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Zachary Quinto to Bullied Teens: Life Is Worth Living

Zachary Quinto to Bullied Teens: Life Is Worth Living

Zachary Quinto is the latest star to take a stand against anti-gay bullying.

The 33-year-old actor’s message to teens who are being bullied: “It gets better.”

“There is help to be found. There are places to turn to. There are people who will listen,” he says, adding that The Trevor Project is a good resource for help.

“Start there. Start anywhere,” says Zach. “But start believing that life is worth living and you will find your way.”

Zachary Quinto’s Message to Bullied Teens
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  • Chris

    @ Heather – Nope, I actually found ALL his Funny or Die stuff surprisingly UNfunny. The matadors, clowns, and priests- waiting, waiting, waiting to laugh. Nothing. Color me stupid, but I’d like my humor to at least make me…chuckle. It all fell flat to me- like it was made by a bunch of 20 year old college boys, sitting around, getting drunk- and they came up with that stuff. Guess I just need something more to my humor. The Hostage stuff completely turned me off. Again, just not funny (to me).

    I actually thought his BEST role was Sasan. He *totally* convinced me that he WAS that superficial, snarky, condescending gay BFF. Totally flawless there. And humorous, too.

    Don’t know about Sylar. The first season of Heroes, he was a bad guy. Then, of course, the decline began. Not his fault, but I thought they made that character too wishy washy, then he became a full-blown caricature of a villian. Thanks, writers. Way to wreck a series. Maybe he just had little with which to work, but I’m not a fan of comic books, so perhaps it was all just lost on me.

    Spock- not a sci-fi, Trekkie, but I’ve been around long enough to appreciate the original Star Trek. To me, Leonard Nimoy IS and forever will embody that character. Sorry. Nice try, ZQ. But LN is the gold standard. Again, only my opinion, but Spock belongs to Mr. Nimoy. He always brought such grace, intelligence and gravity to that character. ZQ seemed like he was playing dress up.
    I dunno. My 13 year old nephew -who was unfamiliar with Star Trek- LOVED the movie. To each his own. The movie was OK- but stop with those stupid light flares all over the place, and what was up with all that shaking of the camera?? C’mon.

    Waiting to see if Margin Call is any good. I hope so (with that cast!).

    Best ZQ role? Don’t think I’ve seen it yet. Maybe that’s good.

  • jp

    What? He’s very rarely photographed with woman. When he is they’re either his co-stars, lesbians, or married. The majority of the time he is photographed with men. The man doesn’t beard and he deserves respect for that.

  • naty

    @jp: relly? the new woman in NYC. so how you donĀ“t know that.

  • jp

    If you looked at the entire photoset and saw the picture of them kissing, you could tell that it was a friend kiss.

  • jp

    If you looked at the entire photoset and saw the picture of them kissing, you could tell that it was a friend kiss.

  • orion


    That means nothing. He’s often photographed with men who are either his co-stars, friends, his brother, his partner’s in his production company etc. It doesn’t mean he’s sleeping with them.

    FYI: I have never, ever seen him photographed kissing a guy at an event or holding hands.


    You are full of crap btw.

  • jp

    You’re right, it doesn’t mean he’s sleeping with them…the same goes for the women, just because they’re photographed together doesn’t mean he’s sleeping with them.

  • yeahright


    Oh honey, that is just such a sad attempt. Painting him as some kind of lothario when he’s into the mens. You and @gail have so much in common..haha.

  • alex

    I saw zach with his girlfriend tonight. He is straight

  • yeahright


    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  • alex

    I do have a picture I just need to upload it. His girlfriend is thin with curly hair.

  • alex

    once the images come out in the media you wil see his new lover. I’m going to post my picture too. Picture is worth a thousand words

  • yeahright


  • V

    Brilliant Actor Zach we expect no less from you !

    There is a world wide epidemic in Gay bullying which is nothing less than despicable & shameful !

    We are living with increased intolerance than ever before.
    This British “government” have over 150 members of parliament who voted against gay equality, over fifty who voted STRONGLY against gay equality!
    The LGBT community are under threat from ultra nationalistic communities that outcast the diverse. Leeds pride festival a young gay man was beaten up!
    West Berkshire England a Gay disabled couple in Woolhampton faced unprecedented persecution and driven from their home while the UK police force looked on!

    Our hearts and minds are with all victims of this terrible abuse!