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Ricky Martin: We Give A Damn!

Ricky Martin: We Give A Damn!

The Give a Damn Campaign, a project of Cyndi Lauper‘s True Colors Fund, has released its newest PSA focusing on hate crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Ricky Martin, Elton John, Idina Menzel, Wanda Sykes, and Rachael Harris speak out about the need to bring an end to anti-gay bullying and other senseless acts of violence and intimidation.

FYI: In the U.S. one hate crime takes place approximately every hour of every single day. In 2008, the most recent year in which such data is available, 7,783 incidents of hate crime were reported to the FBI.1 out of every 6 of these hate crimes is committed on the basis of sexual orientation.

Watch the PSA below!

Ricky Martin: We Give A Damn!
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  • Lola

    Thank you, Ricky!

  • Lola

    And thank you Elton John, Idina Menzel, Wanda Sykes, and Rachael Harris :)

  • I am a gay too!

    Gays!!!! Here we go.

  • do the right thing

    Stop bullying PERIOD!! Let’s start by taking down websites like PEREZ HILTON the meanest, ignorant, hateful bully of them all.

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  • http://GuyBerrymanisveryhandsome Guy Berryman is very handsome

    All this hate because of someone having a different sexual orientation is vile and inhumane. I have gay friends and love them very much. I just cannot comprehend why they would be considered an outcast or abnormal to the ignorant few in society just because of who they choose to love.

  • justice

    Hugs to all bullied kids, I hope society will find a way to protect you and to punish bullies.

  • jayz

    Ahh, suddenly Ricky’s relevant again…

  • boston61

    1 out of every 7 people is gay and most do not act like the sterotypical as*holes that people hate. I’m talking to YOU Adam Lambert. You are getting gay kids killed.

  • Hmmm

    Well i was bullyed as a kid was i gay no its not a matter of being gay reallly. Unfortunately we have people making it a homosexual issue its a lifestyle really. They know its unatural and it never has been natural i certainly don’t like celeb’s being involved in it. For all we know it could make bullying worse for people not just gay’s who deserve no special treatment at all. They aren’t another race or anything like that you know.

  • boston61

    Whether you are straight or gay is irrelevant. People are uncomfortable with anyone who acts too weird. It is human nature. Conduct yourself with dignity and NO gender bending. And do not be promiscuous. People hate whores. Bullies zero in on the weak. They go where there is blood in the water.

  • lauren

    Ricky Martin, Elton John…. they look weired , I sense something weired about their eyes. I stopped watching the video. By the way, I have nothing against gays, gay rights. Bulling someone whatever reasons are BAD. It’s out of questions. Save them, and punish the bully. But I just personally stay away from weired twinkling eye people. (Believe me, this is nothing to do with being gay, I totally adore some of my gay friends and colleagues.)

  • CanadaGirl

    Another excellent message. I think it’s time for discrimination of GBTLQ to disappear. I cannot tolerate this kind of intolerance and I loath gender and sexual oriented insults. It’s time. Let other’s be who they are….

  • STFD

    @boston61: WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K is wrong with you ?

    Why do you always have Adam on your mind? Man you’re seriously so twisted Boston! In every other post you mention him: you posted you were a fan, then you go around criticizing everyone including him like you’re better than everyone? It makes you look frkn BiPolar.

    And btw your comment reeks of IRONY because Adam’s one of the few GAY MEN who has one of the largest STRAIGHT followings. Name me ONE modernday GAY Artist who has DJs and Rappers and straight men saying he’s DOPE like AL does. Just NAME 1.

  • STFD

    @boston61: I just read your second comment. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    I can’t believe I even responded to your trolling LOL.

  • Alex

    I’m glad to see that celebrities are standing up and supporting the end to bullying. Regardless of whether a child is being bullied for being gay, acting gay, looking gay or looking geeky or having skin discoloration or being a different race or being a tom boy the bullying needs to stop. We’re all human and attacking one another and encouraging others to attack seems like such an inhuman thing to do.

  • Damien, M

    Boston is the biggest bully of them all. Smug yet self-hating, racist, discriminatory and full of ****.

    You straightup BULLIED that Bisexual young girl for being Bisexual and you claim you’re GAY? You go around this site posting comments like “what a ***** pan*y” under straight athletes, musicians and actors’ posts — go around trashing every GAY male on the site — and go around making up s*** all the time — and then you claim you’re a gay man like you’re proud? You’re a pathetic excuse for a MAN, period. You try SO hard to fit the norm and act ‘straight’ and ‘macho’ but everything that comes spewing out your mouth shouts DOUCHEBAG. Don’t you realize how you come across? You’re the most bitter poster on this site. Glad I’ve never met anyone like you in real life. You sound more like an Asexual Alpha Douchecanoe.

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a positive or half-decent comment from this tw*t @boston6 about ANYONE. Thanks for giving 1 gives us gays a bad name.

