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Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Jay Gatsby?

Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Jay Gatsby?

Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be up for the lead in the big screen adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

The 35-year-old Inception star would play Jay Gatsby from the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel about life during the roaring 20s, Production Weekly reports on its Twitter page.

Amanda Seyfried has reportedly been considered for the role of Daisy Buchanan, while Tobey Maguire would play Nick Carraway.

Australian director Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet) is deciding whether to work on the period piece or direct a different project.

“I’ve got the script for both of them and I’m making that decision in four to six weeks, no longer than six weeks,” he recently told MTV News.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby?

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Credit: Bryan Bedder, Frederick M. Brown, Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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270 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Jay Gatsby?”

  1. 1
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Darn, and I was having so much fun on the other thread.
    This info was posted a few days ago. :)
    Do we need another Gatsby? Redford will be hard to beat.

  2. 2
    CanadaGirl Says:

    That being said, if anyone can outdo Robert Redford’ Gatsby it would be Leo.

  3. 3
    mia Says:

    I think that DiCaprio is a very talented actor, but don’t see him as Gatsby

  4. 4
    11th Hour Says:

    Leo is really keeping himself busy these days. Red Riding Hood is wrapping up in Vancouver and he supposedly has another producer credit it the works. I wonder when Hoover will start?
    Supposedly Baz wants or wanted to make this Gatsby a musical. Or so I read on the weekend. Haha. That would be interesting. I wonder if Leo can sing?

  5. 5
    N Says:

    @CanadaGirl: I absolutely agree. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book ever so I would love to see another version of it, especially if it has Leo in it. He’s a fantastic actor.

  6. 6
    11th Hour Says:

    @N: Have you seen this version?

  7. 7
    rhonda Says:

    it should be a crime for the Hollywood of today to re-do anything

  8. 8
    ck_always Says:

    He does not look like a Jay Gatsby to me. No thanks.

  9. 9
    CG Says:

    I guess the movie the Titanic will be re-released in 3D to correspond with the 100 year anniversary of the ship’s sinking. I would like to see Titanic again in the the theatres because I haven’t seen it since it came out!

  10. 10
    Crush Says:

    Who wouldn’t crush on Leo at any age?

  11. 11
    Twitter haha Says:

    the007way‎: Just became a Prius owner like Leonardo DiCaprio. Now I can date super models. Wait– are male models of the “super” variety?

  12. 12
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Canada- you are so right! I know Fitzgerald and that era of American lit well- he should totally do it and based on performance in inception -he will totally overtake Redford as the best gatsby- that might finally get him his overdue Oscar. And there’s my boy tobe! Perfectamundo on all points. See things are turning up for him movie wise. Like we really had to worry.

    This is not the best picture of him- he looks like an insuance executive. Also like he forgot his contacts. like a dilf! seyfried totally lucked out to get with this crew. They must like her.

    I love you leo! I am sorry for all the rotten things I say about bar fatelli-
    It’s just I love you for what you are- American icon!

    you perfect except for one area- women. Oh well but I looovvve the gatsby idea!

  13. 13
    Leo Fan Says:

    Nice casting choice! Hope this project will turn out to be a GO!

  14. 14
    cathy Says:

    seriously can the people have a vote. this is absurd and very disrespectful for Hollywood to re do great movies. just like that. whats next breakfast at Tiffany’s with Megan fox.

  15. 15
    Cute Says:

    Leo is still a hottie. He has the nicest blue eyes. Interesting that he’s attached to Amanda Seyfried on another project. She’s in the Red Riding Hood with Lukas Haas, right? Hmmm…..

  16. 16
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Wow thread filling up fast. If all caps shows up I am throwing my iPod out the window however.


    But not in the obsessed stalker way. In the bored over educated horny
    bibliophile way. I’ll take care of the horny part with bf in the next room playing games on the net with his boys, but the other parts you can do for me. Really.



    I have since cider house and seabiscuit. real pollard’s daughter is friend of my moms. Adorable in spidey too!

  17. 17
    Wondering Says:

    Have Leo and Tobey been in a picture together? Leo must be an amazing person to have had his friends for such a long time. He seems to do a lot of good things with and for his friends, and I’m sure they reciprocate also.

  18. 18
    Wondering Says:

    @Tinkerbell: I think his buddy Tobey is hot. He’s got the bedroom eyes and a long lean physique. NICE!

  19. 19
    Girlfriends? Says:

    @Tinkerbell: Do you not like Bar? A lot of people seem to dislike her. What’s so unpleasant about her that causes such dislike?

  20. 20
    Malia Says:

    I can’t see anyone portraying Gatsby better than Robert Redford did in the 1974 movie. That was a great cast with Sam Waterson as Nick, Mia Farrow as Daisy, and Bruce Dern as Tom Buchanan. However, the newer generation of movie goers would probably not have seen the one with Redford, and wouldn’t be making comparisons.

  21. 21
    RKsgrl Says:

    I love Redford, but I didn’t think he or any of the leads were all that great, and the movie itself was weak. It could have been so much better considering the source material and the actors involved. I think it deserves a remake, and Luhrman always has interesting ideas and great visuals.

    He doesn’t want to do it as a musical, btw. That’s another movie he’s thinking of working on next. Apparently he hasn’t decided yet on which one he wants to do next.

    I like the idea of Leo and Tobey working together, and I think they could pull it off. Not sure who should play Daisy. I don’t think Amanda Seyfried is up to it, based on what I’ve seen her in already.

  22. 22
    RKsgrl Says:


    This post is about Leo. Thanks.

  23. 23
    Sian Says:

    For some reason I think Leo would be perfect as Gatsby. And Seyfried is ditzy enough to play the very oblivious Daisy.

  24. 24
    Horoscope Says:

    “Don’t believe everything you hear, especially from the people you are closest to…..Make changes that help you eliminate the stressful situations you are facing.” (Canoe)

  25. 25
    Pit Says:

    I also loved the Redford/Farrow version of “The Great Gatsby” – when my daughter had to read it in High School a couple years back I promised to let her see the movie afterwards. She loved this version. I think because it is set in a different decade that it is ageless.

  26. 26
    Crittle Says:

    The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books. You know, I could see Leo playing Gatsby. Although I can tolerate lit remakes better than straight film remakes.

  27. 27
    Tinkerbell Says:


    I know they use this site to test the waters- marketing wise- and so far so awesome.

    Now just get another a fricking girlfriend who is not a social disgrace. grrrr, arghhh. Yucky! We call her barf because her in that yellow cavalli dress made me nauseous.

  28. 28
    LeoGirl Says:

    I dunno… I think he’d be good as Gatsby. It’s been like awhile since I’ve read the book but I remember that the main character was sort of sophisticated so Leo fits that… If he’s in it then they’ll make a good movie.

  29. 29
    um Says:

    YES YES YES. He is the Actor right now. That movie needs to be remade (but still kept in the same era) because of Mia Farrow. Dam she was miscast in that movie. She ruined it..

  30. 30
    RKsgrl Says:

    Every Leo post could use some Strutting Leo :-D

  31. 31
    Tinkerbell Says:

    @11th Hour: @Girlfriends?: in deference to other posters- just read any thread on bar – the last one on the cavalli party will do. Otherwise agreed this is a PURE Leo thread


    Rule-out-ugly- nonetity threads

    More like this less like that please!


  32. 32
    Carol Says:

    Leo will be fine, it’s the director I don’t like.

  33. 33
    Love Leo Says:

    Leo has a lot of fans here. I think many people would like to see him make this movie. I don’t know who I’d put in the lead if it wasn’t him – Michael Pitt… maybe. He’s cute but perhaps too sexual. Ryan Gosling might be good too. I really like him. BUT I’D SEE IT IN THE THEATRES WITH LEO THO. :)
    I still can’t believe how good Inception was. I’ve asked for it for Christmas so hopefully its on dvd by then.

  34. 34
    RKsgrl Says:

    “Inception” from Warner’s pushed its foreign gross total past the $500-million mark (cume is $503.1 million) thanks to a $8 million weekend at 3,940 screens in 55 markets. Director Christopher Nolan’s scifi-thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio has realized an estimated $54.7 million from the China market alone, said Warner Bros.

  35. 35
    The Guy Behind The Guy Says:

    Love Leo but he still looks too young to play any manly roles. How about a This Boys Life remake.

  36. 36
    Big Money Says:

    @RKsgrl: Imagine how much bank it’s going to make when it hits the stores. Does Leo get a cut of the DVD sales, I wonder? If so, cha-ching. He made huge money this year… $75 mil. I heard. If he gets more of a cut from DVDs then he’s not just Green ecologically!

  37. 37
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Trust me I was an English major at Columbia university.

