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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Village Idiots!

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Village Idiots!

Kate Bosworth walks to her car in West Hollywood after visiting the Village Idiot English pub on Saturday (October 9).

Climbing into the back seat of Kate’s car was her beau, Alexander Skarsgard! The two were joined by a female friend, who sat shotgun next to Kate once they got in the car.

On Thursday, Kate and Alex grabbed a quiet lunch together at a restaurant in Brentwood.

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, X17
Posted to: Alexander Skarsgard, Kate Bosworth

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  • freeze out

    Ok everyone. So tired of seeing this trainwreck. I think it is time for a freeze out. What do you think? No more posting? It is just fueling the fire. Look at her smirk.”sooo annoying” as she would say.

  • Annie

    Kate is so pathetic how she does not seem to realize that she’s just Alex’s booty call. She means nothing to him.

  • Flo

    Holy crap its starting again.

  • Sunny

    Ditch the bosworth but Askars is always welcome

  • Oopsila

    Village Idiot is about right at the moment

  • Who Dat

    I am going to say this then I think we should not pay any attention to them both. This is like watching a car accident about to happen. You scream and scream all to no avail. Then it happens and you just have to look away. These two people seem to love each other. In that case I am really sorry for Alex because he seemed different. KB may be good at manipulation but no one has blinders on that thick. If they are a couple, then they should act like one. The worst thing a celebrity can do is to insult the intelligence of their audience and this is what is happening. Quite frankly it is disgusting. For the coverage that these two people get, you would think they have made blockbuster, academy award wining movies.

    I am thinking that they are in love and made for each other. While that does nothing to damage KB’s rep, it says a lot about Alex. It is unfortunate. He might not have started this way but he certainly is becoming more like Kate. I have tried to defend him but I can’t. He loves who he loves but then I guess he is not who I thought he was. We never see him out with his friends anymore, it is all her friends. That is a sign. I wish him all the best but I will not see any of his movies ever. If he wants to be taken seriously as an actor, then he needs to act like one. This game that is being played with JJ, Robin, Kate and Alex is revolting to me as a fan and consumer. While I don’t wish him any harm, at this point, I wish that he would just go away. All of them need to just go away and stop pretending. Make room for people who really want to act and be actors. Not people who just want to be famous.

  • freeze out

    Did you guys notice the “get the look” tab? First of all I don’t want to dress like a soccer mom on a business trip and secondly you can totally tell JJ is totally legit on this. They just happen to be in the right place at the right time everytime? Riiiiight. By the way, Stellan ought to be proud of his famewh*re firstborn. I mean, who wouldn’t want a career based solely on this crap vs something legitimate? It’s working for Kate, right?

  • Brightside

    Her boyfriend sits in the back? That’s strange! I don’t consider my relationship odd but, when we are out driving, my fella & I sit in the front and any friends who tag along are relegated to the back seats. I thought that was fairly normal behaviour. I wouldn’t like him in the back making faces at me.
    Is this a real relationship or just another Hollywood fauxmance? I begin to think that these d-list females who call themselves *cough, cough* actresses don’t know the first thing about real relationships. It just seems to be, for them, an exercise in pimping themselves out to the paps. Not love, just love of being the centre of attention on some celebrity blog site.
    So depressing.

  • freeze out

    @Oopsila: I think the suggestion is that we are the idiots. Did you notice how she is driving her car this time. Not that our multiple suggestions about that made any bit of difference because we all know they don’t troll the sites. Ok. Freeze out officially started. They make Robsten look classy. Sorry JJ, you’ve got the wrong couple. They will never be anything better than classless and no one will respect them.

  • P

    another day of Skarsworth photo op?! She’s really out promoting her jewelry line and that stupid movie “warriors way”! Sad all this sure brought AS press but the same time ruining his repetition and career, and he’s just started. He needs to fire that PR of his.

  • maela

    Robsten rocks/ these suck… Robsten seem true/ These seem a lie… Robsten can hide/ These “can’t”… Robsten are in their 20s and they are superstars/ These are 3os and they are fame****… They should stop before emberrassing themselves more than they already did, but they won’t do it. So have a nice life you 2, you make us all laugh:)))))… Maybe all this media attention will bring you some decent parts, but neeah =)))

  • commonsense

    WTF is wrong with you JJ?! Seriously, W.T.F?!

