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Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Broken Bells Concert!

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Broken Bells Concert!

Alexander Skarsgard opens the car door for his girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, after checking out a Broken Bells concert at the Wiltern Theatre on Wednesday (October 6) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor is back in town after taking a trip to his hometown of Stockholm. Alex was spotted out walking around the city with a few friends!

Last week, Alex made a trip to Munich, Germany in support of his hit show, True Blood.

FYI: Kate is wearing JewelMint “Cleopatra” earrings.

More pics over at X17!

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Broken Bells Concert!

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Photos: X17
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  • evathediva

    @JohnDoe: why are you killing yourself. I don’t get it,,,Mass suicide by who? I don’t think that it si really cool to say. Unless you are offing yourself.

  • TrueBlade


    In the full not cropped shot he is clearly looking and smiling at someone else. How do you see affection when he’s not even facing her direction? Whatever their relationship, I’m so glad it’s not me. I’d rather a BOB than a man who refuses to look like he’s happy with me.

  • Just Joanie

    These two are definitely a couple and they’re laughing their a**es off at all of us. If you watch him, he has an amused look as he walks away from the paps. Next, he’s being filmed getting in the back seat of KB’s car (with her) and hides his face as they drive away. LOL! No Alex, we had no idea that was you back there. They’re enjoying this guessing game and we’re playing right into their hands.

  • eating my words

    And for those who don’t think this whole nonsense is for PR purposes, exhibit A – a tweet from Kate’s “partner” in Crapmint, er Jewelmint:

    kate bosworth looking good in the cleopatra earings!
    about 2 hours ago via web

  • evathediva

    @Annie: wow, well someone else met them in Sweden and said ti was kinda meh, like she was not even there, and she had pics. Where are yours?

  • nicole

    Sorry but this makes HIM look absolutely ridiculous. After she has cheated on him twice(once with Martin and once with her HS boyfriend). He has no self respect whatsoever and that is a huge turnoff for his fans. I am sorry but this girl has no redeeming qualities at all..famewh*re, cranked out, bad actress, cheater, backstabbing friend, no talent, user. I don’t get it at all. He must have a really low IQ and can be led around the nose by these hollywood people into doing anything. He really needs to get a clue because his fan base is going for Joe M.(Alcide) now. And it is not like he is a major actor and they have to worry about a “money” shot. That has already happened a ton of times. I am more turned off by him than her. And this crap is not going to help their already lame a** movie. Sorry but if your movie has to wait for two years on a release shelf and the director has to go around to colleges and houk it then is sucks major c*ck. He is quite sad. I hope he does wake up because now EVERYONE is laughing AT HIM!

  • evathediva

    @Just Joanie: I agree Joanie, we are playing right into his hands, they are amused.

    Well, Alex, have fun watching all your straight to DVD movies with the Bobster.

  • tinkerbell

    What the hell?!

    They’re still together?
    Ok, this guy is officially stupid.
    I have to question his intelligence .. clearly he has none since he’s still with her.

  • Georgia

    For me this vid screams a guy who is uncomfortable with all the pap attention, and refusing to take part, or give them the money shot they clearly want.

    I have no feelings towards K.B good or bad , I’m an Alex fan and I must say even lookin pissed the man looks HOT!!!

  • hanna 2

    I met them in August as well an he was totally ignoring her and everyone was speaking swedish areoun her and not paying attention. My pics are not from a distance and he is with his family who was ignoring her as much as he was, so who were you looking at?!?
    Anyway, she looks terrible, like she lost some more weight. not good at all.

  • Raven

    Hey look! Bosho got Alexander Skarsgard to star in the newest commercial for Tackymint jewelry!

  • tinkerbell

    And I just noticed she’s wearing the jewellery from her site!?
    This is one big joke, all this is for promotion.
    Kate is just a walking advertisement, and this poor idiot guy is falling for it…does he get paid for being with her?
    One might wonder lma0!!
    He needs to find a nice girl and settle down, Bonesworth only cares about getting papped.

  • hmmm

    @nicole: how do you know she cheated on him? They look like a nice couple. I’ve always like her eyes… one is brown and the other is blue

  • TrueBlade

    @Just Joanie:

    Joanie, the joke is on them. Let’s see who’s laughing when nobody shows up at the theatres. They need us more than we need them. HW is always churning out fresh new faces. The guy looks like a douche with his fading actress GF who is trying to hawk cheap jewelry that no one will buy. She’s officially a has been with Tackymint. I hope Gwyneth is laughing her ass off.

