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Chelsea Handler: This Means War, Woman!

Chelsea Handler: This Means War, Woman!

Chelsea Handler walks to her car after filming her first scenes on her new comedy This Means War on Friday (October 8) in downtown Vancouver, Canada.

The 35-year-old comedian will play Trish, the best friend to Reese Witherspoon‘s character in the flick about two best buds (Chris Pine and Tom Hardy) who both fall for the same woman.

Chelsea recently shot down rumors that she was dating 50 Cent, saying that they met to discuss a possible project.

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  • Alice

    Don’t get me wrong – I like Chelsea Handler and I think she looks good, but I still have a hard time believing she’s only 35.

  • News

    Fug to the max!

  • Rockstar

    Damn, homegirl needs a nap.

  • cacey

    JJ did u mean she is 53yrs old cos u TRANSPOSED the #s, there is NO WAY in hell she is 35…

  • LUYN


  • really

    OMG…she’s so old!!

  • jdub

    Chelsea is definitely 35…its the drinking thats making her look so damn old…if you ever see her in person tho, she looks much younger. shes not very photogenic.

  • karmaback

    Another movie to add to my DO SEE LIST.

    how many films had Reese made this year.. It seems like at least 4, and none of them sound that interesting’

    I can’t stand Handler.. and would NEVER pay to see her in or doing anything..

  • Goren


    Then maybe she should keep that mug off the Big screen..

    And she has the nerve to talk about other people..

  • Nora

    For someone who is 35, looks like she is 55 years old, if not older…

  • dr who

    35?! are you sure?

  • margaret

    I can’t believe she is 35 looks about 53
    she looks wasted
    woa not good

  • anon

    I guess all that Brangelina bashing paid off and she got a part in a big movie. I’m sure she’s 35 but I can’t imagine what she will look like in 10 years. She should do what Aniston and her friends do: see a plastic surgeon.

  • JJ


  • WOW

    I love Chelsea Handler. Yeah, she looks old. But she is so hilarious and awesome.

  • Liv

    She looks like she should be playing Reese Witherspoon’s mother, not her bff.

  • Anon

    This is a horrible picture!

  • QQQQ

    Douchee_bag ugly POS sc*wed her way into a movie role. Hopefully this stink-fest will BOMB bigtime; so we wont have to deal with this assh*le B*TCH for much longer.

  • trinilady

    cannot find words to describe that …..

    well I tell you, imagine that….. bashing other people

  • regis

    She was terrible on the VMAs. She used to sleep with the head of E! that’s how she went from being an unheard of stand up comic to have her own show. She isn’t funny and seriously how does she have the nerve to trash other people? Why did they put her in this movie it is such a terrible idea. Hire a real Actor.

  • justsaying

    jj should choose better the pics…

  • S@n

    Okay people think of good side of things!!!

    CHRIS PINE and Tom Hardy will be on “This Means War”!!!

  • mervin

    She does look much older than 35 but that’s because she takes coca*ne followed by drink. That would do the trick to make her look in her late 40′s early 50′s

  • mervin

    Just about to click off and saw the photos again. The movie she should do is Planet of the Apes as she could save them a lot on their budget in makeup cause she sure as hell won’t need any.

  • mailey

    her face so is so wrinkley for her age. that is sun damage – being ut in the sun way too much with no protection.
    can’t fix that anymore.
    and haha, she wishes she was dating 50 cent.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Fran Drescher is 53 & she looks younger than this old hag.

  • So Trashy Looking

    Please. My eyes. She has to have slept with someone to get anything in this business. But she must have had a bag over her head.

  • chelsey

    she really is beautiful but she does look a lot older then she really is. I think its the way they did her hair and makeup. I’m sure she will look great in the movie though.

  • T Pain

    Looking at her makes me think twice about drinking hard alcohol.

  • Eli

    Clearly, this goes to show the movie got t be a spoof, or some hilarious comedy. Because there is no other way you cast ‘The Chin’ and this gal as he female leads in a movie where the male leads are Tom Hardy and Chris Pine!

  • Troy

    She’s looking old and rough.

  • Vanessa

    This witch is 41 .. she’s ain’t 35.
    If she’s 35 then I’m the queen of England,


    Why playing Reece best friend when she is perfectly fit to play her mum ‘s character ?

  • Maggie

    They’ll put dang near anyone on E! anymore. The dumbing down of society.

  • Butter_Fly

    I most likely will not be seeing this movie. Don’t care if CP is in it or not. Sorry.

  • sea

    She looks like an old Claudia Schiffer and, even worse, Kim Basinger

  • mervin

    Blind Item – LAINEY’S GOSSIP 10/05
    Is always cocaine. Whenever she’s booked for something, whenever she’s scheduled to be somewhere, whenever she has to be on, or off, or pretty much standing these days, she needs a bump first, and the lowlies are required to procure her some, which she’ll eventually chase with hard liquor, a habit she’s become quite famous for. Up until now she’s been able to manage herself quite well. “She’s always been a functioning drug user and drinker, she always gets her shit done.” But now that shit is turning nasty. It shows up on the side job, ugly, revealing, personal rants that go too long and elicit only embarrassment. Or it shows up as the bitch with her hand between her legs and her tongue stuck in the ear of some leering dickhead whose name she can’t remember the next day. And her people aren’t doing anything about it. Because, frankly, “this is part of her image, it’s not like (she) ever pretended she never partied. When she talks about partying, everyone gets a cheque”. Enablers notwithstanding, it’s taking those who really care about her longer to notice. In her case, then, I guess it’s the exact opposite of the child employees: they fu*k up because they’re not allowed to, she fu*ks up because she’s encouraged to. Either way it’s becoming a serious problem, exacerbated by the fact that she was recently dumped by a dude who could no longer handle her lifestyle and then immediately moved on to a wholesome new broad 10 years younger.
    Chelsea Handler

  • Denise

    This woman looks like at least 40!!

  • haha

    This is exactly why she was cast as Chinny’s best fiend. Makes it “believable” that the two guys are chasing after Reese! LOL
    This is going to be a great movie! NOT.

  • RuFairy

    So, this woman is suposed to be the same age as Reese?OMG…
    From all the Hags out there who lie their age, she is the most obivious!!
    If she is 35 then Im a circus monkey…..

  • Jaxx

    She looks like a man in drag.

  • say what?


    Oh dear, Chelsea…karma coming. Dern, Courteney…oh Jenny!

  • notafan


  • nakedoldjennifer

    Handler is the perfect actor for this role her ugly as H*** face will take the attention off of Reese’ pointy chin and big teeth

  • R0ck Da Casbah:

    Hello grandma.


    Jared, you wrote ‘Get the Look,’ under the picture of Chelsea Handjob above….get the look of WHAT?! A 90 yr. old? DAYUM.


    She not only looks like an old woman…she looks like a mean as fck old woman. Yikes. I’m outta here.

  • LUYN


  • gigi

    She lies about her age. I read her first book years ago and all of the pop cultural references and lingo were that of someone who would have been a senior in high school when I was a freshman or sophomore. And I’m 40.

  • anon

    She is the new type of comedian. They type that leave you with a smirk on your face rather than laugh…. and I guess I just don’t get it. I must be too old.