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Brad Pitt Lands in Budapest with Knox & Vivienne

Brad Pitt Lands in Budapest with Knox & Vivienne

Brad Pitt carries two-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne as they arrive together at Ferihegy International Airport on Thursday (October 7) in Budapest, Hungary.

The 46-year-old actor and his little ones all bundled up in warm wool caps for their trip.

The Jolie-Pitts are in town while mama Angelina makes her directorial debut; People reports that the J-Ps old enough for classes are attending a French-American school in Budapest!

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  • herculean

    love them

  • supernova

    Super couple, super kids, happy together!

  • luvee

    Cute, cute bundles of joy.

  • hmmmm

    Angelina’s kids are super cute. they look just like her.

  • lovejoliepitt

    Brad ,Viv & Knox will reunited with the whole family . They are tired but a good sleep and rest will do fine.
    Thank God you have safe trip !
    enjoy budapest jolie-pitt family

  • Jubilee

    It’s great to see the family together.

  • yucks


  • kizbit

    Those poor kids. Always being carted around the world. And the older ones always having to start new schools. I’m sure they’d love to be in one place and only travel during school vacations.

  • Dani

    That little boy’s gonna be so handsome, just like his daddy…

  • elisha

    Brad Pitt is handsome and the babies are so cute !
    Shiloh and Knox shoud have been the twins, they look so much alike physically !! And they’re both so cool and calm while facing the photographs. Little Vivienne looks more worried, but she’s so cute though.

  • hmmm

    @Dani: but he doesn’t look like Brad. In the top photo he totally has Angie face. @kizbit: I agree and I’m sure I’ll be deleted for saying this but it’s sad to see them used as Props for the paparazzi. yeah, we get it… Angelina is still with you. _rolling my eyes_ and SMH_


    o,yes,read x7,carefully!

  • Lara

    I’m sure they must all be tired but so happy to be back with the rest of the family.

  • awwww

    Vivi and Knox are adorable. Brad is so handsome. All of their bio children look like Brad.

  • t.m.delafonda

    It is wonderful to see that the family is altogether again now that their work commitments have been fulfilled. So……now that they are together, what new angle will the haters/trolls try to use?

  • Yay Baby

    Hot Brad is in Budapest with his Angie. Suicide watch for trolls. LOL.

  • lovejoliepitt

    Brad you are the man and don’t worry about the hatred xfans for your care and love for your kids and soulmate.
    God will continue to bless you ,angelina and kids!

    love the joliepitt family

  • knox and viv

    Knox is all Angie and Viv is all Brad. They are beautiful kids.

  • Video of Brad arrival
  • Jen+her botox piggy like face

    Granma Spinster Jen looks like potted head !

  • Maddy

    Knox is a looker and Viv is adorable!!! I cannot comprehend now good looking these kids are going to be!! The worlds hottest man Brad Pitt and the worlds most beautiful woman spawning 2 girls and one boy!!! The world cannot take it!! :) Sigh…

  • Gosh

    Brad makes everything look sexy. Fatherhood never be so sexier.

  • Botoxed Daddy

    Brad Pitt is!

  • Jen+her botox piggy like face

    l feel for Grandma Spinster Jen have only dogs around her !

  • niwatori

    Knox and Viv are such sweet hearts :D Brad is one hot DILF.
    It’s gonna be a happy family reunion at the JP residential. Bet they all missed each other. Brad & Angie are so gonna make up for the lost time *wink wink*

  • Passing Through

    Those kids are just too darned cute. Then again…I’m not the one whas to run after them when one goes one direction and the other goes in another direction. I bet that gets old in a hurry…

  • NAN

    He he he,sandy very very worried about BP&AJ kids ,but sandy has only dogs and 2 husbians to take care,he ha he ha ha ha .


