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Anderson Cooper Slams Vince Vaughn's Use Of 'That's So Gay'

Anderson Cooper Slams Vince Vaughn's Use Of 'That's So Gay'

Anderson Cooper has spoken out against Vince Vaughn‘s pejorative use of “that’s so gay” the trailer for his new film, The Dilemma.

In the film, Vince plays a man who learns that his best friend’s wife is having an affair.

“I was sitting in a movie theater over the weekend and there was a preview of [Vince Vaughn's new] movie, and in it, the actor said, ‘that’s so gay,’ and I was shocked that not only that they put it in the movie, but that they thought that it was okay to put that in a preview for the movie to get people to go and see it,” Anderson said (watch at about 5:45 in the video).

“I just find those words, those terms – we’ve got to do something to make those words unacceptable ’cause those words are hurting kids,” he added.

“Someone else I talked to recently said that the words people use and the things people say about other kids online, it enters into their internal dialogue. When you’re a kid, it can change the way you see yourself and the way you think about yourself – the worth that you give to yourself. I think we really need to focus on what language we’re using and how we’re treating these kids.”

Anderson Cooper Weighs In On ‘That’s So Gay’

“The Dilemma” Trailer
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  • Koree

    I agree. It always bothers me when people would say “Thats so gay” in reference to something that isn’t relevant to that. Things need to change.

  • Dan

    It’s just so wrong to use it like that. And indeed things have to change. Anderson you know I love you.


    now this is just retarded =)

  • LadyB

    I saw AC 360 last night, and I won’t call it a slam. I think this headline make it seem he was outraged. He talked about how people use those kind of references in this day and age as a side note to taking about gay-bulling and the incident at Rutgers. The headline here make it seem like the topic of Vince Vaugn and what he said was at the center of discussion and he unleashed a tirade.


    also he did not say “that’s so gay”, he said “electric cars are gay” – earwax in the ears?

  • DarkEmpress

    I think that it can be offensive but then you see Queen Latifah who is sitting right there who is a lesbian. So the script obviously didnt bother her. I think it would help gay kids who are ostracized if celebrities who were gay were openly gay. Even Anderson Cooper is gay but never speaks about it or admits to it. I think that it is extremely difficult for someone to come out of the closet, however I hope that more celebrities can because I think that it would be a life line to teens who are gay. When celebrities who are gay and people know they are gay but they try to keep it private, it makes it seem like they are ashamed of being gay or that they are afraid of how it will affect their career. That sends a bad message to gay teens that they will always have to live in secret and fear.

  • mailey

    lol sorry but that trailer for the vaughn movie is funny.
    love anderson tho. he’s so well spoken.

  • s

    anderson’s rant is so gay. everything is such an issue. geez…

  • Dan

    @HAHAHA: Shut up. It is still a horrible thing to say.

  • Leesa

    As soon as I heard that line, I knew it would cause issues. Not only is it offensive, but it’s bigger crime might be how crimianlly unfunny it is. The entire trailer, in fact.

  • Ali


  • Lady Gaga

    @s: your gay!

  • Lexy

    I completly agree with the fact that using the word gay to describe something stupid, can completely change the way kids view gay people in general. A childs mind is extremely fragile, so im glad he brought more light to this small but relevant issue


    @Lady Gaga: my gay

  • trevor

    @DarkEmpress: Maybe Queen Latifah liked the money more than she dislikes insults to gays.

    Queen Latifah has dismissed claims of her being a lesbian as silly false rumors in interviews. Latifah’s girlfriend, who a paparazzi recently caught her making out with on a boat, just gave an interview where she claimed to be straight.

    She’s not like Anderson who has never denied being gay and who is dating a guy who is totally out, a gay bar owner, and refers to himself as gay in interviews.

  • elrkjsljlsj

    I understand that expression doesn’t literally mean anything against gay people always, but it does become a casual slam against all things gay, and that is wrong.That expression means “I am calling you gay not because I perceive you to be gay, but because being gay is the worst thing, and you are the worst thing.”
    But since not everyone is analyzing this, they’re just getting the surface message which is “Gay is bad”. And that’s what we’re spreading and teaching. There are hidden messages in everything people say, that’s why we all need to think before we speak. Saying that’s so gay, no matter how little harm is intended, is just like saying ‘That’s so black” or “you’re retarded”. We all know that is wrong, but gay people are still seen as lesser individuals, so being PC doesn’t matter yet.
    It’s very sad.

    But I didn’t hear AC say anything about VV so this title is misleading. I’m sure he realizes that VV didn’t write that line.