  • Donnaflopp

    If she is going to kill his career, so be it. Trust him to make that decision for himself. I just don’t get why so many posters act as if she will be the reason that’ll end his days here on earth. The only reason these photo ops keep happening is because they get so much attention from all the posters. All publicity is good – even if it’s bad. She doesn’t wear the jewelry everyone hates so much so stop doing the PR for them.

    That being said, I think it’s a weird/fake relationship, even for Hollywood.

  • Brightside

    That’s seven posts on her since the first of October? Why? Why? Her films are terrible! Lois Lane anyone? Win a Date With Tad Hamiltion….blurk!
    I shall go and admire Freida Pinto’s amazing beauty again!

  • TrueBlade

    Poor you, Alex.

  • mickey

    ugly chicks

  • Pook

    It’s obvious the two woman are calling the photogs and loving every minute of it. Poor sap is being played by these famewhore b*tches*.

  • ground hog day

    So, what ugly piece of Jewel Mint is she wearing for this photo-op? Or is Lisa Larson the one sporting that crap now?

  • I_Want_Ur_Disco_Stick

    I’ve got the gun, anyone got the bullets?
    Stupid chick…and he’s stupid too.
    Village idiots, how ironic.

  • Halo

    I feel sorry for him if he does have real feelings for this girl. It’s evident she’s using him for publicity each time they get papped. She’s always sporting that shit eating grin on her face while trying to promote her jewelry line.

  • best u can do

    what the F**ck can I say another post. this is a JJ special

    Alex A**hole you have a pi**ed face in public, you claim you want your privacy, then as soon as you get back to LA four days in a row you are seen with your so-called pap lover smiling GIRLFRIEND. what? have you been told to be seen with her this many times SOMETHING IS OFF HERE. and WHY IS SHE DRIVING THIS TIME, AND YOU IN THE BACK SEAT WHY NOT SIT IN THE FRONT SEAT NExT TO YOUR WH**RE and surprise surprise I see your pal LISA LARSSON wife of bajorn

    so we know you have a GF but you don’t walk by the side of her, you don’t look at her, you don’t aknowledge her in public as your GF and one poster is right you are all laughing at us!!!!!! im finished so long

  • Jewel Mint

    Kate, knock it off with the constant pap pics. No one is going to buy your Jewel Sh**t stuff. It’s ugly. Doesn’t matter if you’re standing next to the hunky Swede. Still looks like shit.

  • betty

    :)I love The In-terracial l ove! It is so nice. My boyfriend and i both think so. He is a s-ex-y black man,lol. I know him via :)

    ——(Blac-k w-hite Flir-ts)* {C0m} ——

    a nice place for black white singl-es, to in-teract with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true lov=e. . …@l ove it

  • twin peaks

    Bosworth needs to buy some new clothes. She must not make much from her movies cause she’s always wearing the same ugly crap.
    I’ll give her credit for washing her hair this time out though.

  • slanted view

    Even I can’t muster up anything that hasn’t been said here. Village Idiots indeed. Us and them. Alex Skarsgard seems determined to make himself a full on loser. Fine by me. They really deserve each other. Waste of space – and don’t anyone please post here and defend that they really don’t like the pap attention because with this many posts since Wednesday, all with Bosho smirking away, you gotta believe the truth.

  • muppet show

    alex is very smart, he is playing with us big time ,he invent something every time he goes out with her, at this point he sitting at the back of the car!he thinks that he will make us confused by this!the only thing he does for me is that i cant picture him naked anymore.i cant even see him as a man either.what happent to him?do you think kate has something contaiges?so now i will have to buy extra pop corn?





  • Ava

    We get it, JJ. She’s got a crap jewelry line to promote now, but SEVEN posts in a matter of days? Please, spare us!

  • AussieTBfan

    Over it. Done. The PR monster has consumed the Askars of old, and replaced him with this……Stepford Boyfriend Bland Hollywood-ite. Its like watching a car-crash – except its the destruction of his once promising career.

  • Vanessa X3

    My grandma has those shoes, and that sweater.

    Buy some nice clothes Kate.
    Who dresses her? a blind person?
    And I SO want to style her hair, I am a hairdresser and I can honestly say that’s the worst hair I’ve ever seen. She should wear extensions, or a wig.

  • Ava

    @Vanessa, I always thought she looked much better with her hair parted on the side. It makes her forehead look less dome-like.

