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Rachel Bilson: Chanel at Paris Fashion Week!

Rachel Bilson: Chanel at Paris Fashion Week!

Rachel Bilson keeps it classy at the Chanel Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show during France’s Paris Fashion Week at Grand Palais on Tuesday (October 5).

Killer shoes!!! Love.

The 29-year-old actress recently shared her new obsessions. One of them is a rose gold vermeil cuff with brown diamonds (kissing swallows bracelet) from! “I’m a huge fan of rose gold, and I love the little birds,” she told InStyle.

FYI: Rachel is wearing an AllSaints Manu jacket.

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Credit: Francois Durand, Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • Tuesday

    No good figure and hair is awful, not healthy lookin!

  • Bilson blind? & lie vow!
  • Brightside

    The dress is ugly and something a little more in keeping with the season would have been better. Summer dresses in Autumn are just depressing.

  • Lily

    @Tuesday: You mean hot figure. So hot.


    @Bilson blind? & lie vow!: Lexy Hates Bilson, your lame, stiff blog and useless attempts to make Bilson a target of cyber bullying, is PATHETIC! Everyone knows it’s you behind the computer screen typing this bull shiiiit.

    Do us a favour, go jump off a cliff.

  • http://- MeMyself&I

    WOW – and there I was worried because we didn’t get any pictures yesterday.

    Thank God she is fine!!

  • Tuesday

    @Lily: Hot figure? Ar you kidding me??? A hot woman is la Monica Bellucci!!!

  • Awful Hair Fugly Shoes

    Last month she was obsessed with mermaid jewelry. Never saw her wear it after the first picture. Now its little birds, which no one has ever seen on her as a motif before. but says she’s always been obsessed with. Bet we never see this bracelet on her again. She is obviously fishing for freebies from designers, promising she will mention them or wear their stuff at some public event for the press on gossip sites. This is her actual job, not anything else. This is without doubt the most worthless person under 30 in HW besides Bristol Palin and Miley Cyrus, but Bilson isn’t hot enough to get knocked up or talented enough to carry a tune in a bucket. This Bilson is the definition of snobby rich entitled daddy’s girl who now makes a living by going around attending parties and press events wearing loaner garments + accessories, babbling to press and getting pictures taken. She is given ‘projects’ through family and friends but because she is untalented and too retarded to read or memorize lines, she fails at one opportunity after another. WHY is Jared contributing to keep this girl on this site almost every day, doing nothing? She is a boil on the syphillis-infected celluite- swollen drug-infused flabby and hairy white Hollywood @ss and a perfect example of a trivial useless social parasite. And as for the person who posted the Contact Music blurb of her vowing she will never be without underwear or flash her privates to papparazzi camera no matter what, well, everyone knows that when a spoiled starlet says she will never ever do something to get attention you know she really wants to do it so bad she can hardly stand it. But she probably won’t do it because her pictures in revealing clothes already show off small saggy boobs and her large cellulite butt and saddle bags would distract anyone from looking at her genital area. Her insistance that she likes her privacy is hilarious to anyone who watched her relentless pressing out of her sham relationship with ex fiance Hayden Christensen and disgusting + manipulative use (and pressing out) of her friendship with Jill and Josh Schwartz. What a toad, a wantabe little wh07e who uses everyone to promote her puny little person.

  • bea

    How many days has she been attending these fashion events? It seems like forever. And she claims to be a working actress. Oh right I forgot. She gets jobs through nepotism and not through her middling acting talent. The wife of the producer who gives her work all the time is with her right now.

  • the hair

    ugh…her hair looks absolutely terrible here. Get a new hairdo Rachel!

  • max

    her team must’ve made a fake imdb listing to make chanel pr think she was worthy of going to their show

  • Brightside

    Was the Keira Knightley photo taken at the same place? She makes Rachel Bilson look like yesterday’s rubbish. Shame Rachel can never look that good…Keira looks superb!

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]

    …i think it’s safe to say this girl has zero fans on this site. ahahahahahahahahhaa

  • anoano

    Yikes her hair is awful and so dry and damaged. Conditioner must become her new BFF stat!!

