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Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Jay Gatsby?

Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Jay Gatsby?

Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be up for the lead in the big screen adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

The 35-year-old Inception star would play Jay Gatsby from the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel about life during the roaring 20s, Production Weekly reports on its Twitter page.

Amanda Seyfried has reportedly been considered for the role of Daisy Buchanan, while Tobey Maguire would play Nick Carraway.

Australian director Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet) is deciding whether to work on the period piece or direct a different project.

“I’ve got the script for both of them and I’m making that decision in four to six weeks, no longer than six weeks,” he recently told MTV News.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby?

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  • RKsgrl

    @Love Leo:

    I don’t see Michael Pitt as Gatsby, but big props to him for his performance in Boardwalk Empire. Scorsese knows how to pick ‘em!

  • Jessica the Fat

    Some of you need glasses, he looks terrible these days, very OLD looking. I don’t want to see him playing in anything literary. He made a mess of Romeo & Juliet as it is. He’s overrated as an actor.

  • sweetness

    NO NO NO! ..No one can touch that Robert Redford/ Mia Farrow rendition of Gatsby!

  • Mel

    He IS Gatsby. This is the perfect role for him.

  • tinkerbell

    enough debate to be interesting- this is what they want to see, enough buzz to get it going.

    Redford has a terrible dye job ! That is sad. Great idea, sorry it just is.
    now about the gf–its really time for her to go, but well save that.

  • Rich

    The Great Gatsby is probably my favorite book and I think DiCaprio is the only actor that can pull off the character Jay Gatz/ Jay Gatsby. The character Daisy would be better portrayed by Rachel McAdams. James Franco would be a good Nick. Few originals need to be re done but this film re make would be incredible.

  • Tinkerbell

    @cathy: They already redid it with Jennifer love Hewitt- didn’t you get that? or was it Audrey herself she played- a bit of a stretch.

  • Tinkerbell

    Hey Jessica,

    You’re fat.
    Go away!

    Brace yourself for some barf inconsequential thing. She is in Israel, he is in vegas. Nice distance! Let’s keep it that way.

  • Ash

    oh no,amanda seyfried sucks.she’s ugly.

  • ichi

    I don’t like Amanda, I prefer Scarlet for that Role, and is very good news that Toby and Leo do something together, or even Portman is a grat choice.

  • Ashlee


  • kbk

    Nooooooooooooo not amanda!!!

  • me me me

    never much liked that book anyway. why do all the americans seem to adore it? ontopic, leo would be a great choice for gatsby, but amanda seyfried would make a horrible daisy. she lacks the sophistication. i would rather see someone like michele williams play her.

  • http:/com Kaz

    Leo you gorgeous and soo pretty face
    Leo is the best actar ever

  • http:/com Sliga

    Leonardo the best .and beautiful and pretty boy in the world .he my faves actor.

  • Mellifera

    Baz Luhrmann is looking at directing this? Good one Baz, why not just go sh!t all over F Scott’s grave now and be done with it

  • The Blonde

    I would have married Roger Ferris,that character was so different than the rest,I didt see Leo I saw someone else dark hair,dark eyes and Texas twang….<3

  • Lisa

    Why is he so fat???

  • The Blonde

    Happy Birthday Kate looks great hoped Leo remembered.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    I am not a big fan of remakes but if it is Leo, he should do as he pleases. I say the lead female role should go to Scarlett Johannson or Bar Rafaeli with Bar as the #1 contender. Come on Leo, let’s do it! ;)

  • @70



    Leo is a, but he is not stupid. His d… his driving him in almost everything but not as far work and acting are concerned. He would never share the screen with such a wannabe.


    Such a funny way to open the day.. Thanks for the best joke of the year.

  • ;)

    right, bar as the lead. she couldn`t score the lead in transformers 3 but of course she should get the female role in the great gatsby. seriously WHAT`S WRONG WITH YOU???

  • dr brown

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: I would love to see Leo in The Great Gatsby but the idea of Bar Refaeli in any Hollywood film let alone on screen with Leo (it’s bad enough that he’s dating her) is ridiculous. Am hoping that the Wolf of Wall Street gets greenlit too. He would be great in that. Happy Birthday Kate!

  • mailey

    Whoas you cannot ever beat Redford as Gatsby and Farrow’s Daisy.

    Seyfried esp for Daisy is insulting.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Such childish behavior. Leo DiCaprio is one smart cookie. He is very powerful and does as he pleases. No bratty little pathetic stalker girls can EVER keep him away from the woman he loves BAR RAFAELI. If he wants to put her in his movie, it is his business. Then again, he won’t because that relationship is sacred to him and he wants to keep it away from you pathetic stalkers. Accept it: Leo is with BAR!

