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Gerard Butler Climbs The L'Oreal Ladder

Gerard Butler Climbs The L'Oreal Ladder

Gerard Butler shoots a commercial for L’Oreal while hanging onto a fire escape ladder on Sunday (October 10) in Brooklyn, New York.

The 40-year-old Scottish actor recently finished up work on his upcoming flick Machine Gun Preacher, which is expected to hit theaters next September.

Gerard spent some time in a bar in South Africa during some downtime from shooting the film, where he took pictures with some fans.

Gerry‘s animated flick from earlier this year, How to Train Your Dragon, hits DVD shelves this Tuesday!

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gerard butler loreal ladder commercial 01
gerard butler loreal ladder commercial 02
gerard butler loreal ladder commercial 03
gerard butler loreal ladder commercial 04
gerard butler loreal ladder commercial 05
gerard butler loreal ladder commercial 06

Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Mr. Giggles

    G looks lovely in L’Oreal make-up !!!!!

  • interesting

    He dyed his hair again, but didn’t shave for a commercial for skin care?

  • Nuts

    LOVING the curly hair and that he has scruff.

    Please let this commercial end up on Youtube for Americans to enjoy it.

  • redOctober

    Beautiful long hair ; )

  • Paisley Swan Stewart/Swansong

    Haven’t seen that gorgeous longer hair in several years. OMG!

  • hellotheregb

    he looks great! Honestly, I thought he was done with coeds! He turned down ms. Mich. but all this silence only means he has always been on the hunt for the PYT!

    I hope his acting comes through.

  • laruj

    @Paisley Swan Stewart/Swansong:

    The slightly longer hair looks great. He would be a very sexy, handsome James Bond.

  • gotta be kidding

    and there’s the Starbucks cup! still the same ol’ GB. lookin’ nice

  • Paisley Swan Stewart/Swansong


    I’m kind of surprised he kept the longer hair! Can’t help wondering if it will fit his next role…whatever that might be. I love it!

  • justanobservation

    Is he selling hair products or face products???? He has more hair on his head than skin showing on his face.

  • Mr. Giggles

    Inspired by real life events …… L’Oreal has built an advertising campaign around G’s exploits, titled …..
    Gerard Butler Escapes From A Sorority House ………. After A Night of Make-Uping With Co-Eds

  • hellotheregb

    @Mr. Giggles: ROTFLMAO!!

  • Honesty

    Maybe he spent too much time partying in those fancy Afrikaan night clubs and less time on the types of people Childers wants to save. If the connection story is true, surely common sense would tell you if you want to connect with someone like Childers you spend a hell of a lot of time focussing on his passion, then you’d get there pretty damn quickly.

  • Lisa

    Wow! Gerry looks absolutely gorgeous! Younger! Love the hair, love the scruff. Great to see new pictures. Glad he’s home, too.

  • Lisa

    @gotta be kidding:

    And the damn phone. ROTF

  • bored

    Gerry looks great….Love the hair and that face. I hope he keeps the longer hair for a while. I have missed those curls. Thanks JJ.

  • gotta be kidding


    well, the phone is just another appendage….

  • Just a fan

    @Honesty: ]

    Good point.

  • PsychoB

    Let’s see phone, Starbucks, hitting on 20 yr olds. Nothings changed.

  • Nuts

    So is the commercial storyline that he is escaping from someone (a woman’s apartment ?) via the fire escape and then racing away on a motorcycle??? Kind of an action hero/James Bond-esque plot?

  • laurie 3

    OMG, he looks so much older in these pictures. I don’t know if it’s the hairstyle, the gray, or his skin, which he doesn’t protect from the sun. He is still very handsome but no wonder why that film guy said his student was asked out by an older guy; she is probably somewhere in her early 20s and he definitely looks like a guy in his 40s. He said his student was excited, but let’s face it, if he weren’t Gerard Butler, she wouldn’t have been so excited. That’s sad. How much longer could he continue like this?
    Anyway, who knows, maybe the whole tweet is inaccurate and he didn’t ask her out but was just friendly. Let’s hope he doesn’t have an appetite for coeds lol.
    You could see his blonde assistant in one of the pictures.
    BTW, what are they trying to make him look like in this ad, James Bond?

