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Zack Snyder to Direct 'Superman' Reboot

Zack Snyder to Direct 'Superman' Reboot

Zack Snyder has been confirmed to direct the upcoming Superman remake.

“All I can is that this is super-awesome, and I’m super-excited, by every aspect of this. He’s Superman. He’s the king of the superheroes,” the 300 and Watchmen director tells EW.

Inception‘s Christopher Nolan, who also worked on the Batman franchise’s The Dark Knight, will produce the film, expected for a holiday 2012 release.

No word on who will play the popular DC Comics hero (Brandon Routh most recently took on the title character in 2006′s Superman Returns).

WHO DO YOU THINK should play the next Superman?

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  • Joanne

    wow he’s kinda hot

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  • Alias

    Tom Welling should play the Man of Steel. the only guy capable of taking over from Christopher Reeve. Routh has the charisma of a rock, no wonder Superman Returns suked!

  • Lorraine Titmuss

    They better not include Lex Luthor or General Zod in the new Superman movie or any Superman movies for a while. There are many Superman villains that have not been used in the movies but have been used on Smallville such as Bizarro, Brainiac, Doomsday, Metallo, Toyman and shortly, Darkseid. Other villains that they can use include Atomic Skull, Bloodsport, Bruno Mannheim, Conduit, Cyborg Superman, Faora, Gog, Imperiex, Intergang, Jax-Ur, Kryptonite Man, Livewire, Mala, Mercy Graves, Mongul, Morgan Edge, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Parasite, Prankster, Sam Lane, Silver Banshee, Solaris, Superboy-Prime, Superman Revenge Squad, Terra-Man, Titano, Ultra-Humanite, Ultraman.

  • Rebecca Honey

    I hope that they cast one of the below rising young actors as the new Superman:

    Shia LaBeouf, Anton Yelchin, Zac Efron, Ed Westwick, Penn Badgley, Chad Michael Murray, Adam Brody, Thomas Dekker, Chace Crawford, Emile Hirsch, James Lafferty, Michael Cera.

  • Rebecca Honey

    They will probably cast one of the below rising young actresses as Lois Lane:

    Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Sophia Bush, Miley Cyrus, Kat Dennings, Hilary Duff, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen, Ellen Page, Emma Roberts, Jessica Szohr, Evan Rachel Wood

  • SMM

    Uh-oh. As much as I liked 300 and The Watchman (and I did), I am not sure that Snyder’s directorial style is what I want to see in the Superman reboot. All that weird slo-mo and violence and that whole “Zack Snyder” method is great in some movies, just not Superman. I am crossing my fingers that he recognizes this and stays as far away from it as possible. If character development is what you want, and Nolan won’t direct, then how about the Coen Brothers? Their stories always have great storytelling and character development.

  • alan

    enough with this boring superman crap

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]

    @Alias: …you’re a fcuking moron, shut up. superman returns sucked because of bryan singer (director), michael dougherty (writer), dan harris (writer), and kate bosworth-less. it would of been bad regardless who the actors were.. kate made it unbearable.
    routh was the only good thing about the movie, and he should be giving the chance to play superman with a good script and director.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]

    @SMM: …nolan is producing the film. he’ll be on zack’s ass throughout the whole process.

  • Gaia

    Thanks Aalan – just my opinion too.
    I believe there are too many comic movies around – I can’t stand them anymore.
    Oh, and I guess this will be in 3D :-(

  • Mari

    I’m going for Adam Lambert as Superman. That would at leas be something REALLY different. :P

  • ools

    @Gaia & Alan – if you don’t wanna read it, THEN DON’T READ IT. No one forces you to read about Superman or leave a comment.

    As for Snyder as the new addition, here’s that… I love either of them, Nolan and Snyder and I hope this movie will combine the best of both their styles (with less of slow-mo, blood and the usual… Superman is certainly not 300 or Watchmen).
    As for the cast, my dream pairing for Lois/Sups would be Natalie Portman/Rick Malambri but there are many other names swirling around the internet… Manganiello or Hamm to mention two – while the 1st doesn’t look like Sups to me, the 2nd one is a little to old in my eyes, though he kinda has the look.
    I really hope they come up with a brilliant cast, but knowing Nolan… that’s actually not to be questioned.

