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Alexander Skarsgard Talks Naked 'Rolling Stone' Cover

Alexander Skarsgard Talks Naked 'Rolling Stone' Cover

Alexander Skarsgard walks with a few friends through his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Tuesday (October 5).

The 34-year-old actor recently dished on his naked Rolling Stone cover with True Blood co-stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer!

“We showed up and we shot very PG-13 with our clothes on for basically the whole day, like six or seven hours,” Alexander shared (via CNN). “Then towards the end the photographer said, ‘I have this, these shots are beautiful and the magazine is going to be happy with them, but I’d like to try something if you guys are game.’”

“It was just one of those things in the moment where we all looked at each other, we’d spent all day with the photographer, we felt comfortable with him, we knew that he was great and the atmosphere was right, and we were like, ‘[Expletive] it, let’s do it,’” Alexander added.

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  • Brightside

    The woman behind him looks so cold, poor thing. She’s probably just a random passer by but, honestly, he could have offered to take her for a cup of coffee. She looks half frozen.

  • Carla Börjesson

    Lady Gaga really kicked the living crap out of him in her Paparazzi music video with that punch and smashing that bottle over his head! Reminded me of Jamie Lee Curtis bashing Arnie with the telephone in True Lies!

  • Yolanda

    Alex can sink his teeth into me any time he likes!!!!!

  • mailey

    did he and kb break up?

  • TrueBlade


    Why do you bother looking then? He looks relaxed and refreshed despite jetting from several countries promoting TB in the last few days. Good for him, I hope he has a great time at home with family and friends.

  • another day

    Good lord he’s yummy in a sweater. Stay in Stockholm, Alex. You look hot hanging out with your friends…

  • Anne

    Can he talk about something different? or just Nakedness, Booze and Suck up to random people?

  • KB bye bye


    how do you know he didn’t ….hey did you sign up with Jewelmint yet?

  • KB bye bye


  • Chardz

    Can never get enough of ASkars… I’m loving the hat, just pure hotness!!!!

  • jbird

    So he *does* hang out with women who eat! Good to know. ;)

  • rock n roll queen

    i so miss tb. how im supposed to live until june withou alex naked ?

  • The Shape of Things

    Good to see him, looking relaxed.
    Apparently the rumours are true and he’s free of Skeleton. Yeah! Good for you Alex! Now, please get some good roles and talk when you have something new.
    - -
    - -
    You have to love how the fangirls make fun of KB for being an useless awful actress and insecure balding anorexic (she really is, though. A never ending source of LOLs), but then when fan-pics are posted, you see that 95% are obese… Interesting.

    Talk about Elephants in the room and Skeletons in the closet.

  • LisaM

    He’s looking good!!!

  • Anon

    He is a nice guy :)! I hope he finds someone special!

  • Why

    @The Shape of Things:
    huh?? Where did the last part come from?



    You’re very very very sad and sick person. You should be in hospital ;”D

  • ks

    Alex’s friend with that huge scarf and his hairstyle looks ridiculous. He obviously is trying too hard to look good, but ended up looking like a fool. Alex looks super sexy, he’s not even trying.

  • how do we know?

    I expect I will have thumbs down for this comment.

    how do we know for sure thay that the rumors of KB and AS are true and that they have actually split up?? is there any official confirmation? or are we baseing it on lack of sightings and a no show at the emmys and puss premiere and that F you comment in sweden? its hardly full proof of a split.

    could it be that they are both working on film projects and taking a break from each other. or could it be that thet are keeping things on the down low. how do we know he has not invited KB to sweden again? just my opnion and no I am not a KB fan I just need more proof. and then I will believe it.

  • Maisie

    A dose of this man a day and i’m alright.

