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Maddox Visits Angelina Jolie on Budapest Set

Maddox Visits Angelina Jolie on Budapest Set

Angelina Jolie gets a visit from her oldest son, Maddox, 9, on the set of her new movie in Budapest, Hungary on Saturday (October 2).

This will be the feature film directorial debut for the 35-year-old actress.

Angie was spotted on set with Bosnian actress Zana Marjanovic, who is the female lead of the a wartime love story between a Bosnian woman and a Serbian man.

Below is the new poster for Angie‘s other movie, The Tourist, also starring Johnny Depp. Watch The Tourist trailer!

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Credit: Baker/Bridger; Photos: INFdaily
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  • an oldie

    Love them

  • an oldie

    LOL, I just had to write something before the hateful troll comes.

  • an oldie

    It looks like it’s already very cold in Budapest.

  • gareth

    I like her but she looks so worn out lately

  • niki

    well its about 15 Celsius :)

  • reiko

    Looks like some trolls have a new boss (courtesy of NY Magazine):

    Mark Pasetsky, the former Life & Style editor who since last fall has been helming Richard Desmond’s struggling OK! magazine, has been removed as editor-in-chief of the British import. Having been missing from the office for most of last week, the official word came down to staffers today. At the moment, Pasetsky is remaining on staff as managing editor, but Richard Spencer, the former In Touch editor who surprised many by leaving abruptly this summer, has been tapped to replace him in the top spot. His noncompete clause, we hear, expired on Friday.

  • Lara

    Angie looks great, lovely to see Madd too.

  • umm

    Saint Angelina….Amazing

    Where is Brad?:(

  • andamentothat


    I think this will be a fantastic movie.. The storyline is serious but will still be a good one!

    Maddox looks big.. and cute..

  • umm


    I AM and troll loser ;)

  • umm


    I am troll loserrr…sorry

  • MrMarleyFAN

    You go Angelina. I love how no moss grows under either her or Brad’s feet. They really leave no day without putting their stamp on it. Love how they put family first and love their work ethic.

  • strider

    So, she is working as usual. Working hard, and with all her kids.
    He is in LA going to parties as usual. Instead of being with her he went to the moneyball wrap party. A drink is a drink. But she really does not care. He is almost 48. she is 35. She will dump him soon.

  • Angie dumped Brad

    I guess she didn’t have the same facial treatment Brad had then. he went from looking 60 to looking 20 lmao

  • whoa

    her face looks terrible!!!
    thank god photoshop!!!

  • thats_right

    Angelina Jolie I just love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, you are my idiol, my inspiration :) you are one of a kind.

    Love you sooooooooo much Angie :)

  • gracie

    Gorgeous Angie, it’s good to see you and Madd. Can’t wait to see the complete production of this movie. I know she will do a good job as in everything she does.

  • strider

    She is beautifull as usual. and she seems relaxed. Well with him in LA, she looks really happy.

  • sasha

    Here is to the hardest working mom out there. GO ANGIE WE LOVE YOU.

  • Love

    It is going to be great. Go Angie.

  • lovejoliepitt

    Strider: calm down ! Brad is shooting right now in Boston!
    X fans keep trying but brad and angelina have always done it.
    Good for them that they can do it with support from each other.
    Brad will be with the family soon cause today or tomorrow they will wrap up the Moneyball filming-boston!
    Angie, you go girl!

    Love the joliepitt family!

  • Kirsten

    They so beautiful. I had no idea she was already filming. She sure keeps busy.

  • miss infamous

    thought she was taking a break from movies

  • releka

    I never get tired of seeing Angelina. I am Looking foward to seeing this movie.

  • S### up

    Wouldyou say the same thing to other stars who are months and months apart? Brad and Angie are a couple not a one person.They can be different places when their schedule requiers it. I am sure in no time Brad will be with his girl.

  • an oldie

    I think maybe she picked an early shooting start date for the movie so the kids can start school at the same time as their classmates. When does school start in the fall in Budapest, anybody knows?

  • Hannah

    Angelina looks tired. Report via Hungary news Brad will be there this week. Papa Brad is coming. Momma Angie is waiting.

  • FAN

    Good for her. Angie is good in everything she does.

  • Angie dumped Brad

    @strider: I agree. Obviously she doesn’t care where she left him. She’s moving on.

  • hungry in Hungary

    somebody has the greasies



  • strider

    Are you guys nuts. Where are the rules of:

    We never work at the same time?
    (they are working at the same time)

    We never stay away more then 3 days
    (It`s now almost 15 days that they are not together)


  • Angie dumped Brad

    @an oldie: I think she Chose this early date because Brad is working and she knew he couldn’t go with her. Lmao she’s sly.

  • hmmm

    Idiot, they haven’t apart for 1 week.

  • Angie dumped Brad

    @strider: TRUTH! see what I think happened is brad is way to into himself and Angie was like I need to bizzzounce and so she did. :)

  • twins

    woman they call mommy,,,where are you?

  • strider

    I dont care. I love Angie since she did GIA. Pitt should be with ugly maniston. The fact that she started her project without him (Plan B Company remember) it`s a clear indication she wants a new life, in both her career (directing movies) and her personal life. If she is still with him is because of the kids. I understand that. But she will dump him soon.

  • ohwell

    Don’t worry troll, Brad will be there with Angie as soon as he finishes Moneyball final filming in Boston.