  • Brightside

    @Rebecca Honey:
    But they’re all ugly!
    How about Taylor Lautner? I know he’s gay but perfect as the-underpants-over-his-trousers kind of guy!

  • JM

    @ ools: Natalie Portman would make an excellent Lois Lane. Bosworthlessness destroyed my favorite comic book heroine.

  • Ana Maria

    TOM WELLING! for sure should play the Man of Steel!

  • Amelie

    “Yeah! TOM WELLIING should play the Man of Steel. the only guy capable of taking over from Christopher Reeve. Routh has the charisma of a rock, no wonder Superman Returns suked!”

    I agree with this comment.

    Tom Welling is very capable ans has taken over the role of Clark Kent to perfection, he has talent not only for acting but for producing and making this the right way!

    Besides, I can’t picture any other person than Erica Durance as Lois Lane, this girl is our generation’s Lois Lane and she does it great!

  • Dianna Knows Best

    Henry Cavill for Superman!
    Rachel McAdams for Lois Lane!

  • Lola

    I gotta say I would love to see:

    TOM Welling as Superman and
    Erica DURANCE as Lois Lane!!!

    That would be AWESOME!

  • sh3hat3me

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Clack Kent/Superman
    Jackie Earle Haley as Brainiac
    Oliva Wilde – Lois Lane
    Kevin Spacey – Lex Luther

  • Amy

    Zac Efron

  • Vince

    Tom Welling (Smallville) needs to play Superman in the new movie.
    Tom Welling is the best choice!

  • the african darkside

    As a black guy,the superman character,and the movie theme song have always been inspiring. In my opinion,not many a-list young hollywood actors posses the proper”wholesome”or moral well-being. image to play superman. Mr Routh had that “church going “type of image and that is what needed in addition to good acting skills.

  • Alias

    @InFamouslyRetarded – Kate Bosworth was worse than that statue Routh, what the fck did you watch. Margot Kidder at her age could have done better!! So go get you frickin eyes checked or send out an APB for your brain because you don’t know what the Fk you’re talking about you TROLL!! Marlon Brando was the best thing about Superman Returns, that’s how bad it was!!

  • Alias

    At Least Tom Welling doesn’t need to wear blue eye contacts like that wax figure Routh. Routh tried to be Chris Reeve and failed miserably, he wasn’t even Dean Cain!!

  • the truth

    Agree with the ones that says that Tom welling are smallville should play the part are the new superman.It would fitting that he did it,

  • http://GuyBerrymanisveryhandsome Guy Berryman is very handsome

    I would love Henry Cavill as superman. He would be perfect. I think he auditoned for the role of superman in superman returns.

  • ools

    This is Nolan producing… think about his movies. He never does paint a character just black OR white, there’s always another side to his main roles. Just take “The Dark Knight” That said, if Routh played such a nice-boy sups, he might not fit to fill the shoes of Nolan’s version of him. Remember, there’s a complete different vibe to this, hopefully, new Superman series (there’s talks of 3 movies).

    I might have my mind set up for my fave pairing, but in the end I trust Nolan/Snyder to find the perfect cast for their movie(s)

    @sh3hat3me yes to Joseph, but not as Clark. He doesn’t fit the look, but he may very well be in the movie as Jimmy Olsen.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]

    ROTFLMFBAO @ tom “mullet” welling playing superman.
    …ahahahahahahahahahaah that’ll never happen. smallville’s been the laughing stock of the comic world for years.

  • Brenna

    Brandon Routh was the only redeemable quality about Superman Returns…he is beautiful, perfect look and just needs more dialogue/gritty action scenes to make for a better movie. I like the idea of Natalie Portman as Lois too, I think everyone is on the same page of not caring much for Kate’s version.

  • Alias

    Routh could play CYBORG Superman, he would be cast perfectly based on his robotic performance in Superman Returns or even his wooden guest starring role on Chuck. It;s fkg hilarious sh1theads like that mouthy InFamouslyRetarded slam Tom Welling’s hair but not his acting ability, unlike Routh whose wooden acting belongs in a Star Wars movie.

