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Kellan Lutz: Love is Louder!

Kellan Lutz: Love is Louder!

Kellan Lutz is the latest celeb to show his support for Love is Louder!

The 25-year-old Twilight hunk made a video in support of Brittany Snow and MTV’s efforts to combat bullying and spread love instead.

“Hi, I’m Kellan Lutz, and I grew up feeling alone,” Kellan shared. “I’m from a big family, and I really wasn’t friends with my brothers. They loved to pick on me, but the thing is, I was never alone. Jesus was always there. Jesus is love, and love is louder.”

Kellan Lutz – Love is Louder
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  • Yolanda

    Nice HAIR PLUGS!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

  • Iffy Miffy

    What nonsense.

  • President Rainier Wolfcastle

    He should be ashamed of himself, we don’t need to be preached at and the public doesn’t need anyone preaching down their throats. Stop giving sermons in videos every week.
    This is a time for serious people, Kellan, and your fifteen minutes are up. My name is Rainier Wolfcastle, and I am the President.

  • kayleigh

    he shared something personal with us and you’re going to say something negative about his hair? you just don’t care and you’re so disgusting. have some respect. that makes you a bully, no? please don’t respond to my post ’cause I really don’t care what insensitive people have to say.

  • Carla Börjesson

    the cutest actor from Twilight.. wow. I wonder what he’s doing tonight ;)

  • M w

    amazing to see people really show their diversity in beliefs, backgrounds etc! @ President Rainier Wolfcastle, that’s the purpose of the message! Even if I am Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist or Christian that doesn’t make a difference in who i am. What is important is that it keeps each person going! It isn’t fair to put someone down for being honest about their beliefs! Why would anyone be angry about an individual being themselves?!?!?!? What you are doing is as bad as the Westboro Church!

    Agree to respect each other and the world will be a much brighter place! God Bless Kellan! I respect him even more for being himself!

  • Yolanda

    @kayleigh: Pipe down b!tch, your opinion doesn’t matter you scummy council estate ho. Kellan has been paid to make up and record this bullsh!t he don’t give a sh!t about the cause.

  • kayleigh

    @Yolanda: just because i’m a single mum living on benefits doesn’t give you a right to judge me.

  • bindy


    LOL best come back ever.

  • Candyb

    I think what he said is pretty awesome.. Not a christian but i do believe jesus is love. Rock on kellan!

  • mailey

    who is this guy?
    his hair looks awful.

  • Pete

    It’s so obvious he’s reading lines. He only gives his time to ’causes’ to get sum airtime. Pathetic.


    @Yolanda is spot on. He gets paid to do everything since he’s a famewhore.


    He couldn’t have taken the time to fix tht sh-t on his head? It’s bad enough we gotta stare at his ugly a** face.

  • xxxxx

    One word: Publicity

  • demetrius

    He doesn’t sound sincere when he speaks. It all sounds like he’s trying to BS fans.

    I’m not for BULLYING like above me. Just an observation.

  • V

    He sounds uncomfortable delivering the simpliest of lines. Prob cause they told him he couldn’t do it shirtless. LOL

  • Frida

    Why bring Jesus into this?

  • Yolanda

    @kayleigh: Ouch girlfriend – I think I hit a nerve on your underachieving bloated body!!! With a reaction like that I guess I must have summed you up perfectly!!!! B!tch take a chill pill – I’m sure you’re entitled to free prescriptions LOL!!!!!

  • liam

    @kayleigh: wow kayleigh now who’s being the bully?

  • Cah

    Kellan lindo sempre. <3

  • showtime

    wow, way to be jaded justjared commenters. why don’t we raise up actors who are trying to be positive in celebrity culture instead of dog them or make fun of them? you want people to stop bullying others and that begins right here as well.


  • kayleigh

    oh my god! you’re so HILARIOUS! HA HA HA HA HA. great comeback! love it! feel good, girl? does it make you feel so big? powerful? did it do good to your self esteem? YOU ARE SO PATHETIC! I’m fat, yeah suuuuuure..whatever makes you feel good. keep them coming. you’re so good at it. your comments just show how effin’ disgusting, childish, and immature you are. and yeah so are mine but you deserve all the hateful comments coming from me. go ahead and reply to this post as many times as you want. say all the nasty hateful comments your heart desires. by the way, you have such an ugly name! YOLLLANNNDDAAAA keep up with the negativity! toodles, hun!

  • Fameho

    @showtime We’re not jaded. We’re just sick of people not being geunine and being famewhores. This loser has proven time and time again that everything he does is a calculated move to get his name in a headline. And if you think this is bullying you need to find a Webster’s dictionary stat.

  • Lawrence

    So being mean and nasty gets you thumbs up on this site?, thats the truly disgusting part. The haters should really crawl back into their little holes, for those that can see beyond the smoke screen its very obvious that these people suffer from insecure personalties. Envy and jealousy being two other prime factors, no one would care weather they lived or died outside of the Internet but Kellan’s in a post and all eyes and ears are on him.


    Um did u ever think those comments get a thumbs up cause no one likes this d- bag? U need to stop reading so much into it. Geez, relax!!

  • mimi78

    Americans and Jesus.


  • Millie

    I think its awesome that he said this. Its so rare to hear celebrities say something like this in a positive, non-confrontational way.

  • just guess

    @Yolanda: Why hate on people you don’t even know? What are you one of those people that are the computer all the time? Yeah have a great life having conversations through a computer screen, sorry you can’t just leave a comment relating to what Kellan said and instead said something hateful. Kayleigh is right you are pathetic.

  • LOL!!!!!

    He’s a horrible actor!! He can’t even pull off being himself!!!!

  • Emma

    This entire comment thread makes me sick… you’re all childish and annoying.

    I love that Kellan does this. I’m not a Christian, but I believe that people who are feel the love of their Messias (<– don’t judge me if that’s spelled wrong, i’m not natively English) and I think it’s a beautiful thing.

    I was bullied myself… my entire life… and I know what it feels like to be alone. Kellan tries to use his pull and fame to put a stop to that and all you care about is how his hair looks? Shame on you, seriously. It’s like when Robert Pattinson did the video for Haïti and everybody talked about his beard all over again… dis-gust-ing!

    Keep going strong, Kellan. I respect you for the person you are and I could care less about your hair… I roll my eyes at the girls who only care about your looks.

  • JustMe19

    Please support this girl in her fight against bullying. Cheerleaders or not. Nobody should be able to hurt others!