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Shirtless Jared Padalecki is The Third Man

Shirtless Jared Padalecki is The Third Man

Jared Padalecki goes shirtless sexy in the Supernatural episode “The Third Man”, which aired yesterday (October 8). Hot hot hot!

When asked about the upcoming sixth season, Jared, 28, shared, “My character’s a bit different because I went to Hell for a little bit. Not only Hell, but Lucifer’s cage with an archangel battle, so I come back much less lovey-dovey, and more like “All right. I’ve been to Hell a couple times. I’ve been to Heaven. I’ve died; I’ve come back, I’ve done this, and I’ve done that; so I think [my character] Sam’s kind of more ‘no bulls—.’”

30+ pictures inside of shirtless Jared Padalecki

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jared padalecki shirtless 01
jared padalecki shirtless 02
jared padalecki shirtless 03
jared padalecki shirtless 04
jared padalecki shirtless 05
jared padalecki shirtless 06
jared padalecki shirtless 07
jared padalecki shirtless 08
jared padalecki shirtless 09
jared padalecki shirtless 10
jared padalecki shirtless 11
jared padalecki shirtless 12
jared padalecki shirtless 13
jared padalecki shirtless 14
jared padalecki shirtless 15
jared padalecki shirtless 16
jared padalecki shirtless 17
jared padalecki shirtless 18
jared padalecki shirtless 19
jared padalecki shirtless 20
jared padalecki shirtless 21
jared padalecki shirtless 22
jared padalecki shirtless 23
jared padalecki shirtless 24
jared padalecki shirtless 25
jared padalecki shirtless 26
jared padalecki shirtless 27
jared padalecki shirtless 28
jared padalecki shirtless 29
jared padalecki shirtless 30

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  • Jordy

    Amazing body. His wife is lucky.

  • JT


  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …as long as the writers and jared p. remember – dean’s the man!

  • M

    hot! I tried watching Supernatural but couldn’t sit through it, I think I should try again

  • N.

    Agreed #3. haha.

    I’m sorry but as cute as Jared is, I just can’t be smitten with waxed man-chest. It just doesn’t seem quite so manly. I mean, don’t get me wrong, nobody wants to see a man-sweater but at the same time, at least leave a little bit dude – so you don’t look like a muscled up 12-year-old.

    Still have to watch this episode, it’s waiting patiently on my DVR.

  • Xtincta

    Oh please, waxed and shaved bodies>>>>Hairy ones. Thank god he doesn’t give into the urges of people with bad taste to look like a Neanderthal!

  • PsychoB


  • Samantha

    He’s freakin’ GORGEOUS!! Dayum!!!

  • Mary

    Oooh thanks for the eyecandy :D

  • patry

    W-O-W- HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • michelle


  • tally

    hotttttest man everrrrrr!!! he is perfect!!!!

  • Ash


    so EFING haaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rio

    so damn hot body.The only highlight of the boring episode.

  • Mona

    Jared looks really hot!

    And if you have looked a little bit closer to the pictures, you would have seen that Jared is not completely waxed and shaved. Look here!

  • Masina

    OMG!!!! I just died and went to Jared Padalecki heaven!!!! YUMMZIES!

  • Leah

    Why is this man stuck on this shitty show? It’s a crime!

  • Iris

    Wow Jared is sexy hot. Beautiful body. We need to see more of this beautiful sexy body and yes Gen is a very lucky girl. Supernatural can keep Dean the man….I will just pull up a chair and watch JP do pullups and pushups all 24/7 . Dam…shame his pants couldn’t go a bit lower too. Dam.

  • N.

    Mona, well I wasn’t gonna sit there and stare at every single picture. lol. But yeah, that’s good that there is still a little hair. I couldn’t see that at all in the far away shot. I stand by my statement. Jared’s chest is what I was talking about. He still has a little at least, and that’s better than completely waxed to me.

