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Katie Holmes Gets to Work on 'Jack and Jill'!

Katie Holmes Gets to Work on 'Jack and Jill'!

Katie Holmes carries a cup of Starbucks as she walks to the set of her new movie, Jack and Jill, on Thursday (October 7) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actress will play Adam Sandler‘s wife; Al Pacino is set to play himself.

Katie‘s hubby, Tom Cruise, is in Prague shooting his own film, Mission: Impossible IV; it was announced earlier today that Slumdog Millionaire alum Anil Kapoor will be playing a villain in the movie!

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katie holmes green blazer jack and jill 01
katie holmes green blazer jack and jill 02
katie holmes green blazer jack and jill 03
katie holmes green blazer jack and jill 04
katie holmes green blazer jack and jill 05

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  • ck

    She’s got frown face

  • WoW

    them is weightlifter’s legs—–powerful

  • Katy

    why is she working? nobody sees it.
    She is the most boring cankle twit.

  • Ali

    why are they working at the same time? surely, their family needs one parent home. especially, for their daughter.

  • Susan

    1) I’m sure they have nannies, and it’s about time that Katie stopped subjecting the film sets to “grown up” Suri.
    2) Suri is not Tom’s child.

    Amazingly, Katie has been looking somewhat normal the past few weeks. Maybe she’s starting to position herself for the exit out of the marriage (if she’s smart). Hopefully she’s opting for the 5 year plan instead of Nicole’s 10 year agreement.

  • Steve Jobs

    Yeah one parent should be left to watch over the kids even they have nannies. It is still a lot of big differences when one of the parents is at home while the other works.

  • homegurl

    YEAH ! KH needs to stay the hell home and take care of Suri. Oh wait, the nanny will probably do a much better job!

  • mailey

    i like this jacket. and her hair.

  • Mom Jeans

    Katie looks so old.

  • Susie#1

    Why, oh why, does she wear clothing that doesn’t fit? The jeans are really unbecoming, and do nothing for her thunder thighs. And oh, does she think she’s channeling Jackie O with her oversized sunglasses? Retire!

  • pr person

    Ughh… yet another film that she will ‘stink’ up.

  • An

    Omg she’s so gorgeous. THE most gorgeous woman in
    howood. And staring with THE most gorgeous man Adam sandler!!!!!
    Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo hugs

  • Gaga Goo goo


  • annie

    How fortunate is Suri to be able to go to work with her mum. She hangs around the set, gets schooled , plays with everybody elses kids , and probably has a great time doing so, better than being all day with her nanny, and eveybody has stories about Suris arts and craft box , even the lady who interviewed Katie for Elle mag. She said that she and Suri made things together.

    When you’re an actor I think that’s what pretty much happens.
    I know a few women who work in an office and take their kids with them, because in the building there are child minding facilities.
    Katie looks really good in these pics. Her hair looks great longer, and it’s cute what she’s wearing.
    Now why would Adam Sandler put someone in his movie if he thinks they are going to stink it up, or del Torro for that matter.
    Please don’t say Tom buys her roles , it’s becoming really boring, as is saying Dick and Harry are her father when she looks so much like Tom. Give it rest.

  • Star Fox

    Parents all over the world work at the same time, #4. It’s nothing unusual.

    There is no secret arrangement and Suri Cruise is Tom Cruise’s daughter, #5.

    Right one, #14!

  • annie

    What happened to the name Dick……remember Tom , Dick and Harry JJ.

  • tard

    Theres one Sandler movie I will never pay to see

  • Gaga Goo goo

    Mr Star Fox (15)

    HOW would YOU know who Suri’s father is? Where YOU there at conception time Mr Idiot? You really need to change your name to Mr Idiot. It so becomes you.

    And…who get’s a rat’s behind about Suri? She’s an official spoiled brat!

  • !!!!


  • Robo Bride

    in pict # 5 What happen with her left leg slightly sideways when she stepped, her thigh so meaty, geez so strange body!!!!
    And looked to her legs shorter than her torso.

  • boy/girl

    No body is preaching about they are separted for very long time,the kid/ kids don’t have stablity, who is watching the kids while they both are at work or non of that kind of stories. It makes it almost funny. Is that because it is the double standards or is that because no one cares on these ones ?

  • Suri Jackson

    No worries to those concerned that poor Suri was not with Tom or Katie. Little Miss Jackson was ruling the set as usual.

  • Heads/Tails

    @WoW: HIlarious!!!!!!! She does have horrible legs—I thought no one else saw it!

  • Heads/Tails

    @An: You wanted the attention and the red thumbs gave it to you……..sighh

  • sydney

    Do you read your own posts and realize the absurdity of what you say? Everyone knows that you know Tom Cruise is the father of Suri, but you want to continue this ridiculous rant that makes you sound like an idiot. What do you look like I wonder? Have you looked in a mirror lately? Katie Holmes is beautiful and obviously feels secure with who she is and how she looks while you obviously feel insecure. People like you that point out the ‘flaws’ in others excessively usually do so because they have issues with their own body. I’m sorry for you if that is the case, but please stop writing this ridiculous **** about the Cruise family. They seem to be one of the ONLY normal families in the business. What is normal to you anyway? Who do you find beautiful? Wow – I just opened a door for you to rant on. Have fun…..