  • KBC

    Anderson is right…VV is an insensitive ASS…I am from the same town he is from and he’s a total bipolar jerk off that is rude to everyone and no one in his home town likes him…ever since he started making 20 mil a film everyone started thinking he was a huge ass…he was cool back in his Swingers/wannabe Brad Pitt days and then he just turned into a douche. He needs to get a life and take an acting class.

  • Hey hey hey

    Shame on Vince Vaughn. Team Silver Fox!
    I think it would be amazing if Coop came out LIVE on Anderson 360. People need to stop being afraid to admit that they are gay.

  • jj22

    Cooper is gay!

  • Hey hey hey

    @trevor: What interview was it? that’s disappointing if it’s true. we’ve seen her loved up with her lady grabbing on the butt and she’s still hiding in the closet. chicken.

  • SF

    Well, gays can retort and say “That’s so straight”. A bit sensitive aren’t they?

  • Dufffan

    have people learned nothing from the PSAs the year before

    Oh sure, now they listen to…..’It gets better’ BS

    Next time you fast talking blabbermouth, say electric cars are too expensive to build

    or parents chaperoning are embarassing…….

    because that’s so what you should say

  • dfbd

    my god
    everyone has to stop being so god damn sensitive

  • :(

    @dfbd: you’ve hurt my feelings with that comment.

  • LMirch

    Anderson has a point but he needs to stop using the pointing-finger word, “that” four times in one sentence!! Thank God for professional news writers at CNN.

  • LMirch

    Anderson has a point but he needs to stop using the pointing-finger word, “that” four times in one sentence!! Thank God for professional news writers at CNN.

  • S@n

    Children and young people, not yet defined their sexual orientation and in that context I think Anderson is right.
    Some people use “that’s so gay” as a joke, but others use it as an offense and can be very difficult for someone so young can take this.

  • kj

    hes partly right but what would make a even bigger difference is people in the spotlight coming out. Look how long it took for ricky martin to come out you can’t be so hypocritical by saying other people are responsible for kids personas and confidence they need people to look up to. It annoys me that anderson gets on his high horse when he dosn’t come out i know some people are private but if hes so concerned as he claims to be and trying to evoke change than he has to sacrifice that privacy if it helps save a few peoples lives its a small price to pay.

  • hmm

    what i dont understand is why it is being taken so out of context.
    ‘Gay’ as a word has different meanings.
    first, it was a word for happy, then for homosexuals, and now its used as a form of lame or stupid; not because that’s what homosexuals are, thats just the context the word has taken.
    Anderson, if anything, started something about it that didnt need to be started. it wasn’t meant in that way, so why even mention it??
    and like someone else said, Queen Latifah is in the movie. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? if she isnt offended, why the hell is Anderson??

  • what


  • anna

    Cooper is so annoying and boring, go do something useful!

  • Nora

    Anderson has a point, however he should be targeting the writer of the movie, not Vince Vaugn…

  • Alison

    vince didn’t write the script…

  • laney

    WOW! When did we all get so P.C? Why is it acceptable to say such lines if you’re gay? Or “joke”about a straight person? What if there was a show about 5 straight guys telling other men straight or gay how to dress,cook, decorate or even have the gall to tell them, “If you religiously follow what we’re saying, you too can lead a great life! ”

    Anderson you should be appalled by drawing comparisons about a quote from a movie & the tragedy of the recent deaths of these poor children. The recent tragedy was because ignorant morons took it amongst themselves to promote their pathetic insecure agendas. They didn’t do it because of a quote from a stupid V.V movie!

  • asda

    I’m getting kind of tired of people constantly telling me what I should and should not say. Yes, there’s a problem with kids and bullying and there have been four whole suicides by gay teens to make recent headlines. It’s heartbreaking that any human being–no matter what orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, disability, etc.– felt so harassed that he or she felt the need to take their own lives. We definitely need to up the anti-bullying campaigns and to come to each other’s defenses more. But I see nothing wrong with phrases like “that’s so gay” or “that’s so retarded”.
    The word “gay” has evolved in meaning, so no one needs to get so offended. I’m sure many of us grew up with those phrases being used often, and in a casual manner. It’s stuff like what happened to that Rutger’s student that we need to focus on stopping, not usage of silly phrases like these. I understand words are powerful, but I’ve never known anyone to say that and expect to hurt anyone. Our attention needs to be focused elsewhere. Hell, I have gay friends who frequently refer to things as gay or retarded. That definitely doesn’t mean that just because a few toss them around means that none of them are affected. Maybe some are, but I would like to think there are bigger events in their lives that drive them to feel the way they do, and not just because of this specific phrase.