    This girl is not cute have no idea why people think she is fashionable. To me she is like a little munchkin with bad hair and no talent.

  • Anne

    She looks cute and I love that jacket!

  • the truth

    @Brightside: Agree with you on that.You know that she only wants the limelight to herself.This is what its all about with her these days.Couldn’t help that hayden was here last week for a moment.This wrong for her to have all this attention doing nothing but doing what she really loves to do ( Fashion shows and shop). Really don’t think she going to do the movie when she gets home.Wouldn’t a person be tired ? Making up for the clothes she lost.

  • Brightside

    Middling acting talent? That’s a generous assessment! I’ve never actually seen her act…she just does the Rachel Bilson pretending to be Rachel Bilson thing all the time. That’s not acting! If she didn’t have connections then she would be flipping burgers at Macdonald’s for a living. ‘Dya wan’ fries with that?’ – breathless giggle, flutter of eyelashes, gormless smile, mouthful of gum. And even then she’d probably fcuk up your order…although I guess all those 40 year old male virgins who think she’s hot wouldn’t mind too much.

  • LJ

    Why are all these chicks ruining thier dresses with big, black ugly tuxedo and leather jackets?

  • Alias

    @13 InfamouslyRetarded – Nothing gets by you does it? LMFAO

  • Brightside

    Let’s say $550 for the jacket, $200 approx for the shoes, $200 approx for the dress and another $220 approx for the chanel bag. Now most people don’t have the money to spend over $1000 approx on day wear or any kind of wear for that matter…but it’s her money (or freebies) so if she wants to she can. My question is that, after spending quite a sizeable chunk of money on her clothes and accessories, how come she still looks drab! I’m reminded of that old song ‘Geordie Girl’ and the line about dowdy feathers. This is a dowdy outfit, the jacket and dress are dowdy, the shoes are heavy and clunky. All that money spent and she looks dull, uninteresting, thick-calved, straggly haired and frumpy. I’ve seen so many women look so much better on a lot, lot less. Money will buy you designer labels but it won’t buy you fashion sense.

  • me

    That red back is 3k (three thousand dollars). She is wearing at least 5k worth of crap that looks horrendous. She has no class.

  • Annie

    She actually looks incredible. And in no way can anything Chanel be consider crap, ever!! Jeez people get some taste.

  • Brightside

    Sheer waste of money if that’s the case! It’s like an old German hausfrau’s dress and the bag is so random. It goes with nothing. If I had that kind of money I’d want to invest in an outfit that didn’t draw so much attention to the knobbly knees and thick calves. I’d also spend some of it on fixing a very tired hairstyle. Keira’s new bob is so stunning and daring. Rachel should take note. Her whole look, which she has had for some years now, is old, tired and unexciting…for someone who mumbled incoherently about not getting a tattoo because her nature was to embrace change, isn’t it about time she did just that. Past time. She desperately needs to change that boring, same old, same old style and that boring, same old, same old hair.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! Bird Jewelry for a bird brain! I thought she was working on her career?? She should be working with an acting teacher and acting coaches to do all she can to help her pilot!

  • Weroinika

    I LOVE HER!! So cool that just jared is posting news about her. I know, I know, she isnt actually ,,working actress” but shes that cute that you can not love her (or at least i cant)
    she has wondeful taste! And JustJared, you should mention that according to People she is of the top 10 best dressed women in 2010!! I totally agree!

  • Weroinika

    *she is one of the

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! Why do people act like People voting her best dressed is special?? Of course they voted her one of the best dressed. She gives “fashion advice” for their sister publication.
    What are they going to say the truth – that she doesn’t REALLY know anything about fashion and doesn’t REALLY respond to the questions and she’s not really a good dresser – she has a stylist…That won’t look good for them!

  • SurfingEagle

    People! ignore her. Ignore her media attention. And she will go away!

  • juniper

    Without her branded outfits, blings & shoes, this random girl w/ her average looks & everything would look more closely like a GYPSY scattered all over Paris begging for some coins.

  • verity

    Of course, she is NOTHING (not that she really get somewhere worthy)without her branded clothes & HW connections. Shamely pathetic.