  • Blåögd

    @b.mclane: I’d say you’re probably right – the studio wants them to at least appear friendly (not that they look too happy in this vid – well she does, but hey wouldn’t you if you were getting what you think is a second chance).

    I have friends in Munich who say he seemed happy and having a good time there just days ago – doesn’t look so happy now, though. Maybe it’s the pap attention, maybe it’s the company he’s keeping. Either way, I prefer to see him happy and healthy…not stone-faced and hiding. Meh. This was just one of those awkward situations – I’d say there are likely to be more before ‘straw dogs’ dies in theaters next year.

  • GPS

    Dude with grim face and chick with no function! I was really worried about your whereabouts. But now you´re back and so is your crappy posing/scowling for the paps. Thank you! Your professionalism at making fools of yourselves never ceases to amaze me. Keep up the good work.

  • hasbeen

    They are both ridiculous, in a couple of years nobody will even care. KB wearing that craptastic jewellery made me LMAO, then getting her stylist to tweet it……DESPERATE*michael jackson falsetto*. I feel I should pity them, but somehow I can’t even be bothered to do that. His TB co stars must be laughing their asses off, he’s acting like a silly teen rather than a grown ass man. LOL

  • Hazmat

    Doubt Straw Dogs will even limp it’s way into theaters. More like the DVD mark down bin at Walmart. Dude is pretty and all, but obviously a couple sandwiches short of a picnic. Even Kevin Smith was cracking up about it on his blog show.

  • date night video X17

    the video is painful to watch, why all of a sudden is alex starting to hide is facehe has never done that before? and did you notice that one of his friends stuck there middle finger up to the paps he was trying to be all cocky.

    @just joanie yes I agree kate and Alex are an item and laughing at us all. no he is not obliged to talk about his personal life but he is finding it very amusing I agree.
    if he vales his privacy so much confirm KB AS YOUR GIRLFRIEND THEN THE PAPS WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE OR GET LOST AND GO BACK TO SWEDEN ALEX AND TAKE THE FAME WHORE WITH YOU where is ryan kwanten oh yes he values his privacy

  • the truth

    Still don’t loo like a couple to me. JJ trying to make them together and they are not happy to be with each other.JJ you still don’t know if they’re still dating.

  • Blåögd

    @Hazmat: Think he’ll ever get a decent film role in the States? I wonder wtf his management is thinking… I’ve read the ‘Battleship’ script – dear god in heaven it’s worse than ‘Pearl Harbor’ (at least dump had Randall Wallace dir) and ‘G.I. Joe’ combined; this p.o.s. is gonna be dismal in 2 years when it hits theaters. Gawd, I fear his film career is one tossed ciggie away from a full-on dumpster fire.

  • okay

    okay I think he is a tard……but how is it that so many of you have so much inside access, access to scripts, saw him in Sweden, saw how the family treated her?

    how in the fresh hell can I get this access/

  • okay

    just bring back Wilson!

  • hanna 2

    I agree with # 69. giving the finger to the paps says ALOT about how classy he is and his friends are. The paps helped make him who he is. He has hit the bottom in my opinion.

  • Jangz

    Funny how a sighting of Alex with Kate Bosworth turns all his little fan girls into complete haters, when just the other day when all still pointed towards them being broken up it was all how hot he is blah blah blah… Lol u know wot i feel sorry 4 ASkars 4 having such a bunch of crazy ass fans, poor bloke!!

  • k

    He looks and acts MISERABLE around the boswh*re! Well can’t blame him, she’s just a manipulative little tacky has been (aka: bootycall).

    Alex should go back to Sweden until you start filming, or Hawaii or anywhere but with her! He actually seemed happy there.

    I hate KB! Tramp!

  • lw

    she is so boring. she was hot in that surfing movie and then she stopped eating and looks half-dead now. he’s attractive as Eric, but irl, meh.

  • Abby

    I think I’m officially disgusted. He’s what – 34? And this has been going on for about a year now? Time to wipe the scowl off your face and fess up to dating this smug fame wh*re already. We don’t need to know what you do in your private time or what your favorite position is. You can still maintain some semblence of privacy and be openly dating in LA. Sorry, but if you want to date her, the baggage and bad reputation come with it and so do the paps. Smile pretty Alex. Maybe she and her buddy will design some man jewelry for you to wear while scowling and walking 10 feet in front of her.

