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Daniel Craig: Apple Store in Stockholm!

Daniel Craig: Apple Store in Stockholm!

Daniel Craig purchases a charger for his Mac laptop at an Apple store in Stockholm, Sweden on Tuesday (October 5).

The 42-year-old James Bond actor is currently in the Swedish capital where he is preparing to play Mikael Blomqvist in David Fincher‘s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Daniel is starring opposite one of the breakout stars from The Social Network, Rooney Mara, who was spotted last month prepping for her role as the already iconic character Lisbeth Salander.

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  • Tellar Calcagno

    I hope that Daniel Craig does more American movies from now on not just James Bond films or British films and doesn’t end up like Wesley Snipes who was just doing Blade films or Chris Tucker who just does Rush Hour films.
    I hope that they include more Americans in the cast of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It would be good if they also cast Hollywood’s most famous Swedish stars such as Malin Åkerman, Dolph Lundgren, Lena Olin and Max von Sydow.

  • http://- MeMyself&I

    Where is Rachel??

    I need my Rachel Bilson fix – very badly!!!!

    come on, now. Jared.

    I KNOW you have new pics from her in a cute dress or cute shoes or a new designer bag.

    Now – give it to us already!!!


  • yassss

    @MeMyself&I I need my fix of Isabel Lucas. Why isn’t he posting about our basic b!tches?! *eyeroll*

  • lol

    looking rough these days,-

  • Gulp

    He’s looking mighty fine as usual. The older he gets, the hotter he gets.

  • http://- MeMyself&I

    @yassss: Jared is just teasing us…
    making us wait

    (i sound so creepy right now – hahaha)

  • to 1

    at least Max von Sydow is out. Dolph Lundgren turned down the role for the 2. Swedish movie, so I doubt he will be in the sequel for this one. And I don’t see a character he could play in this one.

  • to lol

    hello noomi, you are quick!

  • Kelly

    He is such a great actor!

  • Fio

    Filming has started!!
    - Translation
    Silence, shooting of Daniel Craig.
    Now he is. Daniel Craig, aka James Bond, or Mikael Blomkvist, which he named the new American Hollywood film Girl with the dragon tattoo that is currently being recorded at Drottninggatan in Uppsala.
    One did not even see him to understand that he was there. After endless retakes of a scene with a bunch of extras it becomes suddenly very busy. Everyone should immediately stand in their places. In at attention … for the great actor.
    A fur lined hood in a black jacket, smooth combed hair and glasses. So … Action! Klappan in the air. The big furry marvinsmikrofonen sticking up like a flagpole in the air. So everything starts to move. He, therefore, Daniel Craig, or Mikael Blomkvist, look around a little. Waving a bit of the old photograph, examines Queen Street facades. Cut!
    The glasses on Craig’s nose go immediately. And once someone is there and sweep the jacket on him. Combs to the already smooth hair and straightens the scarf. Powder. Our friend Craig cherished as a giant baby. He does not lift a finger.
    So off with the jacket, on with the glasses again. The photograph, waving a bit, look around! And so again. The same scene. And again …

  • @8

    indeed, i am.^^

  • Fio

    Adding more new pics :)

  • Fio

    You might be dissatisfied with it. It’s only two seconds, so don’t miss it!

  • Kim-K

    omgah so hot!

  • Linda

    I guess Stockholm is the city to be at. Daniel Craig and Alexander Skarsgard are both there and both are super hot.

  • Sam

    He’s just walking down the street and he’s doing it sexy!!

  • Celia

    This is how men are supposed to look not these pretty boy types. A man is supposed to look like a man.

  • DtM

    Thanks for the pics Fio, its about time we had some new Danny pics to perv on.
    IMO, he’s looking good. So, he’s going for the Enduring Love look for Mikael.
    Skinny jeans …mmm, this film should be worth watching just for his pfa!!!

  • to lol

    No, Daniel looks rugged-handsome.

  • Seth

    Loved those pictures of Dan. AND LOVE HIM.

  • guinness

    yey!! i would love to gulp him. i will never tire of him–i wonder what life has been in the olden days when fans had to wait ti see their favs in newspapers or movies…i think we are gonna have a Dan fest. however, he looks “not happy” in the link you posted Fio (thank you thank you thank you—you make it so i wake up to Dan after–my Dan!!yyeeehaw).
    the sweedish paps are too excited for this to happen a 2nd time–will they let up on Dan? $$$$$$$
    how do you guys/gals know each other with out posting….we all have a style, but damn–you are good.
    i tried pausing that walking vid Fio, but my laptop wont scroll fast enough…it is like a wonderful, dreamlike blur…..
    He looks fanfukingtastic….i can not wait for him to be 30 feet tall in front of me again. and the thespian look—-I am lucky—i love it.

