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Zachary Quinto to Bullied Teens: Life Is Worth Living

Zachary Quinto to Bullied Teens: Life Is Worth Living

Zachary Quinto is the latest star to take a stand against anti-gay bullying.

The 33-year-old actor’s message to teens who are being bullied: “It gets better.”

“There is help to be found. There are places to turn to. There are people who will listen,” he says, adding that The Trevor Project is a good resource for help.

“Start there. Start anywhere,” says Zach. “But start believing that life is worth living and you will find your way.”

Zachary Quinto’s Message to Bullied Teens
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64 Responses to “Zachary Quinto to Bullied Teens: Life Is Worth Living”

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  1. 26
    gurlsarentlikeus Says:


    Oh please…this entire thread reeks of it.

    Asking ZQ to come out, or that he shouldn’t have done this video because he isn’t out yet. Yeah that’s just so not homophobic. Whatever.

  2. 27
    BLAH BLAH Says:

    @gurlsarentlikeus: Just please stop using that im against homosexual lifestyle does it make me homophobic. I think not but hey maybe im not as tolerant as you think i should be.

  3. 28
    hello Says:

    Why is the guy who played a bullying super hero serial killer talking about bullying?

  4. 29
    gurlsarentlikeus Says:


    You are a ignorant asshat.

  5. 30
    Nate Says:

    It’s pretty funny when a closeted man tells you it gets better.
    Kids are KILLING themselves because they can’t go on and some guy in a glass closet is telling you he knows how you feel ??????? How the F can he know how us gays feel when this gown man ain’t even Out himself!!!!! The message still stands, but Quinto reeks of irony.

  6. 31
    XOXO Says:


  7. 32
    Chris Says:

    This is from a comment on another (gay) blog:

    You know what would TRULY “make the world a better place”? If ppl like ZQ would come out of the closet instead of hiding behind the role of “ambiguously straight gay activist”. Real damage is done by ppl like him, whose endless closetedness sends the WORST possible message to gay, vunerable teens. That- despite an ABUNDANCE of money, fame, success, opportunity, and- yes- priviledge- living a life of openess and honesty will never be possible.
    Your gay community has no use for you, hypocrite.

    Huh. Tough crowd, those gay activists. Kinda mean…I thought the kum-bye-yas were supposed to be kinder, gentler, more compassionate, more accepting, more evolved. Guess not.

    Maybe ZQ isn’t THEIR KIND of gay.

    And homophobic means “fear of…gay people”.
    I know of NO ONE who is “afraid” of gay ppl.
    Please find another more appropriate yet equally hateful word to call others. The dictionary is a helpful tool.

  8. 33
    BLAH BLAH Says:

    @gurlsarentlikeus: Not really just a common sensed one lol actually calling someone homophobic is funny. Its like being a racist or something like that its just someone who disagree’s. If all you can do is call me names you have no argument or can’t make one.

  9. 34
    Chris Says:

    And to the youngsters:
    Yep, it can be rough out there. There IS life after middle/high school. You’ll find cool, nice, friendly people with whom you will TRULY connect.
    You need patience. The morons exist, but it’s temporary. Don’t believe that fourteen, fifteen, sixteen is the best time of your life. Today is- and tomorrow WILL BE. Trust those who’ve walked the walk. And get yourself a REAL life, not a cyber one. Get a hobby. Write a book/song. Invent something. Laugh a lot. Go out and play.

    We don’t need to be celebs to lend support to those in need.
    You could not PAY me to go back to age 15- and I was NOT picked on.
    Be good, be well, discover your interests, have fun, study/work hard. I wish I could tell you of the success stories of the “bullied” kids I’ve known. They got through it, learned a lot, and came out smiling.
    You will, too.

  10. 35
    EyeRoll Says:

    I really don’t understand why EVERY.SINGLE.POST. on this guy spirals into the Is He/Isn’t He debate. Until he comes out and says “Yes I am”, no one knows his sexualtiy. For all anyone knows he may not like men or women. He might be into f***king plants or fishsticks. No one knows what anyone does in the privacy of thier home. If he is gay, why does he have to “come out”? Isn’t living your life “coming out” enough? I can’t wait for Halle Berry’s “Yes I’m straight cover” Until I see that, that b*tch is “in the closet”!

  11. 36
    April Says:

    I think that all people being bullied should be stood up for not just one group. I know what it feels like to be bullied so bad that i became a shut in during my highschool years and thought many times of killing myself. When i went for help all i got told was that i was overly sensitive. and fyi no i am not gay but life is hard for every child that get bullies how do u think those children feel when NO one stands up for them because oh there straight life must be super easy. I stand up for all gay rights and believe that they should be equal in every part of life so dont peg me as a gay basher!!! I am just tired of no one careing about bullying as a whole and only standing up for one group that is being bullied.