  • bettie1946

    He’s not being cold to her. He’s just acting like they’re not together! And he opened the door for her! ;) Sigh…

  • KB bye bye



  • date night video X17

    I cannot believe that is the same alex that I seen doing his european tour he looked gourgous and tanned and I loved the bajen auction pics he was glowing and happy and the video of him at a hammarby match in sweden he looked happy cherring on his team.

    and now he is back in LA GRUMPY, MAD, MOODY acting like a child and storming off my nephew acts better then that. he chose to have a FAME WHORE in his life so deal with it CLAIM HER OR DUMP HER I KNOW WHICH ONE I WOULD PICK.
    obviously he thinks he still in sweden where know one is going to get pics. he does need to grow up and learn to tie your shoe lases alex thats what lases and zips are made for you are not a 3 yr old you are a 34 year old SEXY MAN.

  • nicole

    The fact that Kevin Smith was laughing about these two is even more HIGH- larious. Skarsgard is a joke! Skarsgard is a joke. Skarsgard is a joke.
    And Kate Bosworth just, just, just…dear Lord there are no words to even describe her. Street trash? Crapwhoreastatic? Talentlesstacklessstanktwat? Damn you have to make up new words for her!!!
    And “money shot”!!! hahaha…as if!! There have been pics of them together in the same frame so what gives with Alex the douche monster. BTW she was trying to catch up with him on the street and gave up in the middle of the cross walk when she saw that he was ignoring her and walking away. This one doesn’t get it.
    Okay for one minute I will be nice and address Kate directly.
    Honey pie whatever you are doing with this guy is silly! He is making you look like a desperate joke and Hollywood and the world is laughing at you. Your career is in the sh*tter, people are making fun of your “jewelry line”, and your “bf” won’t even walk down the street with you, hold your hand-kiss you-stand next to you in public. Right now Gwyneth and Miranda are laughing at you out of pity because you see the world is not stupid. If this were an ideal situation you would look as happy as you did with Orlanda or James!! And they never shied away from owning up to you in public. And no matter what you do people will always believe you slept with Chris Martin and your HS bf! Because you wouldn’t sue and that says a lot. Stop trying to play games to make people have a specific impression of you. Your impression has been made and the best way to change your image is by #1 having some self respect and stop trying so hard. Because that is what you look like right after being a wh*re…a desperate try hard. K?
    And Alex, the best I can say is get back in your Mom’s womb and grow some more brain cells because I think you are missing a few.

  • hanna 2

    technical point. he didn’t open the door for her, it was opened for them

  • nicole

    And this is not changing the fact that Miranda won!!! She got the guy, the ring, the marriage, and the baby!! Oh, and the fantastic career that will only get better.
    Same thing goes for Gwyneth!! And after Martin got a hold of Kate’s ahem “downtown goodies” he decided that Gwyn’s were much better and decided to stay!!
    And James well you couldn’t even keep a plastic model boy wanna be singer with no career to speak of!! WoW!!
    Sorry Kate you loose big time!!!

  • Hippy

    He is wayy to hot there for apparently no brain. You can tell he dont want to be there so why not just end the misery already for both and find people that make them happy. With his looks it shouldnt be hard!

  • lake86

    The fact that Kevin Smith was laughing about these two is even more HIGH- larious

    huh? please explain

  • date night video X17

    so does anyone know for people who have seen them in sweden

    what does alex’s family actually think of kate? are they happy excited about there future DAUGHTER IN LAW MOTHER TO HIS CHILDREN DON’T HATE ME LOL just curious

  • R&M

    Hey folks, their latest straight to DVD, “Lazy and the Tramp” coming out Fall of 2020. Look for it!

  • Buttercups

    So, we don’t have to wonder about his IQ anymore, Alex confirmed the worst suspicions.
    And what’s up with the boots? Are they making a statement? What’s next, different colored shoe laces? anarchy signs on your clothes? Are you getting your ears pierced? and use BubbleMint “Cleopatra” earings? What would your mom say?
    Whatever, Kate found her other half. She SO did.
    one of your on-off fans. OFF!