    There is nobody better for this role- in the history of filming. I know my Fitzgerald, Hemingway. Algren, Anderson, dos passos, inside out. This role was made for Leonardo.


  38. 38
    Mr Hotty Says:

    Leo is hot and masculine. He’s become a really good looking man. The proof is in the GIF.

  39. 39
    RKsgrl Says:

    @Mr Hotty:

    Oh lordy, Billy Costigan = hottest Leo ever! Well until Danny Archer. And Dom Cobb is up there too.

  40. 40
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Friends of mine were extras inthe original way back when because they shot in Newport ri. I remember seeing it and not being overwhelming.

    I think there is a Redford/Dicaprio resemblance. Same color hair, same kind of heart throb- not overly athletic or rippling action hero-just hot. Good actor/hot. Redford hasn’t made movie since 1980s though- too busy with sundance I guess. He should have cameo in this.

    Def MAGUIRE and Dicaprio have to work together- this would be great, they need to do many films together .

  41. 41
    Pleasant Sea House Says:

    Tobey is such a good guy, I’ve liked him on so many films. I like him more in dramatic roles like Seabiscuit and the Cider House Rules. Pleasantville is excellent also. I like the anti-utopian element in that movie. I’d want him to have as much screen time as possible because I’d like to see him opposite Leo and how they’d work with each other.

  42. 42
    RKsgrl Says:

    @Big Money:

    I don’t know about a cut of the DVD sales, video game, and all that, but if he gets a cut of the domestic AND foreign before profit gross, he is sitting pretty! It’s so cool that it was allowed to be released in China.

  43. 43
    nat Says:

    i would rather have kate hudson as daisy.

  44. 44
    Tinkerbell Says:

    1. Billy costigan- cheekbones, shoulders, ass.
    2. Danny archer – nice and thick- chest hair!
    3. Teddy Daniels- shower scene!
    4. basketball diaries- still a boy but sooooooo beautiful!

    Never liked jack Dawson- story hurt my teeth. Like him hard bitten and rough around the edges.


    5. Jay gatsby, sophisticated, suave, in a tux with the valentine slick back— could just take it alll!!!! N n

  45. 45
    Don's Plum Says:

    I IMDBd Leo and he was in Don’s Plum with Tobey and Kevin. That’s one of the few I haven’t seen. Anyone see it? Is it good?
    A little clip….

  46. 46
    Funny Shit Says:

    Leo is a GREAT casting choice for this. Yes. Great Gatsby.

  47. 47
    RKsgrl Says:


    Hmm not sure why the moderation… let’s try that again

  48. 48
    My Pick Says:

    I think I’d have to say:
    1) Billy Costigan – Everything. Hot… damn
    2) Danny Archer – the abs… O.O
    3) Amsterdam Vallon – I like my men with a little meat on their … bones

  49. 49
    @ 47 Says:

    Those are great pictures. The first one is so cute cause Leo looks humble like he’s saying, “Aww shucks so nice to see you.” Leo respects actors he works with but he respects those that have come before him too. He said that in an interview when he was asked about films he’s seen before he started in the business. He bought a movie statue too. I think it was from the Maltese Falcon or something like that. Not sure where it’ll go. He bought it with other people so I wonder if they’ll donate it to a museum or something.

  50. 50
    Goodnight Sweetheart Says:

    What a great way to end the day. A post about LEO! YUM!!!! Now off to sleep and hopefully good dreams.

  51. 51
    RKsgrl Says:

    @Love Leo:

    I don’t see Michael Pitt as Gatsby, but big props to him for his performance in Boardwalk Empire. Scorsese knows how to pick ‘em!

  52. 52
    Jessica the Fat Says:

    Some of you need glasses, he looks terrible these days, very OLD looking. I don’t want to see him playing in anything literary. He made a mess of Romeo & Juliet as it is. He’s overrated as an actor.

  53. 53
    sweetness Says:

    NO NO NO! ..No one can touch that Robert Redford/ Mia Farrow rendition of Gatsby!

  54. 54
    Mel Says:

    He IS Gatsby. This is the perfect role for him.

  55. 55
    tinkerbell Says:

    enough debate to be interesting- this is what they want to see, enough buzz to get it going.

    Redford has a terrible dye job ! That is sad. Great idea, sorry it just is.
    now about the gf–its really time for her to go, but well save that.

  56. 56
    Rich Says:

    The Great Gatsby is probably my favorite book and I think DiCaprio is the only actor that can pull off the character Jay Gatz/ Jay Gatsby. The character Daisy would be better portrayed by Rachel McAdams. James Franco would be a good Nick. Few originals need to be re done but this film re make would be incredible.

  57. 57
    Tinkerbell Says:

    @cathy: They already redid it with Jennifer love Hewitt- didn’t you get that? or was it Audrey herself she played- a bit of a stretch.

  58. 58
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Hey Jessica,

    You’re fat.
    Go away!

    Brace yourself for some barf inconsequential thing. She is in Israel, he is in vegas. Nice distance! Let’s keep it that way.

  59. 59
    Ash Says:

    oh no,amanda seyfried sucks.she’s ugly.

  60. 60
    ichi Says:

    I don’t like Amanda, I prefer Scarlet for that Role, and is very good news that Toby and Leo do something together, or even Portman is a grat choice.

  61. 61
    Ashlee Says:


  62. 62
    kbk Says:

    Nooooooooooooo not amanda!!!

  63. 63
    me me me Says:

    never much liked that book anyway. why do all the americans seem to adore it? ontopic, leo would be a great choice for gatsby, but amanda seyfried would make a horrible daisy. she lacks the sophistication. i would rather see someone like michele williams play her.

  64. 64
    Kaz Says:

    Leo you gorgeous and soo pretty face
    Leo is the best actar ever

  65. 65
    Sliga Says:

    Leonardo the best .and beautiful and pretty boy in the world .he my faves actor.

  66. 66
    Mellifera Says:

    Baz Luhrmann is looking at directing this? Good one Baz, why not just go sh!t all over F Scott’s grave now and be done with it

  67. 67
    The Blonde Says:

    I would have married Roger Ferris,that character was so different than the rest,I didt see Leo I saw someone else dark hair,dark eyes and Texas twang….<3

  68. 68
    Lisa Says:

    Why is he so fat???

  69. 69
    The Blonde Says:

    Happy Birthday Kate looks great hoped Leo remembered.

  70. 70
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    I am not a big fan of remakes but if it is Leo, he should do as he pleases. I say the lead female role should go to Scarlett Johannson or Bar Rafaeli with Bar as the #1 contender. Come on Leo, let’s do it! ;)

  71. 71
    @70 Says:



    Leo is a, but he is not stupid. His d… his driving him in almost everything but not as far work and acting are concerned. He would never share the screen with such a wannabe.


    Such a funny way to open the day.. Thanks for the best joke of the year.

  72. 72
    ;) Says:

    right, bar as the lead. she couldn`t score the lead in transformers 3 but of course she should get the female role in the great gatsby. seriously WHAT`S WRONG WITH YOU???

  73. 73
    dr brown Says:

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: I would love to see Leo in The Great Gatsby but the idea of Bar Refaeli in any Hollywood film let alone on screen with Leo (it’s bad enough that he’s dating her) is ridiculous. Am hoping that the Wolf of Wall Street gets greenlit too. He would be great in that. Happy Birthday Kate!

  74. 74
    mailey Says:

    Whoas you cannot ever beat Redford as Gatsby and Farrow’s Daisy.

    Seyfried esp for Daisy is insulting.

  75. 75
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    Such childish behavior. Leo DiCaprio is one smart cookie. He is very powerful and does as he pleases. No bratty little pathetic stalker girls can EVER keep him away from the woman he loves BAR RAFAELI. If he wants to put her in his movie, it is his business. Then again, he won’t because that relationship is sacred to him and he wants to keep it away from you pathetic stalkers. Accept it: Leo is with BAR!

  76. 76
    ;) Says:

    @75: go and take your meds. nobody talked about bar until you showed up and ruined the thread. sure leo doesn`t want to work with her because they are dating. it has nothing to do with talent or rather lack of it. seriously go and get some help.

  77. 77
    YAY Says:

    Good choice on actors. they would play really good period roles. They all have the 20s style in them, especially Leo and Amanda….. Tobey… not so much, but I’m sure that if there was an adaptation, he would do well.

  78. 78
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Maybe he’ll cast the redhead he was in Vegas with yesterday. missed that didn’t ya? some sand faced israeli with a thick accent who can’t act in a real movie- Leo would cut off his foot before. He doesnt want to be seen walking down the street with the rat, never mind a Hollywood picture. But let’s keep the rest of the thread on topic, ok?