    And I agree Erica Durance has just the right spunk and toughness a la Margot Kidder. Zack Snyder is a bit of a surprise, Watchmen wasn’t exactly a great movie, the guy seems to be riding his 300 movie fame, and if he screws this up, can you say M. Night Snyder?

  • TommyT12

    Dwayne Johnson should be cast as Superman and Ed O’Neil as Perry White. Smith Cho for Lois Lane and Daniel Craig as Zod. Work in Verne Troyer as Mxyzptlk for some comedy relief.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]

    @Alias: …”watchmen wasn’t exactly a great movie” ahahahahahahahaha …you spunk guzzling douche. obviously you have no idea what you’re typing about. ahahahahahaha …i spoke on welling’s hair because as bad as his mullet is.. it’s 100% better than his acting, which sucks. the fog?!? …c’mon! welling’s fcuking horrible. and you’re laughable.
    routh played superman, and will be superman till replaced. welling plays a character so far from clark kent it isn’t even funny. and he’ll never play superman… deal w/ it.
    @TommyT12: …the rock as superman?! ahahahahaha

  • Doubtful

    I can think of nothing worse than a superman remake. Are there no new ideas in Hollywood?

  • none

    MATT BOMER……….for Superman.

    He was originally going to be in it unitl the directors changed (for the worse) and they picked a new guy, Routh (for the worst–est ever).

    Matt Bomer is currently doing a shpw called White collar and his acting is great, plus he can do the whole glasses on, glasses off thing.

  • Alias

    @InFamouslyRetarded – The reviews on Watchmen were divided unless you’re too fking retarded to even know that, you pathetic piece of judgmental cr@p. And NOW you criticize Welling’s acting after I pointed out you lame @ss dig at his hair. Like I said, Routh wasn’t even as good a Superman as Dean Cain. You head must be deep in Routh’s @ss to not see it. You’re a truly pathetic troll who goes around a spouts smug sh1t on JJ. Time for someone to b!tchslap you down, you little pr!ck!!

  • mychoice

    Brandon Routh was perfect when he took the helm for Superman. He’s got the same charisma and mannerisms as Reeve, the way superman is supposed to be, Two distinct personalities as Clark & Superman. They can’t all of a sudden change superman’s persona as rough and tough with & w/o the cape. Dark Knight worked since Batman the superhero persona are more or less the same. Rich, arrogant, and ruthless. Batman was and always rough and tough even in the comic books, even with Robin. Superman is unique in its own right. It’s the villain that needs rebooting. They need to be creative since Superman is not human and his vulnerability is always the usual kryptonite which people expect & thus limits our imagination. Superman fighting real world terrorism would be too easy and alien invasion is too cliched. Regardless, I still think Routh should come back.

  • Mel

    It’s gotta be somebody hot. Just chiseled and hot. Like a blue eyed George Clooney.

  • debby

    Tom Welling all the way!

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]

    @Alias: …epic fail, newbie! …you’ve been owned. ahahahahahahahahah

  • jen


  • meeeeeee

    I love me some Tom Welling, but I don’t agree he should play Superman. I would like to see Routh play him again. He IMO was the 2nd best Superman (Chris Reeve being the first).

    & @ Rebecca mentioning Shia Lebeou (damn, howeer you spell it) to play superman, I ain’t laugh that hard in a minute. Thanks. I needed that one. Once I saw that name, I immediately skipped to the next person’s comment, but again, thanks for the laugh.

  • lapi

    Tom Welling of course!!!!

  • Lady

    I would go for James Caviezel…good actor and he will do justice to the role…

    Rachel McAdams for Lois

  • Jenn

    Ed Westwick!! check it out :)

  • http://@ElleSixx888 ES

    We ALL Need Superman in our LIVES!

    To Whoop ASS Bin Laden! ;)

  • Jaz

    Do u think Selena Gomez COULD portray Lois Lane? I know she’s young but think about her acting skills.

  • angi

    JAMES LAFFERTY – Nathan from One Tree Hill. James has the looks, the body the height and has the natural innocence/shyness that would be perfect for Clark Kent.

  • Alias

    @Infamouslyretarded – I’m no newbie ahole and really ahahahahahaha, what the fk is that, every one of your posts around JJ ends like that. You must be fking 10yrs old, now run along to your special ed classes punk! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Syaza Nadhirah

    That’s all.