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Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Broken Bells Concert!

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Broken Bells Concert!

Alexander Skarsgard opens the car door for his girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, after checking out a Broken Bells concert at the Wiltern Theatre on Wednesday (October 6) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor is back in town after taking a trip to his hometown of Stockholm. Alex was spotted out walking around the city with a few friends!

Last week, Alex made a trip to Munich, Germany in support of his hit show, True Blood.

FYI: Kate is wearing JewelMint “Cleopatra” earrings.

More pics over at X17!

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Broken Bells Concert!

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alexander skarsgard kate bosworth broken bells concert 02
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alexander skarsgard kate bosworth broken bells concert 04
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth broken bells concert 05
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth broken bells concert 06

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  • jbird


  • lola

    LOVE him, she;s meh.

  • Really?

    they’re still together??

  • If it’s true

    @jbird: IA.
    As I said:
    Birds of the same flock will always fly together

  • okay

    I give up, he remains in the moron category LOL

  • JM

    It was only a matter of time before JJ posted these. I still don’t get it. I guess we’ll have to wait for another European press tour to get happy pics of him again since he’s back to wearing his permascowl. Where’s Burnt Bacon? I need a laugh.

  • Erica

    After watching this video, it does NOT look like “date night” to me. More like … Alex to KB: “Crap I know we bought these tickets months ago, and now it’s um you know maybe awkward, so I’m just gonna take …. What, you still reallllllly want to go ’cause they’re your favorite band? OK fine, but this doesn’t change anything and I’m going to stay about 15 feet from you at all times unless we are coming or going.” KB to Alex: “Cool! I’m SO looking forward to it!”

    Check out the video, and then file under AWKWARD:

  • TrueBlade

    He’s so disappointing. Looks like the Arclight all over again. he stalks off , leaving her in the dust while she stops for the paid paps..She’s blatantly posing advertising the Tackymint earrings while he pretends he’s not there. I think he would have bounced if he wasn’t waiting on the car Beyond lame. Dlisted for sure.

    Btw, why was he waiting on a ride? If they went to the concert with the other couple(her friend Arlene is driving), why didn’t they go to the car together? Seems like they called for a ride or it was arranged beforehand. Suspiciously looks like another photo op.

    Whatever, Alex.

  • Of Course

    she’s wearing her jewelry. She knew she’d have the perfect photo op. She’s a skank and he is dead to me.

  • JohnDoe

    LoL, thanx Jared, I`ll enjoy this post… lol Mass suicide in 3, 2, 1…

  • Anon

    He’s nice and I hope he eventually finds someone nice!

  • michelle

    I guess the break-up rumors were false. And just when I was starting to think of him as more than a pretty face :(

  • lovely

    Something is broken here but it’s not bells.

  • eightball

    These two have no chemistry.
    Doesn’t look like a real romance but the pairing is so weird can’t call it a shomance either.

  • azlea

    He’s obviously not very into her if he can’t show her the consideration of walking beside her and acting like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world. I’d almost feel sorry for her but she contributes to the issue by putting up with it.

  • eating my words

    Yeah, as others said, it’s not all her. He’s as much an a**hat for playing into this nonsense of looking all p**d at the paps. Please. We know you’re together. Enough already. Done and done. I’ve not seen two people look this unhappy to be together in ages. But JJ is thrilled! and man, that is no ad for her new jewelry line, now is it? Looks like that craptastic merchandise came out of the gumball machine…

  • Beau

    haha this is so horrible, that poor man look like 1. he’s miserable, 2. he hates her, and 3. he hates her even more. ::sigh:: tis the life of being in a PR romance I guess

  • Redhead

    I would slap my bf is he treated me like that.

  • Bunnyk

    I see two people at work:

    - Beigeworth gets a mention of her crappy jewelry. (She’ll have to disinfect her ears after this!)

    - Romeo makes his name buzz in more sites.

  • ha!

    This is how she’s going to advertise her Jewel Dung line. Every 1,000 person to sign up will win a night with ASkars. She’ll make a fortune.

  • Young American

    Kate, go back to Matt. He seemed to like you.
    This guy not so much.

  • always

    Back with the f*u*ck b*uddy.

  • Nickie

    @Young American: She was adorable with him. Whatever happened to him? Does he still act?

  • Mari

    Why Alex is so cold to her? I do not understand, I never saw a loving gesture and sensitivity to her. Sad

  • linx

    @Redhead: Most self-respecting women would but hey, it’s her choice. Can’t blame him entirely. They should just stop getting back together cause it’s evident they don’t make each other happy.

  • TrueBlade

    Whenever I see them together he looks like he’s saying this to her.

  • Frida

    HAHAHAHA, I love it…. they broke up did they? Oh no, guess you DON’T know everything, haters… why dont you just face the facts and stop being jealous and realize that he wants to be with her? Oh, and that YOU have absolutely NO knowledge of what is going on in their lives. Oh btw, Broken Bells are amazing, good taste in music!

  • Olga

    Still think he´s the best vampire ever;-)

  • TrueBlade


    Wow, you are so invested. People are NOT jealous of her, only disappointed in him. She’s his iceberg.

