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Wentworth Miller: From Actor to Screenwriter!

Wentworth Miller: From Actor to Screenwriter!

Wentworth Miller has decided to go behind the camera to write the screenplay for an upcoming horror film!

Stoker, “about a teen girl whose odd uncle returns to her clan full of family secrets after her father’s death,” has been in the works for the past four years.

The 38-year-old Resident Evil actor said “the idea started taking shape maybe four years ago. I like to say I spent four years telling myself I didn’t know how to write a script, and then four weeks proving myself wrong.”

WILL YOU SEE the film that Wentworth Miller wrote?

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  • http://PBNo1Fan Emma

    Hell yeah I would see it :D

  • maria mel

    and after all the stupit comments of idiot people who spend their time bothering others life my comment is
    ofcource i will watch the film !!!!!!! im pretty sure he is a good Screenwriter just like how good he is as an actor
    love him

  • dreamergirl

    I would like to see more of her.

  • ee.cummings says

    Excellent news ! I am delighted to see that your projects become a reality..still go on wentworth you really deserve it !! & yes , of course i will buy a ticks !!!


    Sounds like a movie I would go to see, while this is not news…thanks for putting Went’s face up again. Any news on what he is doing??

  • Yenn

    these old news.
    You have nothing new to come up with ?

  • Real

    Sure, I will go to see it.
    But if Went is the lead in the film , I will go for it N times!

  • the truth

    All actors do it sometime. Nothing wrong with it. Some actors do it all.lovehim no matter what carer past he take,

  • Italyfan

    Of course …. I hope the movie comes out soon and go out also in my country!! I wish him all possible success!!!! He deserves it!!!

  • Taty Ventura

    Of course I would like to see a movie written by Wentworth. It would be a great pleasure! I’m a fan of the actor and now I want to be a fan of the screenwriter. Surely it would be a brilliant work, as everything he proposes to do. I look forward to that movie and I wish much success to Wentworth in this new venture.

  • caty29

    Of course I’ll go see it.
    But I need fresh news with pictures if possible.
    I love you went

  • Canela Bonita

    Jared are you not able to get new photos of Wentworth? – You keep bringing new threads with same old photos ,same old news. But to answer the question (which is new), Yes, I will see the film :)

  • http://PBNo1Fan Emma

    Well done to Wentworth, he truely deserves it!!! Keep shining Wenty :D XXXX

  • aifos

    before always come out paparazzi pictures of Went! Now what? please take pictures of him!

  • Anja

    Of course I like to see that movie!!

  • cremated gnu

    Well..he’s cute and all but he could be a cr&*p writer. The description does not have me overly excited and, yeah, not what you’d call news anymore.

  • Mariana de Souza

    @Anja: Me tooooooooo!
    In my opinion, it will be an intriguing story that will hold our attention until the end. Certainly, I’ll watch this movie. Success to Wentworth in this new project! Good news for us that love the actor.

  • mimi78

    YAY! Go Go Go!

  • Conrad Italy

    A Wentworth Miller’s friend said that in the intervals between recordings of the films was very good to hear Went because he was very intelligent and gifted with much culture and also that all colleagues learned a lot with him. A person holding such knowledge can only write a good script. I’m curious and I’ll see him on screen. Congratulations Wentworth Miller and thank you for sharing your imagination.

  • Hallo

    I prfer him to be actor and writer…will miss him if not acting .Forsure willl see his movie.All the best Wenty and God bless you

  • http://@CharlleneDSO Charllene

    Claro que SIM!!!
    Não perderia um trabalho de Went por nada.

  • Liz

    I would watch it ,of course!!

  • Deborah

    Of course I’ll go see it !
    And I’m pretty sure that it going to be amazing!!

  • http://wenthe natachou

    I am so proud of wentworth miller he. Is the greatest of all people. I am going to support him on every progect and movies.I am going
    Too see his new movie.I love you wentworth miller because he is a very good human being and down to earth.Just like my favorite singer who passed away on thrusday june 25 10 the unforgettable Micheal Joseph Jackson.Micheal was all that too.I love you Mjj for always.wentworth really loves his fans from all over the world.I want to say good luck too you went.Love you for all times.

  • Just me…

    Of course I will go see his “baby” on screen!!
    Already loving STOKER, who for sure will be AWESOME!

    PS: Wentworth I’m deeply saddened & sorry to what happened to you last august.

    Be strong and take care sweetheart

    Much love to you & you know who.

  • star-spangled banner

    Look forward to seeing the film. I’m sure Wentworth will do a fine job as screen writer. The quality of his writing has already been reflected from the big names attaching themselves even in its early stages. It also boasts an interesting storyline, Shadow Of A Doubt is one of Hitchcock’s finest films and Uncle Charlie a very intriguing character. It’s great to see Wentworth flex his writing muscles.