  79. 79
    Tinkerbell Says:

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: Leo was with someone else as of yesterday.

    And no he cannot cast a baz luhrmann movie- baz would choke on his script before. If this relationship is sacred to him, hide the host and wine. Sorry just too funny. Doesn’t want to be seen on the same sidewalk with her, never mind same movie. go back to sleep israel!

  80. 80
    Pipo Says:

    All Caps is gone in the other thread, delated, erased. Well done,JJ, some cleaning activity is really a good idea.

  81. 81
    anonymous Says:

    Hope the project does get made as Leo would make a great Gatsby.

    He has the talent, looks, charisma, strong screen presence needed for Jay Gatsby

  82. 82
    the truth Says:

    @rhonda: Haven’t this movie being done before? I love the first movie better.Tobey won’t get out and audition for his own movie like everyone else does.I’m sure gald Hayden Christensen does do that.He really audtion for his work. You’re right!

  83. 83
    Ros@ Says:

    @78- do you have any link or twitter?

  84. 84
    Lisa rose Says:

    @Tinkerbell: SORRY to break it for you Tinkersh*t, but Bar is NOT IN ISREAL!!!
    I dont know from where you got it from……
    I am feeling sorry for you if you still keep belive in anything you read. its just childish. but ofcourse, you’ll ALLWAYS belive to what you want to belive. if it was article that saying that Leo and Bar was together, you’ll say that its a lie. you are just PATHETIC!!! but anyway, I think that you are an a lost case, so……

    but fact are fact, and Bar is still in Leo’s life!!!! if you like it or not. hehe

  85. 85
    Lisa rose Says:

    and by the way……….. THEY ARE IN IBIZA!!! TOGETHER!! not Vegas/Israel, there’s alot of pics, so you even can see how happy they are!!! hehe

  86. 86
    RKsgrl Says:

    Deadline Hollywood’s take on Gatsby rumours…

  87. 87
    RKsgrl Says:

    Ms. BJ Gaga, Lisa Rose, and all your other aliases:

    This is a post about Leo only. Thanks.

  88. 88
    PeoplefromIbiza Says:

    Ibiza? Now? With Naomi? That would be a breaking news. Naomi spending her time with low cost travellers?. You’re dreaming. The high season is over. Now it’s time for last minutes packages (1 week all inclusive, you pay 4 nights, get the other 3 for free,). Almost time for skiing here in Europe. you know, Gstaad, St Moritz, Cortina… Lol.
    Anyway, Ibiza is really beautiful all the year, just not for VIP population.

  89. 89
    RKsgrl Says:

    Animal Action Week just started… Leo’s message about how to help save the tigers:

  90. 90
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    #87: I don’t HAVE to use aliases because I am not a childish delusional stalker. You girls are so ridiculous. Thinking putting down Leo’s girlfriend will make him leave her for you. LOL. ACCEPT IT. He is with Bar. Done. Period. Accept it. No wonder Leo has extra security. You trolls are psychotic!

  91. 91
    bb Says:

    One of my favourites is This Boys Life. Wasn’t maguire in that aswell as Leo? DeNiro was in that also

  92. 92
    bb Says:

    l’d love to see him in this Gatsby movie.

  93. 93
    David D Says:

    Leo is no Vinny Chase.

  94. 94
    hi Says:

    Leo was also at the Roberto Cavalli party he just didn’t walk the red carpet obviously. From

  95. 95
    thanks Says:

    Thanks for the Roberto news but i saw that article before. Already knew they went to the party together but….. thanks love

  96. 96
    Ros@ Says:

    Bar is in Israel right now, the pics from Ibiza are from august…

  97. 97
    why Says:

    Definitely, the Ibiza pics are NEW:

    IN August LEONARDO DICAPRIO ignored the storm of controversy surrounding NAOMI CAMPBELL to holiday with her.
    Fast forward a couple of months and here he is again with girlfriend BAR REFAELI and Naomi aboard a plush yacht off the coast of Ibiza.

  98. 98
    lol Says:

    @Lisa Rose: The photos were posted on Saturday and on Sunday Leo was seen in London at the airport. How about that? Take it easy and stop ruining this thread with his news/theories about his low-quality gf.

  99. 99
    Muse Says:

    Tobey Maguire? Ew.

  100. 100
    ...... Says: keep dreaming barfy (referring to 1st pic)

  101. 101
    Lisa rose Says:

    @Ros@: Bar is Not in Israel!!! they filmed the show few days before she went to Paris.
    but ofcourse you wouldnt belive me anyway, cus you just dont want to belive that Leo is with Bar RIGHT NOW…..

  102. 102
    ...... Says: all the ibiza pics, leo looks suuuuper cute….love his hair, hes so happy and smiley to probly cause hes unaware of the paps thankfully!

  103. 103
    ...... Says: all the ibiza pics, leo looks suuuuper cute….love his hair, hes so happy and smiley to probly cause hes unaware of the paps thankfully!

  104. 104
    viva Says:

    speaking off vinny chase…..has anyone else noticed the similarites between the vinny chase character and leo? entourage is supposed to be based on mark walbergs life but it looks to me A LOT more like leos….they even had him’as a down on out movie star who retreated from fame after aquman huge succes, when onto do some other movei it bombed, then did a scorcese moive and is back on top again….all that adds upto titanic, the beach, gangs……..the similarities ar uncanning!!

  105. 105
    taylor swift Says:

    just saw a pic of leo and kanye west and he looks SUPER HOT, makes kanye look like an ogre……kanye has a new song out that mentions leo and barf! also saw joan rivers interview where she said what a great sense of humor leo has and one of the wiliams sisters is CONSTANTLY talking about how much she thinks leo is so hot, quite the popular boy is our leo!!

  106. 106
    Ros@ Says:

    hey Lisa Rose i don´t have anything against you girl! i just saw the pics from that hebrew site and i thought they were new and she was in Israel again, that´s all… No hard fellings :)

  107. 107
    lol Says:

    @Ros@: Lisa Rose is not worth the time responding to – just like the other bar fans. She often forgets her meds that`s obvious! Just ignore her! I hope Leo had a lot of fun in Vegas. Redhead? That`s new? So far there were blondes and brunettes. He sure likes variety!

  108. 108
    lol Says:

    emilyboogie just saw leo dicaprio with some redhead. they looked like they were having a good time in l.v. my home town of all places.
    about 23 hours ago via web

  109. 109
    the wedding planner Says:

    Hollywod has really run out of idears. Sad. Like others said, Redford will be hard to beat. Why ?

  110. 110
    Brooke Says:

    ‘The Great Gatsby’ is my favorite book and I LOVED Robert Redford’s version of the movie!
    I personally don’t think Leo is a good choice though. :(

  111. 111
    paris Says:

    BORING. DiCaprio is getting worse looking every day. That role takes someone with a little more edge than dweeb.

  112. 112
    Mr. Gagging on a Jolly Bar Says:

    It’s nice to see the usual gang here sharing links. Hello to all the Leo-fans. After thinking about this a little during the day, I think that another GG would be nice. It’s a classic American novel that can be revisited with fresh eyes and new perspectives. I don’t think that redoing it would in any way take away from the original, it would only bring a modern understanding and appreciation of the work.

  113. 113
    Typical Says:

    Nice to see the loons stealing names again.

  114. 114
    Strutting Leo Says:

    Watch this..
    0:42 & 0:44 are great. 1:34 – typical Leo ;)

  115. 115
    1001ReasonsToDumpBarf Says:

    Reason#20..Leo:”There is no way in helll your gonna be in this”Gatsby film..your not even allowed at red carpet”…(hangs up)

  116. 116
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    Must be sad for a lonely girl to wake up and realize she will always be a computer fan of Leo DiCaprio and never the girlfriend because to be his girlfriend you’d have to have had a Sports Illustrated cover and be a hot girl from Israel. Sad. Team Barleo!

  117. 117
    Tinkerbell Says:

    @Lisa rose: Lisa rose, dahhhhhhrlingggg…those pictures were identified at the source (the photographer/agency) as being from august.

    I worked for photo agencies in ny for 10 years. Part of my job was noticing things like that, getting dates and attributions right. The sun is another gossip rag that gets things wrong all the time. I used to work with the gossip rags too- they would tell me to send them things they could fake all the time for good money- like an eagle taking off with a baby in it’s claws, a baby with a wide forehead so they could airbrush a third eyeball in.

    I am not making this up either.

    So no, they are NOT in Ibiza, and I don’t know where Barfie is but she reiterate she was home. This could be Israel or ny as she does not live in la with Leo as has been lied about before.

    I believe Leo was in Vegas alone for the past couple of days blowing off steam and looking for hoes. There were too many credible witnesses, including two journalists in town for a convention.

