe. He’s cute but perhaps too sexual. Ryan Gosling might be good too. I really like him. BUT I’D SEE IT IN THE THEATRES WITH LEO THO. :)
    I still can’t believe how good Inception was. I’ve asked for it for Christmas so hopefully its on dvd by then.

  • RKsgrl

    “Inception” from Warner’s pushed its foreign gross total past the $500-million mark (cume is $503.1 million) thanks to a $8 million weekend at 3,940 screens in 55 markets. Director Christopher Nolan’s scifi-thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio has realized an estimated $54.7 million from the China market alone, said Warner Bros.

  • The Guy Behind The Guy

    Love Leo but he still looks too young to play any manly roles. How about a This Boys Life remake.

  • Big Money

    @RKsgrl: Imagine how much bank it’s going to make when it hits the stores. Does Leo get a cut of the DVD sales, I wonder? If so, cha-ching. He made huge money this year… $75 mil. I heard. If he gets more of a cut from DVDs then he’s not just Green ecologically!

  • Tinkerbell

    Trust me I was an English major at Columbia university.

    There is nobody better for this role- in the history of filming. I know my Fitzgerald, Hemingway. Algren, Anderson, dos passos, inside out. This role was made for Leonardo.


  • Mr Hotty

    Leo is hot and masculine. He’s become a really good looking man. The proof is in the GIF.

  • RKsgrl

    @Mr Hotty:

    Oh lordy, Billy Costigan = hottest Leo ever! Well until Danny Archer. And Dom Cobb is up there too.

  • Tinkerbell

    Friends of mine were extras inthe original way back when because they shot in Newport ri. I remember seeing it and not being overwhelming.

    I think there is a Redford/Dicaprio resemblance. Same color hair, same kind of heart throb- not overly athletic or rippling action hero-just hot. Good actor/hot. Redford hasn’t made movie since 1980s though- too busy with sundance I guess. He should have cameo in this.

    Def MAGUIRE and Dicaprio have to work together- this would be great, they need to do many films together .

  • Pleasant Sea House

    Tobey is such a good guy, I’ve liked him on so many films. I like him more in dramatic roles like Seabiscuit and the Cider House Rules. Pleasantville is excellent also. I like the anti-utopian element in that movie. I’d want him to have as much screen time as possible because I’d like to see him opposite Leo and how they’d work with each other.

  • RKsgrl

    @Big Money:

    I don’t know about a cut of the DVD sales, video game, and all that, but if he gets a cut of the domestic AND foreign before profit gross, he is sitting pretty! It’s so cool that it was allowed to be released in China.

  • nat

    i would rather have kate hudson as daisy.

  • Tinkerbell

    1. Billy costigan- cheekbones, shoulders, ass.
    2. Danny archer – nice and thick- chest hair!
    3. Teddy Daniels- shower scene!
    4. basketball diaries- still a boy but sooooooo beautiful!

    Never liked jack Dawson- story hurt my teeth. Like him hard bitten and rough around the edges.


    5. Jay gatsby, sophisticated, suave, in a tux with the valentine slick back— could just take it alll!!!! N n

  • Don’s Plum

    I IMDBd Leo and he was in Don’s Plum with Tobey and Kevin. That’s one of the few I haven’t seen. Anyone see it? Is it good?
    A little clip….

  • Funny Shit

    Leo is a GREAT casting choice for this. Yes. Great Gatsby.

  • RKsgrl


    Hmm not sure why the moderation… let’s try that again

  • My Pick

    I think I’d have to say:
    1) Billy Costigan – Everything. Hot… damn
    2) Danny Archer – the abs… O.O
    3) Amsterdam Vallon – I like my men with a little meat on their … bones

  • @ 47

    Those are great pictures. The first one is so cute cause Leo looks humble like he’s saying, “Aww shucks so nice to see you.” Leo respects actors he works with but he respects those that have come before him too. He said that in an interview when he was asked about films he’s seen before he started in the business. He bought a movie statue too. I think it was from the Maltese Falcon or something like that. Not sure where it’ll go. He bought it with other people so I wonder if they’ll donate it to a museum or something.

  • Goodnight Sweetheart

    What a great way to end the day. A post about LEO! YUM!!!! Now off to sleep and hopefully good dreams.