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Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen: Date Night!

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen: Date Night!

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen share some quality time together during a dinner date at Prime One Twelve on Tuesday (October 5) in Miami, Florida.

The happy married couple is in town as Tom‘s New England Patriots played the Miami Dolphins on Monday night. The Patriots won 41-14!

Gisele and baby Benjamin arrived in Miami on Sunday after being in Paris the week before, where the 30-year-old Brazilian supermodel attended French Vogue‘s 90th Anniversary Party during Fashion Week.

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  • Miranda

    Sexy couple! Tom looks hot

  • Tellar Calcagno

    I wish she would do more mainstream movies. Since Taxi (2004) and The Devil Wears Prada (2006), she has done nothing.

  • Tuesday

    Her hair looks unhealthy and not good! She is
    not a classic beauty, I dont unterstand the hype about her!

  • mari

    @Tellar Calcagno:

    Well, there is a reason she is a model and not an actress.

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  • LadyB

    Life is good for them.

  • Jason

    He is perfection!

  • prh

    Damage Control?

  • this is odd

    She is in the front, he is in the back. Happy?

  • sunny

    He is so good looking. I don’t know a thing about these two except he dumped his baby mama for her so that takes his outer appearance down a notch.

  • http://Pam Susan

    They do not look happy. Why is he in the back?

  • kudos

    @sunny: naw just an ex gf, happens alot in real life. He wanted a WIFE. Gisele is that for him, not just an ex baby mama. haha. They are so hott together!

  • relly

    I think she’s gorgeous! exotic classic beauty. even natural looks like it could be a photoshoot for Vogue!

  • lol

    oh Tom’s little groupie girls will hate these pics, lol.

  • erin

    CAN YOU SAY HOT!!!!!!!!

  • http://Pam Gisele

    Why is she in the front? Not really looking very happy.

  • xoxo

    aww date night, that is where he took her last year when they were in Miami. so cute. Id say youre still doing date nights, youre happy and in love! stfu! she is never happy to have paps hounding her in her car. would you be? probs cuz you dont get any attention I suppose, lol.

  • Linda

    @Gisele: wow would you like her to write out a public apology now explaining why she is in the front? lmao…

  • date night = happy

    I think she is mad the public is not as gullible as Tom about ‘the angle” of that photo from Paris. She later tried the he’s gay rumor for an excuse. But Tom and Helly have laughed it off cause everyone kisses like that in Paris.

  • Linda

    @date night = happy: she never said he was gay, lol other ppl assumed that. cheek kisses are beyond common to greet one another in paris. besides it wasnt some random guy, its a longtime friend. media are such douche=bags. trying to get whatever they can like a raccoon in a trashcan.

  • Shelly

    aww Im glad the Patriots won! Now you can’t blame Gisele. oh wait did Gisele help them to win? or she only has power to make them lose? im confused with all that stupid superstitious stuff.

  • erin


    It is very common in Europe to greet friends with a kiss. I see nothing but a greeting with nothing else going on. People need to learn the etiquette of other countries.

  • erin

    Hooray for cultural ignorance!

  • abby

    Gisele and Tom are so gorgeous,happy and in love! eat your heart our haters! then they get to go home and snuggle with their little bundle of joy.

  • Truth

    lol its so funny,just what I thought when I saw the pics. WOW are media and alot of the public really so naive?

  • please

    Please there’s nothing “exotic” about Gisele…Some of you really need to get a grip.

  • lol

    @Tuesday: well aren’t we just the rich,tall,thin beauty queen who made millions off our looks.!?

  • saint

    The truth is that her hands are starting to reveal her 30 years old. She always looked older than her natural age. But who cares?? She’s already made her multi-million dollars.

  • limit

    it cracks me up people find SOMETHING to pick on her about. now its her hair? please that hair is one of the most if not the most famous/requested hair in the US, maybe even the planet for 10 years now. she brought the natural,messy,long beachy waves in. Get used to it.
    Dont make me show you all the articles on it, lol…I think her hair is more famous than most other models are famous, lol.


    Tom is absolutely HOT !!!!!

  • please

    @please: um yes there is because she isnt a flat fat faced american looking girl. she has a face structure like eva mendes,jennifer lopez (un flat smashed faces) and she has slanted eyes and high cheekbones. those are 100% exotic triats. you dont need black hair and dark skin to look exotic,lol. she is unique. more like a Siamese cat than a regular house cat. which are also called “exotic”

  • limit

    eh since im bored (hence why im on justjared, lol) here is an article for ya

  • nowasian

    @limit: Thats stupid. Jennifer Lopez’s butt is obviously highly overrated too.

  • dede


    when she was 18 she looked 24. I love that trait. 90s Supermodels had it also. They were on Vogue covers in their teens looking like glammed up 25 year olds. only today is “lets look like jailbait forever” a look people try to achieve….I think women are most beautiful in their mid 20s-30s anyways, lol. teens aint got nothing on older sophisticated women.

  • smash

    Gisele is famous for her looks because she is stunning.
    She is extremely tall. She has beautifully long limbs. Her eyes, her smile, her face are all immediately compelling. And she’s very elegant. Finally, she has nearly perfect proportions all around.

  • limit
  • limit
  • limit
  • Ke


    Totally agree! Id like to see average women try and get her paycheck from their looks, lol. sorry but does it happen? no it doesnt. Maybe if you haters were half as stunning as she were, it could. But until then, no one has taken Mrs Bundchen off the mapo as the most famous,in demand,richest model in the world. learn it, live it, love it (or hate it) I dont care. Its all there. I prefer her unique beauty over a plastic maxim girl ANYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • weirdsituation

    Her haters love to look her up, which is super weird to me LOL

  • amber

    This girl is a media trainwreck. How can everything she does or said be so misconstrued? I think she loves the attention.

  • smash


    I bow.

  • lisali

    Such a glamorous couple ! Obviously Gisele is in the front cause they have a ginormous take-out bag that is taking up half the back seat..and Tom is a gentleman to let Gisele ride in front.

  • lol

    @amber: Because she is the last supermodel! Cindy,Linda,Naomi etc…all had to “apologize” for nothing too. lol Gisele IS the last supermodel. hands down. apparently people love to read her articles and nit pick them apart, its not her fault she is one of the few models who actually gets English speaking magazine work, lol.

  • none friend

    Why do we have to say just nice things to Gisele Bundchen??? Doesnt she have a man who can already tell her that stuff? Moreover, does she look sad or something?? Well, if she looked sad she would be silly of course.

  • Isabeli

    @amber: media trainwreck? wow for someone who doesnt even do drugs or beats her assistants and falls drunk outta clubs, pretty impressive! I guess along with redefining a supermodel she also redefined the definition of a media train wreck. I guess she is pretty powerful then! Go Gisele!

  • cool

    so according to you haters; she is every bad name in the book. wonder why your mama aint the worlds richest supermodel who ever lived then?????!!! Lmao.

  • funnyone

    oh yes she just loves it. thats why she smiles,waves and stops to pose for the paps right? lol Gisele will go back to Boston and we will hardly see or hear from her (thats how it always is, remember she stayed there for her whole pregnancy and we hardly saw her more than once?) Its only because she has been working alot in big cities as NYC and Paris (paparazzi land) that we have seen her. She will go to Boston and you haters will have nothing to complain about, awwww how sad! (actually im’ sure you will all find something, lol)

  • pla

    I have to admit that I like Gisele. She seems very wholesome. She’s intelligent and knows her own mind. Her life doesn’t seem very complicated at all, though, which makes her somewhat unaccessible. It’s almost as if she were born lucky.

  • none man

    Im dead jealous of Gisele :)