    I don’t believe he went to cavalli, – why would he waste his time, and I believe they had lunch ONCE with vd and nc. They left by separate entrances as HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE SEEN WITH HER AS EVERYBODY HATES HER AND HE KNOWS.

    I believe she’s still on his call list but not in his five. Not really.
    I believe they boinked in Paris- not like they haven’t before. They also went to hakaan party and he danced with other women.he went to tag alone!

    I just still think she is a ***** and justice will prevail.

    I do however believe the hotel sighting, and I believe they are still seeing each other, however I think its getting more tenuous than ever.

  118. 118
    Mr. Gagging on a Jolly Bar Says:

    It must be sad to be the only fan of Leo and Bar knowing that he’s eating strawberry muffin right now

  119. 119
    lol Says:

    @116: So it`s that what it takes to be his gf? Wearing nearly nothing on a trashy mag cover? Are you sure it`s a good thing? She got that cover like 3 years after they started dating so you are clearly not making any sense … as usual. Barleo? How old are you?

  120. 120
    11th Hour Says:

    Let’s be real. What model wonderland did Leo go to when he had the chance. In NY during the Un conference it was the BRAZILIAN party. The guy has a one track mind and Bar is just a temporary stop on that line.
    Why would Leo go to a Cavalli party? So many of the “featured” models are taken and he can’t flirt with her there. Who else was there? Rachel Bilson – she’s about 4 feet shorter than he likes in a woman. Plus, there’d be press and Leo wants his flirtations on the DL.

  121. 121
    1001ReasonsToDumpBarf Says:

    Leo: I like strawberry muffins not muffin-top.

  122. 122
    Tinkerbell Says:

    you can try to diss me all you want- to the educated and media savvy you sound very, very stupid. Did you read what they posted up there about Ibiza? It’s off season. People like Naomi Campbell don’t do off-season. Why would they go back? Picture was ided by the photog as AUGUST! who the f knows where she is, who th f cares?

    As for the above, that’s funny. Now he only dates Israelis? What? I tell you if Barfie is Israeli perfection then everyone is Israel is fcuking ug-ly. Because if that is the best you have, the stereotype is trireme Jewish girls are UGLY. certainly all of barfies friends are. Never mind what Barfie would look like without the nose job, implants, dye job, collagen and face lift. I. E. Nothing. I don’t believe Jewish people are ugly but if this is the best you you have then you have a problem.

    apparently all you have to do to be leo’s riend is show up when she is out of town anyway. Been posted everywhere Barfie do you know what a fool you seem like? You ate the laughingstock of the universe. Even ugly Betty got her man.

    I was lookiing at a Spanish newspaper today and all the small town beauty queens from the dr are better than barfola.

  123. 123
    Tinkerbell Says:

    I have a bf who waits on me hand and foot. What for I want Dicaprio for? I don’t want to be waiting around for anyone- I simply refuse to play that game anymore. If I want to talk to my man I just roll over.

    anyway I think Lisa rose=sparkly adi= paid barf liar.

    yeah she’s still in his life- thousands of miles away but still in his life. really, what is the difference between he and barf- she has to follow him around on the internet and he doesn’t take her calls either. I think on anybgiven day we know about as much as she does.

    “honey I’m in Vegas without you. Sure is fun. See ya when I see ya! Lotsa cute girls here. I’m here with keV and the ******* are like flies to honey! See ya soon! ”

    “yah I was hanging with usher last night. Those girls were um, his sisters. Charlize, Stacey, and jayde all say hello!” I’m sure he calls her once a week and updates her.

  124. 124
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Call me tinkershit again and I will use my frequent flier miles go to tel aviv and fcuk your Frankenstein face up.

    Oops, sorry, I didn’t realize someone already did that!

    Must suck to be the ugly girl doing dirty work for the almost (by Israeli standards only) pretty girl. Does she make you wash her panties put too?
    Pick up het dry cleaning? Bet she does.

  125. 125
    lol Says:

    @120: According to Page Six he showed up at the hotel where the party was held but he had no clue it was the after party for the Brazilian event. They even pointed out that he was underdressed. But either way we know he has a taste for Brazilian girls.
    I really don`t care which parties they went together. They do that a lot even after awards shows so him going to the Cavalli party or her going to the Tag Hauer party so what? Nothing unusual. He likes parties that`s obvious he just had one with a redhead. :) There was a sighting from Paris – another after party – where it was said Bar, Naomi and that Russian guy were sitting at a table while Leo was dancing. Romantic!

  126. 126
    RKsgrl Says:

    Well there goes another Leo thread.

    I said once before that I don’t know who is more delusional, the people who insist he never sees his part time gf, or the Bar fiends who insist it’s true love and marriage and babies are just around the corner.

    I’ve finally decided it’s the Bar fiends, just because they seem so desperate to idealise the relationship so they can live vicariously through her. Someone so average in every respect (even looks, by modeling standards) gives them hope that they too can snag a rich, powerful movie star (clearly how they view Leo) and get pregnant by him, which seems to be their ultimate goal for her. That’s the best they can hope for since her career isn’t going anywhere. Even the Leo connection can’t seem to help her get decent jobs anymore.

    The shallow, opportunistic fans she attracts are just another reason to hope he finds a woman of similar talent and success in her field when he want to settle down.

  127. 127
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Ok, they are still seeing each other! I believe it!

    But would he have gone to Paris without the tag event? Nah.

    Btw today I walked by Madame tussauds and guess who was featured in the front window! I had to stop and do a double take because while most of the wax figures are not that realistic nowadays, they had him in a nice suit posed like he usually does, and they got his squint and eyes right- one of his eyes might be slightly off center- just a degree out of 360- I’ve noticed it beforeand they got it. Peoples eyes generally are not identical but pretty close- most good portrait artists will tell you that. Also the face had a slight discoloration / bags / circles like he does sometimes- just enough of the flaws to be real.

    I thought for a second it might be him doing a joke for ten minutes- that would be like him, but it was definitely the doll.

    Everyone was going crazy- these teenage girls were saying they definitely wanted to go in once they saw him.

  128. 128
    •1001ReasonsToDumpBARF• Says:

    Reason#19Extended version…3am Leo’s exausted from flirting and clubbing..he just remembered hé told Barf he call her “back” 3 hours he turns on his phone and finds 10 messages from Barf ..he erases them without listenng ,but last one hears of her annoying voice..she shreiks in her Israeli accent”Where are You Im supposed to come L.A tommorow why didt you call me back” is your phone dead..well if it is ..”I left you a message on your house if you don’t get it then I can’t come till saturday(two days away)..let me know before I cancel my flight”..Leo paniclly erased her message on his phone sitting in fear…then he ran over to the answering machine staring at what seemed to be the his death sentence…Then noticed astonishly noticed There were NO messges..slyly he smiles ..with excitment and starts fist kids from Jersey shore..but stopped
    abruptly thinking what happened to the message?SOMEONE erased it,but WHO??hummm to be continued..

  129. 129
    Rose Says:

    Redford is the only Jay Gatsby…

  130. 130
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    It is so sad to see how low and how little people think of Leo on this thread. As if a guy that powerful, that successful and that smart would stoop so low as to be in a relationship of convenience that he hides from the press. Is he not like one of the most famous actors in the world? Leo can do what he wants. And what he chose to do is to profess his love to Bar Rafaeli. Like Gwyneth and Chris, and many other couples, they know the pitfalls of walking the red carpet together and all that. Brad and Angelina waited a long time before showing up together at events in fear of what the awful paps and rumor mill would do to them. Same with Gwyneth and Chris: she swears not to walk the red carpet with her husband for fear of this. Beyonce and Jay-Z NEVER acknowledge fully their MARRIAGE and hardly talk about each other for fear of this. It is wise. Leo cares enough about this relationship to keep it private. He was used once for publicity by a manly tranny who wanted to get into the movies (if you call that taxi cab movie with Queen Latifah a movie) and he knows what it is like to be used. Now he has found love from a real woman and NO ONE not even pathetic stalkers will ruin that for him. That is why he is such a powerful actor and so successful. He is smart. Team Barleo!

  131. 131
    Sweet Says:

    lol that Bar vs Victoria article on the that dress is hilarious. That happens alot to celebrities but i think Bar fills out that dress better than vIctoria though. Love that they mention “aka Leo Dicaprio’s girlfriend” in the article. I always like when Leo’s name is mentioned in stuff about Bar! Sounds weird lol but i know what i mean hehe.

  132. 132
    hey Says:

    Here’s a video about Leo and one of those entertainment hosts. I love how Leo remembers people… he just seems so friendly and down to earth.

