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Michelle Obama: World's Most Powerful Woman!

Michelle Obama: World's Most Powerful Woman!

Michelle Obama has landed at the top of Forbes100 Most Powerful Women list!

“A forceful advocate of school nutrition standards and military families’ affairs, she’s more involved in policy than Laura Bush was,” says the magazine about the 46-year-old First Lady.

“A fashion icon and an athletic mother of two, she’s Jackie Kennedy with a law degree from Harvard and street sense from Chicago’s South Side,” they add.

Oprah Winfrey came in at #3, Hillary Clinton at #5, Lady Gaga at #7 and Beyonce at #9.

Ellen DeGeneres and Sarah Palin also ranked in the top 20.

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  • jack

    oh brother!

  • jolly folly

    They put Stephanie Meyers on the list and not JK Rowling?

  • rhonda

    I wonder if Moochie is proud of her country yet?

  • roro


  • christy

    Just Jared, I think you got confused, it women with the biggest ASSES!

    Michelle Wins!

  • to christy

    you, sunshine, are a right royal bi@@h!!! michelle obama has got more going in one year than you will ever have in a lifetime. now big a good little girl and go back to your playground.

  • itstrueagain

    She’ll never be anywhere near Jackie O OR Laura Bush.

  • Bela Lugosi

    This will make Republiklans mad.

  • mary

    Oh please. Why do they always compare her to jackie. I didn’t know she does anything, the only time I hear about her is when she’s on vacation. At least they didn’t mention her huge arms like every blind person does.

  • Phoenix

    @christy: i would hate to see the size of your ass, fatty! people who insult others just have their own insecurities and lash out at others to feel better, any ways michelle may not have done as much as jackie o but definitely has done more than laura bush, not to mention laura bush killed a guy. So suck on that fascist teapartiers, aka republicans.

  • Annabelle

    is this a joke?

  • Conando

    This list is bs. Female heads of state and CEOs are more powerful than every one of these women except Hillary and Oprah (arguably).

  • Lynn

    Oh, barf!

  • xxx6

    @Phoenix: “People who insult others just have their own insecurities”–like you just did @ christy? You’re smart.

  • what a load of BS….

    It should be renamed “America’s most powerful women” as there is too much emphasis on American “celebrities” who do nothing or very little to influence the rest of the 6 billion people on the planet….lol.

  • mae c


  • Gia

    Totally deserving and appropriate. Shes a classy lady unlike the bytches who post here slamming her. yes!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    YEAH Michelle! Harvard, Princeton, great mom, grat abs, great body, great style, smart and accomplished! Kudos. So proud to have her as MY first Lady! A smart first lady..finally!

  • Paul

    “A smart first lady..finally!”

    Yeah it’s been sooo long since we had a smart first lady. ***cough***Hillary***cough***

  • to itstrueagain

    Laura Bush??? i’m sure she was the perfect little republican wife. always seen on george’s arm. never a single thought that had not first been approved by her husband. sorry, but i want a first lady who can think for herself and has her opinions. not those given to her by the powers that be.

  • boblaine
  • LadyB

    Don’t agree M.O is th most powerful woman in the world. She is more involved in policy??? Like school lunches and growing vegetables in your garden???? Come on Forbes. I will take Clinton as No. 1 than Obama. But I think the most powerful woman is the German Chancellor. I respect her.

  • do it

    Michelle is a great role model for American women and women world wide. She’s a strong advocate for family and is fearless. Everyone knows Lara suffered from the vapours for years. Jackie spent WAAAYYY more on clothes than all of them combined.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Ha ha, I really love you Americans. I mean you put the wife of your president as the most powerful woman?! You didn’t put any of those CEOs, you didn’t put Hilary, you put a wife of your president?! Ay ay, this is not the 12th century you know. Also singers?! TV hosts?! You need to re-examine your priorities.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: Hello genius! Ever heard of Angela Merkel? Well, I doubt you’ve heard of Germany but it is just probably the most influential and strongest country in that little place called Europe. Well this woman, Angela is the Chancellor of Germany. For the uneducated, that’s the head of the government. So the head of the three most important countries in Europe, the economically most important country in Europe, is a woman and you are all agog that your president’s wife went to a posh university. Ahhh, what idiocy, glorious idiocy. But you do go along well with the idiot who made this list.

  • nobama

    What a farce! “most powerful” yeah right… her fat fart that is!!!

  • nobama

    What a farce! “most powerful” yeah right… her fat faaart that is!!!

  • I’m confident

    WE SHALL OVERCOME the racist tea party just like we did in the 1960′s, and just like we did with Hitler. In the end, good will win out over evil, hatred and ignorance.

  • missy

    do it

    Moochelle Obama is a role model for black women. that’s it. Quit comparing her to JO, isn’t she capable of being her own person?

  • beaware

    Michelle Obama does not have a law license, she voluntarily surrendered her license. She may have gone to Harvard but anyone to surrender their license is not very smart.

  • jen

    The only thing this woman has done is spend money on makeovers and vacations, vacations, vacations, all this during a depression. This is such a joke!!!!!
    News reports that government is 4Billion in debt daily, Maybe MO should back off the partying…,

  • oh oh

    wahhh! the racists don’t like being called racists! Too bad. We see through you quite clearly.

  • missy

    Jen, its TRILLIONS, in 18 months Obama has spent your wealth and your childrens wealth and perhaps your grandchildrens wealth. do you think your grandma and grandpa are joining tea partys cause they like tea. HELL NO! Obama is a Marxist and is digging us a hole so deep it will take generations to dig out of. He hates America.

    Obama has spent more money than George Washington to George W Bush put together. Open your eyes if you love America and your childrens future. these are not good people, if you love freedom. If you want to spend your childrens treasure insuring them food stamps for they’re entire lives continue to support Obama.

  • Haifnk

    Most powerful woman: Dr. rer. nat. Angela Merkel – nothing more to say!

  • brenda

    Good for LADY GAGA!!! she is the best pop singer in the world!!! go girl

  • Liam

    Lovely and intelligent. I see why the President is so in love!

  • Jess

    How is Lady Caca influential in any way? America is so lost nowdays.

  • thats_right

    This must be a joke right? Most powerful woman? for what? what has she done so far to deserve that title? besides going Spain having luxurious vacations and taking her army of crew with her on tax payers behalf that makes her powerful? I don’t think so. She is another elite person with her husband who loves attention, celebrity status, so forget her…
    For me Angelina Jolie is a powerful woman, who goes all over the world putting her life in danger and helps the poor then goes back shooting a movie, then going back to her six kids and to her man now that’s a powerful and simple woman for me who is not into materialistic things can’t tel the same for Michelle Obama.

  • Pharmf548

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  • Geromme

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    Spam! lol..