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Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe -- FIRST LOOK

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe -- FIRST LOOK

Check out Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe from The Weinstein Company’s new film, My Week with Marilyn.

The flick, which will shoot for seven weeks at Pinewood Studios and on location in and around London, chronicles a week in the life of Marilyn in which she escapes the shackles of her Hollywood career and embraces life with Brit Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne).

Michelle stars alongside British stars Kenneth Branagh (Laurence Olivier), Judi Dench (Dame Sybil Thorndike), Dominic Cooper, Emma Watson, and Julia Ormond.

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  • James Goldman

    This is an amazing all-star cast but there are too many actresses playing Marilyn Monroe in different projects. Poppy Montgomery in the television mini-series, Blonde, Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn, Naomi Watts in the forthcoming film, Blonde, Angelina Jolie was rumoured in The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend, Marilyn Monroe. I wish only one actress would play her in every project.

  • Bellac

    I like Michelle, but I don’t think she’s right for the role. Scarlett Johanson or Deborah Ann Woll would’ve been better.

  • SSso

    Hmmm.. NO! Sorry but Marilyn was gorgeous and Michelle is kinda chubby, looks nothing like her! Ughh..

  • Denise

    It doesn’t seem like good casting to me either, but we’ll see!

  • evathediva

    No she is not def, Marilyn. I like Michelle, but Marilyn she isn’t.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …she’s the last person who should be castes as marilyn. horrible casting.

  • jordan

    I have seen drag queens who made a more convincing marilyn than michelle williams who is as sexy as a dry raisin. The casting director should be fired.

  • dollhouse

    I’m an avid MM fan and I think Michelle looks horrible as Monroe. Granted I don’t think anynoe can play MM close enough to make it look realistic, but this is just horrible. I’m appauled.
    If I could have had anyone play MM it would probably be Scarlete Johannsson as well just because she has that raspy voice as well.

  • salma

    NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!

  • miss infamous


  • katie

    NO.. JUST….. NO!

  • S*8hallo

    Michelle looks uncomfortable on camera in love scenes.

    With Heath Ledger and Ewan McGregor she seems uptight. I agree with most posters here she is better suited to something else.

    I thought Poppy Montgomery did an excellent job on the Lifetime Marilyn movie…and Ashely Judd on the HBO movie.

  • Anna

    Marilyn Monroe is one of the greatest icons of the 20th century. Michelle has got quite a task ahead of her.People love Marilyn (myself included) she better not mess this up.

  • Anna

    No one will ever be able to portray Marilyn,she really was one of a kind.Michelle Williams has about as much sex appeal as a couch ! A very strange casting choice,just terrible

  • Kel

    #12, Michelle’s not uptight with Gosling in Blue Valentine. The movie just received a NC-17 rating.

    I don’t like her expression in the picture, but maybe she’ll pull of MM in the movie.

  • Grace

    Not even close.Michelle is nothing compared to Marilyn.

  • Roya

    How many times are they going to make an Elvis or Marilyn Monroe film.

    Oh…She looks nothing like Marilyn! Her face is too full; her the lips wide, and really puffy eyes. I mean she’s attractive, but why can’t they audition a no name actress? I’ve seen tons of people who look like her twin.

  • jinx

    Oh my! Oh no!

  • Love Marilyn

    This white bread as my bombshell darling Marilyn? Is this a joke????? DNW ever!!!!

  • Roya

    I’ve got it! They should’ve picked Christina Hendricks from Mad Men! I also agree that Deborah Ann Woll would make a great MM!

  • Dianna Knows Best

    NO. just. NO! should’ve been scarlet Johansson

  • baaaad

    Michelle looks trashy next to Marilyn.

  • Ren

    Mousy, skinny, insipid Marilyn Monroe was not. Fail fail FAIL.

  • uh

    Its not so much the physical features, its more about the energy she’s projecting…Its all wrong…She looks like she has a headache and she’s supposed to be exuding sexy in that photo. :/

  • jen

    Poppy Montgomery was definitely the best Monroe!

  • Halli

    Ummm…. no.

  • Halli

    I think getting a similar face shape is important. Marilyn had a heart-shaped face, Michelle has a round face. I just doesn’t go. She doesn’t look glamorous to me.

  • Jessica the Fat

    She too f***ing ugly to be Marilyn Monroe, and she won’t be remembered years from now when she’s irrelevant.

  • Steve Jobs

    I guess I have to agree with the other commenter of this blog. It is more of a NO response. Nevertheless, if she really fit in the role and acts well why not give her a chance.