  133. 133
    hey Says:

    sorry here’s that video

  134. 134
    lol Says:

    @131: Of course she is `aka Leo`s girlfriend`. That`s her official title and that`s her only claim to fame. It`s rather pathetic and sad than `lol` or `hehe`.

  135. 135
    Jessica Says:

    Leo as Jay Gatsby? yesssss. Leo rules.

  136. 136
    @BarfPatrolls Says:

    Thumbs down yourselves for admiring a dumb as* ignorant conceited bi*ch such as barf freaks all need help,constantly fantasizing about a future between Leo and Barf what a f*ncken joke.He ain’t marrying her, she’s a sextoy nothin more..he’s obviously has no interest in helping her snag any roles ..he’s knows she has the brains and talent of a corpse..but Leo fans are not surprised lol… and that’s saying it nicely..that idiot needs to stay in Israel and be the nobody she is…now go back to Bellazon and discuss that FREAKS!!

  137. 137
    guest girl Says:

    Self-talking again! But it’s getting boring! ‘They’ have nothing interesting to say! I wanna hear what’s their take on Leo’s redhead friend from Vegas!

  138. 138
    RKsgrl Says:

    He is smart. That’s why he hasn’t married her, or even moved her in.

    Gwyneth and Chris
    Beyonce and JayZ
    Brad and Angelina
    Leo and Bar

    Which one of these couples is not like the others? That’s all I need to say, really.

    This was a nice LEO thread, about a potential future project, not his personal life. Bar fiends invading posts like this only furthers the impression that she needs him to get attention and can’t stand on her own two feet.

  139. 139
    @138 Says:

    Let’s not forget the stubby legs and double bubble chin. ;) yep a born super model..not!

  140. 140
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Ms bar lauded gaga -

    “I can’t heaaaaaarrr you.”

    Nah just dont buy it.

    Why do guys like Hugh grant get caught with street hookers?

    Not because they can get them or pay them, but because they go away later. Bar goes away later and she is right size for the overhead compartment.

    We just think it’s too bad that’s all

    Are you comparing bar to gwyneth Paltrow and beyonce?
    Now there’s my haha. Thanks!

  141. 141
    Gatsby Says:

    He sould definately play Gatsby!!! Tobey should be Nick. For Daisy if Bar Refaeli is a good actress she should be Daisy. I love when real life couples star in movies together!!

  142. 142
    Tiana Says:

    Ok Tobey should defiantely not be any where near this movie. That guy is a complete dork. He was a horrible Spiderman!

  143. 143
    Nance Says:

    I love how it’s Leo’s name that gets the title for this just jared story. Amanda and Tobey are not A list celebrities in my head.

  144. 144
    huh? Says:

    Lol @ Bar playing Daisy. Has she ever starred in a movie? They should get an actress with more experience. Bar is very gorgeous but she’s not in the acting business. Plus Leo would not want that seeing how they are extremely discreet about their relationship. Only couples who are obsessed with fame do that sort of thing.

  145. 145
    Agree Says:

    Tobey is a worthless actor. He is too wooden in my opinion. However he is not as bad as Orlando Bloom and Adran Grenier…. those are two of the worst actors in hollywood.

  146. 146
    Mr. Gagging on a Jolly Bar Says:

    Notice how Bar is compared to people with legitimate relationships. After 5 years those people are married or have kids. Does Bar?
    It’s 9:43. Do you know where Leo is? Nope. Just as I thought.
    The only baby I’ve been her with was a silicone doll and even it looked like it was struggling to get away. I’m sure if it were able to it would have said, “I’d rather never be a real child than have you as a mother.” *ouch*
    I’d like to point out that when we go for the jugular, we always have fresh comments and we don’t need to regurgitate the same old crap.

  147. 147
    Monica Says:

    Rachel McAdams is dating Michael Sheen i wish she would go back to Ryan Gosling. They were the most perfect couple. Sorry i know this does not have to do with Gatsby but i just finished reading about Rachel and Michael.

  148. 148
    Genna Says:

    Did you guys see the pics of Bar hugging Leo while he was excercizing? Those were so sweet. It’s posted on Yuku and Worldcrossing if anyone is interested! It was from their trip to Ibiza they made some time ago.

  149. 149
    ewwww Says:

    OK Leo looks very fat and bloated in this picture Jared posted of him. Damn i miss the young and hot Leo. He sure has let himself go. How he manages to still date supermodels is beyond me. For Gatsby they need someone more pretty and sophisticated looking. I think Jude Law would make a great Gatsby.

  150. 150
    Tinkerbell Says:

    “chose to profess his love for bar Refaeli?

    Double haha. When?

    Lets see

    Gwyneth and Chris, married for like 8/10 years, two kids

    Beyonce jay-z- married like two years.

    Brad-Angelina six kids and live together.

    Bar Leo- no ring, multiple breakups, no possibilty at all of marriage according to him, dont live together, don’t have kids , and he has never even said her name publicly.

    Oh and you think beyonce and gwyneth and Angelina get told to use separate exits and they do it???? Hahaha

    Jay z would be wearing his testes for earmuffs if he did this.

    Also IMHO jay-z and Chris married UP and brad married across.
    He left the Barfie type girl (maniston) for somebody cool. Six kids later they are going strong.

    Face it barfie is just third rate. Leo knows this and knows he can get do whatever he wants. He thinks he’s getting a bargain because she is easily manipulable. he knows very well what he is doing, but he keeps his eyes open.

    And the one who is really doing the using is bar.
    Gisele made even more dough than Leo. Like she really needs him for anything!

    Stop saying Barfie is a nice girl. She isn’t and her family sucks- viewed as white trash in Israel. Mom is piece of dried up white dog ****.

  151. 151
    @141 Says:

    Look hun it ain’t happening ..have you seen the Session trailer?Probally not..and Leo and Barf have no chemistry in real life, so who’s gonna believe it on screen…

  152. 152
    BMine Says:

    what are people complaining about? Leo is a big star now. He did Inception and its real popular so why all the hate. Hes a good actor and can do lots of different types of people and shakespere to.

  153. 153
    NoFunHunting Says:

    lol at your comment of Leo looking fat and bloated. I was thinking the same thing!

  154. 154
    NoFunHunting Says:

    One more thing….

    he kind of looks like an old pittbull in this picture lol.

  155. 155
    Genna Says:

    I think Leo looks fine. I prefer how he looks now compared to when he was younger.

  156. 156
    Sian Says:

    What pictures of Bar hugging Leo are you talking about? The only pictures i see on here are of Amanda Seyfried, Leo, and Maguire.

  157. 157
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Yes we saw one picture count em one where bar goes up and hugs Leo from behind and he totally ignores her. That’s one picture out if sixty, reposted on two sites. They are not hugging and kissing in any face to face romantic way and it’s not sweet at all. She is hugging him momentarily in passing.

  158. 158
    lacy Says:

    love leo think he will be great

  159. 159
    @Sian Says:

    Oh it’s not on this site dear. Radar online has the pics though plus others as well. I saw them a couple days ago.

  160. 160
    hi Says:

    Amanda would make a great Daisy. She is very gorgeous. Only thing is that she looks like she could be Leo’s daughter lol. If Amanda is Daisy they need a younger Gatsby. Maybe Zac Efron?

  161. 161
    Tinkerbell Says:

    They are over a month old however.

  162. 162
    Sweet Says:

    Nah i want Leo as Gatsby! They will have to change Amanda. But this casting is just a rumour. I doubt Leo will play Gatsby.. i don’t see him doing it personally.

  163. 163
    I'd never work that hard 4 $ Says:

    @NoFunHunting: @Genna: It’s about 4am in Israel, so you must be working a double.

  164. 164
    lol Says:

    Amanda can eat dirt she;s a no talent actress who looks like she stinks. Leo is too old and annoying. I don’t like Tobey either. I say Liam Hemsworth, Kristen stewart, and Andrew Garfield for the parts.

  165. 165
    Sian Says:

    oh thanks. Leo and Bar make a cute couple. They seem like they are very much in love!

  166. 166
    @146 Says:

    Lol.. JJ should post her with the fake baby pic call it “First it was fake engagment rings now “She’s got a Fake baby” The life of a bedwarmer..LOL

  167. 167
    :, Says:

    I personally think Bar is too pretty for Leo. I don’t think Leo is all that.

  168. 168
    Sian Says:

    (Sian’s inner dialogue) How do I reveal that my family is being held hostage and that unless I continually type they’ll be killed. I hate Bar. I HATE BAR! But I’m forced to say things I don’t mean. I feel…. so dirty inside.

  169. 169
    mean Says:

    How can you guys make fun of Leo. I think Tobey is the one you guys should be making fun of, he looks very dorky in that pic. Amanda tends to look like she’s high all the time.