  • annie

    Thank you Suri Jackson. Those pics were beautiful, paticularly the one of Suri and Katie running. Katie looks stunning.
    JJ always shows the worst pics of the bunch anyway.

    Most of these people and some others are Kidman and Brangelina fans.Their praise for them is unimaginable. Then they come to katie and Suri, and they start with the hate. There is one poster , who I won’t mention their name, is so in love with Zahara and the Jolie kids, that there arn’t enough adjectives in the dictionary, to describe them.
    The thing is , you and I know that the Cruise clan is the most attractive.
    We have no need to put other families down , other children down, because we want the ones that we like to be the best, we know who are the best. There are actually about 6 very prominent posters on Kidman/ Brangelina, who say the most vile things about Katie and Suri. You know what they say about hate!

  • Suri Jackson

    I agree that Suri’s appearance looks cute. They usually try to hide her face since she looks so much like Josh.
    Other than that you are delusional…and I can tell you from my past life in public service jobs that letting a child run around a lobby is neither cute nor safe.

  • it’s robo bride II



    Annie you don’t have to be a Brangelina or Kidman fan to dislike the Cruises.

    All you have to do is value intelligence, talent, and skill which Katie based on her movies, clothing line, dancing, and singing and interviews seems to lack big time. If she were not Mrs. Tom Cruise, she’d have most likely faded into oblivion by now.

    And Tom brought most of his troubles on himself. He is involved with a cult that emotionally, mentally, and physically hurts people by their rules. You have to pay for everything you do with them. When you run out of money for their asinine courses and auditing tools and the like–you are out. If you leave and your family stays in, you can’t see the family as you are a supressive. Tom’s best friend, David M., is the cult head and he has been accused of abuse by many, not just one, but many followers. Ol’ Star Fox likes to say Tommy isn’t aware of the abuse and he knows nothing about these horrible things. Give us all a break. All you have to do is read interviews with people who have left about the power that Tom holds. All you have to do is view his crazy xenu YouTubes.

    The one who appears to be suffering most is Suri. At four and a half she still has a bottle. She apparently based on what they have said, rules the household, setting her own hours and choosing clothing for her parents. Her parents over indulge her to the point that the child is probably out of control. It truly doesn’t matter if we think she is beautiful and wonderful or a an overindulged brat. Their inept parenting which is based on Xenu philosophy is probably going to harm this child in the long run.

    So it is possible to dislike this couple on many levels without being a Brangelina or Kidman fan.

    You just cannot conceive that anyone dislikes them based on their actions alone. Well I do dislike them and it has nothing to do with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, or any other person. It has to do with the public statements and actions they both have made and where Katie is concerned–her lack of talent, skill and ability–yet her MARRIED name gets her in every door so that she can regurgitate her lack of any fashion, dancing, singing etc. skills onto us. She does have minimal acting skills, but they apparently don’t come out most of the time based on reviews of her movies and how so many bomb big time.

  • annie

    at robo bride ll
    Whether you like them or not is another thing altogether. I don’t care if people like or don’t like them it’s a free world. What irks me is that some posters go to those sites I mentioned, and say nice things, eg about Zahara,but that very same person, goes on the Cruise thread and says vile things.. but what if I don’t agree about Z or the rest of them….. should I go and say horrible things about those kids and their family . Gee, robo bride there is a lot to say about Brangelia and kids, not all of it pleasant and most of it forgiven and forgotten. I could go on that thread and say horrible things then, but I don’t, because I’m not interested in how they dress their kids , or how many nannies they have , or the fact that the only time you see them , they are at Toys r US . But since both of them have become such paragons of virtue all of a sudden , all is well. Sorry doesn’t work like that.
    I have been a Katie fan long long before Tom and Scie.
    Never ever was she ever criticised like she is now. She is still Katie Holmes. Her acting was always well recieved by the critics, in most of her movies, even The Romantics. You are talking to a fan who knows a lot about KH . It’s only since she got together with Tom, people hate on her, never happened before, it was all compliments.
    She’s a big girl, if she sees things that are not right , she won’t stick around , I’ll bet you on that, Scie or no Scie.
    She married money, am I suppose to dislike her for that, the world is her oyster, as it would be for anyone in her position.
    Is it so wrong that a kid has been photographed , what, 4 times wearing 1 inch heel and that has become a crime. So you saw a bottle, do you hate women who still breast feed their kids at that age, are they bad mothers in your eyes?
    How could you possibly know Suri is a brat, because she doesn’t like the 50 paps that surround her, screaming at her and her mother, or is it because her father has the means to buy her anything in the world, you may as well say the same for every Hollywood kid then. I spoil my kids, according to my pocket, but they are still spoilt as are all my familys , and friends kids, why single out Suri Cruise?
    You dislike them because of Scie, you hate Tom because of his connection with Scie, you hate Katie and Suri because of their connection to Tom and Scie. Her so called lack of talent and everything else is just an excuse for the real reason , just admit it ….if you are going to say something be truthful about it…. it doesn’t matter.
    It’s obvious you know very little about Katie Holmes, but if she is happy with Tom Cruise, does that make her a bad person.
    Personally there was a time a couple of years ago when I thought that her life with him was going to explode, considering everything that was said, but she looks happier than ever to me now.
    How do you know that he is not a good man, husband ,or a good father. You don’t!
    When I said once that Nicole always talked about him fondly, a little too fondly for my liking , some people came out and said , she had to because of Scie and her kids, well sorry I don’t buy any of that. Her silence would have been enough, who talks about their ex husband for years on end, and personal things at that.
    Maybe I’m wrong…. but then maybe so could you!

