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Universal Pulls Vince Vaughn 'Gay' Joke From Trailer

Universal Pulls Vince Vaughn 'Gay' Joke From Trailer

Universal Pictures has decided to pull the trailer of Vince Vaughn‘s new movie The Dilemma after they recently came under fire for using the phrase “that’s so gay.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper slammed the pejorative use of the term, saying that he was shocked to hear it in a preview that all audiences would see.

After GLAAD expressed its concerns with the trailer, Universal decided to omit the use of the phrase in all future TV and media campaigns.

Said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios, “The use of the word ‘gay’ in this trailer as a slur is unnecessary and does nothing more than send a message of intolerance about our community to viewers.”

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  • DarkEmpress

    If ppl complained enough would they pull Vince Vaughn from theaters because he is one annoying arogant mofo!

  • N.

    I like Vince Vaughn, though admittedly his projects of late have not been exactly awesome. I am not surprised Universal made this move though, given the terrible string of tragedies of late. It was a good move.

  • hello

    when did gay become a derogatory term? it used to mean HAPPY or JOYOUS! if vince can’t say gay, than the gays can’t use bish or c**t or slu+ or any other demeaning terms. Tit for tat…or is tit offensive now?

  • Dan

    Wise decision.

  • jenny

    GOOD!! vince vaughn sucks anyway and i hope this movie flops

  • Dan

    @hello: “when did gay become a derogatory term?” SERIOUSLY? It meant Happy in 1980s! It’s offensive to call something “gay” because you think it’s stupid or bad or whatever.

  • jenny

    good!! vince sucks anyway i hope this movie flops…

  • Kagan

    Get off your high horse, Anderson Cooper. This trailer was released a month ago and no one complained until you decided to bully Universal Pictures and try to frighten everyone of being accused of homophobia. No one buys your sudden transformation into this beacon of higher consciousness and moral right.

  • Tim

    Considering what happened with the suicide recently, it seems like a smart move.

    The Spiderman trailer did something similar after 9/11 occurred, and they removed the towers from the trailer as well as the final cut of the film.

  • Miley


  • Jenny

    STFU Kagan you disgusting pig. People DID complain and I’m glad Anderson Cooper spoke out against it. Go be mad elsewhere, loser.

  • Brittany Spearce

    The real issue here is that this talentless fat blob Vince Vaughn keeps getting movie deals. Why? His last efforts have flopped and everything he’s done post-2000 has been a miss that’s been critically panned. Stop giving him roles, no one wants to see the borderline obese on the big screen. Sorry, Universal. While you go pull the trailer, go pull the entire movie and send it straight to DVD where it belongs.

  • Asashii Fustazi

    @Jenny: if you dont like it dont watch it thats a liberal concept, hypocrite.

  • hmm

    @Jenny: Wait your GLADD Anderson Cooper went after free speech right. Cause your so tolerant and PC and goo and blah blah. Im getting pretty tired of moron’s telling me what to say alright its GAY ok its just GAY. And if your to sensetive then well F@!#% you to. GAY GAY GAY GAY get over it you PC numb skulls.

  • Jenny

    @Asashii Fustazi: But I’m not watching it. Wouldn’t even consider shelling out $10 on this forgettable piece of cinema. Good try though!

  • Jenny

    @hmm: Difference between free speech and hate speech. Go get educated, you inbred moron.

  • peggy

    Its pretty funny coming from Cooper who spent the last 25 years dodging what he was – now he’s more open so the rest of us must fall into line. Please!

    If the joke offended some then it’s right to pull it but Anderson give us a break.

  • Mariah

    Very smart decision!

  • hmm

    @Jenny: Oh bite you Elitist prick im not in the mood for someone telling me what i can and can’t say. This wasn’t hate speech that he used if Vince offended you good for him because your to sensetive and open minded to have any fun. GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY really who gives a F@#%

  • Kagan


    get off your high horse, what complaints have you wrote lately? Exactly. We’re not thankful for ****, so go back to oprah.
    WE don’t sit back and accept horse****, SOME of us do something about it…

    And all you “arm chair quarterbacks” crack me up. What are your qualifications for your unequivocal pronouncements on this movie? Make any movies lately or write a motion picture score?

    Well until you do, I’m afraid you’re just going to have to sit back and enjoy the movie that is delivered to you. Nothing wrong with respectful constructive criticism but all your childish rants are laughable.


    good lord, at least the movie got some free publicity, good thing everyone isn’t so uptight

  • Ripple

    I found it offensive. Same as I find it offensive when coaches or parents call boys “girls” or say things like “he cried like a girl.” We know they mean it as a derogatory term.

  • The real one

    No surprise, I already saw the censorship against GAY actors on this site many times, what a loser.   This is SO GAY, Commie LOSER!!!
    Jared is so afraid of the peoples opinions. Ugly hypocrite gay!! Your parents SO FAILED you, Commie gay!

  • whatevs

    freaking out over this? but it’s okay to call the president and his family monkeys. get your priorities straight america

  • missy

    cause everyone knows that men who screw other men in the ass are so sensitive.