  170. 170
    @ 166 Says:

    @:,: Your missing half your face, ******. Looking for this ;)

  171. 171
    @Sian Says:

    Totally agree.. Dicaprio and Rafali make a gorgeous duo. They need to procreate right away.

  172. 172
    @ 166 Says:

    The missing word is RE T ARD ;)

  173. 173
    wow Says:

    Imagine all of the attention that kid will get from the media. Both Leo and Bar are famous around the world.

  174. 174
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    It is amazing how happy they look together. Ibiza. How romantic. Leo is so smart. As is tradition with Israeli culture, a family must truly test a man before he can be allowed the hand of his beloved. I think Leo is really happy to be in a relationship that does not care who he is because their cultural practices are so strong, those cultural practices come first. I can’t wait for the family to accept his request for her hand in marriage. How gorgeous is this:

  175. 175
    @166 Says:

    And I personally think you need glasses moron.

  176. 176
    sorry Says:

    But you guys are right, that is a very bad picture of Leonardo. It actuaally makes me sad to look at it because he was once sooooo beautiful. I had his pictures on my wall and everything. He’s still with Bar? I bet Leo feels lucky to have her, Bar is way better looking than him. I remember Val Kilmer used to be gorgeous.. now he is very fat and gross looking. Hopefully Leo won’t put on anymore weight. He needs to lose like ten pounds or so.

  177. 177
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    Example of an interfaith wedding:×2.jpg

  178. 178
    @ 173 Says:

    Haha… Your right Leo’s being tested – his sanity, his body’s ability to fight infections, his patience….. LOL

  179. 179
    @sorry Says:


  180. 180
    Daisy Says:

    I know this is unlikely but Bar would make a hot Daisy. i mean if Rosie whitely can be in Transformers Bar can play Daisy. Leo and Bar on the big screen that will get alot of press.

  181. 181
    No Faith Says:

    We haven’t seen Leo in awhile. Something tells me that he’s having a great time in LV. That town has a lot of lovely ladies from all over the world. We know how Leo like his ladies with a little south American flavor.

  182. 182
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    Here is Bar in a “flapper” dress. Wow, you are right, she DOES look like Daisy would (except more beautiful of course):

  183. 183
    lol Says:

    Bar is way better looking than Seyfried. However, Bar would never take a part alongside her boyfriend Leo. They hate being photographed together why on earth would they wanna be in a movie together. They try to seperate their dating life from their professional life. End of Story.

  184. 184
    Heather Says:

    Who do you think is hotter Brad Pitt or Leo?

  185. 185
    lol Says:

    uhhhhh Leo of couse.

  186. 186
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    They even looked alike as kids! Their chidlren will be PERFECT looking.



  187. 187
    question Says:

    Why do you guys care so much about Leo’s personal life? Who cares if he is dating Bar, that is his business. Let Leo and Bar live their lifes and you guys live your own lives.

  188. 188
    Gatsby Says:

    I think Leo will make a great Gatsby he is an amazing actor. Surprised he has not won an oscar yet!

  189. 189
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Feel free to wait all you want. The only test Leo is trying to pass is a screen test. Maybe one day he’ll have to pass a paternity test because that family is so crazy they might try anything. at least today they can do it with DNA, not just blood types and be sure.

    Yeah he’s under the radar which makes me think he’s snacking somewhere with someone.

    Don’t worry Leo Tzipi probably takes credit cards to get lost.

    “I can’t wait until her family accepts him in marriage?” what lunacy is this, he just announced he ain’t never jumping the broom. I would take that as a no. What don’t you understand about no, the n or the o?

    She sure spins some ish. I’d get tired of saying the same thing over and over and find a new way to promote my daughter- sky writing maybe?

    Has anybody bougt that app yet?

    No one ever will.

  190. 190
    guest girl Says:

    Yawn! The self-talker is boring tonight. No imagination, nothing interesting … Just like Bar! No wonder you like her so much!
    Still nothing about Leo’s new redhead friend only the imaginary kids and wedding. BORING!!! You won’t get paid extra for your posting job if you are this disappointing!

  191. 191
    @question Says:

    That’s because there are people here who are obsessed with Bar’s every move. Some say they are not fans but they must secretely like her if they devote so much time writing about her and looking up the latest news relating to her. Very weird behaviour!

  192. 192
    Tina Says:

    Not the best picture of Leo. Come on Jared you could hae atleast found a better picture.

  193. 193
    Tinkerbell Says:

    I disagree, seyfried is cuter- this is not the best picture. Rafeali cannot act her way out of a paper bag either.

  194. 194
    jennie Says:

    love leo and bar cant wait for them to get married

  195. 195
    TinkerBell Says:

    Who cares about the picture. It’s just an archive what’s important is the story. I don’t know why so many people care about Leo and Bar…. they are just humans. Their celebrity status should not make them any different. Of course they are both beautiful people but no one knows them personally. So we just have to leave that as is and admire their work.

  196. 196
    Hong Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to Seyfried playing Daisy! Absolutely not! No no no no!

    Gatsby is my favourite novel out of everything out there! I hope to god they don’t butcher this remake.

  197. 197
    star Says:

    Leo is the big star… not much mention about Amanda and Tobey on here!

  198. 198
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Transformers= bullshit, feature movie based on child’s toy.
    Great gatsby= american literary classic up there with walden and moby ****. Professionals only please.

    Bar Refaeli= affirmative action for models. “once in a while we take an ugly girl from a country with a lot of ugly girls”- just to show how cool we are.

  199. 199
    Mr. Gagging on a Jolly Bar Says:

    Yet another picture of Bar not looking confident. The sad part is that she’s a child in the photo. Her eyes look dead- poor thing. I wonder what was done to put that sadness there?

  200. 200
    @TinkerBell Says:

    Yes i agree. People who don’t know them should just but out. I think they are talented at what they do but what they do behind close doors is none of my concern. People pay too much attention to celebrity couples the media is so annoying for paying so much attention to couples. These couples are just like any other couple… just they are famous. They kiss, argue, have lunch, talk just like any other couple.

  201. 201
    @Ms Jolie gaga Daisy are Nuts Says:

    Bellazon must have crashed u freaks are pathetic Barf’s has no chance of being a actress ,she can’t even please cut the as* kissing and praising,she’ll be posing in her pantys and bra till she’s 60..ughhhh not a pretty sight, since she already looks 40 so keep dreamin freaks!

  202. 202
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Leo is slightly better actor. Brad makes better choices in women.

    Leo passed on a book I thought was excellent that brad picked up- world war z. I’d rather work for his production co that way I could hang out with Angelina, not have to be nice to barf because of my husbands job. Yech!

  203. 203
    lol Says:

    @TinkerBell: Don`t you realize how pathetic you are responding to your own comments? Unbelievable!

  204. 204
    diaert Says:

    I think Leo was hotter when he was younger, but he is definately a better actor now. Leo is so much more respected these days compared to some of his other peers. I’m sure that is how Leo likes it. He has a nice life still. He is dating a gorgeous model who he is in a long, committed relationship with, gettinng paid millions to do movies (heard he got 50 million for Inception). The only thing he is missing is an oscar. Who knows if or when that’ll happen

  205. 205
    cute Says:

    That video with the woman talking about Leo remembering her giving him mail was so cute.

  206. 206
    guest girl Says:

    I think Robert Downey jr should play Gatsby. Leo isn’t pretty boy enough for the part.

  207. 207
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    Well, clearly Rick Sanchez who CNN fired is not the only anti-Semite in the world. A country of ugly girls? Israel was consistently chosen in many polls as the country with the most beautiful women. I guess if you hate Jews then how can you find them beautiful? Pathetic. I guess the tranny German fans are out in full force today proving their past is not really their past.

  208. 208
    Tinkerbell Says:

    This is pretty much mindless entertainment for me. For my bf it’s old star trek episodes in hulu and for my mom it is the Boston celtics. Believe it or not!

    See, I am just diametrically opposed dumb *******. I used to troll the dr. Laura site for the same reason, I think she’s gross.

    Some people like rush windbag – I like zac de la rocha. Some people like elevator music, I like Mick Jagger.

    Some people wanted Luke to marry Laura- I wanted them both to fly in an airplane into a building and die screaming

    Some people like Danielle Steele, I like antonin Chekhov and Josef conrad.

    See what I mean? Some people like Marcia Brady, I like the bionic woman…. And so on..thats why!

  209. 209
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Don’t you think it is pathetic that you cannot realize the difference between a new post and a reply? I’m not waiting for some a-joke like you to respond, I don’t care what you think particularly and am not waiting for you to respond

    Don’t steal my freaking name anymore either.