    Hi Fio. don’t evah stop–you make me happy!!! nap time with the kitties, if they let me have any of the covers bbbbrrrrr cold time here. but dreams of Dan dressed like the thespian. LUCKY Robin.

  • erica

    Thanks Fio for all the updates! I agree he looks rugged-handsome.

  • guinness

    Hi DTM—thinking the same things…birds of a feather–who lust after the same “bird” i looove thespianism. yes, to “perv on”… like men do in an open forum–but we do it with style, grace, intellegence, mutual respect, sharing, and bluntness so as to not make him an object of desire, but rather a discussion of sorts.

    a discusson of sexxxiness, professionalism, sexxxiness, fashion, sexxxineess, and more sexxxiness, etc.

    i need a nap. i will let you know of my dream!!!!!!!!!

  • Fio

    Hi, DtM
    Gosh, are you my twin sister? you’re thinking what I’m thinking. We are on the same page. Daniel as Blomkvist is wearing a glasses, it looks like Joe in Enduring Love!!

  • Stop

    He can charge my Mac any day. He is absolutely delicious!!

  • yassss

    @MeMyself&I let’s just google pics of sawdust or the color beige or something, it’s practically the same thing lol

  • Melting

    My laptop is melting in sympathy with his Mac. He can charge mine any day!

  • Maria

    I must say it again.
    - three words: SEX ON LEGS
    I always feel it that I see him.

  • Cathy

    he keeps himself in good shape. YUMMY YUMMY

  • DtM
  • kate

    he is totally awesome. i am crazy about you..

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    How are your naughty kitties? Robin is still shooting in LA with Brad Pitt. Can’t wait to see Daniel and Rooney filming together.
    Our Blomkwist and Lisbeth!
    Hi, erica
    Well he’s the man who exude sex :)
    Wow, Thanks for the vid! You’re pretty good searcher, DtM!

    Hot as a Swede – But how’s your Swedish accent?

  • mailey

    he looks kinda hot in these. i like his man outfit.

  • Fio
  • Deb

    He’s back! Nice to see him again. JJ, thank you for the new thread!

  • guinness

    Hi Fio! yes, DTM is a great digger!!! i have “known” her for over a year–wow.that is a long time. crazy when one thinks about it. And Freezy the menace has sliced my pointer finger bleeding…but i deserved it-i was poking him thru the holes of the laundry basket he was in….he loves to play & hide and dig into clothes and blankets. thx for asking he said.

    i can’t come back here until late, so have a whole bunch of stuff ready for me to look at you two!!!!

    but of course I was content with the one pic of his arrival…but hot damn, it is a furry of wonderful hotness. love the vid…so funny watching him look for my house–as if he didnt’ know where i lived!!!! he is such a wize azz. and does he need the glasses? was it in the book? cant rememeber. but one has to wear them to remember to put them on to read…correct? or just really attentive to remember to put them on when supposedly reading. does that make sense? (i dont wear them, yet. hopefully never…but…if i was acting, i would have to tell myself, yes this is when i need to act like i am reading somethigin and i need to put them on to make them look as if i know what i am doing…..) good digger Fio & DTM!!!hey, if you are not careful, someone would think you two are one in the same, like they did me and Guinness. I mean, Mendel and I. *snarkity, snark-snark!*

    hi mendel–did you make it….i will post after you, i am sure…late night for me. love and hugs everyone!! yeeeehaw.

  • Eva

    I am looking forward to seeing the movie. However, I do not trust Rooney. NEVER!!!!!

  • DtM

    Thx Fio, Guinness…. I try when I’ve got the time.
    Fio, Yr not so bad yourself, you nearly always
    beat me to it!!
    Some more again here….just type Daniel into the search box

  • Brenda

    Mac? I thought he was Sony VAIO user ;)

  • to DtM

    thank for the link. but when i typed in daniel i got someone else.

  • Maria

    He’s looking good.
    The clothes of those bright colors matches his blonde hair.

  • to Fio

    no pictures of satsuki. so i guess it’s true; she’s no longer with daniel. if so, i hope that he finds someone else he wants to be with.

  • Zac want to become like Dan
  • Luke

    The Swedish is happy. They are having Daniel Craig now. Furthermore, they will meet VIP from all over the world on December 10. Nobel Prize awards ceremony!

  • sienna

    Oh God, he is soooo hot!!! Love him, he is an incredible actor!

  • Vic-D

    yep, this man is freaking hot.

  • Rita

    Waaahhh, he is stunning! *swoon*

  • Amy

    Daniel Craig/David Fincher are so talented! Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • DtM

    To 40….you have to type in his full name!

  • Eva

    Agree. He’s really a solid actor, i think.