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Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Jay Gatsby?

Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Jay Gatsby?

Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be up for the lead in the big screen adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

The 35-year-old Inception star would play Jay Gatsby from the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel about life during the roaring 20s, Production Weekly reports on its Twitter page.

Amanda Seyfried has reportedly been considered for the role of Daisy Buchanan, while Tobey Maguire would play Nick Carraway.

Australian director Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet) is deciding whether to work on the period piece or direct a different project.

“I’ve got the script for both of them and I’m making that decision in four to six weeks, no longer than six weeks,” he recently told MTV News.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby?

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  • @141

    Look hun it ain’t happening ..have you seen the Session trailer?Probally not..and Leo and Barf have no chemistry in real life, so who’s gonna believe it on screen…

  • BMine

    what are people complaining about? Leo is a big star now. He did Inception and its real popular so why all the hate. Hes a good actor and can do lots of different types of people and shakespere to.

  • NoFunHunting

    lol at your comment of Leo looking fat and bloated. I was thinking the same thing!

  • NoFunHunting

    One more thing….

    he kind of looks like an old pittbull in this picture lol.

  • Genna

    I think Leo looks fine. I prefer how he looks now compared to when he was younger.

  • Sian

    What pictures of Bar hugging Leo are you talking about? The only pictures i see on here are of Amanda Seyfried, Leo, and Maguire.

  • Tinkerbell

    Yes we saw one picture count em one where bar goes up and hugs Leo from behind and he totally ignores her. That’s one picture out if sixty, reposted on two sites. They are not hugging and kissing in any face to face romantic way and it’s not sweet at all. She is hugging him momentarily in passing.

  • lacy

    love leo think he will be great

  • @Sian

    Oh it’s not on this site dear. Radar online has the pics though plus others as well. I saw them a couple days ago.

  • hi

    Amanda would make a great Daisy. She is very gorgeous. Only thing is that she looks like she could be Leo’s daughter lol. If Amanda is Daisy they need a younger Gatsby. Maybe Zac Efron?

  • Tinkerbell

    They are over a month old however.

  • Sweet

    Nah i want Leo as Gatsby! They will have to change Amanda. But this casting is just a rumour. I doubt Leo will play Gatsby.. i don’t see him doing it personally.

  • I’d never work that hard 4 $

    @NoFunHunting: @Genna: It’s about 4am in Israel, so you must be working a double.

  • lol

    Amanda can eat dirt she;s a no talent actress who looks like she stinks. Leo is too old and annoying. I don’t like Tobey either. I say Liam Hemsworth, Kristen stewart, and Andrew Garfield for the parts.

  • Sian

    oh thanks. Leo and Bar make a cute couple. They seem like they are very much in love!

  • @146

    Lol.. JJ should post her with the fake baby pic call it “First it was fake engagment rings now “She’s got a Fake baby” The life of a bedwarmer..LOL

  • :,

    I personally think Bar is too pretty for Leo. I don’t think Leo is all that.

  • Sian

    (Sian’s inner dialogue) How do I reveal that my family is being held hostage and that unless I continually type they’ll be killed. I hate Bar. I HATE BAR! But I’m forced to say things I don’t mean. I feel…. so dirty inside.

  • mean

    How can you guys make fun of Leo. I think Tobey is the one you guys should be making fun of, he looks very dorky in that pic. Amanda tends to look like she’s high all the time.

  • @ 166

    @:,: Your missing half your face, retard. Looking for this ;)

  • @Sian

    Totally agree.. Dicaprio and Rafali make a gorgeous duo. They need to procreate right away.

  • @ 166

    The missing word is RE T ARD ;)

  • wow

    Imagine all of the attention that kid will get from the media. Both Leo and Bar are famous around the world.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    It is amazing how happy they look together. Ibiza. How romantic. Leo is so smart. As is tradition with Israeli culture, a family must truly test a man before he can be allowed the hand of his beloved. I think Leo is really happy to be in a relationship that does not care who he is because their cultural practices are so strong, those cultural practices come first. I can’t wait for the family to accept his request for her hand in marriage. How gorgeous is this:

  • @166

    And I personally think you need glasses moron.