  12. 37
    Tig Says:

    I can’t imagine why so many are saying that 1) this is only for gay kids and 2) no one cares about non-gay kids. Most of these videos don’t even mention sexual orientation – they apply to everyone. And I seem to recall a massive scandal earlier this year when a young, straight girl killed herself after ongoing bullying. It was on the cover of People magazine, and 6 of the kids who bullied her to death were charged with crimes ranging from harassment to statutory rape. So don’t give me this “no one cares about the straight kids” nonsense.

    Gay children and teenagers are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than their straight peers, and when we look at intersectionality with race and class, it’s even higher. This isn’t new. This has been happening for years, and finally – FINALLY – people are starting to pay attention. And when for once it’s not shoved under the rug, all you can say is “OMG TEH GAIZ GET ALL THE ATTENTIONS!”

    Give me a freaking break.

  13. 38
    Chris Says:

    Those comments are written b/c he is publically supporting The Trevor Project- which is directed at gay/lesbian teens. It is about suicide prevention/support- for those kids (which is a good thing). It’s not tareged at overweight, socially awkward, shy, “physically unattractive”, physically disabled, poorly dressed…whatever make kids outcasts today. I think ppl are just hmmming at his choice as to who is getting his support (which is fine- his decision).

    Interesting that he made this. When he was a kid, a teacher of his reported in an interview that “he could be cruel to kids he didn’t like”.

    Hmm. Guess it was OK then to be on the giving end of bullying.

  14. 39
    Erika Says:

    Alot of celebs are doing these types of videos now

  15. 40
    chris Says:

    until now, who´s zachary quinto: he could be gay.hetero, bissexual… I don´t know but this video is great!!!!

  16. 41
    Tig Says:

    @Chris – Most of the videos are not specific to gay teens – ZQ’s isn’t, for example. I’m not GLBT, but I would have loved to have had access to these videos when I was a kid.

    And so what if the project is aimed at gay teens? Ultimately, this is about children who are tortured until they kill themselves, and gay kids and teens are the most at-risk group. You don’t think they need targeted aid? Fine – go volunteer for one of the hundreds of general suicide-prevention groups in the U.S. Children are victimized by homophobic bullying not just by their peers, but by people who ought to form their support system – parents, teachers, churches, frickin’ U.S. senators. Many traditional routes of support and counseling aren’t available to them. So this is geared for them? Excellent.

  17. 42
    Julianna Says:


    I am a huge ZQ fan and is message is right on but I agree with you, Nate. Zach is most likely in the closet, which is fine. No one should come out until they are ready. BUT staying in the closet just perpetuates the feelings that being homosexual is shameful.

  18. 43
    wonderette Says:

    This is from an article in CMU Today:

    The acting work with the Mini Stars provides structure and perhaps a welcome distraction for the youngster. When he was 7 years old, his father died of cancer. Quinto says his father’s death caused him to become unusually independent at a young age. It also encouraged his imagination, he thinks. His first acting instructor, Jill Wadsworth, remembers him as more mature than other students, helping around the office, showing up to rehearsal with a bunch of flowers for his widowed mother on her birthday. But she also remembers him as aggressive and somewhat blunt with other students, an impulse she knew he had to channel to be successful in anything. “If he didn’t like you, he could be rough on you,” Wadsworth recalls. “He knows what he wants and goes after it, but he’s developed into an extremely sensitive, open person who is willing to accept people and work with them freely.”

    People change, are you really the same person you were when you were 10 or even 20 for that matter?

  19. 44
    heather Says:

    one more quick thought! Greg grunberg has the “talk about it” campaign and many actors did PSA’s for him. Were they wrong to do it if they don’t have epilepsy?

  20. 45
    heather Says:

    no one gets mad when people do the talk about it campaign when they haven’t been affected by epilepsy…so what’s the difference

  21. 46
    Ivon Says:

    where’s the link?

  22. 47
    wonderette Says:



  23. 48
    Chris Says:

    HEY! You know what would make a great accompany piece/follow up to this?!
    He could star in a short film about a gay man who gets taken hostage by a gun-toting criminal! The crimminal repeatedly curses him out, as he (in a very humorous way, of course) holds the gun to his head THE ENTIRE FILM! They develop a relationship- with that gun locked and loaded at the gay man’s head!- and hilarity ensues. And- here’s the side-splitting ending: the man SHOOTS AND KILLS THE GAY MAN AT THE END!!

    OMG- that would be SO, SO FUNNY! A masterpiece of carefully woven humor and irony! Who could not find that hilarious?!

    Err..perhaps it’s only funny when the hostage is a WOMAN, though.
    If it were a gay man as the “victim”- that would be unfunny, mean, and a hate crime. But a woman- pfffft. It’s art! And funny art!

  24. 49
    naty Says:

    hahaha this post is one joke!!! how do you know that? he was a girl .

  25. 50
    naty Says:

    he has a woman constantly. see you other pictures.

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