  • b.mclane

    Kate seems ok but he’s just not that in to her anymore. Haven’t any of you gone to lunch or dinner with an old boyfriend/girlfriend shortly after you broke up? There have been NO pictures of them together since early JULY and in those he did not look that happy. Whether they had concert tix long ago and decided to still go together or if this appearance is to dampen the increasing rumors of their breakup……….they DO HAVE A NEW MOVIE to promote next month. Directors / Studios take dim views on having their films overshadowed by their stars busted romances. Alex’s career is on the rise and he will play along just to get along. Think: If no pics of Alex and Kate are seen since July and suddenly they are everywhere to promote STRAW DOGS…….. You know all the media attention would be whether they are still together or not and the film takes a back seat. Its OBVIOUS in these shots ,the body language is “we ain’t together anymore” and Alex is growing to loathe the media attention in his personal time. He is a clever man and will find his girl.

  • actually

    If you watch the video, it is pretty clear that she walked away from him. He does turn around to see where she is, so AS was not being rude at all. And he did open the door for her, so stop saying mean things about him.

  • zerofacts

    @b.mclane: There are plenty of pictures of them through August when they were in Sweden together. Then he went to Hawaii and she went to Michigan until recently. Their movie does not come out until next year, so that is completely untrue.

  • eating my words

    @Frida: Frida, if that’s being “together”, then let me be alone for the rest of my days. That looks absolutely painful. All that shot needs is a blue light circling on top of the car and the cop pushing him in to sit with her.

  • evathediva

    @Frida: you’re right Frida, we don’t have any knowledge of their lives!! Just like you have no knowledge of ours to make a complete idiotic assumption that we are jealous of Kate. BTW we know that Broken Bells is a good group, but what does this have to do with the subject at hand? Anyway, Alex own your girl, take her hand and wlak with her, and stop looking so freakin mad when you are there. Dude you go to the most papped places, why get mad about a pap pic?

    Hey Frida, you think your ugly azz jewelry will REALLY sell? I don’t !! I did not see one piece that I liked.LOL

  • summer

    i still kind of believe this is a PR stunt. I mean….when do you see them actually look like a real couple? they don’t hold hands or cuddle or anything! there is NO chemistry! I really enjoy Alex’s work….but she’s just a mess…..

  • b.mclane

    WOW………….got a life of your own??? Its obvious they are not a couple anymore.

  • @Mari

    Wishful thinking. Alex is not cold to her, not at all. The paps are bothering them, that’s all. He was very affectionate and loving to her when they were in Stockholm this spring.

  • JM

    @ eating my words: LOL. I agree. In the video, it looks like he briefly thought about fleeing on foot before getting in.

  • Allie

    Very well said.

  • Mari

    @@Mari: I dont wish anything. Just saw some photos here and I never saw affection. Okay so there was romance in Stockholm. Thanks

  • Sian

    @Nicki: He was on GG and is now on The Good Wife, which is a pretty great drama and he’s good in it.

  • Lolzzz

    She looked so eager in the video and he looked so angry. I don’t get it, he knows she likes photo ops and that going out with her means she ‘ll call make sure they happen. He should stop acting so upset, he’s the one that continues to date her. It looks bad on his end to be so visibly hostile when he’s with her. It is no secret that she will take any opportunity for publicity…he either needs to accept it or move on. At least she’s up front about her desire for pics!

  • TrueBlade

    Where are the pictures showing affection in Sweden? Or anywhere? C’mon , it’s a year later and no one in a world full of camera phones has caught him looking at her with affection? Reaching out to touch her? Hugging or kissing her? Paps with telephoto lenses have gotten NOTHING??? Sure she was on his shoulders at two concerts. She sat stiffly on his lap in Sweden…he might have well been a chair. The guy loves to hug people…EVERYWHERE. But not her? Paps know where she lives but no one has ever seen him at her house? WHY HAS NO ONE GOTTEN THE MONEY SHOT??? Maybe, there’s nothing to see.

  • Crittle

    They look soooo happy together and it must of been a fabulous concert! You can tell by all these smiles and pleasantness between them. Especially when they decide to stand apart from each other while waiting for their ride.

  • eating my words

    @JM: And I’m not so sure he opened the door for her or him. Honestly, to pick on my other beef about these two, do they EVER do anything alone? And what’s with the driving Miss Daisy here – that’s Kate’s car, so she has to be chauffered now? Geez.

  • Annie

    Stop talking bullshit, you don’t know anything about them! Met them in sweden in august and they very affectionate and super nice! He’s probably just bothered by the paps plus they make more money if they get a picture of them together so I would have been really cold. The pictures in sweden was taken from a far distance so it’s a diffrent thing.. but i don’t know maybe he is cold to her but they went out so..

  • KB bye bye



  • Don’t Get It

    I just don’t get it. The guy is a good actor. If this is a “showmance,” then why can’t he fake happiness/affection/mild interest in this woman? If it’s real, why doesn’t he look happy? If it’s fake, why doesn’t he fake happy? The annoyed look is ridiculous and childish. Makes me think he’s a jerk, not a great romeo.

  • VironMaiden

    Lol are you stupid or what. Of course he doesn’t pay attention to her BEFORE THE PAPS, because he is NOT a famewhore and he don’t want stupid greedy paps get cash at his expence ;”D