    IMO, both Jared and Jensen are really good-looking. But I guess I’m a fan of Jensen’s Dean and his smart mouth.

  • *Bright

    It’s a crime to keep this man on a soap like SPN!

  • British Latin American

    Jared still has it, unlike Jensen.

  • Elle

    I very much like what I see. Holy Hell!

  • The Comedian

    @British Latin American : may be because Jensen doesn’t spend his whole life doing gym and taking care only of his body appareance !!

    What is unfair is that we see Jared bared chest on the episodes while you see Jensen sleeping with a sweat suit :-)



  • Sabrina

    Hottest man alive…..sorry Jensen, but Jared is younger, funnier and much sexier….

  • tori


    what a beautiful, beautiful man…. THIS is a very good reason to watch spn.

  • Jensen

    Dear Santa:

    This is what I want for Christmas!

    Oh my dog… he’s stunning.

  • Kalkoosa

    As good looking as Jared is, he lacks the genuine humbleness and modesty that makes Jensen more beautiful than he actually is. Also, Jensen is still better looking ;)


    SEEEXXXXXAYYYY. I love Jared

  • Robin

    he is the hottest man alive, hands down.

  • jen

    Hot daaaaaaaaaaam. That boy eats his spinach.

  • rowen

    YUMMMMM!!!!! Just beautiful.

  • Shar

    The most handsome man on TV right now. A very sexy scene but I want my sweet, soulful Sammy back! This sam is so emotionally disconnected it breaks my heart…

  • kokefe

    Jared is an ugly cougar , I hate him

  • tina

    HE LOOKS DELICIOUS!!!!! God…. I would eat every inch of him alive. I’m not liking Sam’s character this season sofar, but Jared seems like he has such an awesome personality , especially his goofy humor. So beautiful……

  • Anon


  • GurlPlease


    lol he does have hair on his chest tho.

  • kuriouskitty

    he’s perfect

  • Sarah L.G.

    I could’ve more than happily watched an hour of just Jared/Sam working out and being shirtless. ;)

  • Jade

    The amusing thing is, Supernatural has been going for 5 years already and us die hard SN fans have seen Jared and Jensen shirtless on the show many of times. Yet it is only now that the media is picking up on these two guys? Seriously, I applaud you for being so ‘up to date’.

  • Lucy

    This man is what other men should model themselves on… stunningly attractive, disarming, sweet, thoughtful, talented and with the best body ever. Jeez his wife is a lucky, lucky woman. All hail Jared. He’s my favorite.

  • efron

    I think i need to change my pants uhmm… he’s hot

  • mailey


    who is his wife?? boo.

  • British Latin American

    @The Comedian: Oh, sour grapes, my dear? Get over it! As for Jensen sleeping in sweats, that’s because there is nothing anyone wants to see!

  • British Latin American

    @Sabrina: So true!

  • celine

    OMG, I love jared padalecki, he is so beautiful, talented, humble and incredibly funny.

    Thank you for the pics, now Im gonna have sweet, sweet, dreams!!!

  • inquiringmind

    If what you say about Padalecki is true, then does that mean Ackles spends his whole life checking the mirror and only taking care of his face?

    I don’t personally know Ackles, so I only have your word that he’s genuinely humble and modest. I only know he’s an actor whose job is to get attention, just like every other actor out there.

    Both men are beautiful in their own ways, and appeal to different people. Nothing wrong with that. Is there? Nor does it make one man better than the other. Should it?

  • stefystef

    I haven’t posted on JustJared in ages (maybe a couple of years), but I had to say that Jared was TOTALLY HOT on the last “Supernatural” episode.

    I didn’t know he was married. ~sniff~
    Well, his wife is a lucky, lucky lady. Hope she treats him right.

    Thanks for the pictures of Jared, Jared.

  • Sean0526

    Oh Sure! I go to hell and back and HE gets THAT body? Figures.

  • Belac

    @kokefe: You sound like a jealous man.