  • sas

    This screenplay is excellent. I have read it and it is contemporary, exciting and extremely well written. I would say Wentworth is clearly a writer with acting talent. With a good producer, director and the right cast it definately could be a great movie. I will go to see it when it hits the cinema because I always do when a quality film comes out. Write some more WM.

  • depth

    PS: Wentworth I’m deeply saddened & sorry to what happened to you last august.

    Be strong and take care sweetheart
    @Just me…I hope this is genuine. Sounds like a private personal sad thing that happened, and as much as I’d like to know, I think I’m scared to, and I’ll leave it at that. My prayers are with him nonetheless.

    Wentworth we’re really proud of you!! Extremely admirable how you’ve set up goals, achieved them, and making your dreams come true. I wish you the best, and I will definitely watch the movie! Can’t wait!! Love you!

    Read more:

  • Whitney

    I’d see his movie.
    But those who think just because he’s intelligent and has an English degree means he can definitely write a script really are putting the horse before the wagon!
    An English degree and high intelligence doesn’t mean you can automatically write a script. Just like a biology degree doesn’t mean you can operate on the human body.
    I’ll hold my feelings till I see the film.
    He might be a good script writer, he might not be.

  • Sheena

    He might be a good script writer, he might not be”

    -His script has been bought by Ridley Scott! He must have done something right!

  • Elisabeth


  • Sally

    The Excom girls say people on Jared are uneducated and Excom members should stay away from Jared because it’s badly moderated and only good to look for pics.That is a LOLLOL if you think about all the crap the mods on their site have let trough! They also say the members get everything they need on Ex and they have MR Scofield as a MEMBER.
    I so LOVE Jared XXX

  • ZZZ

    @depth: Pardon me but what do you mean by ‘ I hope this is genuine’ . Nothing ever is genuine on here hon, I can tell you that much… @ just me ´´ knows nothing about Wenzy.´´ That poor bag needs to take a chill pill before talking out of her rare like that. Nothing bad happened in august he just hung up on her, that’s all.
    Nothing ever is genuine on here hon, nothing but Sweetnuts him self.;-o

  • Sissy

    @ZZZ: Who says that @Just me is lying…..

  • dragonballZ

    I will go see STOKER if they will let Wentworth Miller play the part of Uncle Charlie.


  • isla

    Wentworth is a really intelligent, eloquent man. I’m sure his screenplay could turn into something very worth watching. I’ve always thought he might be more comfortable behind the camera anyway.

  • Girl

    I like to see the film written by Wentworth.
    But…… I wil also see him on the big screen!!
    Wentworth, what a wonderful men! !

  • Blooon

    Love Wenty!
    I’m happy he’s becoming a scriptwriter, too but I WANT TO SEE HIM IN FILMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Tatum

    He’s so adorable! I’m obsessed with him. Yes, I’m anxious to see what this man with a brilliant mind has created.

  • ellen

    yes, I’ll see the film that he wrote.
    I enjoyed reading the stories that he wrote some years ago like “The Stairs”, they were awesome and also Stoker is very good stuff. It’d be also great to see a collection of the short stories that he has written published on a book so be able to reading all them.

  • Stamina

    It would be great to see Wentworth flex real muscles. In fact… it would be great to see Wentworth…..

  • Travis

    Like to see him in movies. Did so many good jobs, Ryan Hunter not good for a star should have been banned, but others have been good.Like MikeSc and the detectiveNK Keep on acting Went

  • danys

    Outstanding news ! I am delighted to see that your projects turn out to be a reality..still go on wentworth you genuinely deserve it !! & yes , of course i will buy a ticks !!!

  • http://no. Mariana Miller

    I want to marry that men and have little babies like he is I am soooo obsessed with that men.But I will first see the movie he wrote.

  • Ryan Hunter

    After reading the screenplay it is clear that Wentworth has definite talent in the writing department. There is a real artistry in the way he used descriptive sensory to paint his scenes and that combined with his attention to detail has this story exuding such a creepy atmospheric feel. I love horror films and this definitely has the potential to be a great one. It’s a shame Wentworth wont be in the film himself, I think Uncle Charlie would have been a perfect role for him. For this to be his first ever screenplay he should be extremely proud of himself, he has done a fantastic job and I can’t wait to see the final product. I will definitely be watching. I hope he continues to write new stories. I also wouldn’t mind if he dug out that one-hour TV pilot he wrote, that sounds like a very interesting piece.

  • Travis pastrana

    @Ryan Hunter:
    Everybody knows you are @star-spangled banner:

  • Sunshine

    I’m sure Went is a promising writer. Why is never any new photos available?

  • no way

    Yuck! I can’t believe I had a crush on this guy back in the late 80’s.

  • chick night

    That wig looks so fake.But he’s so cute. I will definitely see the film and agree with @ dragonballZ he should do Uncle Charlie him self.

  • lololol

    @Just me…: People that really know Went do not communicate with him through Jared!!!