  • air

    She comes across as such an airhead in her interviews.

    FS: What are you most excited to see this morning?
    RB: The clothing!

    DUH! Obviously!

  • Brightside

    Her make-up artist in Afghanistan? WTF? Does she mean her make-up artist lives in Afghanistan? Or her make-up artist comes from Afghanistan? Or her make-up artist gets the stuff from Afghanistan? Which of the three is it? The Rachel Bilson incoherence factor strikes again!
    SBC, manufacturers of professional skin care and make-up products, do a block eyeliner for under £5.00 on line. Which is most likely where her ‘make-up artist’ *cough,cough* gets it from and charges bone-head Bilson a lot of money for doing so. Wouldn’t surprise me! Fools and their money…..

  • MissAnthropica

    OK I am going to try to be as fair about this as possible.

    First of all, the shoes would be fine…. by themselves but not with this dress or jacket.

    The dress would be fine…. by itself without the shoes, the purse or the jacket.

    The jacket would be fine… with the purse or the shoes but not both and certainly not with that dress.

    A bright red purse with a clashing floral print dress with pink and orange all over it, while wearing a leather rocker jacket and chunky black heels of all things?
    NONONONO fashion NO.

    Top it all off literally with her limped out hair, which the girl really really really needs to change and the whole look is a mess, an utter mess.

    She looks like her whole look was tossed together at the last second and not very professionally.
    They could of atleast had her wear her hair up somehow so she might look a little less messy and more put together, she almost looks like she is ready to run errands in this on a cold day in LA not attend a major fashion show in PARIS of all places.

    Her stylist should be slapped or given an eye exam lol

    Keira Knightley was also at the same show and got alot more attention and press as she showed off a very chic new hair cutt , a sexy bob cutt.
    Keira looked very Chanel and very put together and classy.
    Rachel was sat very fair away from her and could be seen far in the backround as Keira did interviews with the media inside before the show, while Rachel just sat in her seat about twenty or so seatings away all by herself.

    Only reason I realized it was Rachel Bilson in the backround while Keira got flocked and did some interviews was because of Rachel’s horrid two toned hair could be seen that looks really faded and fried out now.
    Rachel really needs to either dye it darker agian to hide to obvious damage to her hair or cutt it off like Keira did and let her hair grow out again.

    Lastly the interview she gave to FAB SUG.
    Um wow.
    Not much more a person can say to that.
    Other then she makes absolutely no sense in interviews.
    Of course she is excited to see the clothing everyone is thats why they went to the damn show ….
    they meant of course what part of the line was she most looking forward to seeing, like the shoes or the dresses.

    Is she really that dim witted that she didnt understand the question?

    Gawd I really really hope not for her poor sake.
    And I am still trying to figure out what she meant about her makeup artist and Afghanistan…… really confused on that.

    Also why is she plugging Yves Saint Laurent makeup at a CHANEL fashion show….
    that is really bad ettiquette at a fashion event.
    Just bad form.

    She only brought a CHANEL purse and wore a CHANEL blush to the event when most people attending an event such as this and if they plan on having their pictures taken dress in head to toe of whatever label’s show they are attending. In this case it would be Chanel. Keira did as did others attending.

    To wear other peoples design to the show and sit front row with someone else jacket on and someone else’s sunglasses while talking about someone else’s make up products is once again on her part just ……….. bad form.

    And honestly is the quickest way to burn bridges in the fashion world and since thats where her career desires seemed to be focused these days ( so she claims although has yet to really prove that) burning bridges is the worst thing she can do.

    I hope she figures out that for her sake and stops trying to plug products regardless if it would be in bad taste to do so at the time just in hopes to get freebies.
    Or she will never get that real fashion career she wants.
    Over all, cute shoes by themselves not with the granny’s coach floral print dress or the biker chick jacket. I am thinking of calling this look
    The purse although Chanel isnt a good color choice for this outfit although a cute bag by itself, safe but cute.
    I am thinking of calling this look of hers
    ” Steel Magnolia’s Mixed Up Mess”.