  • Nic

    She is glowing, clearly madly in love these two, Jared there is plenty of us that love seeing their candids, so keep on posting them. Such a cool couple!

  • Oopsila

    @freeze out:

    I don’t think we’re idiots, but I think they/JJ are playing us as if we were, and that sucks, because I really liked him :(

  • p.b

    jj…. SUMO..(SHUT UP AND MOVE ON ) we r sick of this pr, bs, askars i like but he not doing himself any favors with that famewh*re

  • Shame

    If she insists on popping her giant forehead everywhere then at least promote some better jewelry then that Made in China shit she has been sporting. And really Village Idiot? Everyone in L.A knows that resturant is almost worse then The Ivy for paps. So lame on both parts.

  • so??

    so there is only ONE photograph of AS and the rest are boswhore. where are the rest of AS?

  • So True

    @Nic: How long has she been dating that woman up front with her? They seem more into each other than guy trying to hide in the back is with her.

  • Done and done

    Oh Alex, you sad b*stard. What are you doing? Don’t think for a minute we don’t know you’re in on it. I cannot really imagine what strategy there is that says this will help you get taken seriously as an actor? Papwhore? Check. Tabloid regular? Check. Serious actor? Unless you count the pretend game you and the peroxide skeleton are playing as acting, no, because you’re doing a s*t job at pretending like you don’t want the attention. Please spare us the p**d face next time you see the paps. It doesn’t convince. And oh – good to see Mrs. Bjorne got back in on the act too since she was missing her moment in the limelight. JJ knows every single item of clothing she has on? God this is all so pathetic. I’m going to have a hard time watching TB from now on, not thinking of this nonsense. Since we know your reps at the least read this stuff – not all of the people posting here are jealous fangurls, because frankly we could care less who he dates. But we do expect him to walk the talk and not contradict every single thing he’s said about himself. We liked his acting and thought he had potential. Now we know who the real idiots are – us – for following someone who behaves like this. Good luck.

  • Watery Tart

    I refuse to be part of this mockery any longer. I’m posting here and then I’m out. I surmise that not only are K/A a devoted couple but that JJ is singlehandedly promoting every aspect of this relationship. I believe that K/A are and should be together. She should design a gorgeous engagement ring for Takcymint and wear it for the world to see and have it showcased on her terrible Web site (try not to think about the green patina it’ll leave on her finger). They could even produce/star in a secks tape and have it released online.

    Kate has been relegated to the bottom of the interest pile for so long that this blatant display of pap popularity is nauseating – the reality is no one cares about Kate Bosworth unless she’s seen with Alexander Skarsgard.

    Kate, if you’re reading this (and I know your PR folks scan the sites) you’ll never be able to use Alex as a ladder to climb out of the sunken depths of your “career.” And take note, his career is quickly sliding down the tubes with you and you’re both becoming pariahs – look around, everyone’s bolting on you, no one cares if you’re shagging the vapid Viking. Gone are the days of his solid parts like GK. And with the lengthy cycle of TB fiming/editing/posting and premiering, keeping himself front & center gets more difficult. His relevancy is fading as well – especially with fans who are bored with these antics and are rapidly heading over to other fandoms – Stephen Moyer seems like a genuinely interesting and caring guy – lots of TB fans are motoring to his sites and with good reason.

    What’s more, is that the fans blame you for his demise. Are they correct? I don’t know. Truth is, you are commonplace at best and promoting your “career” is almost an absurd notion at this point. But if you were my client I’d sit you down and say, “If we don’ rehab your image right now – you’ll be worse than the joke you are, you’ll be absolutely irrelevant – and you’re well on that path.” Honestly, I’d never take you on as a client – I don’t think you’ve got the passion to work hard or the intellect to fathom a serious career. So, you’ll stay at the bottom of the list (or worse you’ll fall off the list all together) of everyone who makes films.

    As for Alexander and his disturbing displays of indifference I’d say this – man up and kiss the woman you love, hold her hand, put your arms around her and linger with the photogs and the people who can corroborate your love. Don’t mind the paps (they’re going to be around forever b/c Kate loves to be photographed) if you make deals with them, you’ll have a much more peaceful time when you go out. You and I both know that your “career” is limited at best right now and so long as TB stays fashionable you’ll be ok BUT I’d like to point out one thing… Alan Ball takes his version of TB on a very different course than Charlaine Harris’ books – there’s nothing that says Eric can’t meet the sun and the series takes a whole new, fresh turn. I don’t know, but it could happen.

