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Orlando Bloom: Uniqlo Promo Pics!

Orlando Bloom: Uniqlo Promo Pics!

Orlando Bloom is following wife Miranda Kerr‘s modeling footsteps!

The 33-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star, along with Charlize Theron, has been tapped to be a global brand ambassador for Japanese casual wear retailer Uniqlo.

The two will appear in the designer’s ad campaigns promoting the company’s “Made for All” philosophy – Uniqlo aims to make clothes that are “simple and essential yet universal, so people can freely combine them with their own unique styles” – throughout the coming year.

Check out Orlando in a commercial for Uniqlo‘s HeatTech jacket below!

Orlando Bloom 2010 Uniqlo Commercial
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bloom uniqlo ambassador 01
bloom uniqlo ambassador 02
bloom uniqlo ambassador 03
bloom uniqlo ambassador 04
bloom uniqlo ambassador 05

Photos: Steven Klein
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  • mmmm…..


  • Anne

    Such a beautiful man. *sigh*

  • GUH!


  • YES!

    He looks so gorgeous! And his voice is to die for!!! So sexy!
    Charlize looks great, too.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    Beautiful man .

  • Joe

    Love him and love UNIQLO, he’s going to look awesome in their quirky men’s clothing.

  • Thud!

    Oh WOW!! HIs voice, his look, just .. HIM!! Orlando, do more movies please, please please. Need to see you on the big screen and enjoy!!!!!

  • Butter_Fly

    Great pictures! I like ‘em.

  • sea

    Clean and cute face

  • ohhhemmmgeee!

    That is one GORGEOUS hunk of man!

  • velcrodots

    Well this makes my morning just that much better!

  • sarah

    And why haven’t you put Charlize’s commercial ?? i hear about the commercial because of her she looks terrific as well as the song in the ad im watching in it over and over !

  • wow!

    He looks so beautiful!

  • Yummy

    He is yummy. I just wish he was the kind of guy you could figure out. Its like he is trapped in his own head somewhere.

  • @14

    What an interesting thing to say.

    Maybe he’s easier to figure out if you actually know him. He seems to be quite evasive in what he tells and shows the public.

  • hmm

    I always think it’s funny when people try to diagnose complete strangers.
    But just going by clues given, he seems to be calm, intelligent and quite level headed.
    He made it through his AMAZING rise from ‘nobody’ to world famous star with hardly a scratch. He came out sound and strong, and reportedly did not let any of that go to his head.
    Friends describe him as warm, kind, loving, loyal, generous intelligent and driven.
    “Maybe he’s easier to figure out if you actually know him”
    So true. The key words here are “actually know him”.
    People who “actually know him”, like and respect him. Evidently they don’t consider him “trapped in his own head”.
    Back OT:
    He looks fantastic in the commercial. I just wish that they didn’t photoshop the devil out of the ads. The man is naturally beautiful. They didn’t need to make him look like a painting.

  • Natural is better

    Yeah, they are pretty heavily photoshopped. Wonder why? I shouldn’t think he’d need it.

  • @17

    I just think that it is the look that they are going for.
    Why else would they take a gorgeous man and shop his image so heavily that he looks like an animated character?
    Step away from the photoshop tools UniQlo, step away!
    You paid big bucks for the real Orlando Bloom. Why make it look so fake?
    He is so naturally beautiful, too!

  • mia

    Charlize is GORGEOUS in this brand commercial. More beautiful than ever. I don’t know why they changed OB so obvious. It was not necessary.

  • Flag boy

    Love the video and hate the photoshop. You said it #18, looks like an animated character, that is it! Like those freaky commericals where the actors are animated, or the Buger King guy…… oh God, I’m starting to scare myself, someone needs to hold me.

  • velcrodots

    I agree, I mean I get photoshopping Madonna to hell and back, but not EVERYONE needs that much!

    @ 20 – LOL go run over a Whopper or something to feel better

  • jodie

    wow! orlando looks amazing in this ad. he looks cool. wish he did more movies. i miss him on the big screen and this makes me realize how much of a superstar he is.

  • @22

    [terminator voice} He'll be back. [/terminator voice]

  • Belle


    I miss him too and would love to see him in more movies, preferably modern day and dressed like this!

  • Flag boy

    Speaking of Orlando, where the heck is he? I have been spoiled by all the photos lately and this week, notthing. Anybody has any news or speculations?