  • muppet show
    ok they are together!pass the pop corn!! whats bothering me is him! he is play with us he had said so in an interview when he said about his private
    life ”let them (he meant us and tabloids) be confused about my life for a while!whats wrong whith him?is he 13? i think he likes paps he just acts not to, and i think he gives the orders in kate! she just playing along for some puplicity and for some ”im ok after orly” bliahhh!! they deserve each other!she should have given him some earings to wear too!!hahahaha

  • Belinda

    Looks like a PR ‘romance’ to me. Did the gay rumors start over again and that’s why he’s being seen with her again? Who does he think he is fooling? He can’t even fake a fake romance.

  • YEAH

    yeah i was wodering the same thing what his fam and friends REALLY think of kate i bet we will never find out unless u r a family member or close friend give us inside scoop anyone

  • TrueBlade

    At this point, all I can say is he’s pretty and very nice to his fans. Beyond that…eh.. Whatever the deal is, the fact is that he’s lost fans due to his whatever with Boswho? Right now he’s very pretty especially when he’s rested and relaxed. I will enjoy watching TB (unless it’s more craptastic than this season) and sometimes wish AS was more like Eric in real life. Sadly, he seems to be more like Andy the sheriff, just better looking.

  • Abby

    @nicole: I bet she doesn’t have enough money to sue. Lord knows this chick hardly works and what little she does do can’t pay much. She’s been wearing those same stink ass boots forever and jewelmint? Whose brilliance thought up that name? I see she’s taking Alex’s fashion advice and not bothering to zip them up. Just slip on and go just like a girl who has to shame walk the next morning in yesterday’s clothes.

  • k

    @nicole: Your post was hilarious!!!

  • Cheryl

    That’s awful. I feel sorry for them. Regardless of what the situation between them is or who they are, nobody deserves to have their privacy violated like that.

  • Sweetie

    ha ha ha oh my dayz i jus love these comments, so entertaining 2 read throu so thanx 4 that… however i just wanna make a point here, its quite easy 2 pick out all the purse forum over obsessive lot from the usual just jared trolls… its like a game of snap… and my other fav game is watching the rational posts get marked down by those same old hags! O Askars what ever r u going 2 do with losing all these fans , my heart bleeds 4u :’(

  • Too much?

    All right – this is a little stalker-ish, but these are Ho’sworth and Ass’kars’ horoscopes for this week:

    VIRGO: You’re feeling boxed in by too many demands and are beginning to rethink choices that were made a few years ago. At that time the most sensible thing to do was settle in, settle down or settle for something that you were sure would pan out. Things have changed drastically; and what seemed like the answer then has basically painted you into a corner. Don’t get too hung up wondering how you’re going to manage it. As taxing as this is, if you remain open to anything, it’ll morph into an opportunity … or attract circumstances that miraculously clear things up.

    CAPRICORN: Something has to change or this isn’t going to work. When you’re dealing with people who either don’t know what they’re talking about or aren’t experienced enough to know how to take charge, it becomes necessary to call them on it and set a few standards. There’s too much riding on your latest venture for you to let someone else decide how it comes together. At the personal level, just the opposite could be true. If it’s time to play the hard-ass in your outer life, it’s time to soften up about just about everything that relates to love, kids and your internal affairs.

  • TrueBlade


    There’s no violation if it’s a set up to hawk your cheap jewelry. They are not Kristen and Robb, Angelina and Brad or even Speidi. These two are only featured here on JJ, X17 and some fashion blogs that try to sell their look. It’s obvious they have an arrangement with JJ/ X17 to promote themselves. AS should stop trying to be coy and go along with the program he signed up for. It’s so silly at this point. He is so juvenile..from the Breakfast Club unlaced boots, the drunken video, shoulder sitting,etc… …Someone needs to explain to him that 34 is not the new 18. He made his he needs to lie in it…or hover…or whatever it is those two do. the whole I’m not your boyfriend crap is so much worst than if he owned it.

    Btw, let’s take bets to see IF The Warrior’s Way premieres on Dec 3rd if he walks the walks the red carpet with her. I wonder if he’ll go to the Scream Awards again? We know didn’t win since most of us didn’t vote for him like last year.

  • eating my words

    @Cheryl: Violated? I think most days the paps feel like Bosho is violating their space. You can’t be violated if you invite it in. They signed up for this, big time.