  • good question

    @how do we know?: I think we’d all like one or the other of them to say something about it, but since they never confirmed a relationship, I guess you can’t confirm a split. It is odd though, that he didn’t take her to the Puss premiere since she was right there, and that she was a complete no show (even at after parties at the Emmys). They have both been in different places (HI and MI) all of September and no visits and then he went to Europe for TB. He’s now got some time off and she’s done with her shoot, yet, still not together? Also, UsWeekly reported them as done, which is more in that pile. That’s pretty down low if they’re trying to keep it quiet. He’s headed back now to HI and/or Louisiana so again not in the same place for probably another month. If you’re together – and they spent three weeks together in Sweden – don’t you find some time to see each other?

    I’d flip it and say what proof is there that they are together? Really, none.

  • heidi

    Alex looks great, if cold. (-: Thanks for the photos, JJ.

  • @ how do we know ?

    @how do we know?:

    Yes you do have a few valid points and that is your opinion. We do not know much about alex and kate’s relationship but based on most of the pics he looked unhappy he looks a different man when he is with his friends happy and relaxed. with kate he looked tense

    but explain this if “KATE WAS ALEX’S GIRLFRIEND THEN WHY DID ALEX NOT TAKE KATE to the puss premiere she was in sweden? and explain why alex never taken kate to an offical event like the emmys she was not working that night she could have gone to the after party? kate has never missed a red carpet moment in her life.

    I am sure kate has had a few days off from filming why not visit alex in hawaii?? and why has alex not brought kate this time back to sweden again she would have been there by now if her filming is done?

  • JM

    A Swede in his natural habitat. Very Sexy!

  • varya

    @Anne: The only reason you keep seeing the same snippets of articles that he has done is because JJ wanted a reason to post some pictures of him. Not because that is all he talks about. Also the press have a way of circulating the same thing over and over again!

    And thank goodness the Hoesworth isn’t stalking him around anymore, lets hope that this means they are over and that the rumours are true of them having a split.

    I hope he has fun with his family and friends and that the press leave his alone so he has some semblance of a normal life at least when he is at home, at least!

  • GagaFan

    I assume Bonesworth and Alex are over.
    Jared hasn’t posted any pics like he usually does! -_-”
    Great!! Now there’s a 0.000000000000000001% chance of us hooking up.

  • Cynthia

    Alex and Kate are still together. He visited her in Michigan a few weeks ago.

  • Allie

    Beautiful Man <3

  • @Cynthia

    He visited her in Michigan? Proof?

  • TrueBlade

    Of course he visited her in Michigan. He borrowed Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility that’s why nobody saw him.


    yeah only ONE person on ONTD happen to have seen alex with kate in MI it was reported that the poster’s fiancee is a PA for her film. am I led to believe that no one else seen them in MI or on kate’s film set accept for ONE person and that is a PA then everyone is just blind and stupid on that set not to report it.
    there has been no other facebook, twitter sightings and no gossip mags or internet gossip sights picked it up and no fan encounters.

    according to a fan alex himself said he flew from hawaii then to LA and then to united kingdom and no alex is not obliged to say he stopped off in MI but I believe alex over the ONTD posting.

    no one else has not taken the sighting serious and their are no pictures of the supposed sighting. its been over 2 weeks there would have been fan encounters and pics by now.

  • Not So Fast

    One more time…no trip to Michigan. Just a rumor. He flew from Hawaii to L.A. to England. From there, you know the story. He went to Poland and Germany. Then after he stirred up the crowd at the Hammarby game, he partied his butt off with Fares Fares at a friend’s house. His crazy schedule was confirmed. He’s been just about everywhere BUT Michigan.

    And DANG he’s looking good!

  • the truth

    @Not So Fast: You said right! I think they’re done.its have been reported in star and us weekly. He is fine like hayden christensen. Both are good looking men!

  • not broken up

    I must be the only one on here who does not think they have broken up. I think she has just wrapped up filming. so I am expected to see kate in sweden this week how long is alex in sweden for?

    and I agree with the one post how do we know he has not invited her to sweden. just becasue there have been no sightings does not mean they have not had some kind of contact talking on the phone etc if she does show up in sweden we have to accept that this is the women he has chosen to be with.

    and I will put my bet that she will be in sweden sorry but dont get your hopes up to soon. I dont believe in rumors if there are no pics by xmas then yes they are done but I dont believe mags like US weekly that say they have broken up are they even legit source.