  • Damien, M

    Last line, should read THANKS FOR GIVING US GAYS A BAD NAME, BOSTON61. Incase you didn’t catch it the 1st time.

  • feIIatio
  • feIIatio

    @boston61 Just a little something on behalf of GODBERT & the GAYS ;) You loner. MWAH! :*

  • lol.

    they couldn’t get someone more relevant than ricky martin?

  • http://@ElleSixx888 ES

    Let’s get this straight

    I wish for a world with no HOMOPHOBES!

    Where Rainbow is Straight and Gay

    It FEELS like losing God’s LOVER to a Hater! :(


    @boston61: For someone who claims to be a gay man, you’re awfully close-minded = /

    V. upsetting how you dismiss Bisexual people just because you feel like it. You’d think you’d know the feeling of being discriminated and dismissed, yet you do it yourself. Very sad. You remind me of Perez Hilton, but older and more oldfashioned AKA backwards.

    Hopefully someone will treat you the way you treat others.

    PS. The Times identified Lambert as the first openly gay mainstream pop artist to launch a SUCCESSFUL career on a major label in the United States. He is one of the most well-known and popular Gay men in Music still alive today. Dude just raised $1million for a Charity *he* helped and decided to set up. What have you done for others? All you do is whine……


    Oh BOSTON, why do you wallow in angst? Why must you turn everything into a subject about yourself? You’re getting so many replies, I guess that’s what you wanted. A post about Anti-Bullying, you jump in, throw some Hate and jump out again. Nice, you really contributed a lot there. I’m moved.

    I think so many of your comments are disgusting and worrying. Idk who you think you are telling people to be this way and that way, like a controlmaniac. I bet you live all by yourself huh? Perhaps, your parents didn’t give you any love which is why you always sound selfhating and miserable. If that’s the case, I’m genuinely sorry you had to go through that. So many kids are without the love and acceptance of their parents, especially their fathers. Gay kids and adults are often separated, physically or emotionally, from their families.

    If that’s NOT the case. Well as I said, you’re on your an Anit-Bullying post when YOU are one of the slimiest, most spiteful, vile and contradictory bullies on this site. The irony. Straight homophobes are bad enough, gay men who are homophobic are just beyond embarrassing. You always sound like you think it’s still 100BC. Everyone’s left you behind grandpa!

    “Don’t be promiscous, don’t gender-bend….”

    ….Is this a joke ? I can’t tell anymore. Who do you think you are? DON’T BE a self important tool. HEY, everything you mentioned are partly WHY so many people are attracted to these types (the BEST types) of Performers.

    BY THE WAY, your source of obsession [ALambert] who now has the respect of all his legendary iconic idols and has HELPED so many find and accept themselves, became popular with EVERYone and completely comfortable in his own skin at the age of 18 ONCE he did everything you said not to do.

    On being a role model: “Don’t do as I do- do as YOU do. I hope young folk feel empowered to freely be whoever the f*** they want to be. Be in control of yourself, be content with yourself, be calm and confident in the face of adversity. IT GETS BETTER. I remember my father telling me, ‘ It WILL get better. Hang in there, trust me. One day, YOU’RE going to be the popular kid as the BULLIES will be unpopular with everyone. Once you grow older, people will become your friend for the very colorful attributes those bullies didn’t understand and were afraid of. Just hang in there.’ ”

    Btw, did you know when he was on Idol, all the staff [menANDwomen] flirted with him and he flirted back?

    What’s wrong with having a good time lol? I can’t stand to be around friggid unsociable FAKE bitter people, kinda like you.

    AND shocker, you can not do all the above and STILL be bullied! Bullies don’t give a CR*P as long as you don’t fit a certain ‘norm’. No one can DEFINE NORMAL. There are over 6 billion people on this earth.

    Half of this world who aren’t performers or entertainers or aren’t even eccentric, STILL get bullied. So your comments are pure B.S.

    Everyone is helping and sending out the message to be yourself and how to professionally deal with childish scumbag bullies WHILE you’re saying “DON’T BE YOURSELF. DON’T BE ‘DIFFERENT’. PRETEND TO BE THIS WAY”


    Everyone, pay no attention to BULLIES. They come in all forms and Boston up there showcases this everyday. I’m surprised he hasn’t been banned yet.

  • Jase

    @lauren: @boston61: lol wtf??? you stay away from people with sparkly eyes? lmfaaaaaaao

    ETA. Yall never learn. Trolls like Boston just say sh%t to sh%tstir. Ur givin ppl like him exactly what they want, a reaction. Theyre cowards behind a screen. Dont feed trolls lol.

  • jaz

    at this day and age being a homophobe is just pure pathetic !!
    we are all alike regardless of our skin color, sexuality or gender.

  • Atrium

    !!! I DO !!!