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Halle Berry: 'Skank Robbers' Star!

Halle Berry: 'Skank Robbers' Star!

After getting a manicure at Hands To Hold salon, Halle Berry gets some paperwork done with ex Gabriel Aubry at their lawyer’s office on Saturday morning (October 9) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Earlier next year, Halle will be working on a new comedy with Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence called The Skank Robbers.

Jamie has shared, “It’s a Sheneneh and Wanda movie, the characters we played in In Living Color. We rob banks from Northern California to Southern California. It’s gonna be hot.”

FYI: Halle wore Monrow‘s Vine v-neck tee. She also toted around Rebecca Minkoff‘s Nikki bag, just like she did a few days earlier while hanging out with beau Olivier Martinez.

20+ pictures inside of The Skank Robbers star Halle Berry

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halle berry skank robbers 01
halle berry skank robbers 02
halle berry skank robbers 03
halle berry skank robbers 04
halle berry skank robbers 05
halle berry skank robbers 06
halle berry skank robbers 07
halle berry skank robbers 08
halle berry skank robbers 09
halle berry skank robbers 10
halle berry skank robbers 11
halle berry skank robbers 12
halle berry skank robbers 13
halle berry skank robbers 14
halle berry skank robbers 15
halle berry skank robbers 16
halle berry skank robbers 17
halle berry skank robbers 18
halle berry skank robbers 19
halle berry skank robbers 20

Credit: Miguel Aguilar; Photos: WENN, INFdaily
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  • rhonda

    has she come out of the closet yet?

  • J

    Halle no!! don’t do that movie! “skank robbers” !? are you kidding me? don’t sink to that level that you feel like you need to do B movies that insult and degrade black women.
    Jamie foxx and martin lawrence that are known to dress up as black women and mock and make fun of them!? seriously?? You are better than that Halle…or so i thought.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Yes, Halle, don’t do that movie! Wanda and Sheneneh are really funny characters for TV but a movie? Love how Gabriel is so nice and hangs around for the baby. Very sweet man. Gabriel: call me. I’m good with kids! lol.

  • nami

    where is Nahla?

  • From paris with love

    He looks super great in that pic ! not such a perfect little waxed Ken doll model. He looks a bit like josh holloway-sawyer in his prime in the beginning of lost <3

    There’s something i don’t like about Halle, i don’t know she seems to have issues with men, kind of cold and b*tchy. She stayed with a ‘ sex addict’ abuser for years and yet dumps this wonderful man and dad (if she’s the one who dumped him). She never seemed to be really crazy about him anyway, it was more like a sp.erm donnor… Even her last interview about their break up was so cold and detached. I guess some women just like trouble.

    Well these are just my thoughts, i could be wrong.

  • Truth

    @From paris with love:
    Orrr, maybe she is just HUMAN and was still hurting from her Ex-Husband. She probably just created this wall to not allow herself to get too emotionally involved in case something happened. And, maybe when they were getting too close she fled due to not wanting to get hurt again….

  • peter daily

    No one who is so seemingly desperate for a stable relationship and has had so many men cheat on her would walk away so swiftly from the only man who hasn’t cheated on her and is the father of her baby! either the contract ended and Gabe ran for the hills as fast as he could, or she’s just a selfish cold biatch who is the koo koo everyone knows… how can you be beautiful and hot and a-list and supposedly sane and not even hang on to a dumb maniquen like Gabe the babe?

  • Tracy

    Another straight to dvd movie for her. That’s all roles she’s able to get these days.

  • mailey

    omg. gabriel. so beautiful.
    halle is crazy to let that go.

  • Heather

    Gabe was just Too of good man For Halle.It’s Obvious that Halle like men with a bad rep.I don’t see the relationship with HALLE AND OLIVER LASTING FOR LONG

  • Bran

    What makes Aubry so good? He is just a man. Perhaps Berry decided she so longer wanted to continue a relationship with him. He is a good father to their child and that is all that matters.

  • Jackson

    Her career is officially over…

  • http://j ivanka

    @mailey: exactly what i think

  • nope petie

    @peter daily: Ugh he’s gay, he’s done his job, Halle thought she could pay him off, he’s still around for the kid. Ollie will be history soon. Halle’s not going to be doing the IVF thing again soon. How do you think she got Nahla and almost when they kinda sorta tried before the real split (long before they actually announced it).

  • actually agree Bran

    @Bran: One of the few times I actually agree with you Bran. Regardless of why the REALLY broke up or the REAL dynamics of their relationship, that does say a lot–that he’s still around for Nahla.

  • KING


  • cat

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, now that a mental case if I ever seen, hey gay sperm donor, don’t sign, tell your side, and go on Oprah, let us hear how she tryed to make a fool of you

  • yo sista

    The guy is so fine

  • Bran

    There are some obvious mental cases commenting on this board.
    She is cooked and washed up from what? Halle has had an outstanding career for an actress of color and will soon be on Broadway, She has an Oscar, Golden Globe, Sag Awards Golden Bear, National Broad of Review awards and many others. Berry also co- producing films one ot them about the first black woman to receive a best actress nomination, “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” is which she won an Emmy for her performance. What is there left to prove?

  • bellabella


    No Rhonda, but you have and may I respectfully ask that you step back in and shut the door. Gee, Thanks..easier than I thought!