  • Shy

    Oh God…. And i was so happy that this worthless idiot wasn’t here for the whole 2 days. On October 3 and 4 Just Jared site was free from this has-been. I thought maybe her contract with Just Jared finally ended and he won’t be throwing her face at as every day.

    FREE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson

    FREE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson

    FREE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson

    FREE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson

    FREE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson

  • Shy

    @SurfingEagle: She can’t go away because she is already there :) Other gossip sites never put her pictures/stories. Very rarely. Like once in a few months. The only reason why she is here EVERY effing day is because she pays Just Jured site. She has her own personal photographer who pictures her on streets and then sends them directly to Just Jured. He can’t sell them because no one will buy them. They will be worth 10 dollars.

    Who on earth in Europe knows Rachel Bilson? That O.C. show wasn’t even that popular there. I bet that photographers pull the “Lea Michelle thing” and ask her entourage: “Who is she?” all the time :) And they have to answer: “Oh there was a show few years back O.C. She was in. I know Misha Barton was the star. She was the other female lead. No? Still don’t remember her? Oh and remember movie Jumper? She was the female lead. No? You don’t remember her in that movie? Also she was the beard for Hayden Christensen?” :)

  • MissAnthropica

    Doesnt the film dud BFF & Baby start filming October 19th?

    Thats lets then two weeks away, shouldnt she be preparing for the role like most actors do?
    Not appearing at any fashion event she can get a ticket to.
    I wonder if they will keep her hair that way or have her fix it?
    Leaving it the way it is would look so awful in close up shots for the film.

    The film still hasnt been added to her imdb page either which is odd.

  • crapshack

    Most likely its is that CrapChel will “extrassing / hacktressing all over again” on that supposed BFF thing. Remember when she did that Waiting For Forever – in DVD (lol), she just filmed it in “less than 5 DAYS” but she’s then headlining the news (of course) as the movie’s female lead but just turned out to be its “greatest & overrrated extra”.

  • Brightside

    Auto cue cards and prompters….that’s what she does! No need to memorise lines because it’s all held up in front of her in big, easy-to-read words of one syllable and if that doesn’t work then there’s a happy chappie who stands to one side and prompts her. He’s the one who does the memorising. That’s if this turkey ever makes it off the ground.

  • seriously

    im soooooo tired of her…

  • a fan

    BRIGHTSIDE learn to be nice if you dont like RB why are you here?

  • MissAnthropica

    Count them 1,2,3,4,5 days without a new Rachel Bilson post!!

    Wow, must be that time of the month again….
    you know the one where the PR checks from Rachel’s team hasnt cleared yet lol
    I am sure there will be one by tomarrow or by Wednesday when that stupid new movie Bff & Baby starts filming with Bosworth.

  • Viper

    Didn’t know there was an actual start date for that movie and really who wants to see the media whores in action. PPL are still wating for forever to be released and honestly seems like it has been forever don’t think that will even hit DVD..

  • Viper

    Didn’t know there was an actual start date for that movie and really who wants to see the media whores in action. PPL are still wating for forever to be released and honestly seems like it has been forever don’t think that will even hit DVD..

  • MissAnthropica

    I am in a state of shock a whole week without a Rachel Bilson post on JJ?
    Maybe they finally got the idea people were really really tired of the constant never ending daily posts about nothing and no one.
    Just maybe.
    That or her checked didnt clear yet for this month?
    More likely the second.
    Bilson is probably going through papparazzi/presswh@re withdrawl at this point.
    Wonder if she finally went broke?

  • Fugly Shoes

    She’s gone up to 2 or even 3 weeks without putting pics of her doing nothing on JJ before. Then she will appear every day or even multiple times a day doing shopping, walking her dog, getting coffee. We know she’s too much of an airhead to handle her own PR so someone (prob daddy) is paying for it and they think if you withold pics for a couple weeks fans will be desperate to see what she’s up to. WRONG. She has almost no fans and a lot of people who think she’s nothing but a desperate unemployed starlet with a daddy who gives her anything she wants. Including paid photo ops and hiring ‘fans’ to ask for autographs in front of the cameras. She’s the most obvious desperate starlet in HW and will do anything to appear relevant. I wonder when she will start flashing her privates. Not that anyone wants to see them of course.