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Miley Cyrus: 'Who Owns My Heart' Video Premiere!

Miley Cyrus: 'Who Owns My Heart' Video Premiere!

Miley Cyrus goes to a party in the music video for “Who Owns My Heart,” the second single from her Can’t Be Tamed album.

The 17-year-old singer told MTV that the song is about “freeing yourself from anything you think is holding you back.”

Miley further explained, “And I think that’s really important, especially for girls, because so many people are told, ‘No, you can’t do something,’ or, ‘You need to be this because Mom and Dad say that, teachers say this.’”

Last weekend on Saturday Night Live, Miley was hilariously spoofed by show newcomer Vanessa Bayer.

Watch the music video below!

Miley Cyrus: “Who Owns My Heart” Music Video Premiere
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  • Sophie

    It’s reaally boring … ! And the song is one of the worse on the album!

  • Tim

    She looks smokin’ hot.

  • http://gottalovemiley lina


  • m

    love the video. she looks hot and that’s all that matters

  • Marcus

    Those legs. And body. Oh gosh.

  • James Goldman

    Miley Cyrus should do to college and university and finish her education. If afterwards, she still wants to pursue this career, I hope she does more mainstream movies.

  • dundies

    that was disturbing. think i have to watch it again

  • Rose

    I love the song.

  • Sara

    Wow. I actually like this.

  • go Miley….

    Just wait for the ignorant comments…..”Miley is a sl*t, she’s too young, not a good role model…….blah blah blah….people need to get over the fact Miley is no longer 12 years old and nearly 18 and making the music she likes… if you don’t like it, don’t watch…..simple!!!

  • CNXY

    I like it, it’s different from what she was doing before. It’s not a whining song about a boy who stole her heart and blahblahblah.. I liked those too, but it gets old and her sound was always the same.

  • mmmm….

    I like it, cool vid!

  • yo

    hahahaha she’s trying WAY to hard…Leave it to Gaga girl

    She’s not sexy she’s scary!

  • Kaylee

    How much you want to bet she does a cover for FHM the second she turns 18? Seriously, I see it already, Miley Cyrus “I’m not a little girl anymore y’all!”

  • JustMe

    Sexiest video of the year. Period.

  • Rockstar

    I wanted to hate this…

  • carlots

    Yes, whatever she’s all grown up and the fans have to know she isn’t Hannah Montana any more. But men, she writes good songs in a great sound, but this, we’ve heard this so many times and it’s all so cheap. And it’s not that she isn’t grown up, but if you’re 17 and you’re such a know pop star, you should really do what you want but in a good way. And she knows it. I don’t know about FHM, but she’ll be in some magazine cover in a bikini very soon…

  • linna

    to be honest her new album is completely WORSE.. the only song which is okay is stay.. this video is bad and pointless

  • dsafgh

    Copied of all Duff’s videos

    she should be sued for everything

    she should be attacked

  • Anne

    Act like a 17 year old she is a bad singer she is just as worse as taylor swift

  • commonsense

    Why won’t she just do us a favour and go away?

  • Jen

    I’m not a fan of the lyrics, but I will admit this video is awesome.

  • Rosy

    I love that.

  • [marie]

    She has no talent. If she wants to look like a sl.t that’s up to her.. She should ask Lindsay and Britney how well doing the same bullsh*t worked out for their careers…

  • Tiffany

    Umm i think it was better than her previous videos. But this looks similar to Britney Spears.

  • Hagar

    love the video!!!!!!!

  • Xterra333

    I will own your hun. I’ve wanted to ever since 07. Leave Liam and come to me. We can party like in the video but for real this time. Also lovin the undies shots.

  • Michael

    HOT ! But she’s sucks !

  • mcqueen

    I like the actual song but i think that the video is awful. I think that she is trying way to hard to be Britney, Gaga and I think that there was a little Ke$ha in there as well.

  • katie

    she sucksss!

  • m

    No this video doesn’t remind me of ANYTHING Britney Spears.

  • kiley

    she is a better singer than actress for sure. She ruined the last song with her awkward mouth expression.

  • Oh Dear

    What Next!

