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Anne Hathaway: Get Help if You're Being Bullied!

Anne Hathaway: Get Help if You're Being Bullied!

If you’re being bullied in school, you’re not alone. There is someone here for you – someone who cares and understands.

Call The Trevor Project at 1-866 4-U-TREVOR (1-866-488-7386) — it’s a confidential, toll-free, suicide hotline for gay & questioning youth. It gets better!

Below is a new PSA featuring celebs trying to get the word out — Anne Hathaway, Kristin Cavallari, Jenny McCarthy, Ian Somerhalder, Julie Benz, Michael Chiklis, Greg Grunberg, Rex Lee, Candice Accola, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Roberts, Candis Cayne, Kat Graham, and Erika Jayne!

Anne Hathaway: Get Help if You’re Being Bullied!
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  • Catchy

    should I turn gay now? I’ll get the protection then… hmmm….

  • athena

    this’s a great thing they’re doing. stop the hate!

  • yo sista

    I <3 anne hathaway

  • Britney

    wow really?? yeah stop the hate but remember that we are living in a free society lmao

  • Butter_Fly

    It seems like Hollywood thinks only gays are bullied. They should give another number for everyone else. Gays aren’t the only ones that get bullied, ya know.

  • rock n roll queen

    congratulations to all the stars that participate in this. bullying can be one of the most psychologically wounding experiences a person can go thru .i remember when i was called a s*ut freak etc until i decided i didnt care what those non life losers had to say about me so do the same kids ur life is too valuable to throw away just 4 the sake of small minded losers

  • poshiest

    Thats the matter of kids parents who dont know how to deal with these situations. Parents can be retards. Being a bit demented could be in the genes but also in the education you are given.

  • lauren

    Im not saying what they’re doing isn’t a great thing,because it is!
    But teens of all sexual orientations get bullied,why can’t they make a general bullying instead of just focusing on a certain group of people being bullied.There are millions of reasons why people get bullied,just because hollywoods made one reason more known about doesn’t make any of the others less important.

  • yesh

    Ok so all of a sudden homosexuals are special seems odd to me. I mean they aren’t another race or ethicity you know. These celebs will likely do more to hurt them then help.

  • Cindy

    what about those are being bullied because of their size?

  • Cindy

    @rock n roll queen: doesn’t count…you aren’t gay

  • JoJo

    it’s a hot line for gays and QUESTIONING YOUTH, in case you can’t read!
    Gosh people, stop being so hateful towars EVERYTHING celebs do, if you don’t like celebrities why the hell are you accessing Just Jared?

  • Taboo

    @JoJo: I think they are speaking in general

  • WOW

    Everybody, this is happening because 5 kids ages 13 – 19 have committed suicide in the last month because they were the targets of anti-gay bullying. This issue is an epidemic. And don’t take that as saying other kids who are bullied aren’t important, because they are; all kids are important! And thankfully there are many hotlines available for kids: general and specific.

    But, in the wake of these tragedies, people are opening their eyes and seeing that anti-gay bullying is much too common. And the effects are much too substantial to look away.

  • Idc

    @WOW: I didnt know that. Poor families. That really hurts. Its unbelievable.

  • Kevin

    @Catchy: When you figure out how to ‘TURN’ gay, do tell me so I can ‘TURN’ straight. Maybe then the ignorant bullying will finally stop and I could live your silver-spoon fed discrimination-free EASY privileged life.

  • rock n roll queen

    @Cindy: im bisexual i just probaly failed to mention in the above post the main reason i was called theese things


    Youth of today respond to the TREVOR PROJECT – IT GETS BETTER project targeting Gay Bullying


    If you are debating suicide PLEASE call The Trevor Project at 1-866-4-U-TREVOR. You ARE loved. You are not alone, I promise you.

  • madmax

    I think any teen can call this number to get help. I hope that the teens considering ending it all will call this number and reach out for help. So we can end this horrible cycle.


    vavv seksi bebe anne hathaway taş gibi yavru

  • Ann_Howard

    Glad they are raising awareness, but I do agree that LGBTQ kids/teens aren’t the only ones who have it hard in school. Middle school can be war – for EVERYONE. That being said, I think this is a great project and it’s always good to see celebs using fame to support good causes.

  • CanadaGirl

    Excellent PSA in light of recent suicide of a young gay youth. GBTLQ teens are have higher suicide rates than straight teens, so sending this message to them is important.

  • CanadaGirl

    omit the are please. :)

  • missy

    move to hollywood, they’re so queer there you’ll be normal.

    Just Jared, Why do you bother with the thumbs, you won’t anyone have a thought, so why bother

  • LOL.

    @missy: Why are you on a gay man’s (JARED) website if you’re so uneducated and scared?

  • missy


    who’s uneducated and scared? you think being queer is educated and cool?

  • Lala

    TOTALLY AGREE Butter_Fly! There are so many other kids out there, that aren’t gay, that need someone to talk to as well!

  • JoJo

    Missy, you are a homophobic pig, why don’t you just get out of this web site and be a macho or watherver.

  • missy

    be as queer as you want, just quit telling kids its normal and cool, its not!

  • shut it

    @JoJo: Man all you are doing is saying talking points that ive heard before. Just because a person is against gays doesn’t make them homophobic! A$$hole

  • http://@ElleSixx888 ES

    Gay men are being killed by the droves!!! We can’t LOSE them!! Like losing God’s Lover?!?!!??!

  • james


  • ohman,

    I can’t……I can’t deal with some of the comments here right now. O__O
    How uneducated can one person get? “Any time a person’s LGBT sexuality is the target, punchline or focus, it’s homophobia.” (that includes homophobic gay men). Some people (HOMOPHOBES) need to pick up a book and educate themselves. Asexuality, Bisexuality, Homosexuality and Heterosexuality ALL exist in Plants, animals AND us Humans. You can’t do or take anything to ‘change’ yourself like homophobes for some reason think you can. Wonderful cause btw.

  • shut it

    @ohman,: Just shut up you closed minded moron yesh its not natural. The animal excuse it stupid don’t F$^&^ call people homophobic ok they don’t deserve to be called. That i don’t approve of the lifestyle doesn’t that make me homophobic no it doesn’t. So shut your F$%& smart A$$ mouth

  • ohman,

    @shut it: YOU’RE calling ME close-minded? Is this a joke to you? Do you hear yourself? Let me REPEAT since you seem rather slow.

    “Any time a person’s LGBT sexuality is the target, punchline or focus, it’s HOMOPHOBIA.”

    The fact that you don’t understand or for some reason can’t seem to accept people are BORN the way they are just like you were BORN the way YOU are, is the real worrying issue here.

  • shut it

    @ohman,: F@%$^ you then im not in the mood for some lame A$$ speech. Ok and tolerance is a joke people are are only tolerant to you if they agree with you. Thats not tolerance at all A$$hole so don’t give that BS alright your a hypocrite ok you preach yet you aren’t “tolerant” at all. They aren’t born that way its a F$#^& liftestyle choice ok ive read nothing that say’s the opposite all ive seen are some lame tests done by idiot’s. Don’t give that accept BS ok that is the most tired selfish and superfical and materialistic thing ive ever heard. It seems to me homosexuality says F#%^ nature let’s do what feel’s good then call it natural because it makes us feel good. So stop with the accept BS ok its really old really predictable and a really really shallow arguement. So stop with the “accept” BS or as i call it think the way im thinking or your a bigot excuse or your closed minded just stop with that excuse. Its counter productive

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