  • bellabella


    King , take your meds and call your doctor.

  • bellabella

    @From paris with love:

    This is such an idiotic comment. Let me see you talk about George Clooney not being able to get along with women. She didn’t take with an abuser for years. Some of you really need therapy and a fourth grade education because you either can’t read or comprehend what you’ve just read.
    Halle married to men, one of whom hit her and the other couldn’t stay having a famous/rich wife and started to have extracurricular affairs. He dumped the idiot David Justice and the slut Eric Benet. I, too think Gabriel is a lovely guy and will be a great husband, but he is ten years younger and (just heard him talk in a video) and he sounds a bit young. He is also a successful model, but I think its tough for a woman who runs her life, to have a man not her equal. I think its tough for the man too. You women do seem to die if you don’t have a man in your life are really neanderthals. Halle, like Clooney calls the shots in her romantic life. She doesn’t have to take crap from anybody.

    She has said she doesn’t want to ever marry again. Why should she? Oliver is staying at her home …one of three…far as I am concerned Halle is doing everything right!

  • bellabella

    @nope petie:

    Do any of the nemrods posting on here realize that their mean rambling says more about them than it does about Halle? Gabriel isn’t gay, he is a guy with whom Halle had a 5 year relationship. Longer than all of her previous relationships. If she just needed a sperm donor, she could have gotten that easily …
    I probably shouldn’t try to explain this stuff, you guys have such limited capacity to comprehend complex ideas.

  • bellabella


    Gosh Tracy…where do yours go? Are you taking your boyfriend to your $7 million dollar Malibu House? Or your $12 Million West Hollywood House or your $3 million dollar New York apartment? When you B&Moan about a gorgeous female, who has earned everything she owns and she owns a lot….you sound like a silly twit, but then you are clearly used to sounding like a silly twit.

  • bellabella


    Well go get him mailey…oops, you’re not Halle Berry…by the way did you say that about George Clooney when he dumped his last ladyfriend…just love these double standards…or better yet people without a functioning brain…go get him mailey

  • bellabella


    Are you people all in therapy? Do you do this when George Clooney leaves someone or moves on from a relationship? This stupid double standard for women tells me I got a lot of women on this forum who don’t date much or their lives are pretty unhappy. Successful women with money really have no need to be burden with people that don’t make them happy.

    This silliness about Halle is so odd. She is a forty four year old black actress who has carved a career out of Hollywood bias and sexism. She is still standing gorgeous, rich and her own person. Who really gives a damn when she walks away from some guy who no longer makes her personally happy. It’s what most women would do if they could afford it. gooooooooo Halle and Olivier is Gorgeous…

  • bellabella-Halle expert troll

    @bellabella: Oh BellaBella, the Halle B expert, oh how you love tearing everyone done. You are no better than the ones you are attack.

    1-do you work for Halle?

    2-Aubry is not her longest relationship start to finish-more of Halle’s lies to the press in her building him up to the mainstream and AA communities as the one who’d help her redefine marriage.

    Nov 2005-Mar/Apr 2010 IS NOT 5 years not even 4.5 years.

    Both marriages lasted longer that –according to her imDb bio and several other sources:

    Eric Benét (24 January 2001 – 3 January 2005) (divorced) 4 yrs plus 2-3+ dating before marriage = 6-7+ years. Her divorce was final from David when they first met.

    David Justice (31 December 1992 – 24 June 1997) (divorced) 4.5 years plus the 1-2 years they dated = 5.5-=7.5 years.

    Who knows if Gabe is really bi, gay, tri, a sperm donor, on Halle’s payroll at any point of their relationship? Who cares?

    If you post, get your facts right.

  • stop believing in the bs

    @bellabella: Know for a fact nothing more than a studio publicity stunt.

  • huh?

    @bellabella: so what if Olivier is staying at her Malibu beach home while he’s in town. What’s all this crap about George Clooney. Who made you the Just Jared critique poster/relationship police?

  • huh?

    @bellabella: Who knows what the real nature of their relationship is/was or is real orientation may or may not be? Who knows how many lies she told on Oprah?

    It is a known fact, she did have IVF at the above mentioned clinic, not only was it mentioned by Halle on Tavis (ivf/egg harvesting) and the internet, photos of she /Aubry were all over the internet after one of Halle’s Fbomb episodes on her way to the IVF clinic.

    According to my sources, they didn’t do the IVF clinic totally because of Halle’s age, diabetes etc.

  • past accomplishments

    @Bran: true about her past accomplishments.–which can only carry you so far. What about her current accomplishments? A studio bought star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, three movies that bombed, a perfume career, a few minor film festival honors, an award or two and a child?

  • kayla

    Halle is getting old, must stay abreast in Hollywood by doing what she does best, parading around with men who look good. Unfortunately for her relationships don’t last because they’re superficial, totally based on physical appearance. Yeah she looks good but that doesn’t last she’s getting old and this Oliver guy is a player and believe me will dump her so fast for the next young beautiful thing that he comes across. Halle thinks Eric benet did her wrong wait until this guy pulls a fast number on her she’s really going to lose it, especially since he’s WHITE!

  • pune packers and movers


  • Commer

    Looking good in the grey top Halleeeeee!

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