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Kelsey Grammer & GF: Miscarriage Woes

Kelsey Grammer & GF: Miscarriage Woes

Kelsey Grammer and girlfriend Kayte Walsh just made the most difficult announcement they’ve ever had to make.

“We lost our unborn child about six weeks ago,” the couple said via his spokesperson. “We would like to thank all of those who expressed kindness and concern but we needed a little time to heal, time to find some solace before we publicly acknowledged our loss.”

This would have been the first child for the couple, the fifth for Kelsey.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the couple, their friends, and family!

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  • SarahC

    Awh, that is so gosh darn sad! My heart goes out to them both.

  • M

    that’s terrible. what makes it worse is that they had to publicly announce that kind of information about themselves.

  • red

    UGH that is just awful:(

  • beyond

    @M: Yeah, the media is terribly nosy.

  • MissAnthropica

    Sad they probably couldn’t keep this personal tragedy to themselves longer and had to announce it, I am sure to have to do that is beyond painful and in a way is like suffering the loss of their baby all over again and makes the nightmare even more real.

    Most likely they got wind someone was going to blab their stupid mouths about it because she hadnt been seen in about two months with him and he had also been ” missing in action” for the Hollywood glare.
    So they probably wanted to be the ones to release the sad news not some as$hole looking to make a dime off their pain.
    Hopefully people will just give them their space and not hound them and let the couple heal.
    I hope that one day another child comes into their lives together and that blessing isnt taken away so painfully from them again. They seemed very happy together and glowing about the news of her pregnancy when it was first announced and I hope that joy will touch their lives again when they are ready and have healed from this loss.

  • ck

    Kelsey sure has had some misfortune in his gifted life.

  • commonsense

    I’m being devil’s advocate and a tad cynical but………… it possible that she was running the oldest scam in the book? I’m just saying.

  • groundcontrol

    Hmmmm. Well, THAT’S convenient. I wonder if she ever was pregnant.
    Kelsey, I love you but you have the worst judgment when it comes to women. Watch your back man, protect your jewels and get a damn pre-nup!

  • groundcontrol


    You know Paltrow thinks she is way superior to Brad because she has an Oscar and he doesn’t. Her inability to get decent work obviously reflects her status in the industry whcoh may – just may – have something to do with her betrayal and treatment of Brad.
    Brad’s attitude toward Graham King’s omission of an Oscar mention of Brad is typical of Brad. He just isn’t an ego driven, grudre holder. Hell, he even gave Paltrow a job in one of his indie movies, It’s her fault if it didn’t get recognized. Of course, it’s harder to get Oscar attention when your pimp (read Harvey) and your daddy aren’t buying and lobbying their friends for your Oscar.

  • Courtney

    stars don’t get a private life now a days so them having to announce that she miscarried the baby doesn’t surprise me one ioda of a bit. not to be a negative nancy but the last two times they were out together while she was pregnant she was drinking Alcohol which can contribute to a miscarriage so this tragedy probably could’ve been averted had she not drank

    if they want advice about how to grieve this why don’t they ask somebody in his industry that’s gone through it like Joanne Woodward or Sophia Loren. granted a movie star is different than a tv star

  • groundcontrol

    Sorry, meant to put that last post at the latest JP thread.
    But yea I’m also suspicious of Kelsey’s latest.
    The fact that Kelsey’s most recent ex wouldn;t have sex with him excpet for – what did she say – 14 times over their marriage or something crazy like that – I’d say she wasn’t into Kelsey at all as a husband. I wonder why she married him? LOL!

  • Max

    sorry for your loss

  • ET

    If she really was pregnant, then he dodged a bullet. He barely knows this woman and she is a rebound.

  • mrd2

    You lucked out on that one Grammer. Ever hear of birth control. Perhaps the little twit(s) are after your MONEY!!!!!

  • Halli

    She just lost her meal ticket.

  • lipz

    sad! i wonder if he cheated on his ex wife with her? If so Karma is a biatch…

  • Courtney

    no it’s not Karma it’s just bad luck that’s more common than you think particularly in a first pregnancy. more than 10 million pregnancies annually end in miscarriage. would you people say the same thing when Ms Woodward’s autobiography comes out next spring/summer and she finally opens up about hers publically for the first time even though it happened more than 50 years ago and she and Paul Newman did eventually have three daughters together. though that doesn’t heal the ache in her heart for the child that was snatched away from them. as Kelsey and Kayte are unfortunately learning now.

  • Jan

    Kelsey would walk out of the baby’s life eventually anyway. He ALWAYS dumps his kids to run off with younger and younger women.

  • Gloria A.

    Wow what a male chauvinistic thing to say “unborn child!” It should be “expelled the fetus.” This is just a step backwards for feminists and giving support to the anti-abortionists. That aside, condolences to the couple.

  • Lisa

    He is a piece of OLD shit. He will cheat on Kayte. She is just the new flavor for now. Kelsey will eventually get bored and do the same thing to her. If your relationship is built on lies and betrayal, it will end the exact same way. Am I the only one that thinks Kayte (his mistress) looks very similar to Camille (WIFE)?!? They have a few facial characteristics in common. If Camille hadn’t had any work done to her face….she would look like Kayte. These two could be sister. eery.

  • http://Facebook TMJ

    is this the same man that cheated on his wife and left his children just months ago…. is this the same woman that slept with a married man and had NO problem doing so… or even feeling bad about breaking up his family… Oh goodness this is just tragic on all sides..