    I don’t care what you think because I know I am much stronger and more intelligent than you girls from bellafreaks. I am not interested in your opinion unless it gives me fuel for my fire. I just truly enjoy goofing on you because what you have to say us generally so retrograde (look it up) and offensive it’s fun to rank on. I mean if you didn’t post all this bs and there weren’t so many other articulate women who post here to ridicule you I wouldn’t come.

  210. 210
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Leo is in an on-and-off relationship with a pathetic ***** who thinks she is a model. He serially cheats on her and desperately looks for other women. I think we know what is really missing here, a real woman.

    according to his closest friend who posts here he is looking for a way out and is colossally bored. Unfortunately he has a bad rep with other a-list females who are either already in relationships or just cautious. he can’t get an Oscar in part because he dates talentless embarrassing shanks and is seen as a womanizer.

    How do you think this is going to end? he’ll straighten up and fly right and get rid of the ugly baggage or be in a holding pattern with one no talent ***** after another.

    Which would be sad but entirely possible. I’d like to see something better happen.

    What is really funny is Tzipi putting bar forth as daisy.that’s a laugh.

  211. 211
    Tinkerbell Says:

    I hate the expression “hot” as meaning sexually attractive.
    It’s so trite and overused. I don’t mind people that actually are hot, like Leo, Charlize, Angelina, brad, Megan fox, Gerard butler, Jensen ackles, Adriana Lima, Jared padelecki, fergie, Nicole scherzinger, or were historically hot like Paul Newman or Ursula Andress, James dean, etc but it is so trite.

    IMHO brad was handsomer, Leo was too pretty for me. But he caught up by 30 or so, maybe even surpassed.

  212. 212
    no fan Says:

    looks old

  213. 213
    ES Says:

    Wow! No wonder Leo is SO HOT!

    Jay Gatsby was like me in High School. I hope he Gets Daisy! ;)

  214. 214
    Candice Says:

    i bet this movie will be cool because of the director more than the actors. but the actors are good, so i bet it would be awesome.

  215. 215
    @94 Says:

    Since you made the effort to post the link about Cavalli’s party, did you also read the comments on Refaeli’s mise that french ladies posted in that thread? I hope you can understand French. HAHAHAHAH. Worst dressed and pathetic. Far from being a mannequin. Lol

    By the way, now I understand how the unemployed model got the invitation to the ONLY opportunity she had in Paris…The invitation was Leonardo DiCaprio and Guest. And maybe Naomi helped in getting it.

    No job, no modeling. Only girlfriending (for the moment).

  216. 216
    newpics Says:

    Leo and Bar in IBIZA:

  217. 217
    sorry Says:

    They are from august,-

  218. 218
    ;) Says:

    so it seems the photos are new and not from august. according to this article they were at a club in ibiza on saturday for the ( season ) closing event.
    meanwhile leo keeps clubbing there were tweets about him in trousdale last night

  219. 219
    ;) Says:

    dating bar, having friends like campbell and doronin … doesn`t show much taste and character.

  220. 220
    alis Says:

    IBIZA pics are NEW:

    News from Ibiza where Leo and Bar were spotted at a club on Saturday for the closing party.

    “Saturday saw a closing party Amnesia apotheosis with Matinée closing party, which had the curious name of ‘Put & Club. ” They agreed Naomi, Di Caprio, Rafaeli, Marpessa, Custo Dalmau, Javier Hidalgo and a long list of familiar faces. In Pasha was elected to the winners of the contest Ibiza Model Award with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Roberto Corti, Custo Dalmau and model Liz Solari as a juror. “

  221. 221
    newpics Says:

    The pics are not new, unless Naomi and her boyfriend are with them again.(?) The weather in IBiza is not good and leo was seen with a red head. The pics are old.

  222. 222
    ann Says:

    I think Leo and Tobey are great choices, but I don’t see Amanda as a good fit. Bar as a contender is just plain laughable!
    Liked the video about Leo remembering the lady. Guess she was more memorable then Bar is!
    Check out this article. Apparently Bar is not a very memorable “supermodel”. She’s just Leo’s GF, nothing else.

  223. 223
    guest girl Says:

    @;) #216: Spot on! His taste level is way too low for someone in his position!

  224. 224
    alis Says:


    the pics are new, they were in Ibiza last Saturday (october 2, 2010)

    AND he doesn look good n this picture Jared posted of him, but in the TAG heuer event looked really handsome!

  225. 225
    ;) Says:

    @alis: wakey, wakey! it was posted already! what`s with this re-posting urge among bar fans?
    @newpics: you should accept the fact that the photos are new. summer is from may through october in ibiza and as the article says the season is over at the end of september. you can read in that article what kind of crown is attracted to these season-ending parties and that includes this `high quality quartet`.

  226. 226
    ;) Says:

    ps: i assume this saturday night party was the reason why they went there. it`s only a couple of hours flight from paris ( i guess they didn`t fly commercial ) so why not go over there for only a day or two? and he could have left london on sunday ( also a short flight ) and flirt with the redhead in lv as it was tweeted. ;)

  227. 227
    eileener Says:

    I don’t know where this ‘Leo with a redhead in Vegas’ stuff is coming from. A new Twitter account with three posts is considered legit? Sounds like the same kind of silly subterfuge as the ‘engagement in Paris’ tweet from an account with exactly one post.

    I believe he was in Vegas, but that’s it. Spent last weekend in Ibiza, back home clubbing in L.A. — he’s rich, he likes to party, and he’s not discriminating when it comes to the company he keeps, especially if they will follow him around in a bikini and let him do whatever he wants. ;) So what else is new? This has been his lifestyle for a long, long time, and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

    He’s not asking anyone to watch. In fact he would prefer we not. He’s a private guy, and he knows his personal life doesn’t compare to his work as an actor or environmentalist. Maybe someday the twain shall meet, but it has to happen naturally for him. He’s not going to find a respectable woman, get married, have kids, etc. just to fit an image.

  228. 228
    guest girl Says:

    So how long do you have to post on twitter to be considered reliable?

  229. 229
    eileener Says:

    Back to the topic at hand, I would love to see him as Gatsby. Damn I would love to see him in anything at this point. ;) I’m glad he is picky about his roles, it’s proven to be successful for him, but there are so many projects floating around that sound so good.

    Now the rumor is he might be interested in Kathryn Bigelow’s next film, “Sleeping Dogs.”

    “Set in ahaven for organized crime in the border zone between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil — the film centers on five men who work together in the area. The project, previously known as Triple Frontier, will be scribed by Mark Boal, who wrote The Hurt Locker. A whole bunch of A-listers’ names have been brought up in association with the project, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale, Sean Penn, and Locker’s Jeremy Renner .”

  230. 230
    Sweet Says:

    Finally Leo is back in Los Angeles. He was spotted at Trousdale… finally he has been traveling around the world for weeks lol. Must be nice to go home after allthat traveling.

  231. 231
    hi Says:

    OMG this article is cute they are saying Bar is practicing holding the baby for when Leo and her have a baby

  232. 232
    ;) Says:

    another tweet from someone who was also at trousdale last night
    @terryTRross Cuzzo, Leo DiCaprio is taking all ur girls out the VIP rm. U better get back here fast! Lmao!
    about 9 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

  233. 233
    wow Says:

    Bar sure is busy these days. lol the media can be so funny, but looks like they are looking forward to a Leo/Bar baby like the rest of us. hehe.

  234. 234
    guest girl Says:

    Self-talking started extra early today! Working overtime? LOL!
    I guess there’s no answer to my twitter question. :( it,s weird that you question a tweet about Leo flirting ( pretty usual thing ) and then you describe his partying, traveling and flirting lifestyle…

  235. 235
    hey Says:

    There’s even more cute pics of Leo and Bar in Ibiza on Bellazon. Some are of them on what appears to be a bed and then theres some of them what looks like they are sharing a joke in the water. awwwww very sweet pics check them out if you’re interested.

  236. 236
    hey Says:

    oh and i love the pic of bar holding that baby doll too. I saw it yesterday they say she’s practicing holding a baby for the future baby Leo. That’s what they said in that israeli article

  237. 237
    eileener Says:


    Yeps, sounds about right. ;)

    @wow,Since when is a paper from a tiny country in the M.E. representative of the media at large? Most of the media don’t even know who she is, unless she’s mentioned with Leo.

  238. 238
    Sweet Says:

    Bar’s face looks extremely pretty in those pictures. Her eyes look sooo blue!

  239. 239
    ;) Says:

    and of course we are going to care about what an israeli article says… another weak effort from her fan who is nit surprisingly from bz

  240. 240
    thanks Says:

    thanks for article/pic of Bar holding that baby doll. Very adorable, she’l make a great mother.

