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Kerry Washington Covers 'Essence' November 2010

Kerry Washington Covers 'Essence' November 2010

Kerry Washington looks beyond fierce on the cover of Essence magazine’s November 2010 issue, on newsstands Tuesday, October 12!

The 33-year-old Night Catches Us and For Colored Girls actress dished on loving who she is…but not letting it be the only unique thing about her!

“I don’t want to ignore my Blackness,” Kerry shared. “I just want to get to the point where my racial identity is simply a part of what makes me unique.”

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Photos: Yu Tsai
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  • J

    Good luck with that Kerry! but as a visible black person you will (not anywhere in the near future) be able to walk freely as an INDIVIDUAL. you are not default (white is) and therefor you are a walking ambassador for your “race” whether you like it or not.
    Your “blackness” IS who you are, again, not by choice but because that is how our world is today. It sucks, I know. I long for a day when skin color doesn’t define who we are, and we are looked at as complex individuals with quirks just like the default human beings (i.e “white” people). We are NOT our skin color, skin color does NOT say anything about a person’s personality etc. I wish more people would realize this.

  • Lena

    Very well said!

  • Tracy

    I love Kerry, she’s a beautiful, intelligent black woman. That’s how I define her.

  • Brightside

    She’s a beautiful, intelligent woman no matter what her colour.
    I agree with J…as one of only two racially mixed children at our local school ( the other being my brother) I spent most of my school years being defined solely by the colour of my skin. We were ‘those two black kids’ and that’s even how the parents of the other children talked about us..,’You know those two black kids…blah, blah, blah’. I would love to live in a world where skin colour is as accepted as eye colour or hair colour. No one went around saying ‘Oh you know those two kids…the ones with brown eyes…’

  • evathediva

    She is so gorgeous…

  • Rosa

    Oh my gosh! We are in the 21st century! I dont care what color you are! Nor does the MAJORITY of people! Get over yourselves! I love ALL races because I am a mix of alot of them, I have latin, african, english and little bits of other races in me. But this african race seems to make a bigger deal than any other! This goes for any race – If you dont want to be singled out, dont go around saying “I’m a proud black,latina,ect. Woman.” Or something similar to that. And just say I’m proud to be a woman! A nd move on with your lives.

  • Tori

    For some reason I’m Fascinatd by Her Cheeks they Scream Pinch me!

  • michaboa

    @ rosa, that is the utopia, but realistically the world doesnt fnction ike that, bu i agree with kerry. just because you don’t eeblatant racism often doesnt mean racism has been eradicated. any way thanks jared for doing a post about kerry. I know she is not as popular as the other celebrities you post about, but she is a fantastic actress and this post is much appreciated.

  • AWW

    gorgeous kerri

  • sd


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  • XYZ

    Her blackness? What a load of crap… More propaganda pls. No race boasts as much as the black race. PROUD TO BE BLACK, BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL bla bla bla… Why do u need to shout about that?Because u are inferior in some ways to other races and u need to hide that under smth. This is the truth, u like it or not. Ive never seen or heard an Asian boasting about his race; nor a Native American – they should be the 1st to do so; not to mention the white race. As if its not enuff that the US of A is in full process of negroidization/hispanization…

  • N.

    #1, You don’t think that saying “default human beings (i.e “white” people)” is a racist thing to say? You’re insinuating that Caucasians are still color-centric, but by your wording, you clearly are.

    Kerry Washington is a beautiful, talented woman. Period.

  • WhiteLatino

    You hear about so-called Latinos boasting about being Latino all the time even though you are not Latino if you are not WHITE> Most of the so-called Latinos boasting are the PUERTORICANS which is funny, pitiful and stupid since they were the slaves of Spain longer than any other group on earth and they are not seen as Latino but real Latino people. The PUERTORICANS feels inferior and that they can never measure up which is why they try to hook their stars to authentic Latino people to try to cover that fact.

  • Samuel

    I’m Native American and we always brag about our ethnicity and heritage so you are wrong about that one.

  • clay

    @Rosa: I agree with you altogether Rosa.

  • Gia

    Everyone pisses the same, everyone poops the same, everyone dies. So everyone’s the same.

  • u mad?

    @XYZ: A racist on Just Jared? I’m shocked!!!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Kerry very clearly said in the quote above, she WISHES this to be the case. That is what I wish for our world too no matter how long it takes. We should all have families like the Jolie-Pitts, just mixed with everyone. Besides race is in fact a myth, we all have like less than half a percent of difference between us. We are more alike than we are unalike. The reason black people have to do the hard work of saying they are wonderful – like Gays, like women, like other chastised groups – is because of the history. Think about it: the majority of people who had dogs put on them during Jiim Crow are still alive. We still remember a time where we did not allow blacks to kiss whites on TV or vote, etc. So think about what you have to do to teach your children to love themselves. As my mom always said to me, women are beautiful and we are not born to serve men but to complement them. Why did she have to say it? Because she was raised on a culture where women were expected to do much less than men. Watch Mad Men for reference. Kerry is stunning!

  • J

    “N.” default human beings are people who are lucky enough not to have to think about “race”, or being “othered”.
    You do the math.

  • Patricia

    Unfortunately Rosa, the majority of people do see color, and define people based on the color of their skin. I’m black and listen to indie music but have had people flat out shocked that I could listen to Devendra Banhart or Cocorosie. They falsely assume that because I’m black, I must be ‘down’ and listen to whatever Lil Wayne is pumping out.