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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Trick or Treat!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Trick or Treat!

LeAnn Rimes and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian celebrate Halloween Time at Disneyland on Friday (October 8) in Anaheim, Calif.

Eddie, 37, and LeAnn, 28, are all smiles after Eddie‘s divorce from Brandi Glanville was made final!

LeAnn tweeted from The Happiest Place on earth, saying, “Trick-or-Treat!!!! Disney was amazing!!!”

And for those LeAnn music fans out there, her upcoming album, Lady & Gentlemen, has had its release date postponed. It was slated for an October 5th drop. Stay tuned for updates!

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Credit: Paul Hiffmeyer; Photos: Getty
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  • JohnDoe

    Trick n cheat?

  • Erika


  • gwen

    Oh JJ, wasn’t WEWE all smiles when she was claiming that she wasn’t happy with DS even though she kept kissing and hugging on him? Yeap, I think you even have those photos where WEWE is all smiles with DS, so what is the difference? Oh this time WEWE paid you to write the fluff?

    Seriously, if WEWE is so happy with @eddiecibrian, she wouldn’t have to rely on you or any of these sites for validation. Didn’t @eddiecibrian cheat on WEWE last year around this time? So is anyone all surprised by the fact that WEWE is working hard to make us believe that @eddiecibrian loves her?

    In fact @eddiecibrian was ALL SMILES in those photos that STAR mag has of him and Brandi. So JJ if EC was all smiles with BG and wasn’t sincere then, why oh why do you keep on trying to push that all is well just because WEWE and EC are all smiles now?

    Hey, when does @eddiecibrian show up on Chase, BTW? Because if he shows up on Chase on Monday’s episode, then we all know that this was just another “WATCH MY SHOW” photo-op just like the ones they did for CSI.

    Of course WEWE is ALL SMILES, she is wreaking havoc in the lives of other people and YOU keep rewarding her.

    Interesting, people have said that EC is cheating on WEWE and the next thing we get is a photo of them smiling and a fluff about how they were lovey dovey. HAHAHAHAHA

    WEWE said that what we say doesn’t have any bearing in her life.

    Hey JJ, why was WEWE album postponed? Could it possibly have something do with the fact that WEWE keeps trying to shove her farce down our throats?

    Why does @eddiecibrian look like all he does is drink ALL DAY? Is love supposed to make you age a decade in just a week?

    JJ you did’n't do your homework because isn’t that the same pose that BG did with EC? Yeap.

    What was WEWE costume? A mistress? And was @eddiecibrian playing a deadbeat dad or a alcoholic?

  • gwen

    A day in the life of WEWE Rimes:

    @eddiecibrian LOVES ME and to prove it we are going to take a photo at the happiest place on earth, and no I don’t mean by bank account.

    And to prove that this is REAL LOVE, I’m going to do the same exact pose that I saw BG do with EC because I am just so confident that @eddiecibrian LOVES ME. Now if I “won” @eddiecibrian, why do I keep acting like I am in competion with his wife?

    Don’t tell anybody, but @eddiecibrian actually has some tequila in that pumpkin.

  • yassss

    can she see when she smiles?

  • Pippa

    Filthy adulterers

  • gwen

    TRANSLATION: @eddiecibrian was hooking up with women at the gym and WEWE is trying to DAMAGE CONTROL.

  • gwen

    Your title should be:

    WEWE and @eddiecibrian PIMP out HIS kids yet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mari

    I really don’t get it. If they were decent people, they would lay low after their already bad handling of their affair. But no, they are just pushing pictures of themselves at everyone at every opportunity they get. Don’t they realize that will not make their market value drop down even more.

    And for those of you, who really believe, that this is really about love. You can actually love someone and be quiet about it.

  • gwen

    So let me get this straight, WEWE does that PSA about bullying and now she seems to think that it’s okay to keep staging these photo-ops with @eddiecibrian because she did a “good deed”? This folks is why people question WEWE charitable efforts because they are NEVER intended to help people, but designed so that WEWE can use sites like JJ to validate her “romance” with a man who can’t even keep a promise to his kids if his life depended on it.

    Shouldn’t charity start with EC kids, BG, and DS?

    Well when WEWE has to convince people that @eddiecibrian isn’t sleeping with other women, a photo of her trying to mimic BG and EC is all that matters to her, right?

    Where did @eddiecibrian get the money to take the kids to Disneyland when he can’t afford to pay child support and alimony?
    Does that mean he and WEWE defrauded the courts?

    Stand back because this photo-op is going to backfire and make things worse for WEWE and @eddiecibrian.

    Didn’t I call it, when WEWE started tweeting about how she had to go on the DATENIGHT with @eddiecibrian on Thur because they had the kids for 4 days, I said that they were going to stage a “happy family” photo-op this weekend. I just didn’t know it was going to be at Disnesland. Now if this was REAL LOVE would we be able to call their next move before they even make it?

  • gwen


    What gave her away?

    JUVENILE EX is trying to justify EC and LR affair by claiming that BG had any affair with EC while he was engaged to another woman.

    If it sounds familiar , then it should.

    On EvilBeet she posted this same message under the name of CBME and in the very old threads she used the name michela.

    On SS she posted this same message under the name of Marie.

    On E she posted this same message under the name of MERC.

    On CB she posted this same message under the name of GUNGHO and IRENA.

    So once again, the “fan” that has been harassing BG(first under the name of allisonj and now under several different names including juvenile ex, boosh, 3 horses, and etc…) is RACY/CBME and as we all know RACY/CBME is LEANN RIMES.

