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Victoria Beckham Leaves For London

Victoria Beckham Leaves For London

Victoria Beckham calmly makes her way through LAX airport to board a flight bound for London on Sunday (October 3).

David and Victoria Beckham have said that any of the £16million he is suing prostitute Irma Nici for will be given directly to the couple’s children’s charity, the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust, the Daily Mail reports.

“Any cash retrieved from this liar will help sick kids,” a friend of the couple said. “David doesn’t want a penny of this woman’s dirty money. But that doesn’t mean some good can’t come out of this.”

FYI: Vicky B. is wearing a Marc Jacobs dress from the Fall 2010 collection.

10+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham leaving for London…

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victoria beckham leaves for london 02
victoria beckham leaves for london 03
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  • Nic

    Well how much they do with heir kids charity, and ho wlow key they keep it, is admirable. And so cool they are suing that lying gold digger!

    And VB looks chic as always, everything about this look is perfection, modern day “Mad Men” style!

  • Annie

    I’m not normailly a huge Victoria fan, but she looks just amazing here! Her fashion is hit and miss, but this is a hit.

  • excuse me

    I’m sorry if there are some who don’t care for VB and I don’t really, but you have to admit she is one of the best dressed women in the world. I mean throw away your fashion magazines and just keep looking at pics of Posh and her real life fashion show. She looks fab here.

  • Kelly

    I don’t like her glasses they are too big for her face. Other than thatn she really looks nice. There’s a website that shows pictures of her with all her Hermes bags. Unreal!!!! Hermes made some especially for her not to be sold anywhere. She also seems like a good mom. Yeah she has a lot of help but so do many women around the world.

  • anoano

    Weird hairline. Is she going bald or has she always had a huge five-head? What bad extensions she got recently considering how much money she has, you would think she could afford better ones. Those giant sunglasses make her look like an ant or alien.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    Victoria Beckham Very Chic.I Love Posh

  • sea

    It’s so painful and tiring being a style icon, isn’t it?
    Uncomfortable dresses and shoes, entire life on board a plane. So depressing.

  • Anastasia

    I love her dress.Victoria’s choices when it comes to dressing is always great.She always looks so stylish and i wish i had her wardrobe..
    So generous of her and David to give the money from the suit to charity,they prove once more how generous they are where it comes people who are in need.As for this tabloid and this girl they should really be ashamed of their actions!!I can’t believe how a girl chooses to sell such big lies only for money and without bearing in mind that she’s taliking about a family and three louttle boys…but i guess they have no moral values or whatsoever..

  • Lucy

    Well the woman is a hooker, since when does a hooker have morals. Not enough that they sell their bodies to anybody, some of them go and pull a “kiss and tell” hoping that it will make them famous and a celebrity. Completely ridiculous, famous for sleeping with guys for money?. Not that everybody who is not a hooker has got tons of morals though. Anyway, VB looks fab and they do always give lots of cash to charity without bragging about it.

  • Rattle-Snake

    it’s possible that when you have as much money as 10 African countries combined, you can buy a top-notch team of lawyers who can destroy the credibility of the witness in 1 second!

    Becks is trying to buy his innocence by starting a charity propaganda..There is no smoke w/o fire.

  • lisa


  • Jade

    Victoria and David can deny his infidelity all they like, they did the same when he cheated on her with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos and look how that turned out. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  • hello

    why go after 1 person with such venom? are they upset someone isn’t speaking highly of this useless couple? besides, this is america. the hooker will counter sue for defamation of character by the smear campaign directed by the beckhams at her. her civil suit will be HUGE… let’s hope she has pics/ a tape.

  • e

    ALL these females who have claimed or are claiming to have had extramarital sex with David Beckham seem like a sorry bunch of psychopaths. Somehow they wanted some part of David Beckham, his name and fame and made a move on him somewhere and could not get him. Rejection. The people who endlessly try to promote them at every opportunity where the name or image of Beckham comes up seem like the most miserable and wretched LOSERS.

  • john

    I agree with Rattle-Snake .. There is no smoke w/o fire. Man like David with money and fame can’t only have 1 women 2 f*ck like VB …

  • ilu insurance

    I am thrilled you took the time and wrote that post??

  • Agree!

    look the ferret has landed!

    I say all the power to her husband for cheating… if ever there was a more deserving ugly/frigid/no emotion what-so-ever, vile woman to be cheated on, one has to look no further than her ugly mug!

  • http://@ElleSixx888 ES

    Girl Power!!!

    Wanna stone that BITCH Live!!!!

    Or may kicking. ;)

  • tina

    I’m not normailly a massive Victoria fan, but she looks just amazing here! Her fashion is hit and miss, but this is really a hit.