  • Jokergurl

    I would have picked Scarlett Johanson, she just has that alluring quality, I like Michelle though. It’s hard to cast someone as Marilyn Monroe because really there is NO comparison.

  • malone21

    I actually think Megan Fox has the right features to play her.

  • offtheproperty

    Much better than Lindsay. But let’s just get over the Marilyn thing. How can you like Hollywood and not love Marilyn? See Lee Remick.

  • just a viewer

    i think michelle williams can bring the character to life without letting her ego get in the way. so good for you michelle cant wait to see the movie : )

  • Agree

    @jordan: Yes. That’s just awful.

  • Oh, my

    Looks more like Dr. Joyce Brothers. This is a joke?

  • Annabelle

    I don’t get the obsession with all those old and gone stars like MM and Elvis. Maybe b/c I am an european? Marilyn to me was lousy singer and druggie, drunk bad actress. I guess her chubiness was popular back then….
    Elvis was male whore and druggie too.
    You americans always need some “icon”, role model or whatever. Like trashy Miley Cyrus these days.
    On top of it, most of your “stars” have fake names anyway. It is all BS.

  • O
  • Jasmine

    Well, she looks like her in the picture posted here. Michelle’s also a talented actress if you ask me, so I don’t see why she wouldn’t be able to pull this off.

    And by the way, Marilyn wasn’t that great looking. And for whoever said Michelle looks trashy next to her? You’ve got to be joking me. To praise Marilyn for her life and image and to call someone else trashy makes you kiiiiinda delusional.

  • BrendaReal

    Oh hell to the no! Naomi Watts will be awful as well. Megan Fox looks alot like Marilyn in terms of features.

  • molz

    christina hendriks would make a good marilyn!

  • eyeh8twilight

    Wow, I was so excited that Emma Watson is taking a part in this movie, but now I’m scared. There’s such a huge uprising because Michelle Williams is going to play Marilyn Monroe.

    Now, everyone’s not going to want to see the movie. Poor Emma.

  • Mimi

    How depressing. She looks like an old tart. Big mistake releasing that photo.

  • DarkEmpress


    Scarlet Johansson should not just get the role because she is curvy. If you are going by that scale Christina Hendricks would be a better fit! (Puns intended) Michelle isnt stick thin. She can look curvy. Remember her days on Dawson’s Creek. She deserves this role bc she is an amazing actress. She disappears into a character. She changes her voice and mannerisms. I have yet to see Scarlet do that quite as well. They are not in the same league!

  • Sheila

    Like her but not for this role.

  • Annie

    Ugh, just no. Michelle has a face like a chubby little boy and Marilyn had strong, very photogenic features. Also Michelle’s figure type is all sorts of wrong for the role.

  • rock n roll queen

    frankly, i dont beleive any modern actress can play marilyn.shes one of the kind.women who tried to pull off her style or act like her failed miserably.ill disagree that shes too chubby for the role as marilyn was a curvy woman(thank god) but shes definitely not a good choice.that photo sucks

  • rock n roll queen

    @Annabelle: if ur truly european act like one. if u didnt mention it i would think u r a small minded american.we r supposed to have a better mentality than condemning talented people bcause of personal life issues of theirs.and her body looks much better than todays size 0 actresses.i think people nowadays tend to forget the most beautiful feauture of a woman:curves

  • Aranka Paul

    While I like MW (she truly did play a great part in BM), I don’t think she is a good choice for MM. MM was not just physically attractive, she possessed an ingredient that not too many actresses have (Angelina Jolie being an exception), a mix of intelligence, sex appeal, innocence and volnurability – somehow I do not see the entire mix in MW. No, Scarlet Johansson would also not be great for this part. Casting Naomi Watts as MM is also a miss – not that Naomi is not a great acctress (she exceeded all expectations in “Painted Vail” and “21 Grams”). Too bad Jessica Lang is too mature to play the role at the present time. Well, actually I can’t think of an acctress perfectly suited to play the icon. Perhaps no one can.

  • Viva

    Dear God.

    Michelle does not possess the sex appeal Marilyn had. She is ( Michelle) stiff as a board in all her romantic scenes – mechanical almost.She always has one expression – Bland.I wonder who they will cast to play Michelle Williams in decades to come?

  • David Traversa

    It’s impossible to pass a person for another one. No matter how similar they seem to be. Same happened when they tried to imitate Ava Gardner, Joan Crawford and who knows how many others.
    Nowadays, with virtual reality they could come up with a sensational M.M. with less fuss.