  • sorry

    But you guys are right, that is a very bad picture of Leonardo. It actuaally makes me sad to look at it because he was once sooooo beautiful. I had his pictures on my wall and everything. He’s still with Bar? I bet Leo feels lucky to have her, Bar is way better looking than him. I remember Val Kilmer used to be gorgeous.. now he is very fat and gross looking. Hopefully Leo won’t put on anymore weight. He needs to lose like ten pounds or so.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga
  • @ 173

    Haha… Your right Leo’s being tested – his sanity, his body’s ability to fight infections, his patience….. LOL

  • @sorry


  • Daisy

    I know this is unlikely but Bar would make a hot Daisy. i mean if Rosie whitely can be in Transformers Bar can play Daisy. Leo and Bar on the big screen that will get alot of press.

  • No Faith

    We haven’t seen Leo in awhile. Something tells me that he’s having a great time in LV. That town has a lot of lovely ladies from all over the world. We know how Leo like his ladies with a little south American flavor.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Here is Bar in a “flapper” dress. Wow, you are right, she DOES look like Daisy would (except more beautiful of course):

  • lol

    Bar is way better looking than Seyfried. However, Bar would never take a part alongside her boyfriend Leo. They hate being photographed together why on earth would they wanna be in a movie together. They try to seperate their dating life from their professional life. End of Story.

  • Heather

    Who do you think is hotter Brad Pitt or Leo?

  • lol

    uhhhhh Leo of couse.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga
  • question

    Why do you guys care so much about Leo’s personal life? Who cares if he is dating Bar, that is his business. Let Leo and Bar live their lifes and you guys live your own lives.

  • Gatsby

    I think Leo will make a great Gatsby he is an amazing actor. Surprised he has not won an oscar yet!

  • Tinkerbell

    Feel free to wait all you want. The only test Leo is trying to pass is a screen test. Maybe one day he’ll have to pass a paternity test because that family is so crazy they might try anything. at least today they can do it with DNA, not just blood types and be sure.

    Yeah he’s under the radar which makes me think he’s snacking somewhere with someone.

    Don’t worry Leo Tzipi probably takes credit cards to get lost.

    “I can’t wait until her family accepts him in marriage?” what lunacy is this, he just announced he ain’t never jumping the broom. I would take that as a no. What don’t you understand about no, the n or the o?

    She sure spins some ish. I’d get tired of saying the same thing over and over and find a new way to promote my daughter- sky writing maybe?

    Has anybody bougt that app yet?

    No one ever will.

  • guest girl

    Yawn! The self-talker is boring tonight. No imagination, nothing interesting … Just like Bar! No wonder you like her so much!
    Still nothing about Leo’s new redhead friend only the imaginary kids and wedding. BORING!!! You won’t get paid extra for your posting job if you are this disappointing!

  • @question

    That’s because there are people here who are obsessed with Bar’s every move. Some say they are not fans but they must secretely like her if they devote so much time writing about her and looking up the latest news relating to her. Very weird behaviour!

  • Tina

    Not the best picture of Leo. Come on Jared you could hae atleast found a better picture.

  • Tinkerbell

    I disagree, seyfried is cuter- this is not the best picture. Rafeali cannot act her way out of a paper bag either.

  • jennie

    love leo and bar cant wait for them to get married

  • TinkerBell

    Who cares about the picture. It’s just an archive what’s important is the story. I don’t know why so many people care about Leo and Bar…. they are just humans. Their celebrity status should not make them any different. Of course they are both beautiful people but no one knows them personally. So we just have to leave that as is and admire their work.

  • Hong

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to Seyfried playing Daisy! Absolutely not! No no no no!

    Gatsby is my favourite novel out of everything out there! I hope to god they don’t butcher this remake.

  • star

    Leo is the big star… not much mention about Amanda and Tobey on here!

  • Tinkerbell

    Transformers= bullshit, feature movie based on child’s toy.
    Great gatsby= american literary classic up there with walden and moby dick. Professionals only please.

    Bar Refaeli= affirmative action for models. “once in a while we take an ugly girl from a country with a lot of ugly girls”- just to show how cool we are.

  • Mr. Gagging on a Jolly Bar

    Yet another picture of Bar not looking confident. The sad part is that she’s a child in the photo. Her eyes look dead- poor thing. I wonder what was done to put that sadness there?

  • @TinkerBell

    Yes i agree. People who don’t know them should just but out. I think they are talented at what they do but what they do behind close doors is none of my concern. People pay too much attention to celebrity couples the media is so annoying for paying so much attention to couples. These couples are just like any other couple… just they are famous. They kiss, argue, have lunch, talk just like any other couple.