  • whatevs

    a known fact in hollywood: most of the writers are GAY. jump down the writer’s throat not the ACTOR for saying this line. get the gay community in the same page before you try to take on this silly cause.

  • bobbi

    Bravo for Anderson Cooper using his weight on this one.

  • sillyme

    Right. So, it’s okay for Anderson Cooper to refer to members of the Tea Party as “tea baggers” knowing full well what that that is a gay term – in fact, wasn’t it Cooper who first started calling them tea baggers?

    And, whaevs, please, tell me where it’s okay to call the president and his family monkeys. Come to think of it, I’ve never even heard anyone call the Obamas monkeys, except for you, so I guess that shows where your mind is.

  • mare

    Get over it. What has the world come to that you can;t say that…

  • Staton

    Obese, Gays, being Greedy. The God and the ancestors must be so angry on the Sodom approved, fatty filled, capitalized country…..called United *gay* States!!

  • rhonda

    gay, gay, gay, I’m freaking sick of gays! apparently so is everyone else.

  •!/SaadGKhan Saad G.Khan

    Anderson cooper and his faggots agenda are beyond immaginable… CNN make the Gay choice to make gay fag bigot a host.

  • Kyla

    Why is everyone so freaking sensitive? Didn”t we all learn “sticks &stones break my bones, but words will never hurt me”??
    Weenies with double standards. Grow up closet coop!

  • Cher Lloyd

    That is ridiculous. Language is constantly updating and the way that he used the word gay is not offensive whatsoever. Political correctness gone mad!

  • linnyfu

    Gays need to lighten up its only a movie for god sakes its not like it was said for real

  • S

    WHAT!!!!?? It was a joke.

    And Westboro Baptist Church gets to slip away once again…

  • Lala

    I don’t use gay or retarded as slurs, there are so many better, more appropriate words to describe a situation. However, I saw this trailer the other day, and laugh my butt off! It’s become a huge part of culture right now, taking on its own meaning. It just has, like it or don’t. I think the gay and lesbian community probably care a lot more about getting equal marriage rights than this.

  • Lala

    Seriously… I’m so sick of the gay thing being thrown in our faces. The gay community is alienating itself. People really wouldn’t care if you were gay or straight, if the gays didn’t make such a big deal out of it. I can’t stand extremists. Get over yourselves already – you like the same sex, but deal. I seriously cannot believe the ridiculousness of this whole situation.

  • marisa


  • FYI

    ughh….the real offense is how dumb the movie is, nothing can change those suckass jokes

  • FYI

    ughh….the real offense is how dumb the movie is, nothing can change those suckass jokes

  • CryBaby Pinky Anderson

    Anderson with his secret gay life needs to shut up! No wonder he has one of the lowest rated shows on that gay mecca CNN! CNN has been a mess ever since Ted Turner sold it to Time Warner. Pissy little Anderson is sickening.

  • FOX


  • jack

    This is America, say we can’t tell you “that’s gay” and we’ll shove you gayness right up your ASS! how’s that Andrea Cooper

  • Cristobal

    It seems as though anything now in days can be considered offensive. It is not the words it is how they are used, who they are directed to and the tone of your voice. Everyone can either find this as a joke or offensive however in recent events (bullying, suicides etc) people are just looking out for their revenue. I am sure people will not stop going to see this movie due to one line being removed. I’m not saying that the term and how it is use is justified, I am just saying that people need to learn how to deal since it is clearly apart of our current generations lexicon. People (Actors, Comedians, Writers) are going to appeal to the general public and sometimes it is not good. Making a stand will not stop it from being used.

  • Lynn

    Anderson Cooper is so gay! Why does this guy has that power?

  • derric

    You people don’t get it. Its the way its said. To say ” that’s so gay, its so gay ” Is to say gay is a negative thing.
    I’m a gay male and proud of who I am. When I hear people say that its so hurtful and people say it right to my face ……Imagine if you walked in to a room and there was a black person there and you said that’s so Nigger. Don’t you think that would be wrong?
    Gay, Fagot, Nigger, Retard are all words of hate and have alot off pain behind them for alot off people.
    As far as the comments about so much gay stuff happening right now.
    It all comes down to one thing EQUALITY we don’t want special treatment, we just want what every other citizen has. Equal rights.

  • offtheproperty

    Anderson Cooper and Perez Hilton are such bitchy hypocrites. And vindictive — like women. They don’t really care about anything except d*ck, yet they impose their transferential psycho dramas on the rest of us.

  • offtheproperty

    I think Jared must be very cool and I give him a lot of credit. Much better than the whiners Anderson Cooper and Perez Hilton, who are supposed to be “journalists,” making their livings criticizing, accusing and exposing people every day, yet the squeal like stuck pigs when someone uses a negative connotation of the term “gay” in a movie trailer! Kinda crazy.

  • Well

    @derric: But the issue is that you aren’t another race or anything. Your just living a lifestyle and that is all it is a lifestyle choice. Unfortunately all ive seen are a bunch of super PC people here being a homosexual doesn’t make you special at all.