  • strider

    Of course he will be there. Just look at his pictures and she how much he made his face. He must be scared to dead of getting older because she will dump him. Forever yound. That`s Pitt obsession. He will be 52 and she will be 40. can you imagine the diference?????

  • pitussa

    it does seem odd they are working at same time and so far away..when will the official annoucement of a break-up come though?

    remember angelina will need to promote the tourist soon, will she want break-up questions during promo?
    maybe jan 2011 will be official confirmation of a split?

    and won’t brad and angelina look stupid breaking up now, having just won a court case saying they were NOT splitting up?

  • 100mph

    Fascinating Woman…. she gives me the feeling of Pride, it’s a
    treat to watch her Journey and her Loving Family.

  • strider

    Pitussa. You are probably rigth.

  • next elite DNA door …please

    as soon as Brad’s “swimmers” start doing the doggie paddle Ang is outa there…like now

  • lovejoliepitt

    pitussa: wow, you live your life and hoping for the breakup of B& A!
    Man, fantasy must be really fading! Its been 6 years and still hold on to the fantasy.
    What a waste of life of longing for Brad Pitt that is a fantasy!
    Get laid and get a life!

  • Megan

    You,know, jolie-pitt fans,just a tip!
    (to make this place alot better gathering place for you)
    maybe if you stop being so cultish about everything like stop saying
    things like-
    -hello,fellow Jolie-pitt lovers. how are you all today.(god bless.)
    -ignore these dumb ass trolls. they have no souls
    -the jolie-pitts are the doubt about it anybody who doesnt agree have sh!ts for brains
    and start being normal.. people wont get p!ssed off. and wont get agressive/in a fighting mood. seriously.
    people seriously are NOT GOING TO BE sorry that they are opinionated and have their own mind/thoughts.
    if you stop saying stuff like
    and just choose to ignore them/not see them,accept they are different from you and move on and not let it wind you up so much.
    everything will run alot smoother/be better. trust me.
    and sometimes the way you react to haters/non fans is just so over the top,your just picking a fight. and its gonna drag on and be all over the page.
    hope you take my advice,
    remember-to each to their own. and you really cant change people to think differently,and with so many people on the Earth your not always always gonna bump into people who agree with you!!

  • Pitussasoyyo


    Que haces con mi nombre?yo no hablo ingl├ęs..en jjb lo saben.

  • KRYS

    Jolie movie is only PR for her!'Only a bullet’ could separate them
    Bodies of Sarajevo’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ come home
    April 10, 1996
    Web posted at: 10:30 p.m. EDT (0230 GMT)

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (CNN) — Two young lovers from Sarajevo, shot dead by sniper fire as they tried to escape the siege of Sarajevo in 1993, were brought home and reburied together Wednesday.

    Admira Ismic and Bosko Brkic were dubbed “Romeo and Juliet” because of their clashing ethnic backgrounds — she was Muslim, he was Serbian — and their tragic end. The two were both 25 years old, and had been together for nine years. They decided to flee Sarajevo in May 1993, when a Serb stranglehold on the city was at its height, to escape to safety, anywhere else.

    Friends in the Muslim government army promised them safe passage out of the city. They walked confidently from Bosnian government front lines in the heart of the city past snipers and towards the bridge they would take out of Sarajevo and into Grbavica, a Serb-held territory. From there they hoped to go on to Belgrade — and a new life.

    But as they crossed the Vrbanja bridge in broad daylight, over the Miljacka River into Serb territory, Bosko was shot by sniper fire, and died. Ismic, also wounded by sniper fire, crawled to her childhood sweetheart, put an arm around him, and died at his side, never trying to escape to safety herself.

    Their tragic story was told worldwide over the next week as Serbs and Muslims argued over who was responsible for shooting them, and which side should risk the treacherous journey onto the bridge to recover the bodies and bury them.

    The couple’s bodies laid side by side on the bridge for eight days, until finally the Serbian side went in under cover of night to drag the corpses away. Muslim prisoners later claimed they were tethered by their Serbian captors and forced to go out on the bridge to drag the by-then decaying bodies back.

    Serb troops buried the pair in Lukavica, the site of a large Serb army barracks. But Admira’s father Zijah felt that with the war over, the right resting place for the star-crossed pair was in the city where they met and fell in love. Thus it was that the bodies of Admira and Bosko were exhumed from an untended grave in Yugoslavia and shipped back to the city whose wartime strife they tried to escape.

    They were buried side by side Wednesday in Lion Cemetery, surrounded by thousands of other victims of the Sarajevo siege and within sight of the cafe where they courted. Zijah said he had tried without success to find Bosko’s family and get permission for the reburial. Bosko’s mother came from the Yugoslav capital of Belgrade in 1993 for the first funeral.

    But he expressed no regrets at bringing the bodies home. “This is where they were killed and this is where they should have been buried,” he said, as his wife Nermina sobbed beside the grave.

    Friends also gathered to remember the couple, who once foretold their fate when they said that “only a bullet” could separate them.

    “Back then, we thought you would make it and be happy together. But you didn’t,” said Bosko’s friend, who identified himself only as Dino. “It is as if every great love must end like this.”

    Related sites:
    Info on movie about the couple, called “Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo”

  • awwww

    Angie looks good. Brad looks hot and young. Love this couple.

  • Passing Through

    I guess this puts an end to BudapestGate, huh?

  • Megan

    Thumbing me down? fine,dont take my advice, dont accept that everyones different and have a crappy thread full of hate/fighting forever.