  • CJ

    @Nuts…and when he arrives home after escaping the femme fatale and takes off his helmet, every hair is in its place because he uses L’Oreal produts..♥

  • hellotheregb

    fb “Amanda Ortel sitting next to gerard butler outside at gemma…. he just came over to tell us how cute our puppy is!!”

  • lynley

    @Mr. Giggles: ” Make-Uping With Co-Eds”

  • Nuts
  • Nuts

    Some different or slightly different photos from today’s shoot:

  • Nuts
  • land

    and mr ed es not with him

  • Leslie51

    Maybe Gerry will next be starring as the ‘Bondish’ Mitch Rapp and these scenes are some kind of tie in to that. Or perhaps he is keeping the longer hair because he may be going to film ‘Burns’ next.

  • euro

    look what Mr ed put in her facebook




  • N.

    Love Gerry, but I’d think his hair should at least look a little bit combed if it’s for L’Oreal.

  • laurie 3

    I thought she said he was leaving as she was coming in, implying they didn’t have any contact, or is this a different girl?
    Anyway, he looks very handsome in this picture, and his green eyes really stand out. However, he still looks like an older gentleman and to date 22-year olds is a bit inappropriate.

  • wow
  • google translation


    Exclusive. Laurie Cholewa Direct 8 has confirmed that he met with Gerard Butler. But where the magazine “People” speaks of a budding romance, the beautiful young presenter discusses an appointment in friendship.

    Inl would “completely cracked” for it. While tabloids around the world studying every move of the tandem-Jennifer Aniston Gerard Butler, hoping to find every little attention in the sign of a hidden romance, the scope of the actor’s heart would be elsewhere. France. On French television, exactly. Gerard Butler would indeed infatuated with a presenter for the channel Direct 8, Laurie Cholewa.

    Crossing on the banks of the Seine for the promotion of the “Bounty Hunter”, the companion of Jennifer Aniston on the screen, would have fallen under the spell of l’animatrice the program “It’s turning!” according to “People”. During the interview, Gerard would “completely broke down” to the pretty young woman of 29 years, says a source quoted by the magazine.

    In friendship
    The actor of “300″ would be even returned a few days later in the capital of love for a tryst. Also according «People» Laurie and Gerry have been spotted on the streets of Paris. They have visited the Louvre together, before taking a break at Café Marly, under the majestic arches of the courtyard of the palace. They then dined alone together in a restaurant on the left bank.

    If she really did not want to dwell on it Laurie has confirmed that she had had an appointment with Gerard. The presenter and actor were seen after the interview was done for a coffee in a friendly, “says Laurie. She thinks he has “cracked”? She laughs. “To him it would have to ask!” And whether they might soon meet again, it begs pointing out that “it is a little far” …

  • Nuts


    It’s an old article from last April about when Gerard was in Paris to promote The Bounty Hunter and came back to go on that tour of Paris hot spots/”date” with Laurie.

    Don’t know why her new FB Fan Page has posted it but it is dated April 6, 2010:

    Here’s Alta Vista Babel Fish’s translation:

    e “would have completely cracked” for it. Whereas the newspapers people of the whole world study the least action of the tandem Jennifer Aniston-Gerald Butler, hoping to unearth in each small attention the sign of a hidden idylle, the very favorite of the actor would be elsewhere. In France. On television French, more exactly. Gerald Butler would have indeed entiché himself of a presenter of the chain Direct 8, Laurie Cholewa.