    Who are these little sh1ts talking about ‘what kids need’. Are you biitches aware that the JPs consult with PROFESSIONALS to know how best to raise their children?
    This is waaaaay more than the average parent does (FYI parents overall just wing it and hope for the best) and even parents who are just as rich as the JPs dont, as a matter of course, consult with PROFESSIONALS. And the JPs only did it because of their frequent-flyer lifestyle.
    The bottomline, however, as anyone with even the most basic introduction to child psychology will tell you (including myself), is that whats ‘normal’ for a child is waking up everyday with the assurance that their little world is intact = that their parents and sibblings are right there with them, surrounding them with love.
    Kids under 10 dont get obssessed with “place” – they are more interested in the human beings that love them.

  • Cat

    All kids just like angelina?

  • Errr

    @I feel for those kids: you dont honestly think brad was caring for these babies , do u? Let’s see all by themselves with a team of nannies or with theiir siblings and a team of nannies? Which would u choose?

  • http:/com Sliga

    I love knox and vivianne

  • sav

    Oh, shut up already you evil witch !

  • Errr

    Lol I like the nickname grandpa freeze for brad. I hope he makes a movie with toms ex wife, The red headed one. That would be a match in Botox heaven, would it not?

  • niwatori

    LOL at the trolls. ‘Till now they were singing the split-up tune. Now that Brad is in Hungary, they are pretending to be concerned about the kids’ well being. Their a s s is O-W-N-E-D! :D

  • ALice

    Brad is world best daddy, world hottest man. Lucky Angie.

  • http:/com Slig

    I miss knox and viviaan

  • Errr

    That’s how u know this is staged. Why else would she leave them with a nanny instead of Taking them with? Either way they would be left with nannies…. But brad needed a ” prop” to show off and make a big splash on his arrival. Yawn

  • NAN

    SandyWhamoHuvsy has 2 broken eggs+1 flabby wrinkle hanging grill aubergine,he ha he ha ha ha.

  • bdj

    Wow the two hens are in a total meltdown(judging from scrolling through the threads). The Jolie-Pitt family is together troll. It is that simple. It does not require all this spamming and whining. Hens worry more about the Jolie-Pitts than “Mountain Girl” who is facing a crisis of her own, lack of attention or what can a needy fameho do when they are stuck in the Georgia Mountains making Deliverance Part II.

  • Natasza

    Wow , Knox is Angie’s mini me

  • bdj

    Knox and Viv are two little cuties. Papa Pitt is mighty fine. I would feel you pain hens(hard to let a good man go), but you whine too much.

  • bdj

    I meant ” your pain” but I was getting blurry from skipping the 2 whiny hens post and Just Jared does not have an edit feature.

  • Robert

    Kids looks is closer to angelina.

  • groundcontrol

    I agree. Knox looks jist like Angie especially in the full front on pic. But you can still see the Pitt family in his face.
    And Vivi is just beautiful. Brad, well, Brad is gorgeosity personified.
    Anyone who seriously believes there is only one right way to raise a child or educate a child needs to be kept away from children. This narrow minded mentality is how children grow up to be bigots and intolerant of anything outside their limited experience and too afraid to explore the world. Sad.


    Stupid sh.ithole #43.
    Both parents love having their kids with them. Since the older ones had to start school, it made sense that they went with their mom.
    And since Angie and Brad have both said THEY GET LONELY when any member of the family is away (HENCE THEIR 3-DAY RULE) then both parents will always have some of the kids with them.
    The babies are just that, babies. They were with their dad while he finished up his shoot that, btw, went beyond schedule, thereby messing up the JPs family plan. But seeing that Brad and Angie are professionals, they didnt complain. Brad just did what he had to do and as you noticed, he left directly from a movie set, on to his plane with his babies, and before you could pick that buggers from your snoz, the JP family unit was all in once place again.
    Suck it hard, ya stoopid dumbf.uck.

  • gracie

    Super dad Brad looks hot holding the twins. In that shot Knox looks so much like Shiloh.

  • Watson

    Angelina has totally screwed this kid up.

  • Hannah

    Brad is such a magnificent dad. Not to mention he is gorgeous.

  • Steve Jobs

    One big happy family they are. I love to see those kids with their dad Brad Pitt. Wish to see them too with Angelina.

  • Julie

    Vivienne is so cute. Knox is all AJ