  • @25

    Not sure if he is still in the UK with the missus, or back on set in Germany.
    I’m going through orlando withdrawal, too.
    I just keep playing the new ads over and over.
    That voice will get me through the dry spell.

  • @25

    Apparently he’s having his dinner with Carlota Fabregas tonight, in London. Which her brother bid for for charity quite a while ago. Or maybe it was yesterday?

  • @27

    Lucky girl!
    She has an AWESOME brother!

  • sara

    Carlota tweeted that she was getting ready to meet both Orlando and Miranda.
    Lucky, lucky girl!

  • Flag boy

    What an awsome brother! My brother is very religious and thinks I’m going to burn in hell. =) I love Jesus it’s his fan club that causes me pain.

  • velcrodots

    Her brother is awesome! Mine wouldn’t do anything like that, although one christmas years ago he gave me a Johnny Depp calandar. Sure, it was the wrong freaken pirate, but the thought of my rather imposing-looking brother going to buy a Depp calandar was a gift in itself.

  • Flag boy

    Oh, thanks for sharing the tweet. Keep up the good work on getting those of us who don’t tweet in the know. =)

  • Valkyrie

    whoa those are shooped to shit. pity, he’s so much more handsome without it. Just compare how gorgeous he looks in the commercial in contrast O.o oh well
    glad to see him doing things in the biz again!!

  • sara

    The lovely, young Carlota had this to say about her dinner with O&M:
    ‘What a great, natural nd nice dinner. Thnk u so much Orlando nd Miranda. U’r an amazing couple nd extraordinari people. ‘
    Sounds like Orlando and Miranda made her feel very comfortable.
    What a night to remember for a sweet girl. Her brother earned enough ‘points’ to last him a lifetime.

  • alex

    Charlize is really beautiful in this brand commercial. I also like Orlando Bloom very much.

  • Better as model?

    He’s cute but I’ve always thought he was too skinny. He actually makes a better male model than he does an actor. Just stay away from the machismo roles Orli! I think he might be good in light romantic comedies though.

  • meji

    But he never has played a machismo role. He’s played a lot of sword roles that aren’t machismo.

    Will Turner is a young man. He’s only 22 at the end of the series. He’s resolute and a skilful fighter and ingenious, but he’s also a bit of a naive fish out of water.

    Paris is the absolute antithesis of macho. That’s the whole point of the character.

    Balian out of KOH is a sceptical engineer and a pacifist, not a warlord. He never goes round posturing like Schwarzenegger or Braveheart or Gerard Butler in 300. And he seems muscular enough to wield a sword. The Medieval ideal knight was elegant and slender.

    Legolas is the most macho character he’s played, in that he actually is a warrior and boasts about his kills. And many people think it’s his most successful role.

    I agree that he ought to be good in light romantic comedies (I like his segment of NYILU) or road movies playing a barmy character. But I’ve given up trying to organise his career for him by telepathy. I suppose he’s doing the best he can to choose projects he wants to do.

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    They really know how to hide and make me suffer LOL I guess Milan/Paris week were an overload and now I need my fix LOL.

  • ?

    Machismo means sexism…

  • Flag boy

    thanka Sara, did the lucky Carlota post a pic?

  • Jayne

    Just love orlando he can do anything.

  • Jayne

    I don’t think orlando is to skinny and i think if orlando wanted to be bigger he would. I don’t care i love orlando bloom what ever way.

  • Slim Jim

    Yeah, he’s pretty skinny. I don’t like guys who are too beefy, but he could definitely stand to gain 10-15 lbs. and he still wouldn’t be fat. But then again he’s married to a skinny model so I guess they’re a good match.

  • sara

    He’s always been lean. That’s just his natural body type.
    That’s why he had to work so hard to put on weight for KOH.
    The minute he stopped eating six meals a day, the weight came right off.
    He is thin, but not skinny. IMO, he has the perfect amout of muscle mass. Great arms and a beautiful chest (hubba hubba), He also has great legs.

  • Jayne

    @44,So true he’s lovely just the way he is.

  • Flag boy

    He’s a lean, mean, loven machine. =)
    I don’t like when I don’t have any new Orlando. I going to go pout now.

  • @46

    *joins Flag Boy in the corner to pout*

  • velcrodots

    I know! Any more news on the twitter front?

  • @48

    He has been in Germany (Babelsberg Studios – is that in Berlin?) since Monday, with Miranda, and has a big dialogue-heavy scene with Milla today. That’s nice to hear.

  • @49