  • Connie

    Again you’re trying to slant the situation by making it appear that people hate Tom, Katie, and Suri.
    Robrobride stated that Suri is the one suffering, as most of have said over and over. She is the victim of Tom and Katie’s little socialogical science project. Why do you say that everyone hates Suri? The answer is that it make us sound evil to attack a child…Which we aren’t.
    And hate is a strong word.
    It’s very clear that Tom is disliked, disrepected, a laughing stock in the public pool of opinion, and yes, maybe hated by those who have an understanding of the human effect of Scientology…people losing everything to this cult.
    Katie used to get sympathy, but as Robobride accurrately pointed out, she spewes the same crap upon us over and over. Her interviews are hysterical at this point: “My husband is wonderful”, “Suri is so creative”, blah blah blah. Her insanely bad parenting and 5 years of staying in that freakhouse have driven away many previous supporters.
    Go on and live in your fantasy world about Tom and Katie being great and talented, but don’t twist the words of everyone else. Most of us are pretty clear when it comes to a position on Tom, Katie, and Suri (who IS really messed up, and getting more-so each day, due to the actions and inactions of her parents).

  • Steve

    @Connie: Wow did Katie say her husband is wonderful and her daughter creative. HOW DARE SHE TALK LIKE THAT!!! LOL You guys spend a lot of time on a blog of someone you think so little of. You got legs like tree trunks I betya and a hubby you’d never say nice things about huh. Or maybe more like he would never say nice things of you so you take it out on ppl who will never read your jealous crappy writing and therefore you miss your point all together. Only your boosom buddy robotard the thunder-thighs reads you and thinks you’re soooo fuhnnny. What a sorry bunch of uglies LOLoLOL

  • Connie

    Obviously you are clueless. It’s not about her “adoration” of Tom, or positive comments about Suri. It’s the script. It’s all a script. Interview after interview. Katie has no ability to take a question and answer with her own thoughts. Her public life is completely scripted. for her private life? I don’t live there, but I’m willing to go out on a limb and assume separate bedrooms. She’s only 31. Tom’s most likely getting his. She’s going to have to wait until she can get out of the contract before she’ll ever have a man touch her, and by then, who’s going to want to? She’s banking 3 million a year for the marriage, so she’ll either end up in another relationship with a powerful controlling man (Maybe if this one’s straight she’ll at least get some sex.) OR she’s going to end up with some loser who manipulates her emotionally to latch onto her $$ and name recognition (she’s most likely going to be very vulnerable and jump at the first sign affection).
    She’s proven for the past 5 years that she’s way to weak to stand up for herself in a relationship, even at the expense of her child.

  • Steve

    @Connie: WHAT!!!!You need help.

  • annie

    @ Connie
    I keep on hearing this 3 or 5 mill a year contract. W ho ever started this rumor, were they there when she signed this contract , or is this the same tabloid that said that there was no pregancy, she had a false tummy, there was no Suri ,suri was deformed .Tom’s not the father , they only got together to promote their movies, and every other hideous thing that came out imaginable.
    You make them sound like desperate people who are in need of cash, who will do anything for a dollar, play make believe for the world.
    Do you people realise, Katie had money, she lived in a beautiful house all her life , she’s close to her mother, her father is a divorce lawyer.
    Like I said before, you people know nothing about Katie Holmes. Before Tom, in a lot of her interviews she used to talk about her family. her sisters , brother , parents, she always said she had 6 parents, because they all looked out for her so much. Now she talks about her husband and child, and acc ording to you she sounds scripted?
    Well to me she sounds like Katie Holmes. Maybe if people were not so interested in her daughter and asked her more intelligent questions, or maybe if she didn’t think how her answers were going to get all twisted by the media , maybe she would answer differently.
    I don’t know much about Scie, and for that matter I’m not even interested, but there a lot of celebs in it who come across as quite decent to me, they all have families.
    So I guess Tom paid Victoria Beckam to say Katie is a good mother, or Adam Brody to say that katie is very nuturing and something of a mother hen.
    It’s really obvious some of you really don’t like it if someone says nice things about this family. And I don’t slant things around, , actually I have criticised the both of them on occasion, about things.

  • Jason

    @Katy: That haterade must be really good huh?