    From passage over banks of the Seine for the promotion of the “Bargain hunter”, the companion of Jennifer Aniston, to the screen, would have fallen under the charm from stimulating from the emission “That turns! ”, according to “People”. During the interview, Gerald “would have completely cracked” for pretty the 29 year old young woman, explains a source quoted by the American magazine.
    In all friendship

    The actor from “300” would have even returned a few days later in the capital of the love for a amorous meeting. Always according to “People”, Laurie and Gerry would have been seen in the streets of Paris. They would have visited the Museum of Louvre together, before making a pause with the Marly Coffee, under the arcades of the majestic court of the palate. They would have then dined one-to-one, in a restaurant of left bank.

    If she really did not want to extend on the Laurie subject confirmed with that she had had an appointment with Gerald well. The presenter and the actor saw themselves after the interview was made, for a coffee “in all friendship” specifies Laurie. Does think that it “cracked”? She laughs. “It is with him that it would have to be asked!” And with knowknowing if they could be re-examined soon, it eludes by stressing that it “is a little far”… Point final

  • @hellotheregb

    @hellotheregb: Who is ms Mich?

  • Nuts

    A young beauty queen (Miss Teen Michigan) he saw when he was in Detriot. The story is that he went right over to chat her up. Said he came over to tell her she was beautiful. He asked her out…and then found out she was just 19 (he probably asked her to go out for drinks and she had to say she was underage). Gerry then decided that she was a bit too young and just posed for a photo with her instead. (This was told to the WO Webmistress by the girl’s aunt.)

  • miss mich
    Miss USA 2010 Winner – Miss Michigan 2010 – Recently in the coronation night of the Miss America 2010, the Miss USA title have been given to Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih. She also won the Miss Michigan 2009 title that’s why she was able to compete in this year’s Miss America pageant.

    She was born in New York in 1986 and a Lebanese American in origin. Rima Fakih possess the elegance and beauty throughout the competition and she was also the most genuine compared to other contestants

  • @ euro and wow

    LC posted this old denial article on her official fan page yesterday
    why post it now?
    it looks like she’s dropping a big hint ….. she’s telling her fans that she and G aren’t involved so it’s time to let it go

  • Nuts
  • Noelle

    But…that’s not Rima Fakih. #38 says that the girl was Rima Fakih. Hmm….confusing, LOL.

  • Nuts


    The girl was Miss TEEN Michigan,

    not Miss Michigan

  • mich pyt

    @Noelle: rima fakih is miss usa — i thought the girl GB almost asked out was miss teen usa (or a former miss teen usa)

  • mich pyt

    @Nuts: whoops! thanks nuts … we were posting at the same time

  • Nuts

    Miss Michigan Teen USA 2009-Kristen Danyal

    Here’s a youtube video with her:

  • laurie 3

    @@ euro and wow:
    Yes, ITAWY. I’m sure she has been following all his escapades in SA just as we have, and she has realized that he’s not into a serious relationship. In fact, over the last few weeks, she has been adding many cute guys to her personal profile, which keeps disappearing and re-appearing every few days. Some of the guys there are real GB lookalikes. Therefore, it appears like she is looking elsewhere for a relationship, and good for her.
    Saying they’re just friends, is her way of saving face and not allowing herself to look like she’s been treated like all of his other conquests, especially after she visited him on the set, which has a connotation of intimacy, unlike walking together in the streets of Paris; it’s her way of protecting her reputation. Smart move in a way.

  • tee

    Gerard is so effin disgusting. He always does this, asking VERY young girls out or hitting on them. It’s gross beyond words. And I know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen him doing that exact thing to a 14 year old girl. 14 years old! His fans should really think about boycotting him and his movies. This semi-pedo behaviour is not acceptable and it gets worse the older he gets.

  • @ euro and wow

    @laurie 3: i absolutely agree
    it was the smart move and it was the classy move as well

  • Nuts


    You saw him hitting on a 14yr old. You know for sure she was 14? And was he trying to be charming or really making a move?

  • anonymouse

    I agree. GB is actually old enough to be the father of a lot of the girls he’s trying to hook up with.