  • missy

    Anderson Cooper is so freaking gay, I can’t even stand to see him talk.

  • anna

    he’s just an actor it’s not his fault.. and it’s something so common to say nowadays that you can;t slash the have to blame society

  • Jonny

    The preview makes me want to see the movie. Nothing was funnier than when I was on a camping trip with a group of guys, one of which was homosexual, and he told me,”you are being so gay.” That’s just funny – lighten up Andee!!

  • Anti-Septic

    I can sympathize that words hurt sometimes but there is such a thing in this country called freedom of speech, are we to outlaw words now? I don’t have an answer for this but I know that this was taken out of context. Vince Vaughn is an actor and is hired to read words written on a script to entertain people. Why is Anderson Cooper attacking him I ask you? Should it really be Vince Vaughn that he is attacking or the movie studios and the people that wrote the script?

  • Sam

    Soon no one will be able to say anything without someone objecting! Relax – ‘gay’ meant ‘happy’ for years and years, are you going to whine about that too! Too much time on your hands Mr. Cooper.

  • Ian

    So we have a man who is in a glass (on-air) closet having issue w/ two celebs, Vince & Latifah, who THEMSELVES are both in the closet big time. Awww lordy, only in Hollywood.

  • FYI

    FYI Vince Vaughn is the executive producer of the film and chose this script for himself so he OK’s the trailer and it’s content AND the script…so yeah…it was his decision

  • cacey

    What an IRONY… AC SAID HE WAS A by stander in high school while bulling was going on, and he is still standing by now…Why not come out as a gay man and encourage young men to do the same. He can use his platform to say that gay men r not FREEKISH looking musicians, or ACTORS, that they can be bankers, VIOLINISTS, NEWS ANCHORS and so on…

  • snotty

    oh for god sake people in usa are so over sensetiv that it make me sick you just cant say anything i,am so happy that i live in a contry where we can say what we want whitout getting hanged or stoned

  • Matthew Grayson

    For all those people who do not find the use of the word “gay” as a slam against gay people and feel it is not offensive, you obviously don’t have to fight for your rights as an equal person. You can love who you want without fear of derision or violence from not only peers but family. You are not stereotyped nor laughed at, bullied or rejected. You have not had friend or family member beaten or murdered. 

    I have had a straight friend who was attacked because he “looked gay” and I have had a friend murdered because he *was* gay. 

    I’m gay. I’m not into sewing, opera, and I don’t lisp or wear a boa. I simply am attracted to men and fall in love with them. It’s not “stupid”. 

    The present usage of “gay” was and is intended to insult someone who is gay; to dismiss the hate behind it and to dismiss the magnitude of how much it is accepted is just as wrong as to say someone is a “f**”.  

    As for Cooper’s orientation, he is entitled to his privacy and needn’t broadcast it. He pointed out an insensitivity and prejudice that should not be tolerated, and it needs to be addressed by a discerning populace, gay, straight, or bisexual. 

  • Ruben

    The word “Gay” used to have an entirely different meaning than it does now. The fact homosexuals adopted it as a defining word is very relevant.

    While I understand the concern, I notice Anderson isn’t taking a stand against saying “That’s so retarded.”

    The reality is, in the same way a word like f*ck has different connotations, or a word like “retarded” can be used in different ways, some view gay as a word capable of multi-usage.

    I have the utmost respect for Anderson Cooper but it’s very difficult to hear him prattle on about something like this when, in reality, he has an opportunity to help those kids he’s claiming to look out for.

    The mere fact Anderson continues to remain in the closet for professional reasons is all a gay kid needs to know. When one of the best journalists of this generation seems ashamed of who he is, what message does that send to the gay youth of America?

  • to 45

    “When one of the best journalists of this generation seems ashamed of who he is, what message does that send to the gay youth of America?”

    Easy question, sad but true answer: “Carer terminated”




  • meg

    thats so gay doesn’t mean gay as in homosexual..first off Gay means happy, people used to actually use this word to reference happy times…everyone says “that’s gay” or something to that effect…if a football player fumbles, or if the other team scores, or if my friend says they like lima beans, etc etc..i will say “that’s soooo gay”…was it GAY? no. it means dumb…it’s not a slam against gays…again the word used to be used all the time in the english language…which is pretty gay.

  • xio pio

    I was waiting to hear “that’s so gay” and it’s not what he said…….Anyway, I tell my gay brother all the time: “You’re so gay”, and he laughs, he actually takes it as a compliment.