  • Missy

    Presenting the next Lindsay Lohan. Mama and Daddy have no more control over her than Lindsay’s has because Miley’s paying the mortgage. We’ll see her heading to rehab in about 3 years. That’ll definitely prove how mature she’s become. And what’s with all the girl on girl. Does she think that makes her edgey OR maybe Liam is just a cover…

  • Danielle

    I think she’s desperate to show a sexy image so she can be known as a woman. Soooo PREDICTABLE! She really does try but she comes off like some wanna be who pushes herself to be sexy or bad girl. It’s like she’s putting on a act instead of being herself. (and it shows)
    Sorry but MIley is nothing special, she’s just like all the other Use to be famous role models.
    I do wish she could have been different…..

  • Masoud

    I love this!!!

  • JJ.

    Yeah she has good legs but wtf is up with her hair? & she can’t do anything about that buttaface….LOL.

    The song’s decent/catchy/wtv..

  • Warren

    Wow! That was pretty sexy. I love hot Miley and that got me pretty excited. What a beautiful hot woman! I already have the song of course and its great too.

  • Kelly

    I think “cant be tamed” vid is better .. i like this song but didnt like the video :( im NOT a hater okayyyy and i know shes 18 but this is not the kind of video I was expecting. THATS ALL !!

  • Lala

    Haha, I like her attempt to explain this video, “it’s about freeing yourself.” No, It’s about sex, and it sells.

  • Warren

    @Kelly: I actually agree with you. Can’t Be Tamed was a better concept and had a lot of great visuals going on. I’m sure it cost a boatload more too. I mostly just like this new video just because I like looking at hot Miley.

  • faith

    0oo Goood, sooooo edgy! It says alot about her that she couldn’t wait until she was 18 to release this vid. This girl has been counting down the days for a lo00ong time. Mark it, when she turns 18 there’s going to be a lot more risque stuff, trust. Supposedly her mom is her manager and is always on set with her. Damn, thats sad. I notice too, ever sice can’t be tamed and all her new sexy image evolution, her dad hasn’t really been in the public. I’m pretty sure Billy Ray is not too happy…it’s always the pushy stage mothers. Her mom was a rock star groupie with two kids before she conceived miley with billyray, annnd he was with someone else at that time. Poor girl, with a family like that she never had a chance to be normal did she? guess the apple never falls to far from the tree.

  • Lorena

    When did female empowerment translate into dressing and acting like a slut?

  • Lorena

    When did female empowerment translate into dressing and acting like a slut?

  • sam

    NAH! Still not even 18 years old. Looks like a hooker on this Video. I guess her parents will let her do anything to exploit her and gain big $$$ from her doing stuff like that. Not a very good model for young teens. Great material for the s*****x offenders though. YUK!

  • Erik

    Agreed! Too much too soon. What happened to real talent. If it was my daughter and was under 18 and let her exploit herself this much since she is still considered UNDERAGE and a MINOR, I will probably end up in JAIL for letting this to happen. I don’t even think she is event all that cute. Looks like a hooker her. :( Not even really talented either. Should stick to Disney Movies instead. And what is up with that darn outfits on these videos? Like I said. Hooker like with satin sheets??????????????

  • Erik


    It is really not a female empowerment issue. SHE IS STILL UNDER 18 and not AN ADULT YET. That is the point with some of the comments. Female empowerment comes with ADULTHOOD! Under 18 it is still illegal to exploit yourself in this country. I have daughters her age. The LAW requires that anybody under 18 is still kept DECENT and not exploited. She still has not talent. Great material for sex offenders, I am sure. No talent HO!!!

  • Erik


    YUK! She is still under 18…you go to jail in this country for this. I guess you are into 17 year old girls, pervert!!!! You should send her a few bucks in the mail for her services to your fantasies!

  • darla

    @go Miley….:
    WE KNOW THAT. But she’s not a hot either. She was semi cute as a child and and little kids who are cuter than Miley loves her because she can’t compete with them.. Now that they all grown up they realized that they are hotter than that butt-faced Lindsay wannabe Cyrus.

  • Phil

    Wow she has never been so SEXY!!! Congratulation Miley!! Amazing video too!! You go in the right direction!