  • @ not broken up

    Then by your logic, how can we believe they were ever together in the first place? The mags you are so eager to dispute were the same ones touting this showmance in the first place. Alex never publicly acknowledged Kate as anything more than a friend.

  • ness

    IDK if they’re together or not, but one thing is clear, ASkars had a growing fanbase, till he showed up with Boswh8re.
    KBosworth is a fandom-killer.

  • TrueBlade

    Who knows what’s up with them. I just find it funny that he hasn’t looked this good since hooking up with her. Something changed on Planet ASkars for him to get his glow back. Isn’t it strange that he’s able to adjust his stride to keep in sync with this much shorter woman but not another? I truly hope it’s done, I’d rather not see gold toned versions of his anchor necklace on Tackymint. Really, could she get much lower?

  • @ post 35 not broken up



    have you not heard of the TERM FWB friends with benefits or BOOTCALL you know hook up here and there and everywhere for some late night sexy times of course she will tavel to sweden for s*x thats all this relationship is based on thats all she is to askars he is not that into her

  • Harry Potter’s Cloak

    @TrueBlade The cloak was at the cleaners. He just manipulated the space-time continuum and folded time back on itself so he could be in two places at once because that’s how he rolls. He’s cool like that. Askars, the last airbender. Who knew?

  • TrueBlade
  • Vanessa

    The fact that he gets a lot of hate recently is down to Kate Bosworth.

    I don’t get there supposed “relationship”.
    They never look happy together (well she’s the only one who looks happy!) She seems to be an attention wh0re and loves any kind of media attention, he looks like a mellow sort of guy.
    Public events, like True Blood premiere, they were photographed separately? o.O
    What’s the deal with that?
    I believe this is/was a sham relationship.
    If they’re still together, shame on him, he needs to bail before he knock her up, then she’s got him for life! lol

  • good question

    I think for those who think they haven’t broken up, I’d guess I’d ask what proof there is that they haven’t. Yes, they’ve been working. But People/UsWeekly/Lainey/this site are filled with photos of celeb couples visiting each other on sets even when both are working. And the fact that she didn’t go to any Emmy events with him? And when he had downtime in Hawaii, he stayed…in Hawaii? Just like he’s staying in Sweden right now, not flying back to LA now that she’s done in Michigan. Yes, there are mobile phones and skype and all sorts of other forms of communication, but something is wrong with this picture. Even JJ has given up linking them which is telling because he lurves them together. No surprises if they show up again at some point, but for now, for the naysayers, prove they’re together.

  • Weird

    I’m sorry but if he ends back with Kate Bonesworth then I am done. It would all about Joe M. instead of Askars. Sorry but he would have to be absolutely pathetic to let this sk*ank cheat on him and go back to her. It is already bad enough that he did not listen when people were saying watch out for her sick ways. First time shame on her. Second time shame on him.

  • Zaida

    Lmao! watery rat eyes!!
    Thank god he’s wearing sunglasses, because he’s a “star”.

  • Alexandra McQueen

    I wish I was Askars friend.
    Friend with benefits. heh.

  • varya

    @Weird: I think IF he did break up with her because of that, or they are indeed actually broken up, and then goes back to her, then there is no guarantee that she actually cheated on him at all. (I think she did, but that’s just my opinion)

    And from the looks of things so far, they are done! Hopefully that’s true!

  • jesse

    He’s tainted now, I can’t see the hotness anymore :(
    Still lurv Eric, but not Alex, sorry.

  • seeshay

    wow, he looks great for a guy who’s been in like 5 countries in a week. Am loving the Hawaii tan too. Couldn’t vamps be permanently tanned instead of pale please??

  • Nic

    He’s so sexy.