    If it is true that BG and EC cheated when he was engaged, wouldn’t the media had picked up on this and then used this against BG when she called EC a cheater? The last time CBME pulled the BG and EC cheated stunt, it got out that EC was cheating on WEWE with SMJ. So who will it be this time?

  • Barb

    Anymore, she’s just a name from the past and he’s not even a name from the past.

  • Camble

    For those of you interest, Celebitchy has a great write up on LeAnn.

  • blair

    Didn’t I say she was going to have a cheesy photo op for Halloween?!
    @mari….”laying low”is not wewe’s style….she is SHAMELESS!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Did he bring his kids?

  • Lilly

    If anyone is interested, I have two CD’s available with 25 downloads each of LeAnn’s song Swingin. I’ll throw in one autographed picture of LeAnn’s Shape Magazine bikini cover if you buy both CD’s. The autograph is mine and my husband drew a small Hitler style mustache on Le’s upper lip but it looks very natural. My husband says that if I download any more copies of Swingin, I have to get a job to pay for them. Anyway, if you’re interested, just post your phone number and I’ll call as soon as I can.

  • blair

    Guess the hills DON’T have eyes.

  • @lexy

    I think the kids were with them but the confidential divorce agreement must stipulate that the children will no longer be used in photo-ops or the amount of money LeAnn paid Brandi will be doubled.

  • heat press

    This is a great article.

  • Lynn

    I don’t know why we bother to even read this junk about LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian. They are so not worthy of any attention. No one really gives a rat’s ass about these two cheaters anymore. Both are rapidly becoming “has-beens” one isn’t working and the other’s career is going down the tubes. I thought this was suppose to be a fun outing for the kids, but we all know the real deal. Just another way for Eddie & LeAnn to get some PR time. Why bother? when all you are going to get are negatives comments. The only positive ones comes from LeAnn & family. SAD!!!!

  • me

    you know somehow i feel bad for them

    i mean you cant control who you fall in love with
    i mean obvious they did it the wrong way by starting an affair

    they should have told they partners that they had feeling for another person
    they partners would have been hurt, you cant avoid that but they would have had a clean non homewraking start

    but i have to say that they look very mutch in love
    you cant controle love

  • bobbie

    Leann will do and say anything for publicity. and we all know who paid for that trip to Disney unless Eddie was standing there with the pumpkin in hand accepting donations. JJ must have a deal with Leann and her PR people for exclusive rights to LR pathetic attempts at trying to improve her image well that can’t be done her career has gone into the toilet

  • blair

    Look at the camera & say “CHEAT”!!!!!

  • sd


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  • Bart

    Everthing is hush hush about the divorce settlement. Brandi probably got several million. Julia Roberts paid the ex wife over one million but that was several years ago and with inflation, LeAnn certainly had to 2-3 mil. Congrats Brandi. Sold your bag of do-do for a pot of gold.

  • Sassy

    I just want to know if they have children if its eyes will ever open.

  • nyob

    This is some photo op crap that heidi and spencer would pull. Hard to believe someone as talented as her would sink to this level.

  • Tester

    I would say these to worthless cheat hobag are the new Spencer and Heidie with their stupid face smiles and pathetic camera mugging.

    Good call, nyob.

  • mae

    Can you say complete classless scums. I don’t understand them at all, gross and their Karma is catching them fast..he lost his job, she can sell out crowds and album been postponed. As a former fan I can tell how the album will sell..we’ll see it in the dollar store within a year. boo hoo!!!

  • Brooke

    They are nothing but home wrecking fame whores! Shouldn’t their 15 minutes of fame be over? Ugh. It’s disgusting to see them together.

  • yo mutha

    She can’t disguise herself as Minnie Mouse. She still looks like a horse . She should put on a tail, horse show and she’d be perfect in the Kentucky Derby.





  • yo mutha

    She can’t disguise herself as Minnie Mouse. She still looks like a horse . She should put on a tail, horse “shoe” and she’d be perfect in the Kentucky Derby



    Gwen, you’re a psycho.


    The length of your post. I didn’t read any of it, the length says it all,

  • ka-blamo

    The simple fact is, the public will never forgive them. NEVER.

  • blair

    @ka-blamo….especially when Leann tweets non-stop & does stupid photo ops like this.

  • yo mutha

    Ifever her album comes out it will no longer have the same title cover. It will be “The Other Lady and Her Cheating man.”

  • E. Norma Stitz

    Skank Or H0?

  • lisali

    Leann isn’t classically pretty, but she looks really good here..fresh or something.

  • Racy

    @gwen: Like I said before, you are such a nut case that you don’t deserve a reply.

  • Racy

    @TIM GUNN: PLEASE BE AWARE, gwen – I AM NOT TIM GUNN!!!! Ha ha ha ha

  • Debra

    to answer JJ…..definitely TRICK!!! there is no TREAT about these two germs

  • Janie

    is it me, or they look like twins?!

  • Jim

    Pregnancy pose!

  • Annie

    @ JohnDoe – LMAO!

  • Holly

    Both Leann and Eddie are nothing but gutterwhores.

  • Brice

    LeAnn was suppose to be giving a performance tonight but I think it got cancelled. Does anyone know?

  • @Brice

    Her gig was moved from the big stage to a smaller multipurpose room but the casino probably couldn’t sell it out either. She gets a lot of flack for cancelling so many concerts that she keeps it down low now. If you ever buy a ticket, there’s a good chance you will have to get a refund.

  • Holly

    Brice, it did get cancelled. Along with her many other shows in the past few months. Face it, she’s not selling the tickets. If the house can’t make the money, the act gets cancelled.