  241. 241
    eileener Says:

    @guest girl:

    Nothing weird about it at all. I look for credibility in my sources, period. Doesn’t matter if they support my p.o.v. or not. New Twitter accounts with very few posts and sitings that no one else has are suspect in my book.

  242. 242
    Bar Says:

    Bar has really big boobs. Are they real? i’d die to have a body like hers!!

  243. 243
    entourage Says:

    How come Leo was never on Entourage. I mean he’s friends with Walberg and Connolly. plus so many other big stars have gone on the show. Too bad because i think Vincent Chases career is similar to Leo’s so it would be coolto see them fighting for roles in a comedic way.

  244. 244
    lol Says:

    ok finally Gisele and Tom were spotted together. phew i guess they didn’t break up after all lol. But oh no they are not smiling that must mean they’ll be breaking up soon. (SARCASM)

    lol YOU guys are silly.

  245. 245
    Sian Says:

    Thank you for the link to the pic of Bar. I think Leo and Bar will make fantastic parents. Bar seems very comfortable holding that doll and Leo is amazing with his friends kids from what i can tell. They call him uncle Leo awwwwwwwww. Obviously Bar loves children too she talks about it quite a bit. I can’t wait to see their future babies

  246. 246
    Sweet Says:

    lol that Gisele and Tom comment was hilarious. That’s how certain people on here behave and it is extremely comical.

  247. 247
    eileener Says:


    The day Tom is out clubbing all the time, having girls brought to his VIP table, leaving with them, etc. is the day you should start to worry. ;)

  248. 248
    cute Says:

    Ok here’s a pic of Leo as a kid

    here’s a pic of Bar

    their kids will be unbelievably gorgeous!!!

  249. 249
    eileener Says:


    Keep that thought in your head, because that’s the only place it’s gonna happen. ;)

  250. 250
    ;) Says:

    again the weird obsession with tom and gisele. pretty sick. that’s all you’ve got? go and get some help. maybe a shrink can help you with your embarrassing self conversations!

  251. 251
    Sweet Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks for cute pics cute!

  252. 252
    @entourage Says:

    yes i wonder why Leo has never been on that show. However, Leo is very particular about his image. He tries to stay away from attention outside of the movies he does.

  253. 253
    haha Says:

    Thanks for the Gisele and Tom comment the person who makes those remarks always cracks me up. I love your sarcasm and how you make fun of the haters.

  254. 254
    Solange Says:

    those pics of Leo and Bar when they were kids are the absolute cutest ever. Their baby will have good genes for sure!

  255. 255
    eileener Says:


    Why bother when he has it in real life? ;)

  256. 256
    response Says:

    Just reading through the comments ..there was a question asking whose hotter Leo or Brad. Well i chose Leo, Brad has lost his good looks.

  257. 257
    Israel Says:

    Wow the Israeli media is really looking forward to Leo and Bar having a baby. I love how they say she is practicing for a baby Leo.

  258. 258
    Sweet Says:

    awww rest in Peace Joseph Gordon Levitt’s brother. So sad.. Leo will probably send some condolences. Joseph and Leo seemed to really get along on set of Inception and at press junkets.

  259. 259
    guest girl Says:

    Full force self talking! I guess it’s lunch or dinner time somewhere so why not making some extra money by posting on her behalf? I guess it doesn’t matter that you are making a fool of yourself! LOL!
    Baby or grown up photos it doesn’t matter. She cheapens Leo no matter what!

  260. 260
    Tinkerbell Says:

    It’s really funny how much you want a babybfir barfiie . Nothing else but that. It makes me Ralph.

    Meanwhile the proposed baby daddy wants nothing like that, I don’t know why you bother, except for pr purposes. We know Leo dint want that baby. your fantasies are embarrassing and gross.

    Anyway he is in la alone clubbing, guess Barfie herself has given up all hope of taming this one. Whatever he wants, she has to put up with it.

    No one is impressed Tzipi, but since her career depends on her connection to him, you can keep with the rubies.

    Otherwise they are patently ridiculous.

  261. 261
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Rumors, not rubies!

  262. 262
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Compare 228 and 229 here. Two verrrrryy diff realities here.

    In the middle is the truth- they are still seeing each other, she still wants a family, he still doesn’t, at least not with her. no forward motion.
    But as long as her “career” depends on him, ain’t nothing else she can do. As long as all he wants is convenience, he can’t go forward either because no one else will go along with it- she barely does as it is.

    It is these two factors which keep them together and it’s unhealthy, but that’s what it is. I think shell be first out, but I don’t know. he likes the convenience because what is he giving up? Nothing.

    She’s trapped, although it’s a pretty trap

    “she was only a bird in a gil-ded cage…”

  263. 263
    Tinkerbell Says:

    The Nazi eugenics comments about their perfect blue eyed babies really bother me too.

    I know celeb babies are a big marketing and pr deal, but ewwwww

    I wonder why Jared won’t post the “new” Ibiza pics- could be they aren’t “new” at all since they ares ided at the source as being august?
    I believe he went to the party but I still say the photos are old.

    Doesnt matter anyway I believe the Vegas and la tweets.
    Jared is only a gossip site but he still can’t outright lie.

  264. 264
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Btw this is called an afterhought, please look it up in your idiot-English dictionary- the one with the pictures.

    doesn’t matter what is going on, there are quite a few people here and other sites who dont like her and don’t respect him for dating her. They think she is an average looking wanna be no talent gold- digging *****, and that is the polite part. we are still allowed to express our dislike/disgust, no matter what, and he still has to (eventually) deal with the fact that many of his fans and the public think she is a those French ladies posting, the Italian fashionista and eonline. A joke.

    His **** in her mouth doesn’t make it different, sorry.

    As Neil young says, everyone knows this is nowhere.
    He had to take the fallout from his actions and one day we hope he works through his psychic blocks. he does know about the Barfie backlash that is why the separate exits. Not because theyveant to keep their relationship private- that is total bs, her camp is on here everyday saying they ate going to have babies, but because he knows she’s a ho and that his intentions are by no means honorable towards her. Gonna use her for emotional / sexual security till he’s bored. And he is bored but once in a while ain’t bad.

  265. 265
    Tinkerbell Says:

    Last afterthought I have to eat.

    if in another universe, he married her, I would still think less if him and not like her. I’d laugh at every tacky thing she did from her inevitably tacky wedding, dress, and pre-parties, or just ignore them as gross and irrelevant. If they did have a child, I’d feel bad for it especially if it was a girl because shed do the same mind screw her mother did to her on it. I’d expect them to come out like the Douglas boys or the Lohan girls.

    But in some ways I’d just accept it. I mean I doubt I would like jennifer Mayer either for a bff but that is Tobes choice and you never see her trying to get anything out of him but him. I don’t even know what she looks like.

    This mutual use relationship however us gross. If they did have kids, I wouldn’t say anything because children are innocent and can’t choose their parents. If she wanted to be a wife, have her own life and career i wouldn’t say anything either, but it’s the relentless merchandising of it that makes me sick.

  266. 266
    Tinkerbell Says:

    One more while I am waiting for my bf to get my food- he has the cutesy little niece that I adore- she is 18 months okd, beautiful, and sweet, he banishes her because the whole family loves her. I’d post a pic of this beautiful child, but you see she is a little chocolate brown girl with pink beads in her hair and i don’t want the Barfies above to see her. What with blue eyed blonde haired babies being perfect and all. Her father stayed home the first year with her ad the mom has career in banking.

    This is why I say ew, gross to the comments above.

  267. 267
    piss drinking Says:

    Just a fast hello and also to thank you for discussing your ideas on this page. I wound up in your blog after researching physical fitness related points on Yahoo… guess I lost track of what I had been doing! Anyway I’ll be back once again inside the long term to verify out your blogposts down the road. Thanks!

  268. 268
    Larry Says:


    I love Bar Raphaeli. She is fat in all the right places, and her face is so damned PRETTY!

  269. 269
    peacock Says:

    Thumb up Thumb down -11

    you can do it hit 600 then go for 10000 then go to the nearest mental ward hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Yeah lets ! Everytime I see one of those you get one of these:

    Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli Boycott Bar Refaeli

    Don’t buy GARNIER FRUCTIS. She looks ludicrous in the ad anyway!
    Boycott Bar ! Boycott Rampage! Boycott Hurley ! Boycott Agua Bendig

  270. 270
    Whatever Says:

    @Larry: No, Larry. She’s just fat for a model. Nice try though. And it’s mostly women who come to these sites. No straight guy would bother coming to a gossip site. As if we don’t know you’re a woman, Bar-fly.

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