    I wish you both well and I think you’ll have a long, happy albeit vacuous life together. I look forward to the coming months and years of your relationship as your family grows. This wicked girl is over and out…

  • TrueBlade

    They’re so pathetic that even TMZ doesn’t follow them.

  • Worth Repeating

    My DH is a 40 yr old blue collar guy. He has no vested interest in gossip (my guilty pleasure), he doesn’t watch TB & has no idea who KB is. He also knows how to read people, couples to be exact and has called the end of several of our friends relationships long before they happened. That being said, I showed him the whole X17 concert video and afterwards the only thing I asked was based on what he saw, were they happy together.

    A response from a normal sane hardworking MAN:

    “No they are not. If they were, he’d be standing by his woman and protecting her from the photographers. He doesn’t have to throw down, just stand next to her.”

  • Aunt Sally

    You people fOaming at the mouth angry with Alex don’t get it. These dates are part of his job, like going to movie premieres and doing interviews. Why does he keep going out with her to places shock full with paparazzi when he obviously hates it? Because HE HAS TO. CAA wants to milk their supposed relationship until the last drop and Alex is not powerful enough yet to be able to say no.

    Kate is just riding in this gravy train while she can. Remember that before Staw Dogs she was practically a has been.

    Soon he will dump her (possibly after SD premiere) and move on to a better girlfriend

    Be patient, folks. Don’t hate Alex for doing things he’s being forced to do.

  • JohnDoe

    You’re on a roll Jared, the crazies are living up to their name… lol Kate looks lovely, must be the smile…

  • Dominion

    She actually looks like she bathed and washed her hair. That’s the only positive thing I can say about her. In the past she’s always looked like she stunk. I also think it’s obvious that she reads the comments here, because you’ll notice she’s not hawking any of her jewelry pieces in these pics. Also, how is it that the paps get so many pics of her and just 1 awkward one of Alex climbing into the back seat? Were they told they had to back off ahead of time? Was that what she told him before they went out? “Alex, they won’t pap you, I promise. They swore they wouldn’t. Besides, you’ve got psycho fans who say mean things about me, and this isn’t about you, it’s about me.”

  • Vanessa X3

    This site is always good for a laugh. All you people crack me up. And there’s always one or two people who say “I love these two” then that post gets 20 thumbs down and is hidden! xD
    They’re not a happy couple. They don’t even look like a proper couple, she always looks smirky whilst he looks bored/miserable.

  • Weird

    Alexander Skarsgard= EPIC FAIL!! You act one way in public but talk out the other side of your face. And making fun of your fans is just disgusting. I hope all his fans vote against him for the Scream Awards.
    Kate is just gross- famewh*re, pap-calling, backstabbing, cranked out, not eating, homewr*cker.
    And by continuing to appear places with her is not going to change what people think about her or elevate her career and it will definitely not make people think different about your relationship.
    Don’t vote for Alex for Scream Awards!!
    And don’t post like I did. We should all ignore them. Alex seems to think that the negative attention is good attention.

  • GPS

    Yes, chick with no function, isn´t it fun to be the laughing stock of Hollywood? And dude with grim face, what are you looking for back there? Are you hoping to find your privacy at the bottom of the car? Good luck with that! Please Jared, have mercy and stop overdosing on these two twits. Those hourly updates are getting painful to watch, it´s like hallucinating without using drugs.

  • the truth

    They really wan’t together JJ. Stop making this seem to be together.Don’t have to post them all the time. You did this with hayden and rachel. And see what happen to them. Both are not super stars like others that reallly make money on their movie.Kate is real disappointment. She hasven’t made a good movie in years. And can’t blame Alex for being with her. And its no one fault that their people is taken and sies wants to post them.But this have been going on for a week now. eople wil ge tired are seeing them all the time. They are replacing Hayden and rachel and that’s why jared is doing this.Rachel bilson hasn’t gotten anybody. So he is replacing her for them.

  • actually

    I think Kate looks amazing, and I love her outfit. I can’t see much of Alex, but he looks the same. The other woman is dressed badly.

  • mailey

    well. they sure spend alot of time together.