  • ;)

    @75: go and take your meds. nobody talked about bar until you showed up and ruined the thread. sure leo doesn`t want to work with her because they are dating. it has nothing to do with talent or rather lack of it. seriously go and get some help.

  • YAY

    Good choice on actors. they would play really good period roles. They all have the 20s style in them, especially Leo and Amanda….. Tobey… not so much, but I’m sure that if there was an adaptation, he would do well.

  • Tinkerbell

    Maybe he’ll cast the redhead he was in Vegas with yesterday. missed that didn’t ya? some sand faced israeli with a thick accent who can’t act in a real movie- Leo would cut off his foot before. He doesnt want to be seen walking down the street with the rat, never mind a Hollywood picture. But let’s keep the rest of the thread on topic, ok?

  • Tinkerbell

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: Leo was with someone else as of yesterday.

    And no he cannot cast a baz luhrmann movie- baz would choke on his script before. If this relationship is sacred to him, hide the host and wine. Sorry just too funny. Doesn’t want to be seen on the same sidewalk with her, never mind same movie. go back to sleep israel!

  • Pipo

    All Caps is gone in the other thread, delated, erased. Well done,JJ, some cleaning activity is really a good idea.

  • anonymous

    Hope the project does get made as Leo would make a great Gatsby.

    He has the talent, looks, charisma, strong screen presence needed for Jay Gatsby

  • the truth

    @rhonda: Haven’t this movie being done before? I love the first movie better.Tobey won’t get out and audition for his own movie like everyone else does.I’m sure gald Hayden Christensen does do that.He really audtion for his work. You’re right!

  • Ros@

    @78- do you have any link or twitter?

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @Tinkerbell: SORRY to break it for you Tinkersh*t, but Bar is NOT IN ISREAL!!!
    I dont know from where you got it from……
    I am feeling sorry for you if you still keep belive in anything you read. its just childish. but ofcourse, you’ll ALLWAYS belive to what you want to belive. if it was article that saying that Leo and Bar was together, you’ll say that its a lie. you are just PATHETIC!!! but anyway, I think that you are an a lost case, so……

    but fact are fact, and Bar is still in Leo’s life!!!! if you like it or not. hehe

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    and by the way……….. THEY ARE IN IBIZA!!! TOGETHER!! not Vegas/Israel, there’s alot of pics, so you even can see how happy they are!!! hehe

  • RKsgrl
  • RKsgrl

    Ms. BJ Gaga, Lisa Rose, and all your other aliases:

    This is a post about Leo only. Thanks.

  • PeoplefromIbiza

    Ibiza? Now? With Naomi? That would be a breaking news. Naomi spending her time with low cost travellers?. You’re dreaming. The high season is over. Now it’s time for last minutes packages (1 week all inclusive, you pay 4 nights, get the other 3 for free,). Almost time for skiing here in Europe. you know, Gstaad, St Moritz, Cortina… Lol.
    Anyway, Ibiza is really beautiful all the year, just not for VIP population.

  • RKsgrl

    Animal Action Week just started… Leo’s message about how to help save the tigers:

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    #87: I don’t HAVE to use aliases because I am not a childish delusional stalker. You girls are so ridiculous. Thinking putting down Leo’s girlfriend will make him leave her for you. LOL. ACCEPT IT. He is with Bar. Done. Period. Accept it. No wonder Leo has extra security. You trolls are psychotic!

  • bb

    One of my favourites is This Boys Life. Wasn’t maguire in that aswell as Leo? DeNiro was in that also

  • bb

    l’d love to see him in this Gatsby movie.

  • David D

    Leo is no Vinny Chase.

  • hi

    Leo was also at the Roberto Cavalli party he just didn’t walk the red carpet obviously. From

  • thanks

    Thanks for the Roberto news but i saw that article before. Already knew they went to the party together but….. thanks love

  • Ros@
  • why

    Definitely, the Ibiza pics are NEW:

    IN August LEONARDO DICAPRIO ignored the storm of controversy surrounding NAOMI CAMPBELL to holiday with her.
    Fast forward a couple of months and here he is again with girlfriend BAR REFAELI and Naomi aboard a plush yacht off the coast of Ibiza.

  • lol

    @Lisa Rose: The photos were posted on Saturday and on Sunday Leo was seen in London at the airport. How about that? Take it easy and stop ruining this thread with his news/theories about his low-quality gf.

  • Muse

    Tobey Maguire? Ew.

  • ……